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My first Love with my sister

It was a real pleasure in making love to own sister . It all happened when i was 16 and she is 18. We are the only kids to out parents and my parents are very busy with thier business. This made us very intimate as some times we never see our parents for a day or two due to thier hectic schedule.Though my parents are very busy with their work , they used to take time for us to spend thier week ends. We are very happy family and share all our stuff no matter how personal it is.Now i am 24 and she is 26.
A little about me and my sister, I am very good looking and good built, work out at gym 4-5 day a week and my sister is very fair and good looking , little plumpy ( but not fat )and has right meat at the right places. As our age differnce is very less, we use to share very intimnate relationship and share all stuff. also we never used to have any secrets among us.As we are very close to each other most of the times me and my sister share same bed which my parents never used to oppose. When i was 14 and she is 16 , I used to see my sister moving restlessly in the bed in mid nights and use to moan with very little sound , at that time i used to think that she is very tired and snoaring , but after a year i realised that it was not snore any more, but she is mastrubating.I obseverd this instances when ever she sleeps in my room.
All changed when it was summer vacation, i used to go to gym in evenings and my siter used to be alone at home. My sister complained my parents that she is bored in the evenings and my parents inturn asked me to stay back at home with my sister .Then i complanied to have gym at home . This made my parents to set up small gym in my sisters room and my sister moved to my room and since then we shared the room and sleep together in the same bed.we used to have cat fight for little issues either in sharing the quilt ( blanket) or for pillows etc,,,, we used to enjoy it ratehr than taking it serious.During those time with out our intentions i used to tough her body where ever i like and she used to touch and we never used to have ill feelings for each other.
Evening we used to work out in the home gym and i used to teach her excersises which i learnt from my instructor . During our gym , my sister used to wear body hugged lenins and very tiny shorts which revelas her assets.We never used to bother about our dressing as we are only 2 in our gym.After gym, i used to rush to bathroom to take shower and she used to sit on bikini and top to cool off her body .But one day , she is jogging on threadmill and i am cycling. i seen my sisters boobs swinging and realised that she is not wearing anything inside.This caught my eye and ever since i noticed her boobs i used to mastrubate . I used to do mastrubate every day after our gym, when i was taking bath. On one particular day , when i was feeling restless and horny ,i recollected my past memories of my sister moaning and mastrubating.That night i thought to watch wether my sister does the same thing again, to my surprise she did not do any thing on that night. I always used to spy on her every night if she mastrubates and if i find her mastrubating i thought i can take advantage of it .
All my dreams came true on this night, when i heard some in the middle of the night and i was very happy to listen to it, I just forgot to say that i used to put my hands and legs during our sleep but she never objected it. on that night when she is moaning i though its the sign me to take initiative in making love with her tonight. When i seen her moan started increasing , i slowly put my hand on her stomach , her moan stopped and i thought my dreams are shattered. After some time , i took initiative , i slowly rubbed her stomach with my gentle hands under the blanket . I never seen any reaction from my sister. It gave me little boldness to move furthur.I started slowly massaging her belly which is little plumply and during the corse of massaging i moved my finger in her navel which is very deep and massaged it for few seconds still i havnt found any reaction to it. Now i am very bold that she is deep sleep.
I then increased the speed of my warm hands on her navel ,and then slowly i started to move a little up , and now i cupped my right hand on her left breast and waited for some time with out any moment .I started to sense that her nipple is getting hard and found she is not rsponding to moves. this gave me XXX boldness and i started wlowly massaging the nipple and pressing th e left boob . To my surprise i was in heaven , very smooth silky smooth and tender nipple ( small and hard) .Now i wants to suck it but i havnt dared .but i dared to rub the other breast too , i was using my only one hand to rub her both boobs. Both are nice shape like oranges and timy nipples and silky smooth. I loved enjoying prssing thenm. I started slowly and now little faster. I havnt got any ojections for her , but i could sense she is breathing harder now.This gathered me extra courage .Now i started plaing my both hands on her both breasts .Now i seen her face she acts she is sleeping. But i want her to sleep too .
