Lesbian sex with Rekha chachi

Hi, this is tania, I am writing after a longtime. I want to share my lesbian experience that I had with my aunt few years ago. After my trip to Nagpur and my first experience with my cousin sumi, I started to get adventurous. 

My experience was a great one after that. This happened when I was into my final year graduation. I was studying at Kerala (Palghat).My mother's younger sister who had a 2 month old daughter was expecting her husband working in the gulf to come on leave. She needed help to setup the house. My mother asked me to go and stay with her and put the house in order. 

I went to Rekha chechi's house at around 11 am. She was busy applying oil on the child to give her a bath. When I rang the door bell, Rekha chechi asked who it was, when I told her that I have come to help her, she asked me to come to the side door. 

She was sitting there on the floor and had folded her nightie till the top of her thighs and the child was lying on its stomach on chechi's legs. She was busy appyling oil on the back of the child. I kept the bag on the varendah and came near my aunt. 

The top buttons of her nightie was open and her cleavage was seen. She had nice big boobs and was fair in colour. Her legs were also smooth and silky. I was enjoying the beautiful sight and was imagining her without clothes and how I would be enjoying her. As she finished massaging the child, she lay the child on the rubber mat. while bending forward I could see that she was not wearing any bra inside and her boobs were dangling inside. That made me more horny. 

As she sat back she almost lost her control and her legs went up in the air. I could see the lovely cunt as she had not worn any undies. Rekha chechi saw me looking at her and she blushed and asked what i saw. I thought now was the chance to start my adventure. 

So I said that it looks like you are eagerly waiting for Chetan to come and you have not worn anything inside. I could clearly see your hole. My chechi blushed again and said, its a long time since I had sex. chetan went almost a year ago. He loaded me and left. now the child is more than 2 months old. I told her not to worry, we will keep each other's company till he comes. she was surprised by my statement. 

She finished bathing the child and came inside the bedroom. She lay the child on the bed and was getting ready to breast feed the child. I told her to wait and came close to chechi. I told her to remove the nightie completely. lets have some fun as you feed the child. 

I removed chechi's nightie and she was completely naked. I went behind her and hugged her from the back. I kissed her on the earlobes and slowly bit them. I kneaded her breasts slowly and i ran my fingers along her stomach down to her cunt. I could see her hairs standing up. With one hand I kneaded her breasts and the other was fingering her cunt. She put her hands to her back and held me close and said its nice. 

I turned her around and made her lie on the bed I told her to start feeding the child while I stripped my clothes. I removed all my clothes and stood naked next to chechi. Chechi extended her hand to reach my cunt. She inserted a finger into my moist cunt. it felt like heaven. I spread my legs to give her more room as she started to finger fuck me. Now I lay beside her an took one of her breasts into my mouth. I sucked it and milk started to flow into my mouth. It tasted nice. 

As i kept sucking her, i too started to finger fuck her. She started to get fully aroused. by then the child had already slept. Now I sat on chechi's stomach and started to suck both the boobs. Then I slowly slid down and started to lick her cunts. Her cunt was loose after the delivery. I spread them wide and started to lick her clit and within no time she came into my mouth. I liked her clean and came up and lay for her to start licking my cunt. She did a good job and I too came into her mouth. She had enjoyed this first experience and we had some more good time till her husband came.. 

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A pack of Flavored Condoms

On a September afternoon, I was going home after work. My friend Mary was with me. We talked a lot about the work and co-workers. That was fun though. My bank job is boring indeed. Check coins and send currency notes to the incinerator everyday. But we all need a job to live, so, I continued in the job. Most of the coworkers are men and very few are funny. 

There is a big staff canteen in the ground floor. That is the only place worth spending time. I came to know Tom in the canteen. He does not work here. He brings loads of duty free goods for sale. It ranges from perfumes to cloths and from kitchen aids to shoes and electronics. It is nice to see him. I need not go shopping since Tom does it for us. His prices are reasonable too. 

That day, Mary was not with me and Tom brought an album for us to see. It was full of pictures of ornaments and jewellery. I wished I had a few of those ornaments. It was a Saturday and on the way out I went to pick a snack from the canteen. 

