Group Sex With BF and Hotel Workers

My name is Nisha, age: 22 years and today I am going to tell a real story or say incident of my life happened recently with me in which I’ll tell you that how my boyfriend turns me into a slut. I would like to tell you that before meeting my bf I was virgin and respect the Indian values. I’ll describe my story of “How I lose my virginity to my boyfriend?” some other time. I always have a very high sex desire in me but I always control and content myself in the Indian values and never ever try to do anything sexually. And the last thing you need to know about me before I start my real story is that how I look?
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Honeymoon With Chemistry Mam Part-3

Hey Guys, I am Anand back with my story.

Objective 5: Make a tasty cum juice for me one glass full.

This was kind of easy. But everything has a difficult part. Here is a “glass full”.
Rani had some fucking work in school. So she left in the morning wearing a killer red saree. I just wished I had school.

Before she left, she gave me a glass used to serve champagne, came close to me and gently felt my cock.
Rani :( whispering to my ear in a sexy voice) make him work.
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Fucking My Married Girlfriend


This is rahul writing about my sex encounter with my ex now married gf neha,i belong to delhi and she is a nri(south africa) we broke up at the end of college and never came in contact with each other for long time till 20 th september 2012 (when there was our batch reunion)

Due to some of my pending work i arrived there late in reunion,was meeting my pals their wifes,husbands n kids.Lot of catching up was due so lets not get into that lets shorten the story n come to point.
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Honeymoon With Chemistry Mam Part-2

Hey Guys, This is Anand Back with the story.

Now, Coming back to my story,,

I read all the objectives and rules. I was not able to understand what really was happening.

I kept on reading it several times. and I looked at Rani’s face.

Me:(expressionless) What is this??
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Honeymoon With Chemistry Mam

Hey Guys..

I am Anand. I have read many stories from here and I have decided to share my experiance to you guys and girls.

This will be a multipart story. The story revolves around my affair with my teacher (not present) Rani ma’am.

Let me describe myself. I am 25 years old now. This occurred in my 12th std when I was 18. I was fair, good looking, bright, and well built. I have played football and basketball for my school. I didn’t have any girlfriends or crushes at that point of time.

Ok, now let me describe “my girl” turned teacher. Her name was Rani. She was 27 years then and was married to some jerk who works in California. She took chemistry for the other 12th std batch. Unfortunately, not for us. She was the most beautiful and sexy girl one could ever imagine. Believe me.
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Got Fucked By My Boss

I am Manisha, 23. My story backs to 2002. I am from Ahmedabad. When I got an appointment as a teacher in a distant school situated about 100 km from Ahmedabad, I was happy but my parents were worried because the place was such a remote that it was not practical to do up-down on daily basis.

I did not have any idea about getting married soon, because I have some gynaecological problem, making me unable to conceive. I never wanted to ruin the life of someone. I decided to live alone till the almighty take decision for me. So, I have to settle of my own in life, at proper age. My parents are well to do, and may leave a handsome amount for me. But, I never wanted to rely on the paternal wealth, but to do my own activities and wanted to stand of my own.
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Fucking My Friends Wife

I have been reading stories from a long time and now I feel that I should share some of my super real life experience with you all guys. Here I m writing the stories which are real and appealing. So without wasting more I start my REAL LIFE EXPERIENCE with you people. Well, I m 30 yrs athletic physique with 5’10″ height and my junior is almost 7′ (wont boast like others) and I m from Ahmedabad.

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Enjoying With 6 Girls Together

Hi to all. I am a software engineer working in a MNC in Chennai. Here I am going to narrate a fantasy of mine. Hope you enjoy this story.

Characters in the story:

Geeta – She is decent looking girl of 5 4″ with curly hair and her stats may be 32 26 34.
Swathi – slim and sexy with height of 5 5″ with stats of 32 24 34. Her ass looks very soft.
Madhavi – She has very big and round ass as well as big breasts, very curvy with stats 38 32 42.
Vidya – whitish bubbly girl with seductive smile and with stats of 38 30 38.
Subha – very active and sexy with stats 36 24 36. She is the most beautiful girl in the group.
Vasanti – Homely look with thick long black hair of height 5 4″ with stats 34 28 34
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Sex with My Sons

 I have 2 son’s named Ashok and Avinash. The elder one is Ashok his age is 19 now and the younger one is 18. But at the time of the incident their ages where 12 and 10 and I was 34 years old. If you remember I said something about changing house in watchmen’s story. The incident took place in new house. After 4 months of the watchmen’s incident we changed our house and after 1 year in new house my husband died in an accident. That’s where I lost a smile on my face for almost 3 years. I use to be moody all the time cry and stay calm all the time. I was not in me. At that time with some influences I got the job of my husband. And we were able to feed ourselves. Anu was with me all the time for about 2 years. But then she got pregnant and went to her mothers house. Then I was coming over the tragedy of my life slowly and was able to handle house and office.
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Seducing Mom for Sex

Myself Alan(Name changed). This story is about how I seduced and done sex with my mom(real story). I have made sex with many aunties like this. I am very much mad in sex I do have homo sex with my friend. Coming to this story my mom is 45 years of age average looking women. But she does not have any affairs with anyone. During my college I was 21 years I had this sexual think about all women. I used to go to STD booth from inside you can see the outside people and from out they don’t able to see u. I’ll take off the zip and started stroking my penis seeing the booth girl. After finishing I came out by zipping and cock will erect like a rod. She used to see it but can’t talk about it.
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Fucking Maid Kaviatha

Hi friends. I am Arun. I’m 24 years old and I’m here to share with you my real life sex experience with my sweet looking and spicy vegetable seller turned servant maid. Her name is Kavitha and is 25 years old. She is a bit dark colour but looks very sweet. She works in a vegetable shop in my neighbourhood owned by her father. Her father takes care of the billing and Kavitha helps the customers in taking vegetables of required quantity. The very first time I went to her shop, my dick got a bit stiff seeing her. She has a bit fat in her belly, broad arms and huge boobs. I could not take my eyes of her boobs whenever I go to her shop but I somehow cover by enlarged dick with some basket to escape from her noticing it.
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Fucking Radhika Aunty

Hi ISS Readers, My name is Imran and i m from the city of Guuwahati. This story I am writing is a true encounter of events which actually happened to me a couple of months ago. To cut it short I will begin with my story. I was on a sick leave from my office for a few days because of a bike accident which I had and I was recovering. During the day I didn’t have much to do and so I used to log into the yahoo chat and was catching up with friends. I on one occasion entered the Guuwahati Chat room and just said hi to a couple of people just to chat upon .I got a prompt reply from one chat user whose name was cool guy later on it turned out that she was a house wife who was also just passing her time.
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Fucking Cousin in her Sleep

Hello everybody , this is Rahul here back with my third story , my earlier story prem ka khel was appreciated by a few girls and I was very happy with the response , I hope beautiful girls & bhabis & aunties will continue to like my stories and send me their replies. Now I am back with a new real life incident which I am going to narrate you through a story. This is about me and my maternal uncle’s daughter.

As you already know about me. I am 5 feet 10 inches tall with nice muscular body with fair complexion. This story is about me and my maternal uncle’s(mama’s) daughter. Her name is Roopa. When this incident happened she was 28 years old and I was 22. Roopa is a beautiful girl with height of 5’4”. She has a lovely well shaped body with right quantities of flesh in every part but a bit of extra meat on her hips. She has lovely big killer eyes which she adorns with kajal, a very delicate pinkish lips which looks like the strawberries & it attract almost everybody who looks at her.
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Sex with Maid in Hostel

When I was doing my engineering, I used to stay in private hostel and obviously they had a maid. I dint have any feeling for her at first because she was old. . Like above 40. So I dint have much interest in her. But one day when I sleeping bunking my classes someone knocked my door so lazily I woke up n opened the door, maid. She was there to clean my room so I just gave some space for her to move in n start cleaning. Then I went to my bed and sat watching her tiding up the room, she was wearing a saree, cotton saree actually a blouse with no bra inside so whenever she use to bent her huge boobs (may be of size 36) hung like huge rubber bags full of milk ;) really she was fair in complexion so her boobs were too white n they looked juicy and in a awesome shape!!
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Threesome with Mom

Let me begin first introducing my family. We live in Mumbai, India. My Dad,48, works in private company and mostly is on tour.

My mom Seema, 45, is beautiful woman and myself Nik , 19, studying in college. Let me describe my mom first, she has 34DD boobs and great curvy ass. She normally wears jeans and sometimes saree. Whenever she goes out people look at her boobs and ass which gives her immense satisfaction. Whenever she is at home I get a hard on which often ended in masturbation in my room. I had developed feelings for my mom from age 15 when I saw my parents fucking.
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Mom my Wife

This is the story of how I and my mother became lovers when I was 18 years old and how our relationship became more intimate later. My mother’s name is Meena and my name is Sunil. We are a middle class Gujarathi family.
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Fucking My Hot Mami

Hi this is vishal , I am very excited to tell you my real sex experience with my mami !!i have always wanted to have sex with virgin girls and aunties also but I did never get a chance let me introduce my self….,i am a good looking,fair, 5'11 height and 7 inches cock !! today i am going to tell you a very interesting real story that totally belongs to me when i was in 10th standard !! this story is about fucking my mami who is very good looking,, you can say a sex and my parents used to visit my mama every month and i used to stay there once in a year during summer holidays.
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Mature Nude Pic

Mature Nude Pic
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Disha losing virginity to friends husband - III

Disha was again and again looking at me and blushing, fire was lit in her body too but she was still scared of something, I could read her expressions. Finally I stopped jerking my rod as my hand was aching and I settled down on the bed in half lying posture and raised my arms and called her with affection by saying “Come here, Disha mere pass aa jaao hmmmm….”