Now, i realised that i need to move furthur more, While my one hand massaging her boob i started moving my other hand lower to her cunt.I stopped little above her pussy and was thinking wether i need to proceed furthur low. My intension was to keep going , after few seconds i just touched her pussy , Gosh………!!!!!! it was very warm and wet , i thought she pissed. But kept my hand on pussy for a moment while massaging her nipples and breast . Now i kept my middle and index finger in her pussy ,,,,,,, WOW ,….Wow it was very smooth , very vry silky with no hair and its very wet.I am very much excited and my tool was very hard , i remember it was just 5.5 inches at that time ( i am 16 yrs then )and nornal thickness but its rock hard . I came veru close to her body touchinbg my rock hard cock to her milky white creamy thighs. While pressing hard to her thighs i was excited very high. My hand was on pussy , other hand on boobs and my cock toughing her thigs. I feel i am grinding my cock to her thighs very slowly . In that moment with out controlling my self i sudeenly inserted my hand in her pussy touching her clitorios. Then i suddenly seen a jerk from my sister and a moan from her. I was scared in a shock , that might kick me .
Instantaneously after her jerk and moan i took off my hand in side her pussy and moved from her as if nothing happened . I was waiting she might hit or kick me for doing this. But, to my surprise she didnot say anything and i could not gatehr my courage to touch her again , though i want to touch and i feel restless. I never took any initiative for next 5 minutes. I am not sure what happened to my sister, she slowly kept her leg on my leg and he is ther for a minute or more and slowly she moved towards me toughing her leg on my cock . Now i am much excited. My cock which lost erection again jumped making my dick rock hard. She is now slowly moving her body close to me while massaing my cock with her thighs. I then realised she is feeling same as me . I moved close to her body closing my eyes .While moving close to her my cock touched her clit and pussy. with out any reaction i seen my sister gave a sudden deep breath and hugged me tightly. with out opening my eyes i hugged her tightly , we were hugging tightly with out any moments for few seconds and then slowly i started rubbing her back and she started rubbing my back.
While rubbing back and holding in arms , i am thrusting her pussy and she is giving a qick moves syncronising to my thrusts.while rubbing our bodies i slowly opened my half eyes and i seen my sister closed her eyes and with out second thought i kissed on her lips, on my first kiss on her lips she immediately opened her mouth and rolled on me topping me . Now she is on my top rubbing her clit to my cock while our toungues exchanging saliva. She is breathing hard and rubbing her pussy to my dick hard . while rubbing her pussy to my cock i could feel very wet on my dick . i thought she is oozing her juices. She never gave me any chance and she dominated me while moving vigorously on me .I was pressing her buttocks shile she is on top of me , I was giving her quick and fast and hard thrusts from bottom while she is on top , After few 3 to 4 minutes of topping over me she gave a very deep moan N pressing her pussy to my cock for few seconds with out any moves, and after that she is not moving as hard as she is , then i realised that she cummed on me . She was sleeping on me with out moving for a minute and then slowly i opened my eyes and see she is still colsing her eyes after few seconds she opened her eyes and now our eyes met .Once our eyes met she suddenly closed her eyes , i felt she is more embarassed and shy .
I moved her down from me made her to sleep next to me while caressing her back and hair. After few minutes then i started toping her . I was on top of her and pressing my cock to her pussy while squeezing her boobs and kissing deep. with in no time i started oozing out shooding my cum on her pubic region and on belly … i havnt moved for few seconds i oozed all my cum and hugged her tight and slept ………..
This was my first expeince how i did to my sister , I dared to post it now after many years of my expeince as she is married few months ago …….Now i am missing her a lot , I force her to come home once in a while , she is in Banglore with her husband leaving me alone in Hyderabd ……She came for Diwali vacation and we made it again which was unforgottable experince aftr few months …

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