I met Tom there ready to go. I said hi. He returned hi.We sat together and Tom offered more pictures for me. I looked at them. It was a rich girl's fantasy, so to speak. After a while, Tom made a surprise offer. He said that he would like to see me decorated with those jewellery. I said OK. I don't care, if he want something then that is it. 

Then we made a deal to visit the bird sanctuary together. That was really interesting. He showed me the different birds and their songs petrified me. I had never been there before. We made it a point to return again to this coveted spot. That night I could not sleep. I had this wonderful opportunity to fulfill the fantasy of bachelor Tom. 

Possibly I could fulfill the fantasies of unsatisfied married men too. But that is only a possibility. Next weekend, Tom took me to his hotel room. He asked me to undress so that Tom could decorate me. He took off my bra. Then like a baby Tom suckled my nipples. He teased me about cat nipples. He moved down to my belly button. He was enthralled above all and happy doing it. He kissed arse and bum. The inner thighs was fantastic for Tom. 

I bit his mascular shoulder gently. Then his mobile phone rang and we stopped for a while. Later Tom began all over again. Then to my surprise, Tom gave a gift to me. I opened his surprise gift slowly with care. It was a pack of flavored condoms. It had cherry, banana, berry and fruit flavored condoms. Tom let me choose the one to use. That was too kind of him. 

I picked banana flavored condom and slipped it on to his dick. "How loving this act of love could be "I mused. I grabbed his dick and gently slipped it into my mouth. I squeezed it with my tongue and massaged with fingers. I could feel the throb in my mouth. Then all of a sudden the dick throbbed and became moist. His dick collapsed soon. I wished a second erection soon. But that was not for me. Then Tom remained on the cot and was about to rest and sleep after showing his mighty love for me. I was ready for action, but there was no one else for the job. What a fucking man Tom was.

 He sleeps like a baby. An adorable baby is he. He was so eager to get the act and then forget about it until next time. What a man Tom is ! I sat cleaning up the mess of his room. It was disorganized all over. It took me an hour to clear up his mess. 

Then Tom woke up. I made coffee for both of us. Then he turned the TV on. He had a few good adult films for us to watch. I just watched Tom seeing the fantastic productions. Deep in my heart, I longed for the vanilla flavored condom on his lovely dick. But, Tom did not say anything to me. He never bothered to ask how I felt about it. Man is of a type. Tom is very social personality and boasts about his business that he runs after the death of his mother. I felt sorry that Tom needs a mother. 

I wished that Tom would marry his dream girl. As a surprise gift, Tom presented me a true gold pendant with an engraved letter "J". He cares for me. We ate egg together and I pinched his thighs for fun. Oh boy, he is strong and athletic. He does not play lottery. Tom could be trusted all the time. So we are friends ever after this incident at a star Hotel in Kochi. Jessy Comments to :

My first phone sex

I am a regular visitor, I find the stories very sensual and stimulating. It took a while for me to think it over and decide to share a real experience. I am Leela, 42 years old, married woman settled in Mumbai. My husband is working in a bank which means that more often than not, he doesn't stay in town. My only son is studying in another state. And as such I have to be content living alone in my apartments. The only deviation I have is Internet and of course, Television. 

I can't boast myself to be beautiful, never with my body beginning to show signs of a rigourous family life for more than two decades. I stood at 5'7", and getting a bit round along my hips. My belly had begun swelling since five or six years and it showed no signs of relenting. And of course, my breasts were relatively smaller although they still can swell with the slightest excitement. There are times when I used to feel very horny, mainly because of my loneliness and lack of sexual excitement in the absence of my husband. 

I was ashamed but left with no other alternative other than masturbating. I have decided to be a prude woman and a honest wife, irrespective of the temptations I get, especially from the Internet. I remember that eventful day. Some woman was repeatedly making wrong calls to our house and everytime she would apologise and disconnect the phone. 

Within another ten, fifteen minutes, she would call again and ask for someone I have never heard of. Unfortunately, our telephone did not have the caller ID identification provision. Although I was very patient initially, I was becoming restless and furious as she kept calling repeatedly. I decided that I would give the woman some food for thoughts if she called again. 