“I want to make love to you…..hmmmm……kuch nahi hoga….tumhe bilkul dard nahi hoga….trust me” she did not moved and stood there only but continued looking at me, wow what was Disha looking at that time, stark naked having nice fleshy thighs and luscious breasts with hell of confusion and blushful gesture.

I got up a bit and once again spoke in excitement “come on….I will not fuck you….I just want to touch your body” Disha did not moved even then but she did not stepped back even. I got up and got down from bed and went closer to her, held her in my arms and kissed her on her neck. Disha moaned loud and tried to step back, I could see that she was scared but I held her in my arms and spoke,

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Disha losing virginity to friends husband - II

Anyway when I reached back after collecting my order from self service counter Disha was busy on phone and I could make out she was talking to her mom, telling a lie that she is in coffee shop nearby her branch. Coincidently as she ended my phone rang and it was my wife, I too lied that I have came to bank to withdraw some cash from companies account.

Finally I too ended my call and focused on my approach to go further in the conversation with Disha and uttered “I was just thinking…ye humara extra marital affair hai kya……” Disha looked at me with a shock; she was not at all expecting that. I spoke again in correcting tone “I mean extra marital sirf mera hai……..but yahan main apni wife jhoot bol raha hun that I am out for office task, aur wahan tum apni mom se jhoot bol rahi ho…what is this…”?

I spoke with some courage and took my old casual gesture back and spoke again and replied to my own question “nahi….ye affair nahi hai……affair mein aur bahut kuch hota hai… hum nahi karte…..” Disha got more shocked and went more silent and looked into my eyes, I could see she was conscious and heart was pounding. “what….”?

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Disha losing virginity to friends husband - I

My introduction with Disha was through my wife. Being a male I do not have to give any reason to anybody that why I was keen to fuck her as I feel that it is always good to have anything if it is extra and if it is a virgin and decent girl like Disha then its great. Talking about her mind set, seriously I don’t know why she got indulge with me sexually.

She knew that I am married and there was no chance for me to falling in love with her, we were in touch somehow for some time and maybe she was desperate to try sex and found me safe who will not blackmail her and in addition to that certainly my appearance attracted her as I am good looking guy with good health because of my regular workout in badminton coat.

Disha, the girl I am talking about was actually my wife’s companion in gym and like my wife she too was plump, rather much more than my wife, or you can say because of her short height she use to look more plump. If I had to graph Disha in words then I will say that she is a fair girl with very innocent features, short in height hardly standing on 5 feet, though she did not had much belly but anything except that, means rest of her all physical assets were plump.

Actually she was working in bank and had lot of sitting and in addition to that she was fond of eating so she was really very fleshy on her arms, and thighs. Though her breasts were not very big, neither too small rather they were medium in size and but her bottom was a real beauty, it was round and big and too fleshy and because of sitting job it was getting heavier,

and truly speaking a guy like me who really love ass of a female body among all her other assets can die for that. In a first glance Disha really did not appealed me, I was coming out of my house to go somewhere with my wife and she was walking across the street when my wife introduced me with her as her friend but later when I took out the car and moved ahead and saw her walking facing away I realized that she will always be great fuck from behind.

Anyway it was just my, you can say desire at that time to fuck her from behind and as such I never tried to talk to my wife and tried to approach her by doing any long conversation whenever she met me around my house or in nearby market and whenever we met we ended up with just hello or good morning and good evening etc.

Things between me and Disha got better when in the morning my wife saw her rushing to go to office, at that time I was taking out my car. After knowing the reason my wife told me to give her a lift as I was going in the same direction, rather branch of the bank in which she was working was on the way of my office.

It took me around 25-30 minutes to reach the place and I really enjoyed that ride while talking to her. Outwardly she was soft voiced and shy and little timid in talking to me but by the time I reached to her work place she was little free in talking to me. You can say that day some sort of fire was lit inside me and I was getting strange type of pleasure in recalling her body and the gesture in which she was talking to me.

After that day with a pure lustful intentions to stare her body I changed my timings to leave for office and within 10-15 days I was coming out of house when she use to walk down to catch a bus. Showing a formal gesture I asked her for a lift and she accepted that. That day too I had eyes full of her fleshy thighs and delectably round and fat ass when she got down.

We spoke about banking throughout the way and I promised her that I will open an account with her branch and put some amount in term deposit and to that I told her to massage me the details of the rate of interest offered by her bank. For me it was a way to get her number and to get in her touch and it really worked.

For few days we remained in touch and intentionally I involved my wife into this and opened a joint account so that in case she speaks to my wife regarding this during gym then my wife should not be surprised. Later after all this I continued giving her lift while going to office and picked her up wherever I crossed her walking and for me it was really surprising when she told me to pick her up from the bus stand instead of the street of my house.

She did not wanted to get noticed by my wife and anyone else, truly speaking I am not assuming this, she herself told me that and her words were “aap mujhe bus stand se pick kar liya karoge, Priya (my wife) dekhegi to kya sochegi, ki main roz aap ke saath hi jaati hun”.

What else I needed, but to give her a casual reaction I smiled on her statement and replied, “then what…. I mean what is wrong in that?” “nothing is wrong, but aise hi, you never know what she will think” Disha replied and I could see that like first time she was not shy or timid and she smiled while saying that.

I accepted that by saying “Ok” and then asked her again, “That means I do not have to tell her that I give you lift every time I see you?” “Obviously…nahi to main aisa kyun bolti…… I don’t want her to think anything non-sense, I mean…..” she stopped in between, or you can say I stopped her by saying “ok..ok… I understood… don’t worry… main Priya se koi baat nahi karunga” we continued riding for many days together and I really enjoyed staring her luscious assets.

As such I never tried to give her any hint that I am lusting over her but gradually I can see that we were getting free and sometimes she use to read out some light naughty messages from her mobile and I too started doing that. We never thought about sending messages to each other as it could be accessed by my wife.

Anyway things moved like that for many days our conversation went on movies, music and almost on all subjects but as such there was no further progress in that context, and truly speaking even I was not at all expecting any progress and I was mentally prepared to limit myself in fantasizing her while fucking my wife or while masturbating in which I was regular, especially after meeting Disha.

I can say things moved again in my favor again when in the morning after coming from gym my wife stood on weighing machine and told me that she has lost nearly 5 Kgs, I gave her glad reaction and while riding to office with Disha, I asked her that workout she is doing is working or not by saying,

“gym ka koi faayeda ho raha hai ya nahi?” “bilkul bhi nahi” she replied not at all, she was right I could make out, though I could not say whether she has lost weight or not but I could see that physically she was intact. “achha…. But Priya has lost around 5 Kgs” I replied in somewhat informing tone,

“how do you know? Weigh kiya tha kya?” she asked back, “ nahi…. Kal raat ko main usko drawing room se utha kar bedroom mein le gaya than a issliye mujhe pata hai” I would have said just “yes” to her question but I don’t know how it came out of my mouth and I spoke in sarcastic tone as if we make fun of someone’s stupid question.

Disha smiled on that initially and then tried to control her smiled and looked into my eyes blush fully and went silent. I really liked her reaction and enjoyed her shy gesture. “forget it…. I was just joking, but ye baat sach hai ki she has lost 5kgs”…..”why it’s not working with you?” I asked her after a small pause, “I don’t know?” she replied just with that.

“weigh kiya?” I asked her again, “nahi” she said no, “then do it” I replied and once again my tongue slipped and once again I cracked a gag by saying, “maine tumko pahle nahi uthaya, nahi to abhi utha ke batta deta, whether you have lost weight or not” this time once again Disha could not believe what I said, I could read her expressions as she was looking at me and trying to control her smiled,

“ok…ok…. Just joking…. don’t bother…maine aise hi bol diya” I concealed and she went normal but I could see that my words have made some impact and it is positive, she is not minding my comments, so that really provoked me and I tried to continue talking to her casually and kept on looking points where I could bang my naughty comments.

With a subject of her workout and no results we reached somewhere on dieting in our conversation and she told me that she is fond of eating and cannot control her and most of the time her mother scold her for this. Cutting a long conversation short after few statements subject went on marriage and Disha told me that her mother is really very tensed for her in this context because she is overweight,

I smiled lightly on that and said “it hardly matters…. I mean you are not that overweight….tumhari shaadi to ho hi jaayegi” Disha blushed on my reply as she caught me looking at her body while saying that, specifically her fleshy thighs. For a fraction I thought that things will go wrong from here but Disha took that thing casually and our conversation went on and somewhere in this context of weight and marriage I gave her my example by saying,

“Priya is any day heavier than me from the very beginning, you can see that…. So it’s not a big issue” “ab sabb logg to aapki tarah nahi sochte na…… har kisi ko slim aur sexy ladki hi chaahiye” Disha replied and continued giving her argument and once again I found a chance to bang on, using my wit and I replied confidently “who said you are not sexy……?”

I spoke again in continuation “waise sexy ki har ek ki apni apni definition hoti hai and in my definition you are sexy…. I really like extra flesh as you see on Priya” (everyone has his own definition of sexy……..) I spoke and later realized that I have gone too far, Disha was also surprised with my words and I could feel her heart pounding hard but she did not reacted negatively on that and dried up her face from smile,

though she wanted to smile. Being an experienced man I could sense her condition and I was feeling really proud of myself for what I said. Once again she reached to her place and got down and just then I spoke, “Don’t take me otherwise….sometimes I go weird…I hope whatever I said, tumne mind nahi kiya hoga?” Disha said no to that with a smiled, “that means I can say all this I future also?”

I asked her again with a naughty expressions and she smiled on that, “waise bhi main to tumhari taarif hi kar raha tha, aur taarif to sabhi ladkiyon ko achhi lagti hai” once again I uttered and this time Disha went on smiling after pushing the door to close. I could see that she has digested my words and now my mind was set on fire, somehow I wanted to keep all this alive.

