Group Sex With BF and Hotel Workers

My name is Nisha, age: 22 years and today I am going to tell a real story or say incident of my life happened recently with me in which I’ll tell you that how my boyfriend turns me into a slut. I would like to tell you that before meeting my bf I was virgin and respect the Indian values. I’ll describe my story of “How I lose my virginity to my boyfriend?” some other time. I always have a very high sex desire in me but I always control and content myself in the Indian values and never ever try to do anything sexually. And the last thing you need to know about me before I start my real story is that how I look?
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Honeymoon With Chemistry Mam Part-3

Hey Guys, I am Anand back with my story.

Objective 5: Make a tasty cum juice for me one glass full.

This was kind of easy. But everything has a difficult part. Here is a “glass full”.
Rani had some fucking work in school. So she left in the morning wearing a killer red saree. I just wished I had school.

Before she left, she gave me a glass used to serve champagne, came close to me and gently felt my cock.
Rani :( whispering to my ear in a sexy voice) make him work.
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Fucking My Married Girlfriend


This is rahul writing about my sex encounter with my ex now married gf neha,i belong to delhi and she is a nri(south africa) we broke up at the end of college and never came in contact with each other for long time till 20 th september 2012 (when there was our batch reunion)

Due to some of my pending work i arrived there late in reunion,was meeting my pals their wifes,husbands n kids.Lot of catching up was due so lets not get into that lets shorten the story n come to point.
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Honeymoon With Chemistry Mam Part-2

Hey Guys, This is Anand Back with the story.

Now, Coming back to my story,,

I read all the objectives and rules. I was not able to understand what really was happening.

I kept on reading it several times. and I looked at Rani’s face.

Me:(expressionless) What is this??
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Honeymoon With Chemistry Mam

Hey Guys..

I am Anand. I have read many stories from here and I have decided to share my experiance to you guys and girls.

This will be a multipart story. The story revolves around my affair with my teacher (not present) Rani ma’am.

Let me describe myself. I am 25 years old now. This occurred in my 12th std when I was 18. I was fair, good looking, bright, and well built. I have played football and basketball for my school. I didn’t have any girlfriends or crushes at that point of time.

Ok, now let me describe “my girl” turned teacher. Her name was Rani. She was 27 years then and was married to some jerk who works in California. She took chemistry for the other 12th std batch. Unfortunately, not for us. She was the most beautiful and sexy girl one could ever imagine. Believe me.
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