It did not take much time before she called me again. 

"Hello!" the woman asked me immediately, mockingly. 

"What the fuck do you want?" I screamed. But, immediately, I realised that it was another familiar voice and not that of the woman who had been irritating me since morning. It was Renuka, my close friend who was staying near.

"What happened Leela?" Renuga sounded shocked and concerned. 

"Sorry Renu! I was getting bugged up by some stupid woman since morning," I apologised instantly. 

"I thought it is she who is calling." ,

 "You seem to be in a very ferocious mood today," Renu laughed at the other end. 

"Yes," I admitted. 

"I am also horny like hell!" 

"Horny?" Renu laughed again. 

"Why don't you ask your husband to take VRS and be at home?" 

"He won't do it," I said. 

There was a momentary silence at the other end. I presumed Renu might have gauged my frustration from the tone I spoke.

"Looks like we are sailing in the same boat," Renu said in a whispering tone later.

 "Even my man is away! I am boiling!" 

"I am sorry to hear!" I pitied her. 

"Forget it Leela!" Renu continued.

"When was the last time you got off?" "Not recently!," I lied. I had actually masturbated to a very intense and loud orgasm just last early in the morning, but somehow felt delicate to reveal this to Renu, although she was one of my trusted friends. 

"Me too!," Renu replied laughingly. 

"The last few days have been quite busy for me. My last orgasm was a good week ago, and I can't believe that."

 "But, that is frustrating!" I was struggling to hold back my tears. 

"I know. It can be quite disgusting," Renu acknowledged my contempt.

"I wish I can help you relieve yourself!" 

"How? Over phone??" I began laughing. 

"Hey listen!," Renuka intervened. 

"Want to see?" "Ok,

" I replied. I was getting a bit relaxed talking to her. . 

"Are you ready?" Renu asked. 

"Yes!" I reaffirmed. 

"Ok, I am going to talk like some guy. Is that fine?"

 "Ok" I laughed again. But, I suddenly started feeling nervous. 

"Here we go," said Renu and there was a momentary silence. My heart began pumping fast.

"Hello?" Renu was attempting to speak in a male voice. I laughed. 

"Whom are you mimmicking Renu?" 

"Just stop laughing!" Renu sounded a bit annoyed for a second. I stopped laughing at once. 

"So, Leela, what are you wearing?" Renu asked. 

"Cotton nightie!" I replied. 

"Sounds interesting!" Renuka complimented, teasingly. 

"What about you?" I was equal to the task. 

"Nothing!" I was taken aback. "Nothing?" I persisted. 

"Are you some sixpack?" 

"Not really, but in all fairness, you need to get naked as well." 

"What? You want me to take off my clothes?" 

"Without doubt," Renu sounded serious. 

"I am already aroused imagining about it." I was shocked to hear Renu's reply although, it caused a tingle of thrill passing through me. I only hoped that this adventure can soothe my sexual frustration and sat up to pull off my nightie while holding the phone firmly. As I wasn't wearing any bra or panties, my breasts were hanging freely immediately after I got naked. With just a look downwards, I was surprised to see my nippled looking hard already, apparently because of the excitement about my new adventure on phone with my friend. 

"Keep talking," Renu sounded like a seductress. 

"Tell me everything." 

"I am nude now," I said. My voice was very shallow. 

"Do you know where I am looking at?" Renu fired another question. 

"Yes," I replied. 

"You must be seeing my breasts and nipples. My breasts are swelling and my nipples are becoming hard." 

"Sounds delicious," Renu whimpered.

"I want to touch and feel your lovely breasts. My hands are rather rough and hard. Do you mind?" 

I was already blushing. I realized that, other than my breasts and nipples, a few more organs in my body were showing signs of responding to Renu. I almost shuddered knowing that my pussy was moist. I desperately wanted to lie down and stroke my clit with my fingers. 

"Go ahead," I whispered. 

"Touch me!" 

"Your breasts are so firm and yet soft," Renu said. 

"I want to squeeze your breasts once. My fingers are itching to pull your perky nipples." 