At the other end I was feeling that my sex life with my wife was improving because of Disha, amazingly I was always mobbed by her thoughts and at the end of the day most of the time I use to be very aroused and finally use to end up fucking my wife in the night at least twice a week and truly speaking after releasing my pressure,

for some time I use to feel guilty that I am doing some sort of sin but by the morning when Disha use to meet me at bus stand my animal use to get up again and all this went on going for many days.

Gradually I was going crazy for Disha’s seductive body and looking for opportunity to make things happen. While being with Disha from last so many days I was sure about one thing that she was also attracted towards me though I was not sure that up to what extend she wanted to get along with me, and sometimes I thought that she is just taking me as a good friend because she knew this fact very well that I am married and there is no future in this relation.

But at my end, crossing all my limits I was getting desperate to fuck her in all possible positions, especially in a doggy way while holding her round fleshy hips. Moreover from her gesture I could easily make out that she was virgin and never been touched by a male species,

I use to go crazy imagining this fact that while fucking her I will be able to hear her first painful cry and will be able to see her bleeding from her fuckhole as I will penetrate my monster size into her tight virgin fuckhole.

Anyway as I said earlier I was seeking for opportunity with Disha to get alone except while travelling from home to office and after many days I got one and I used that well in my favor. Like every morning we both were on our way to office and she was looking at latest released movies she told me that this particular movie has released.

Though some time back I was aware of the cinema world but from nearly last one year I was detached with all this, so with a very natural gesture I showed her some interest and asked her about the movie she was talking about. Disha detailed me whatever she knew about that movie and at the end told me that she is going to watch this movie in theater but she has to seek for the company first.

She further told me that she is thinking about talking to one of her colleague for the company for this movie. I gave a thought to it and casually asked her back that if she will go with her colleague then who will pay the entire show. Disha replied that it will be pooled by both. Once again I gave a thought to it and cracked a casual joke that it will be great if she will go with her boyfriend, in that case she do not have to spend.

Disha replied to my statement by saying that she does not have any boyfriend; I knew this fact as some time back we had a tiny talk over this subject. At that particular instant as she said “I don’t have any boyfriend “ I took a chance and casually gave her a proposal, if we can go for a movie by saying, “Ok, if you want I can take you for the movie”

Disha looked at me for a fraction without any expressions and went silent for a fraction and then asked back, “just we two”? I was little shocked as I was expecting a no from her. “Ya….but if you are feeling insecure, we can take Priya (my wife) along, I replied with bit of giggle. Disha too smiled on that and asked back,

“Why should I feel insecure”? “Just in case……, if you are thinking that I will try anything weird with you in the dark” I replied back casually, Disha smiled back on my reply and looked into my eyes and gave an impression as if she is aware of habit of making fun of everything. “Tell me…..yes or no”? I asked her again after a minute or so as there was no reaction from her,

“what……movie”? She asked back, “Haan….” I confirmed “when”? She asked back, “whenever you say…..I need a day in advance to inform my office” I replied, “I will tell you,…. if it will be possible….” Disha replied back. I was happy within myself; at least she did not ridiculed my proposal bluntly. Next two days went just like that; intentionally I did not raise the topic of going to movie together.

Third day was Saturday and hardly 10 minutes before reaching to her Bank, Disha herself raised the subject of my plan of going to movie by asking, “So you are going tomorrow to see (XYZ-that particular movie)” “No…. I am not interested in wasting Sunday for a movie” “Then…..”? she asked back,

“then what….I was waiting for you to reply…..tum bataao kab chalna hai….. and it has to be weekday” I replied, “why not Sunday”? Disha asked me with a smile as if she was expecting a witty and humorous reply, “Sundays Wife ke naam hain…..Girl friend can choose any other day from rest of six days” Disha smiled on my reply and went silent for few seconds,

she could not respond to my statement, moreover she could not control her smile even, “Girl Friend…..who me”? Finally she uttered, and asked back after couple of more seconds, with a real big smile “’hmmmmm……”’ I just hummed to say yes without looking at her and continued looking forward on the road and waited for her to respond

“See….you don’t have boy friend….and I don’t have girl friend, so……” I left the sentence incomplete, “aur Priya”? Disha asked back “wo to wife hai na”? I replied casually. “Are you serious…..”? Disha responded as if she in shock but she had a smile on a face. “No…..I cannot be serious with you…..I am already married” I replied and it was even better, truly speaking I don’t know how I was responding to her so well.

Anyway Disha smiled again on my response and kept her mouth shut. Finally her destination came and she got down and looked at me with bit of smiling gesture, straight into my eyes, may be to read my mind but I was much better than her in controlling my features. I asked her again in very casual way as if nothing has happened strange in our conversation,

“anyway…..tell me if you want to go for a movie….I have to plan accordingly” “Monday to possible nahi hai……Tuesday ko dekhte hain….” Disha replied in the tone as if she wants to somewhat postpone the matter, but I was in the mood of this way or that way, even then I gave her enough time to think by saying. “Think about it and tell me by Monday…I will plan my work accordingly”.

I raced ahead my car and moved on my way as she smiled back to say ok from her gesture. Through out the day I was really uneasy with a thought that if somehow Disha will say yes then what will I do to get her further close. I was really getting desperate to fuck her and at any cost I wanted to grab this opportunity to fuck a female other than my wife.

I am sure 100 out of 99 males wants to do that but because of some sort of insecurity we never try and I was not at an exception, even I was feeling insecure but my desire for Disha’s untouched body was so high that I was ready to take any risk. Anyway at that time the biggest question in front of me was about the place, where I can take her to confront.

Something was already running in my mind for that since morning and by the evening I was having a safe place to take Disha to get intimate with her, obviously only if she will say yes to it. Though I was not at all sure about that but it was really great feeling, assuming that I will fuck her with all my passion.

Anyway the place I was talking about was my friend’s vacant flat, at present he is living very far in south in one of the IT cities and he wanted me to lend that flat, but I never tried to do that till that time. Same day somewhere in the afternoon I called him and told him that someone in my work concern is interested in taking that flat for few months,

further I asked him few things about his flat and the place from where I can get keys and ultimately while coming home I picked up keys and next day made a touch and go visit to that flat. It was almost furnish flat and one of the room was proper bedroom with a decent bed and all other necessities.

Once again on Monday Disha met me on the same place and as usual we went along on the same path. Somewhere in the middle I told her that I have spared Tuesday and Wednesday from my work and she can choose anyone of the two days. To my surprise Disha was waiting for me to speak up on this subject and as I said that she replied positively by saying “I have applied for a leave on Tuesday”.

Truly speaking as I heard that strange sensation went through my body, though as such there was nothing to be so glad even then I was happy and Disha too seemed bit conscious to me after saying that and we hardly spoke in this context after that. More or less after that we both silently reached at the place where she was suppose to get down,

once again just to confirm I spoke while looking at her with a smile, “tomorrow…on the same time..” Disha just said Ok to it and went walked down to her work place. I too reached to my office after some time but virtually I was lost in assuming things. I was thinking about naughty statements through which I can approach her to fulfill my dirty desire but none of them seemed appropriate, that would work.

As the time passed I got even more nervous and horny, for sometime I felt guilty also that I am thinking about cheating my wife but Disha’s seductive body’s lust was ruling my mind and it overcame my ethics and all. Next day everything went well, Disha was looking stunning in the outfit she was wearing.

She was wearing tight black color Lycra leggings at the bottom and nice navy blue color Kurta without any stroll or Duppta. Though her kurta was not tight but I could easily make out size of her breasts, but truly speaking my sight was again and again going to her lower half. She was sitting on my left and I was getting a view of her thighs tightly packed in stretchable leggings,

amount of flesh she was having on her thighs was too much and as I said in the beginning I really love females with a fleshy assets and Disha was on the top of my list with that concern. Anyway through out the way I was really very uneasy as I had really bad or you can say lusty intentions for her and because of that mind state I was failing in behaving casually,

like I use to everyday and this change in my gesture was visible, Disha too was nevertheless confused or perplexed and this could be seen easily because she was really getting very conscious for her looks. Anyway I intentionally took her to the theater which was far from our residence and work place and close to that flat where I was planning to take her somehow.

We reached to the theater and bought tickets and entered into the auditorium and settled down to see movie. I don’t know about Disha’s mental state, at my end butterflies were tingling in my stomach and I was eager to go ahead but somehow could not gather courage to do anything in the dark.

Finally may be after more then one hour movie seemed to coming to the mid, I unintentionally knocked her knee with my hand to ask her if she wants to have pop corn and as I touched her knee to get her attention she removed my hand, I casually asked her whatever I wanted to and she said yes to it.

We both came out to get the soft drink and pop corn and I said sorry to her for what I did by saying, “’I think tum bura maan gayi….when I touched you to ask you” she said “nahi to” (means not at all), while looking at me into my eyes. “sure”? I asked her with same smiling gesture, “ya….” She replied.

We came back in the dark and settled down again and finished our drinks and pop corns. Movie was running on its pace when I touched her again at the same place and this time it was intentional and not at all in the format of asking anything, I just placed my hand on her knee. Once again Disha removed my hand immediately and looked at me with a question mark as if she is asking now what?

I moved ahead a bit and somewhat whispered “you said tumne bura nahi mana……iss liye maine dobara touch kar liya” Disha’s heart was beating high, I could see it from her facial expressions, though she tried a lot to control but she smiled a bit on my statement and spoke while looking into my eyes, “please matt karo” (means please don’t do) I just said ok with a smile and focused on movie.

Finally we came out of the auditorium and settled down in food court and ordered something. Superficially I was busy in getting my order but mentally I was trying to make a way. I was really confused and could not decide what to do;

I knew this very well that after touching her knee second time as such there was nothing hidden as it was intentional touch from my side and it almost went negative for me because she said not to do it and I knew this as well that if I had to something I have to do it today as I will not get this type of chance again easily.

Sandeep fucking Roshni - II

Hey friends thank you for your lovely comments. I am glad you people liked my narration and appreciated my writing. For my other friends who have not read my previous story, this is Sandeep from Navi Mumbai and would request you to read my pervious story to get a perfect idea about my sexperience.