"Oh yes!" I responded. I was beginning to breath hard even as my free hand reached to my breasts and began massaging my breasts and pinching my nipples. I couldn't resist my urge to roll my nipples between my fingers. 

"I am going to lick them," Renu said. I paused. I almost stammered to reply. 

"Are you hearing?" Renu asked.

"Please! Let me suck your breasts." 

"Yes!" "Do you like this? Can you feel my lips and tongue on you?" 

"Oh Yes." I was struggling to hold my breath. I desperately tried to lift one of my breasts to my mouth for giving a soft sensual lick. 

"Tell me!" Renu insisted. I paused for a while before telling her,

"Yes! I can feel you sucking my breasts and nipples. You feel very warm indeed.

 "And?" "And," I stumbled again.

 "I am very wet. "Hmmmm!" Renu hummed. "Do you have your panties on?" 

"No!" I replied. 

"Then? "Can't you see my ass cheeks?" I asked, hesitantly. 

"I do," Renu replied. 

"I just want to stick my fat cock inside your asshole!" 

"I never tried that before!" I said, startled to even hear getting ass-fucked. 

"I am holding and squeezing those ass cheeks with my hands!" Renu whispered again. 

"Ohh! Please!!" 

"Do you love this?" 

"Yes!" I replied while sliding my hand across the butt and squeezing one of the cheeks. I moaned uncontrollably. 

"How does your pussy look?" Renuka asked. I began spreading my legs, and letting my hand tease my public hair. 

"It is soaked," I answered. 

"But yet very hot!" Renu said. 

"My fingers are itching. Can I finger your pussy?" I quickly probed my clit with my finger and shook for a second as I replied. 


 "I can't believe this!" Renu said. 

"Your pussy simply pulled the whole of my finger inside the very moment I tried to put it in." I tried inserting two fingers now deep inside me. 

"You are right!" I mumbled. "It is a wonderful feeling." 

"Will you let me fuck you?" Renu questioned. 

"My dick is nine inches long. Do you want me to stuff the whole thing inside your cunt? " I was whimpering. 

"Yes!" "Take it! Take it baby!!" Renu kept uttering this while I kept fingering myself for a while before I came profusely. "

Leela!" "------" "Leela!! Are you there?" "Renu! I".

I really came..! I can't believe this Renu!" Renu laughed. 

"How did you feel? Was it better than getting off by yourself?"

"Surely it was!"I replied with a sense of fulfillment. 

"Have a nice day!" Renu said and kissed on the phone. 

"I love you Leela!" 

"I love you too!" I blushed as I repeated what my friend had just said. 

The story didn't end here. We met the following weekend at my house and made love. But, that is a different story and I might tell you someother day. Please send your valuable comments and suggestions to I always reply.

My first Gangbang

My name is Neha (not my real name - all names in this story has been changed for privacy) and I have appeared for my 12th. I was studying in a boarding school and I belong to the NCR region. I hope this gives you an idea of my age and location. I had lost my virginity to a friend in gurgaon much older to me almost 3 years back. And since then have been having an ala time. 

The incident I am going to tell you is almost a year ago, when I was back home for holidays and my parents had to go out to town due to a urgent matter in our relatives. Because my cousin was there at home, they left me with him and the other day was his birthday. So he and his friends decided to go out and have dinner. I too was invited for that. I dressed up in a navy blue chiffon sari. As time passed by we too had a small shot of alcohol and then dinner. 

After dinner, we headed to my home to drop me and my cousin. On the way home, I picked up some medicine. When I was walking towards the shop, it started to drizzle, and within few minutes started to rain heavily. When returning back to the car I became completely wet. The effect of a little alcohol and a little rain stirred up the mood in me. We reached my home. I told the boys to stay here for the night and go when the rain had stopped. I made coffee for all including myself and offered to the boys who were sitting in the hall and watching TV. 

I offered and sat down to watch TV. While drinking coffee Aditya was looking straight at me instead of the screen. I then realized that something is wrong with him. I too looked back at him and he turned away. I started to feel uncomfortable in the wet sari and decided to go change. While walking back to the room, the eyes of Aditya flashed before me. 