After our first encounter, we had planned a long weekend in lonavala, we had a weeks time before we left. Roshni had started getting quite bold over the phone. We use to have phone sex during the day sitting in our respective offices. All the liking, affection, love was taken over by lust. All we were talking about was, me licking her pussy and she sucking my dick.

As it was a routine for us to meet every evening, where we use to speak for hours had actually changed now. I use to pick her up from her home and instead of driving up to the hill we use to go for long drives on Uran JNPT road. Where I use to park my car at a schedule spot, where she gave me blow job and I sucked her lovely boobs.

I was getting quite impatient as I wanted to feel my dick inside her, wanted to kiss her pussy lips and taste it. Sucking boobs was not really filling me anymore now and I wanted the real thing.

Finally it was the Wednesday morning I was waiting for. I was not able to sleep the whole night before and all I was thinking was about all the different ways I could get to fuck Roshni. I was up early and got ready to leave. I left at around 7 in the morning. I had to pick Roshni from Nerul station as she did not wanted me to come near her building.

I reached good 30 mins before our scheduled time. I was waiting in my car all excited, imagining next 4 days to come. We had finalised a resort at the outskirt of Lonavala on the old Bombay Pune highway. I had book an independent villa with attached swimming pool. It looked awesome online and I had planned great ways to use the pool. (If you understand what I mean :D).

I was in my dreams when my phone rang. It was Roshni “I have left now will be there in few mins…have you reached”….“Yes dear…I am waiting for you” I replied. After few mins a rickshaw came and stopped in front of my car. Roshni got off it carrying a huge bag. I got down and helped her with her bag. She got into the car as I loaded her bag in the back.

As I got back to my seat, Roshni kissed me hard on my lips and said “Good morning”. I was taken back with that kiss, because I was not expecting it. I knew this was one of the many to come.

We started driving and as soon as we left Nerul, Roshni pushed her arm rest behind and wrapped her arms around left hand. I could feel her lovely boobs on my arm and I moved my arm squeeze them. I was enjoying rubbing my elbow over her boobs. Roshni had closed her eyes, as if she was sleeping. We got on the express high way and I stopped my car.

I looked at her; Roshni still had her eyes closed. I kissed on her forehead, she smiled but dint say anything or react. I understood that she was not sleeping but in-fact she was enjoying my touch. Just this mere thought of naughtiness got my dick’s attention. I started feeling horny and my dick began to get stiff. I decided to play along with her and started driving again.

As I was driving, I tried moving my elbow over her boob to find her nipple. To my surprise she let loose my hand and made enough space to move my elbow. I was massaging her boobs using my elbow trying to find her erect nipple, I was not able to do that but Roshni was enjoying it. She was moving her face on my arm and giving out soft moan.

I continued massaging her and the she whispered “Pull over” and bit my ear lobe. As I pulled over, even before I could brake and stop, Roshni was over me kissing me passionately. I pulled her over me and kissed back hard. I took my hands inside her T shirt and pinched her over the waist. She bit my lips as I pinched and continued kissing me back.

I moved my hand up and to my surprise she was not wearing her bra. She just had a slip inside her T shirt. I moved my one hand in the front and cupped her right breast. Her nipple was erect and I teased it with my thumb. I pinched her nipple and squeezed her boob.

“Aaaahhhh……babyyy” she moaned and continued sucking my lips. I moved my tongue over her lips and she opened her mouth for me. She sucked and kissed my tongue the tried pushing it back with hers. We were quite intense and dint care about cars passing us. We broke our kiss after about 10 mins and she got back to her place. She was resting her head on my arm as I started driving.

“You have all the ways surprise me dear” I said, “What did I do? “ Roshni asked. “No bra honey…” I said…. “We have to reach the resort by 12…how many times you expect to me wear my bra after you undo it”…she replied with a naughty smile. I realised we were going to have a very long drive to Lonavala. She stayed like at for some time then moved her right arm over my lap.

I was wearing cargo shorts. She moved her hand over my thigh and the moved further down to my knee. She was moving her fingers over my knee and it was passing some strange sensation through my leg. She slowly moved her hand inside my short over the thighs but was not able to go further. She removed her hand and grabbed my cock over my shorts.

My dick was already stiff, she felt it and slid her finger over the entire length of my cock. Roshni was in a very uncomfortable position, she tried stroking my cock but was able to do it properly. She got up and removed my hand rest. She lied down on her stomach over the seats, this gave me an awesome view of her sexy round ass. Her head was between the steering wheel and my lap.

I rested my left hand on her back and allowed her to make moves. She undid my shorts button and stretched it open. She pulled my boxer down and kissed me below my navel. Her kisses send shock waves up my spine. I pushed my seat behind to make more room for her. She continued kissing and rolled her tongue in between.

She moved further down pushing my short as down as she could. By now my cock was hard like a rod, trying to burst his way out. She sensed it, but she continued what she was doing ignoring my discomfort, maybe she wanted to tease me more. She tried pushing my shorts further down, but was not able to that so she undid my fly buttons and pulled my boxer down.

My dick sprung out like the jack in box. Roshni looked at it, but ignored it royally and continued kissing my underbelly. She was teasing me and it was driving me crazy. She kissed me at the base of my dick and then licked it with tip of her tongue. I had freshly shaved my pubic hair just last night and the tip of her tongue was sending shock ways and strange sensations through my entire body.

She continued with her kisses and licks, all this while she made sure not to touch my dick. I was loosing it and her behaviour was driving me crazy. It was getting hard for me to drive and I slowed down my speed. I took my hand inside her T shirt and caressed her back. I moved my fingers slowly and delicately over her spine.

I could make out she was enjoying it as she left out soft moan, she got her one hand on my dick and with other she tried to remove my nut sac from my short. She massaged my balls gently. “Wank it baby…” I moaned…she was just holding my dick and massaging my balls. “Plz rosh plz….wank it…hillao…I can’t take it more”…I pleaded but she continued what she was doing, I guess Roshni was enjoying my helplessness.

I removed my hand from her back and moved it into her leggings. I dint not bother feeling her panty or her ass chicks and moved further down her ass crack. Roshni was driving me crazy and decided it was time for payback. I moved my finger in her ass crack and felt her asshole. I just pushed over it, “AAAhhhh….” Roshni moaned…..I moved further and reached her love hole.

It was already wet…..actually saying it wet would be undermining it…it was actually flooded. I moved my middle finger over its entire length, Roshni gripped my cock hard in pleasure, hurting me. I continued moving my finger over her pussy but made sure I did not insert it inside. This was driving her crazy as her kisses were turning into mild bytes.

She was holding my dick in a tight grip and with every move of my finger over her pussy lips she was stroking my dick. I continued doing this for few more minutes and Roshni moans were getting louder. I inserted my finger a bit inside her pussy…”Yeahhh….baby…more inside” she pleaded. I was exploring her inner walls with this mild insertion.

Roshni moved her waist so I could finger her pussy. My dick was oozing pre cum of his own and Roshni pussy was getting hotter and wet with each passing moment. It was getting tough for me to control anymore, I inserted my finger inside her pussy in one go, Roshni screamed “AAAhhhhh……uuufff”.

I rested my finger inside her pussy for few seconds and slowly started finger fucking her. Roshni was moving her hips and stroking my dick trying to match the rhythm of my finger. Roshni licked the entire length in my dick and licked all my pre cum. I was leaning on her side, finger fucking her with one hand and my other hand on the steering wheel.

Roshni pulled down my sink and exposed my dicks crown; she licked it like lolly pop and rolled her tongue over it. She rested her lips over the crown and teased my dick hole with her tongue and stroking my cock as she did that. I tried to force my dick inside her mouth but she resisted. I was going crazy I was going to explode any moment.

“Take inside baby…I need to feel your mouth around it…take it inside before I cum” I moaned. Roshni stopped stroking my dick and just played with my dick. I was moving my finger inside her pussy, when Roshni took my dick inside her mouth. I almost lost my control over my car when she did that. She kept it inside her mouth and sucked it hard.

“OOOhhhhhhhh…..yyeaaahhh” I moaned loudly, She kept on sucking it for few minutes and started stroking it vigorously. I just could not control my car and I pulled over. I removed my hand from the steering wheel her caught her with hair and pushed it hard on my dick. I began fingering her wildly and giving out loud moans. Roshni raised her hip as I fingered her.

I could feel her pussy muscles contracting and she removed my dick from her mouth and moaned…”aaahh….haan baby…..zor se….plz…aur under dalloo….plz….fuck me deeper….i am about to cum….ruko maat….plz plz…aaahh” her moans were driving me crazy and I pushed her mouth over my cock as I was nearing ejaculation…she began sucking it and stroking it…”

I am cumin sandeep…I am cummin….” She moaned, I pushed back my dick inside her mouth and exploded inside her mouth. Roshni hurriedly removed my dick from her mouth, she left out a moan and she came all over my finger. It was like a flood of cum. We stayed like that for some moment. I had gone loose and felt light footed.

I was completely drained with all the play and tease I received from Roshni. Roshni lied down some while, but had turned over. She looked at me and smiled, she still had naughtiness in her eyes. “Where have we reached…” she asked… “We have left lonavala exit long back and almost near the Pune end toll plaza” I replied. I looked at the watch and it was almost 11 in morning.

I could not believe it took almost 3 hrs to reach Pune side toll. We reached toll booth and Roshni got back to her seat. We got back on the Expressway now on driving towards Mumbai. We paid toll and Roshni laid back on my lap. It was hardly 30 minutes drive from Toll booth to Lonavala. But it took us almost close to 90 minutes to reach there. I need not get into those details.

Finally around 1 in the afternoon we had reached our resort. We were already tried due to the extra long drive. We checked in and went to our private villa. What happen next will tell you soon. Do post your comments.