That took me by surprise as I have not seen such stares ever. I somehow managed to overcome that stare but the effect of alcohol and the weather was stirring up my mood. You know I usually sleep only in only a nighty with nothing underneath. I started to remove everything and finally removed my bra, didn't realize that aditya and my cousin were standing behind me. He was watching me hungrily including my cousin. Aditya approached me and asked me if he could please me. 

I agree on the condition that I will run the show and he agreed. Then the other 2 also join and all started undressing on being naked I saw All these guys were having erections. 3 of them including my cousin had decently sized penis but Aditya had the largest  in length and thickness. The first thing I asked them was to lick me and I gave each one of them a task.

 I told Aditya to play with my vagina, Prasad and Venkat on each one of my breasts and Ramesh on my asshole. The first time encounter of being aroused by 4 boys was amazing. I didn't have to give any other instructions and orders and the boys automatically started to arouse me more. Aditya was great at licking and playing with my pussy and clit. He aroused me so much that, I cam no of times. He continued to lick as I had his head pressed onto my pussy. Then all of them took chances in licking and kissing me all over my body. Everyone had got exhausted with the really long foreplay which lasted almost 1 hour. Then I instructed all of them to start fucking me in the order. 

All of them agreed. And I again gave instructions that while I am getting fucked the rest of don't stand simply, come and suck my breasts and asshole. Then started my journey to endless orgasm. Ramesh started to fuck me. His fucking didn't last long and came early and went limp soon. Each of the other 2 fucked me for 20 long minutes and showered cum in me. When I was getting fucked, I climaxed once and climaxed twice when getting fucked by Prasad. Venkat was slow and steady, but Prasad was a bull from the word go. He continued to ram me and made me moan like a whore for those 20 minutes he fucked me. Then was the turn of Aditya, for whom I had been waiting so long. 

He mounted me in missionary position and tried to push his huge headed circumcised cock into my pussy but to my surprise me a lot of resistance. Then I told him to hold on and guided his cock into my pussy. The amount of pain it caused reminded me of the pain I endured the first time fucked with sachin and with my teachers friend. The pain was sweet. After completely inserting I told him to wait. Then he started to fuck me at a steady speed. Then increased his speed gradually. At one point of time he would completely remove his cock and bury it deep into my pussy, which was a great feeling and experience. The first time he did this I climaxed. It was almost for half an hour that he had fucked me without climaxing. In those 30 minutes I climaxed n no of times. In another 10 minutes he climaxed a huge load of cum. All of us had got exhausted that we lay still in our bed and it was 2 in the morning.

 After a brief rest I said to Aditya that I want to ride him. He agreed to it and I sucked him to get his cock ready. Then I mounted him and told the other three boys to oil their cocks and fuck my ass. All of them did as per my instructions and shot out their loads in my ass. By the time the three had ended fucking my ass, I and Aditya climaxed and both of us came together. I dismounted him. It was 3 in the morning when the entire ordeal had got over. Then all of us slept nude in the same bed. I didn't mind sleeping with a dripping pussy and enjoyed the sight of seeing Aditya's cock go limp. Then around 4.30 I woke up hazily and went to the kitchen to drink water. I could smell dried cum all over me. When I came back to sleep to the boys bedroom I found Aditya standing by the window and gazing. I went close to him and asked him as what was he seeing outside the window. He said nothing. I took his face in my hands and kissed him gently on his eyes, nose and lips which turned out to be a passionate one. Then I took him to my room, did a 69, during which I came heavily. Then I mounted and rode him for some time and got fucked doggy style and sucked him till he climaxed. After the first time experience, 

I got another chance for a gangbang on my birthday during which all were conscious and fucked me properly. Wait for my next mail ������ to know more you can reach me at

My Smart boy

Dear Friends, I am a malayali lady residing in Bangalore.I am 56 year old. But many people feel that I am in my 30's. I am a post graduate. I was working earlier as a steno. Once my boss tried to make a pass on me. He was very old. I stopped working then. My husband is working as a manager in a company. He earns heavily. He is so fond of his work that he spends even upto midnight in his office. I have two daughters both are now abroad, working. One got married & the other one is engaged.