Ashu making love to Shailaja - II

Hi guys! Its been great sharing my stories with you on this site. I'm back with another story, this time of how my fantasy of an orgy came true, and that too in the holiday destination of Goa! I just got back this morning and started writing the story!

I won't bore you with too much of the details. Shailaja had two eager friends, Sunita (it was at her place that Shailaja and I made love) and Rimi. Three of them, and three of us guys, Raj, Manu and myself, took leave and decided to visit Goa. The six of us got together for the first time at a restaurant and then later at Sunita's place, where we discussed sex.

It was obvious that the girls were as excited as us. We planned for a 4-day trip and my office helped with hotel reservations (since many of my colleagues stay there every time they are on vacation) We were allotted two three-bed rooms, we guys settled in one and the girls took the other, just across the corridor.

It was obvious that sex was on our minds all the time, but we were tired after our journey, and after lunch we fell asleep. In the evening, we went out for a walk and took in some of the sights and sounds. Came back at night after dinner and gathered in the girls' room.

We chatted a bit, watched some television, and then the topic came around to sex. We were getting quite horny. I asked the girls to put on a show for us. The girls slowly took off their clothes in a striptease, while us three guys watched with our mouths open. Soon they were naked, they began kissing and fondling each other all over. And then they wanted us guys to show our dicks to them.

We stripped too, and they looked at our erect cocks appreciatingly. We decided that we guys would each fuck a girl first, and then start with our orgy. Shailaja, as expected, chose me. Sunita wanted Manu and Raj wanted Rimi. They took up positions on the bed, while Shailaja and I hit it on the floor. There was a thin carpet so it was easier for us.

I couldn't see everything that was going on, I caught just a few glimpses, but Raj was using his tongue so skilfully on Rimi's pussy that she was just thrashing about wildly on the bed in a matter of seconds. Shailaja and I kissed deeply and made gentle love. Sunita and Shailaja didn't like to give blowjobs so we did not force them to either. Rimi however was an expert at cocksucking.

I could hear the thumps of Manu banging Sunita in doggy style, and the soft long moans of Rimi as Raj fucked her in slow circular motions. We had brought along plenty of condoms but the girls said they'd take pills so we were safe.

I cummed inside Shailaja and we lay on the floor, with her head resting on my chest, listening to the others still fucking. When they had finished too, we were tired and we thought we'd postpone our orgy to the next day. Raj and Rimi went to sleep in our guys' room, while we managed to cram onto the beds in the girls room. I'm sure Raj and Rimi had wild sex all night, because the next morning they looked really tired!

We hit the beach later that morning, the girls in their pretty skirts flying in the breeze. We lifted the girls and threw them in the water and had a good time. Raj just couldn't keep his hands off Rimi. We skipped lunch because we wanted to do anal sex. It was late afternoon when we got back to our hotel, and we showered and gathered in our room this time.

Without delay, we stripped and went to work on the girls. After some foreplay, the girls said they'd fuck each other for us. Rimi had a dildo (I have no idea where she got it from) and the girls quickly started pleasuring each other while we guys watched and stroked our cocks. After a long foreplay, Rimi bent over in doggy style, Sunita started to fuck her from behind with the dildo, and Rimi's mouth was fixed on Shailaja's pussy as Shailaja knelt in front of her.

Rimi put out her tongue, and with every thrust of the dildo into her, she pushed her tongue like a cock into Shailaja. The girls were enjoying it thoroughly and changed positions. When it came to Sunita in the middle, sucking on Rimi's pussy and being fucked by Shailaja, I pulled off a surprise by quickly moving there inserting my cock doggy-style into Shailaja as she crouched with the dildo, fucking Sunita.

She gave a loud gasp and I could tell she was loving it. Now it was my slow thrusts that were controlling the three girls. Raj took a cue from me and went to fuck Rimi in the doggy style too. For Rimi it was heaven, being licked and fucked like that. I would push forward into Shailaja, and in a chain, Rim would push back onto Raj's dick.

Then he pushed into Rimi and in the chain, Shailaja pushed down onto my cock. Manu was just looking at us and jerking his cock furiously and said "I'm gonna cum now". Sunita freed herself quickly and rushed to take his cock in her pussy. Manu came inside her almost instantly but she was not done and went on riding him till she orgasmed.

Raj and I were still fucking our ladies doggy-style and we cummed inside them after pleasuring them thoroughly. Now Rimi, the boldest of the lot, said she wanted to get double-penetrated in her ass and pussy. Raj laid her on her stomach and went to work on her butthole with his fingers and lots of lube, he took his time loosening her up.

When she was ready, he slowly inserted his dick in her butthole, let her adjust to the pain and to his size. He then lifted her so that they were both kneeling as he slowly fucked her from behind. I lubed up my cock again and when Rimi was ready for me, slowly pushed my cock inside her pussy. She did have some pain, but slowly got used to it. Raj and I alternated our slow strokes inside her.

After sometime I felt a wet finger in my ass. It was Shailaja, she had been neglected all this while and didn't like it. Manu and Sunita were doing it on the chair now and did not bother about us. Sunita had her eyes closed and was riding Manu's cock like crazy. Before I could react, Shailaja pulled out of me. And came back inside me with the well lubed dildo!

I just wanted to shout in pleasure, hell, I was fucking and getting pegged. Slowly Shailaja started wriggling the dildo inside me, and I was so aroused that I just could not hold it any longer, I cummed in Rimi's pussy. I pulled out and cum dribbled out of her pussy. Raj was not done, and he went on fucking her ass slowly till he came again.

Shailaja wanted an ass fucking from me too but was nervous about the pain. I laid her on her stomach, and slowly began to loosen her ass up with lube and my fingers. I took a long time to lube and arouse her, I licked her ass and sent shivers through her, and when she was ready, she knelt in doggy style in front of me. I entered her slowly, dick head first, followed by the entire length.

She grimaced in pain, while I stayed still. After some time she got used to it too and I started with my slow circular motions. When her moans became loud enough, I reached around and rubbed her pussy. She almost jumped with pleasure. I grabbed her dildo lying nearby, and pushed it into her pussy. She really enjoyed that, and we both reached our orgasm soon. I filled her ass with my white hot cum.

Now we were tired, and hungry. We rested, showered and went out for dinner to a restaurant nearby. We came back at night and had another crazy fuck fest with our ladies that went on till about 2am. The session ended with Rimi giving us a fantastic show of sucking Raj's dick. We were mesmerised by the way she sucked him with so much passion and style.

I could have cummed just by looking at her! Shailaja and Sunita overcame their inhibition and decided to try sucking us off too. So it was us three guys lying on the bed while the girls crouched between our legs and sucked us off. After a few minutes, we laid the girls on their backs and buried our tongues in their pussies, making them shiver, squirm and thrash about again. We were exhausted and went to sleep after that.

The next day went in visiting the sights of Goa and we were too exhausted to have sex that night, we just went to sleep. We spent most of the yesterday in wild sex, fucking each other in almost every pose and posture possible. It was a really really wild orgy, where everyone just couldn't get enough.

The girls let us fuck each of them in turns, and Rimi just drove me crazy with her sex moves. I cummed all over her breasts like a hosepipe. We three guys took each girl in turn and stuffed all three of their holes (or at least partially). Then the three girls got together and drove each of us guys wild in turn. and It was fun trying out some of the exotic postures such as in the Kama Sutra.

We finished off our orgy with a slow passionate fucking of our girls till we cummed out the last drops in our body. It was a vacation to remember indeed!

This will probably be the last story I share on Humandigest. I'm pretty sure I will have quite a few more awesome sexual experiences, and I may, just may change my mind and share them with you again. I do hope you guys will take the pains of commenting, at least on one of my stories. I'd really like it if you did. Till then, bye!

Ashu making love to Shailaja

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Hello Humandigest, Ashu here again. I hope you liked my previous stories, today I'll share a story of a different sexual experience with you.

Shailaja is a very good friend of mine and also a colleague. She also happens to be a lesbian. We have been friends for a long time now and have often discussed sex and other topics. She knows of my sexual adventures and I know of hers. A few days back I was telling her of my wild gangbang, and she was listening quite eagerly and was also rubbing her crotch.

I told her "How about we have a different orgy of sorts, you bring your friend, I'll bring mine and we can try something different?" She gave a naughty smile and said "Lets try something tomorrow, how about you and I get together and do it?" I was quite excited.

Shailaja's friend agreed to let us do it at her place, and said she would keep to her room and not disturb us. I wanted to make love to Shailaja, not just hard sex, I wanted to make it rewarding for both of us. Shailaja was dressed in a loose fitting t-shirt and shorts, and I quickly took off my t-shirt and jeans, down to my boxers.

I pulled her close, put my arms around her waist, and kissed her deeply for a long time, and with intense passion. She had her arms around my neck and her eyes closed. I quickly pulled off her t-shirt, pulled down her shorts and my boxers, and we stood for a few seconds, looking at each other's naked bodies. She had average sized breasts and a perfectly shaved pussy.

She giggled, I pulled her close, turned her around, and kissed her softly on the neck and shoulder. She let out a soft "mmm" and put one arm around my neck. My hot erect dick was rubbing against the small of her back. I moved one hand to her breasts and the other to her crotch, she let out a hiss. She gripped my hand hard and turned around and dragged me onto the bed with her.

We kissed each other with deep passion, and then I laid her on her back, and slowly moved to her neck her breasts and her stomach.I also kissed the inside of her thighs, and then went to work on her nipples and boobs with my mouth. I sucked them gently and made soft circles with my tongue and fingers, while she shuddered, gave soft moans, and ran her fingers through my hair.

I then licked her stomach and thighs, but not her pussy. I wanted her to beg me to lick her there, and soon she started "please lick my pussy, please" and when she had begged enough, I went to work with my tongue.

She twisted so violently that she could have had an orgasm right there. I teased her clitoris for what seemed like eternity, and also used my hands to rub her boobs. In between I stroked my cock too. She started to plead "please Ashu, fuck me, please" I was in no mood to listen, and went on working with my tongue, and I felt her pussy leaking.

She could not take it anymore, and grabbed my hair hard. I quickly smeared a thick layer of vaseline on my dick, her pussy was already lubed with her own juices; and very slowly pushed inside her.

"Aaaahhhh" she let out. I let her adjust to my dick, and then I started fucking her very slowly, with smooth strokes. She started to love it. I pulled her up, and we were fucking in a somewhat sitting posture. I then turned around to let her ride me, and after sometime she said "I like it with you on top" so we went back to that. Shailaja was giving out moans of pleasure that were driving me crazy.

She pulled her knees up, on either side of me, and then wrapped her legs around me. she put her arms around my neck and looked into my eyes as we made slow soft love. The passion was intense and I kissed her, and slowly kept on fucking her in gentle lovemaking. I had stimulated her a lot but not myself, and women do take a longer time to orgasm.

She said "Ashu...I can feel it coming" I thought we could try orgasming together. I increased my pace a little. I could feel my own orgasm approaching, and suddenly Shailaja gripped me harder and began her "oh yesss...oh yess...." I could feel my orgasm ready to burst any time now. I tried hard to control it, when suddenly Shailaja twisted and shuddered and let out a long loud moan.

She dug her palms into my back. Her pussy gripped me tighter, I could feel the wetness. My cock felt like electricity as I finally orgasmed with a grunt, shooting a huge load into her. I just collapsed on top of her, the tip of my dick feeling really sensitive. I then turned over on my side, my dick slowly losing its erection. Shailaja had her eyes half closed and was smiling at me.

We still had our arms around each other. Slowly my dick became limp and slipped out of her pussy, and some cum oozed out. We kissed each other. I pulled her even closer into my arms, she looped a leg around me, and we caught our breath for sometime. "it was beautiful" she said. We were sweating, exhausted, and after a long time we got up to take a shower and clean up. We came back, and went to sleep in each other's arms, feeling truly good.

Special sex in dance school

Krish was in vacation since his college is closed. He was wondering what to do during these holidays. Suddenly there was a call from his distant aunt asking him to come for the holidays to stay with her. In her spare time she was running a dance school for school and college going girls. Aunt Subbu was a good dancer in her younger days but now teaching dancing is her main pastime.

But she wanted a favour from Krish. He has to buy some costume jewelry for the use of the girls. There is a youth festival coming up and many of disciples of Subbu aunt are participating. Aunt wanted Krish to come and go and arrange with the organizers for the dates of the function and for so many other matters.

Since there was no male member in the family Aunt Subbu thought Krish would be of great help. Subbu's daughter was Gowri whom Krish met in a marriage recently. Aunt had sent the money and the list of articles to be purchased. Krish went to the shop where he had known people, bought the best of the stuff, booked his seat to go to the place of his aunt Subbu.

His mother gave him some pickles to be given to Aunt Subbu. With these parcels Krish landed from the train into the platform. He had two big boxes to be carried, one with the articles to be handed over to the aunt and the other box contained his own articles, dress etc. Somehow he moved the boxes to the gate and about to board an auto when he heard his name being shouted, when he turned his head he saw Gowri and aunt coming towards him.

They had brought their car to the station. The parcels were carried and placed in the car and they all boarded the vehicle and reached home. Aunt was very happy that Krish had come with the most treasured costume jewelry. Gowri was winking at him and sat near him in the car and was pinching him constantly. Krish knew what msg it conveyed.

Aunt had a big house, with lot of rooms upstairs and a big hall downstairs where the dance practice takes place. Aunt asked Gowri to put Krish in one of the best rooms with a good bathroom attached. Gowri dragging his box led him to his room with a huge bed and a bathroom. Gowri closed the door, hugged him and gave him a kiss.

There are lot of girls coming to learn dancing and many of them are seniors and wanting a fuck very badly. Keep ready to fuck all the girls, she said jocularly. Krish remembered how this Gowri girl gave him his first lessons in fucking and how he enjoyed fucking other girls also. Gowri was such a good sport that she would help him to get other girls to fuck.

She had finished her PG and wanted to go for her doctorate. Before that she has to do her MPhil. Aunt Subbu was very happy with the collection of jewels. She wanted to know whether he would go back to get additional items in case she needs them. He said no, no, tell me what items you need. It will be brought here by courier. Krish went to his room to bathe and to take his breakfast.

Gowri came with him and offered to bathe him. He said no, but she wont agree. They both entered the bath room and Krish brushed his teeth. Gowri filled the tub with adequate hot water. She helped him to remove his clothes and then poured water on his body. His cock was totally limp and of the size of 2 inches.

Gowri was amused and wanted to put his cock in this size in her mouth and suck him. Krish said let me finish my bath and then we will play. But she insisted just this and nothing more. Ok, he said, Gowri opened her mouth and took his entire cock in her mouth. But it grew in size in no time and lo there it was in its full 7" size.

Though Gowri is much experienced in sex than Krish, she was amused at the way the size expanded. Krish said let me finish my bath. Gowri said I too have to take my bath. Why not we both take bath together. Gowri had not brought her dry clothes, yet she wanted to jump into the tub along with Krish. She removed her clothes and jumped stark naked into the tub and.

The warm water was very soothing to the body. She moved towards Krish and sat on Krish, her hand took hold of his newly erected cock. She sat on him so that the cock will be safely inside her cunt. Krish also thought let it be there. They applied soap on each other. Showered with the help of the hand shower and almost finished the bath.

The indulged into a vigorous fucking and discharged into the water. The could see the lump of semen floating in the water. Gowri hurriedly wiped the body of Krish and wiped her own body. Her big boobs gave a magnificent look Krish wiped her cunt of the water drops. Her cunt was clean shaven.

Krish put on dry undergarments and then wore his traditional dhothi, Gowri wrapped herself with a wet cloth and rushed down to her room for wearing dry clothes. Luckily her mother did not see her wandering in wet clothes. Gowri came to the kitchen for her breakfast. Krish sat for breakfast and gulped hot idlis and then finished his breakfast and glanced at the newspaper.

His aunt Subbu was getting ready for the dance rehearsal of her disciples. About six girls had already come and are putting on make up and are getting ready for the rehearsal. Gowri brought them to Krish and introduced them. They are all fantastic artists in the making and may appear in any of the movies.

Gowri, winking at Krish told him that all of them need a special touch and they are ready to come to your room in case you are free to learn about the special touch. Krish knew what she meant, but she was bold enough to tell so openly in front of the girls. Krish and Gowri spent more time together. She preparing for her MPhil, he just reading some books and watching these beautiful girls.

Girls thought he is a super teacher who has recently arrived and all of them wanted to have a private session with him to brush up their talents. One girl asked him when he will be free. And whether she can come to his room after her regular dance practice is over. He said of course yes. Aunt Subbu does not know this private arrangement.

In evening at 6 pm, this girl slipped into his room, closing the door securely behind her. The girl, Mukta, 19, with raised boobs and thick thighs and raised ass, a good attractive face had just completed her graduation and waiting for an art career. The girls came close to him and asked him to touch her body parts and make an assessment of her eligibility.

Krish touched her back, ran his hand over her boobs, abdomen, navel etc. Mukta noticed that the cock of Krish was in full erection.Mukta was wearing only a full skirt and it is easy to lift it and reach her cunt. Krish put his hand inside her skirt and was groping for her thighs and pussy. He could place his hand over her pussy which wore thin public hair.

Krish massaged her pussy with his hand and inserted his middle finger inside her hole. The girl suddenly opened up her legs and allowed him to insert his finger.into her cunt hole. Luckily Gowri was not there. Krish boldly tried to insert his cock into the cunt of the girl. The girl to whom this was the first experience was making all efforts to make it come through.

Making her lie down on his bed, Krish, just inserted his cock into her cunt and started to fuck. Girl never expected this would be the special touch that has been talked about. But this special touch was much superior than any other lesson on special touch. Her hole was very tight, but somehow Krish could complete his fucking and pulled his cock out and through his cum on the floor.. The girt got her orgasm twice.

It was a great experience and quite worth waiting for. She preferably wanted this daily at the end of the class. Mukta fully satisfied just slipped out of the house. Gowri had sone to some stationery shop for some paper items. By the time she came back Krish had finished work with his first disciple. Krish of course told her about his first experience and both of them laughed.

Gowri kept away from his room on the following day when the second girl, Abhishree came for her lessons. She also was 19 doing her degree, very fair and tall with very prominent boobs and thighs and ass. Very seriously Krish touched her boobs, pressed them and he ran his hand over the abdomen, navel, crotch, ass, thigh and even pussy.

Just as he was touching her body parts she was getting aroused. She could see that Krish is also aroused and his cock is stiff. Taking her to the bedroom and fucking her was no problem. She was aroused and Krish could easily mount her and fuck her. Her hole was small and it took some time for full insertion. Krish enjoyed the whole episode because he was getting new girl everyday.

Though it was arranged by Gowri, she is nowhere in the scene. Aunt Subbu was busy in the class for juniors. The six senior girls one by one got fucked by Krish. They were fascinated by his features, talk, demeanor etc. Most of them wanted repeat performance. After first round fucking of these girls for giving them special effect, Krish explained to them, by this exercise,

their pelvic muscles becomes pliable and would be easy to perform pelvic movements while dancing. Girls were convinced. They said the rigidity is vanished or vanishing. They wanted more fuck and for more duration. Krish said he cannot take all the girls but only a few selected girls.

The most important exercise for pelvic muscles would be that they should ride on him and keeping his cock in their cunt move the pelvis in all directions in such a way that the cock should not escape from the cunt. Girls practiced and found it to be very good. These three girls two or three times a day and there was a great improvement in their pelvic movement, they admitted.

Some girls invited him to their house, where they can practice for longer durations since their parents were not there. Some said even their friends wanted to come and get trained. Krish gave practice to several girls here and to some in their homes.

Finally the date of his departure came and he had to return home. Girls were unhappy that he is going. Aunt Subbu who is totally unaware of these happenings sent her nephew off. Gowri another beneficiary said Krish will come himself, nobody need invite him.

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My Sleepy Mom

I am going to share one of my experiences with my mom. Her name is Komal. She is 38 years old. She has got a 36 size breast and huge ass. Her ass is so plump she is a little above average figure like Shakeela she looks after me from my childhood days. She works in in office. The incident happened when I was 16 My dad is working for a company and most of the time he stays out. 

From my 9th standard itself my dream girl was my mom because she was only available for me so close. We both are like best friends I always discussed every think frankly with my mom as I don’t have a father or any other friends. We both sleeps in the same room. My mother changed her dress after taking bath in front of me as I was child and I was her son she didn’t say anything but I looked her and never missed the chance but I had not seen her cunt and boobs because after her bath she wear her bra and panties then she will wear a towel that covered her boobs and cunt
she then turn back and get dressed  she removes the towel I will look at her cleavage  over her dress. I has the habit of masturbating daily by thinking of her after my 9th standard. In the bed room after my mom sleeps also I will do this habit. She sleeps on the other bed. She is a good lady without having a lustful life.
One Sunday  morning it was hotter and drier than usual. It was in the summer  and my mom had a holiday. When I got out of my bed I went to see where mom was, I found her in the kitchen preparing breakfast.she was wearing a white transparent  nighty through which her bra was clearly visiable. She said me to fresh and had the breakfast.In thebreakfable when she was serving me breakfast her cleavage was clearly visiable i could not resist myself to look at those boos.She  was wearing a pink pushup bra which made a big clavage.after having the breakfast i went to the toilet and masterbated.The whole day i thought hoe to hava access to those breast of my mother.
One night I had a fabulous dream about having sex with my hot mother.Now i started thinking how to have sex with my mom. School was boring and homework was a pain . Still, I managed to read a few hot incest stories, now I was more interested in ones about Mothers and sons, and found my self studying my mum's body with fascination. I began to appreciate her figure more and more.One day i read a story aout fucking mom in sleep and i got the idea to fuck mom in sleep.That night when mom slept i acted asif i was sleeping i kept my hand in her breast she too was in sleep.when my hand touched her boobs i could not control myself it was so soft i had an immediate irrection but iwas afraid if i press them mom may get up.s after few minites i went to the bathroom and masterbated. When I finished, I covered myself to sleep but I feel my dick still hard I don't know what I can do now. I want my mom so bad.Few days this went on.
Then one day my chance came mom got high fever had had to take leave she took high antibiotic due to which she become weak.Then the doctor told her to take rest for few day and gave her few sleeping pills and vitamins.One night She was asleep on her stomach with her legs spread a bit. She was wearing a short nighty but still covered her ass. My mom was in deep sleep asshe has taken the sleeping pils , but I was so scared. I thought this is  chances to do my hot mom.i called her few times to chech wheather she was sleeping started to rub my dick under my shorts.I switched on the lights started caresing her boobs i slowly raised her nighty up to her neck and now i can see her boobs inside her bra and her pussy hiding in her panty i unhocked her bra and slightly lower it down and now her both boos are vissiable to me i could notstop myself i started caresing them they were so soft i sucked them continiusly but no milk came my cock was like a hot iron rod now i wanted t see her pussy i slowly pulled her panty down now her pink pussy was in fornt of me i parted her legs and paced my the tip of my penis into the opening of her vagina. When it touched a current run through my body and i cummed before inserting my penis.The cum over her thighs , I was moaning in a low voice, but I was so scared if she would wake with my warm cum on her thigh i could not cleaned completely as she was moving and in a hurry dressed her up .I couldn't believe that I shot my cum on my mom's body.
I felt I had a made a big mistake, but I fell asleep quickly.
In the morning I waited for my mom to abuse me after what I did, but she didn't say anything, like she didn't noticed my cum when she awoke.
I told myself I will not do that again with her because she is my mom. All the day she was talking to me like nothing happened. I thought  my cum may have dried before she woke. Two nights later I felt my dick turned on again. I couldn't sleep again last night thought was comming to my mind again and again my desair of fucking my mom was not completed.i started my job again i made her naked.As i undressed her she moved onside  How can I shoot my load now that I can't see one of her breasts? I would like to suck it in my mouth. I found a jar of Vaseline on my mom's dressing table.
 I got it and took my shorts off. I started to massage my hard dick covered in Vaseline. I got on the bed behind her and started to touch her ass with my dick. She was still asleep, not moving. I got it down between her legs and started to push it in. I was scared that she would wake if I moved but I was so horny. I start to move it in and out between her legs. But suddenly she turned around. She was sleeping on her stomach with her legs spread wide. I tried to remove the cover to cum between her legs. I could see her pussy so clearly and her red pussy lips so hot. I touched her pussy lips with my hand so slowly and moved her cunt up and down. When it got very wet I started to part her legs wider.I  placed my tip of my penis in her pink crack She didn't move as I entered her placing all my cock in her. Then I start to move it in and out slowly. I heard my mom moaning like she was dreaming. I couldn't stop myself pumping her harder and faster, then I felt cumming. Then I felt my cum so near to exploding, she released my cock from her pussy by moving sideways then I lost all control of myself and shot my cum all over her pussy lips. Then my mom turned to sleep on her back but she closed her legs on my cum. Then I saw all of her breasts, I started to feel her nipples with my tongue and started to suck them. My mom moaned when I sucked her nipples. I started to rub my dick again and then I shot my cum between her breasts. Icouldn't believe what happened! I fucked my mom in her pussy.I fell asleep so hard. In the morning my mom came to the hall just wearing a robe. I could see her nipples through the slit in the robe. She didn't talk about the night before. I was wondering why she got her pussy away from me before I cum
But I was still scared to talk with her.After that my mom went out with her friend to a party, she was back home at 11.00 pm. She told me she was so tired and needed to sleep deeply. When she said that, she was smiling to me and she kissed me and said goodnight. I waited 1 hour and took all of my clothes off and went to her room. . She was asleep on her back with her legs wide open. I sat between her legs and started to finger her pussy, and with my other hand, her nipples Her pussy got so wet and my cock so hard.I started to push my dick in her pussy and she started to moan. Then I felt her pussy responding to my dick so I fucked her pussy so hard and fast. Faster than before. I sucked her nipples too. My mom woke and said to me in low voice, "Oh son what you are doing? I'm your mom." "I love you so much, mom, and I will fuck your pussy so hard if that is what you want me to do." Then she said with moan, "Okay, but don't shot your cum inside my pussy. Please son, I don't want a baby from my son." When I heard her say that I started to fuck her harder and harder.She said, "Oh son, fuck me so hard. I like your big dick. Oooooooooooooooooooooooh... I'm coming, son, I'm cccccccccccccccaaaaaaaming." Then I fucked her hard. I felt my cum so near
"I want to cum so deep in your pussy mom. I will shoot all of my cum inside you."
"No no please Jon I don't have any pills to stop getting pregnant from you."she tried to push me but i grabbed her hard."I can't mom. I want that so much. Now I feel it. Mom I'm coming now."and i shooted inside her pussy. "son your cum is so warm ,you have cummed inside your moms pussy wht have you doneI like it so much baby."
After that we slept in the same bed .once i askedhow did you came to know i tried to fuck you she answered the first day when i cummed in her thigs she knew every thing she told me she saw my dried cum in her thigh but she did not said any thing because she also enjoyed it  when my dad travelled we  fuck each other. My mom got pregnant, but she decided to get rid of it. Because she didn't want to have a baby from me. But she said she will let me fuck her every time my dad travels now we use condom in her priods.


Hi readers i am back with my storieswith out taking your much let me start my story, I am Rohan from Delhi. I am going to share my experience of my sweetie mom . This is true incident which was happened in my life. I am the one child of my parents. My father is working in the private concern and my mom is house lady. My mom age is 33 and my father age is 36 and my father is out of station most of the time.

He rerely come to home . I am doing my 10+2. Now I am going to narrate about my mom’s beauty. My mom name is Swapna. She is beautiful looking lady. My mom was very fair in color. She has perfect height and weight. My mom is like a little fruit stall. Because her boobs are like mangoes it has perfect shape.She is ver health concious and alwaws try t maintain her figure.She has beautiful navel which was in deep round shape everyone wanted to kiss her navel  her butts are in perfect shape when she walks it is really amazing to see her dancing tits totally she is one of the sexiest lady whichever I met in my life. I always imagine about my mom’s beauty during my masturbating.

All the things are gone normally but one day when I went to shopping with my  Mother.She bought bra for her .she bought a pair of 36c bra and panty set and a tshirt for me.After comming home she went to her room and started trying her new pair of bra and panty but she forgot to close the door or may be she thought no one is at home except her son.i wore the new tshirt and went to moms room to show her when i entered the room  she was in her white padded bra and slawar pant .i was astronished to see mom in that scene buti think she did not gave that much importance to that as i am her son she told me the tshirt fitted me superb .What a structure she has. I wanted to immediately hug her and kissed her.her boobs was trying to come out of her bra i was feeling hardon suddenly she turned around and opened the white bra and treid the black one i was unable to controll my emotion but i had to manage i was diying to see those sweet  bubbies of my mom .She then puton her nighty and opned her slwar pant and told me to fresh myself and ready for the mealThat night i could not sleep and i used to sleep with my mom suddenly mom in her sleep turned around and my hands touched her boobs a current ran through my bodyand iwas getting hard on my hand  was below her big breas and i could feel the softness of them i could not control and ejected my cum.After  this incident there is some change in my mind about mom. I started to enjoy my mom’s beauty

I never miss the chance to see her cleavage whenever she bent. I always waiting for the chance to see her navel at that time only noticed how beautiful she was. I very much worried to spoil this much of years whenever I see her cleavage or navel my cock was growing bigger immediately. from that on wards I always thinking about my mom only. I didn’t concentrate in any other work.

I became mad to sex with her. I always thinking how I approached her and said her, I want to fuck you. I got a plan I was acting sad for three days on the forth day my mom called and asked me “what problem with you? I said no. but she didn't believe that and asking again and again. This is correct time to start my plan so I slowly said to my mom and mom I have one problem but that is not discuss with you because it was related to my personal”My momasked me Honney u can say it to me i am ur mother .Then i slowly uttered mom I have severe pain on my penis for last two days  she was shocked and she didn’t spoke to me for few minutes but after few minutes she asked me why  u have pain did u get hurt while palying i said no mom i did not het hurt.She then Said we should consult a doctor.Then i said mom that one of my friend had the same problem and he refered me a doctor who cured him .Then Mom told we should visit him day we went to the doctor.Next day . We went to the hospital and we met the daughter. Doctor asked me to stand out and he called my mom only and my mom asked about my problem. For that Doctor said “your son has some problem in her ejaculation

His sperm are dried and block the Testis. So we want to take it out immediately and there are two ways only. One by doingOperation and the other  dissolve it by doing sex with women and masterbation  it will solved within 7 days.The way chosen is your choice but I suggest the first  way because there was no side effect. my mom was getting shocked and confused and she said, we will think on that and come tomorrow

My mom was totally confused she didn't know what she will do .she thought on that for whole day and made a decision to choose the second  way and we again went to daughter, my mom said “ we go with the second  method”mom asked “ I need one help, did you know any lady for doing this job? Doctor  said no and also said that we should be careful that  if we are choosing any lady she should not be HIV positive then there is a risk of getting AIDS. My mom asked “what do you mean? Doctor said you should choose someone whom u know very well otherwise there is a chance of getting AIDS and we should not take such a risk.Doctor For the tine being we can start with masterbation.

We went to hone and mom was in tension Mom was looking disturbed she didn’t spoke to me.Even a single word after some time my mom changed to her dress and came to me and she said whatever the doctor said we hav to do all those things dont feel shy to me i am your mother and i will help u to cure this dieases. she asked me to show my cock. I was acting as like shy to show her and but she came nearer to me and asked  me to opened my pant i opened pant now i was naked my cock was visiable to my mom then she said me to sit down and she told me to masterbate i asked mom how to masterbate mom asked me “you dont know how to masterbate ,have you never masterbated” i answered no then she said that is why this problem came then she sat besite be and hold my cock with her hand ” my cock started to grow bigger and some kind feelings went through my body. My mom was surprised to see my cock. She took my cock in her hand and my cock was growing even bigger. She was surprised to see such a huge cock of mine.She saw my cock without blinking her eyes and she asked me to come to bathroom, she holding my cock in her hand and we went to the bathroom still her holding my cock after that she adjusted her saree and she sat down and she started moving her and to and fro over my cock. She was moving my cock continiously. I was speechless I was enjoying each movement. This was one of my dreams. After five minutes I was ready to cum. My mom knows that by my reaction and she increased her speed my cock shoot my sperm but the quantaty of spearn was less as i have masterbated twice that day already. She saw and said really dear ur r in big problem.

She asked me to wash out my cock and asked me to go out after she took bath asfew drops of spearm fall on her dress  and changed her dress one of my dream was come true but I am not able to enjoy my mom’s body. After changing the dress my mom said we have to do this until we get some one for sex and alsotold me not to tell this to anyone not even Dad, I am doing this for your health only .

Next  day again mom came and told me that she could not find such a lady so we have to do something about the sex part and aske me to remove my cloth amd i Immediately I removed my dress and standing naked in front of my mom but this time I wanted to see her boobs . So I asked my mom to remove her saree because it will help to avoid spoiling my mom first hesitate but she said ok. She removed her saree now she was in blouse and her inner skirt only.  I controlled my feelings. My mom noted that and she know my intension she expose her body fully. This time she came very closer to me so her boobs are brushed on my hands. That time current was passing through my body i could not controlled myself and I touched her boobs.She moved away from me and said I am ur mother and all this i am doing to cure you dont try to take advantage i said srrry mom but mom touching ur boobs will help me to cum more  . My mom got surprised and She said me ok only touching.This time she allowed me to play boobs but she didn’t removed her full  dress.Touching Her boobs stilulated me and i cummed fast.

Next morning i was acting as if i was dieying of pain  mom called the doctor  and asked the doctor what to do the doctor said give some pain killer and son start the sex sesssion.I tooksome painkiller and we did dont have any thing thay day.

Next day mom came and told me to undress i undressed she came near to me she was wearing sharee she tookmy penis in her hand i asked mom youwill not take off your cloths she has yes i asked shall i help she said ok i opened her saree and also asked mom should i open ur blouse mom said ok i was happy to hear that after that mom came near to me and i hugged her she said Rohan  today we will do some thing which a mom and son should no do but to cure ur problem we will do this i understood what she ment as soon as i heaed her i took her to the bed  i started pressing her boobs she did not say anything i started kissing and now she was also  enjoying suddenly i unhoked her bra she said naughty boy what r u doing  i said mom i want to see ur boobs mom said ok she then took off her bra and i was able to see my moms boobs for the first time i started pressing them  mom said hony press irt slowly it hurts then i started sucking then mom started moarning suddenly i asked her mom what we will do today she said rohan today i willshow u some thing which u have never seen in ur life she stood and opned her petocoat and she was all naked in front of me i could see her pink pussy.she said me Rohon this crack in beteween my legs is called as cunt /pussy this the place from where you came to thid world today i will allow to insert ur cock in my pussy but u will not cum inside my pussy because there is a chance of getting pregnent  as i am in proids you got it .I nooded My head she lsyed in the bed and asked me to come over her i slept over her i started perssinfg her boobs she started morning she said me to insert my penis in her crack i placed my prnis tip in her crack and tried to insert but it was not going then she said apply some saliva and one more thinfg when u feel like cummin get it out then i applied some saliva in both her cunt and my penis and again treid as i applied pressure my whole penis inserted in her holy canaland she started crying “o god  o god he will kill me with his huge cock”i started moving faster she also now enjoying and morbing loudly ,with my hands i pressed her boobs and kissed her lips and inserted my tongue in her i was getting warn and increased my speed i came to my climax and said mom mm i am going to cum mom said get out ur penis but i was not willing to do so so she pushed me and my penis got out and i cummed over her body .She said me i told you not to cum inside today but you nearly did it tomorrow u can cum inside then i hugged mom and started kissing her and we laied there for some and we both took bath and went for lunch .In The evening Dad came to home.And that Night i could not fucked mom but Dad fucked mom whole night.

The next day I wanted to fuck her on the next day my mom came with cup of coffee. This time she shows her navel immediately my cock getting raised. She noticed that she smiled and said” wait after my father went to office she immediately closed all the doors and came to my room. I said “today I wanted to fuck you and tasted your pussy so please give the chance to me I will sent to another world my mom smiled and said ok immediately I hugged my mom and kissed on her ears and bite her nose and ears, she immediately got mood and began to moan. Now my mom was ready to have sex. I hugged her and pressed her tits as like horn.Immediately I inserted my fingers inside the saree and put one of my fingers into her navel. She was started enjoy. She gave kisses on my face, neck after I took of her saree and throw it away now I kissed on her boobs and pressed it and suck her navel this time I taking lot of time to suck her navel. she was very much excited and surprised and asked” how will you know all this kind of tactics”you make me happy I never enjoyed sex with this much happy. I kissed her from top to bottom. I slowly started to remove her blouse. I did this with my mouth and I opened one by one I removedit fully and throw it away now

I am able to see her boobs fully which was fighting to come out from her bra only one thing remaining is her nipple. I bitted those on bra.she was screaming loudly.and she hold my hairs tightly ahhhhh omm ahhhaaaaa ooooo ohhhhh fuck me, fuck me son, I wanted to tease her so I didn’t remove her innerskirt instead of that I inserted my fingers in to her innerskirt and touch her pussy and she making sounds loudly don’t tease me fuck me fuck me so I removed the remaining clothes and made her fully naked now my mom was standing fully naked in front her son. She took her boobs and inserted into my mouth. I suck it as like a baby. While sucking one and twisting and playing with another one now she removed all my dress  I took her in my hands and throw her into the bed and immediately jumped over her and I widened her legs and inserted my toughe into her pussy and lick it. She was enjoying my action very much and she asked me to fuck her immediately otherwise she will became mad and she was requesting me to insert my cock. I took my cock and give it her and she inserted my cock into her pussy at first my cock was not fully inserted.Because I have bigger cock in width and height also so it was very difficult to insert my cock in to my mom’s pussy. She was crying in the pain but she liked that. After several push my cock was fully inserted. She also does some hip movements to help me. Simultaneously I was pressing and playing with her boobs.after 20 minutes she reached her climax but I was not reaching the climax. After 10 minutes I reached the climax and I loaded my cum inside my mom’s pussy

And both were tried and we lye in the bed itself after some time my mom got up and playing with my cock immediately my cock was ready for another round this time I inserted my cock into her back hole on that day we enjoyed 3 times from that onwards we enjoying our sex relationship after two days I told about plan to fuck her. My mom got shocked but she smiled and slapped on my butts and said” you naughty you like me that much ahhh.

I said “yes mom I love you so much you are looking very sexy mom and my mom said I love you too, you gave me happiest sex experience in my life so you do whatever you wants. I am yours. Now on wards you don’t call me as mom, call me by any sweet name you likeWhen my father  left  the  house immediately we removed both of dress and started to do sex.5 and we both enjoying our sex in almost all the position everyday we trying the new method. We are learning Kamasutra techniques both enjoying our life happily now I got my son whom seem to be my brother also


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