 Recently I found that my husband is not interested in sex. On pondering I found that he has lost his erection capacity. So he dont come to me or let me touch his thing. This has made me disappointed. I used to enjoy sex. I had it with him only. we used to have it thrice in a week. The thought of missing that opportunity made me disappointed. The trouble was during day time when I am alone at home. I had nothing there to do.I was not so fond of TV. So I started spending my time going out for purchases, temples etc.

One day I went for shopping in city market. I liked to travel in bus. We were staying at Rajaji is almost 2 hour journey from Rajajinagar to city market. I finished my purchase by 11 o clock. Normally at that time the buses used to be free without much rush. But to my fortune or misfortune there was a student hartal & the buses were fully loaded. I was having some luggages in both my hand. Some how I got into the bus. It was full of students from a high school. & all the students were travelling to Rajaji nagar. Most of the elderly boys were standing around the female area in the bus.

I saw many of them pestering the female students.Many of their hands were on the breasts of the girls.some of the boys had their hands in between the thighs of the girls. There was no other go for the girls since the rush was so much. I was pushed by the girls to the rear. The bus started & it was slowly proceeding to the town hall. within ten minuets I felt a hard body pressing me from my rear.The body was completely pressing on my back. I never took it serious since the rush was so heavy.

after some time i felt it odd. The body was not at all trying to move. Instead the body was trying to press more & more into my back. A pleasant hot breath was touching my neck. Then suddenly I felt some thing hard on my buttocks.It was like a ball. then the ball became harder. It was pressing into my buttocks. I felt it pressing in between my two buttocks. Suddenly I understood that it is a hard genital of a male. I felt odd. I wanted to push it away. But I neither wanted to create a scene. I slowly turned my face to look at the male behind me. I was surprised.

 He was an innocent looking boy. So cute as well as smart.I never could believe that he is pestering me. So I tried to push him back with my buttocks.It seems that my push backword encouraged his penis. It became more rigid. It seemed that it will push in between my buttocks. My buttocks were big. I tried to brush him away by swaying my buttocks. That infuriated the already erected penis of the boy. He was pushing forward. It seemed that the penis will pierce in to the anus if the dress of both of us were not there. I looked back into his face. He was not looking in my direction. He was looking some where else. I watched him.He was tall. He had a strong physique. He was wearing a pant & shirt. His tie was untied. I felt a passion for him. May be it was because I didnt have a son.I felt as if I would take him in my hands and kiss him on his head. 

I turned my face away from him. Then I felt that he lowered his face nearer to my neck. His breath was strongly falling on my neck. His breath became faster. So far the bus was moving & his movements were according to the movements of the bus. Now the bus has stopped for signal at town hall Jn. But still there was a movement in the back of my middle area.

I felt a bit excited. It was months since a male organ touched that area. May be he is young. Much younger than my children. But he is a matured male whose organs have developed to satisfy the thirsty feelings of an elderly lady.I felt as if I am licking a strawberry ice cream. I tried to visualise his penis. He has a white complexion. so his penis too will be white. I knew it will be so white when aroused. It will be having a red crown on the top.I have seen my husbands prick when erected. I tried to compare. From the feeling I was getting in my back , I was sure that it will be very big & strong. It was thrushing on its own. Now the bus started moving. I was in a dilemma. On one side my body wanted me to enjoy the lush feeling of the young prick. 

on the other side my conscience was asking me to stop flirting with a young boy much younger than my children. I transferred the packages in my left hand to the other hand. Pushed my hand to my back. I wanted to push away his young prick from my buttock. I did it slowly so that others beside me wont feel it. My hand reached his prick. Ohhhhhhhh my good god it was as if I have touched an electric wire. A jolt came in through my hand. I felt he also getting the jolt. His penis throbbed on my touch. it went deep into my buttock cleavage. My hand was touching it. I knew immediately that his immature prick is enjoying my touch. It was thrusting forward as if to pierce into my anus. My gracious god I have never felt such a sexual arousal. My hand involuntarily massaged his prick instead of pushing it away. It was so strong. It was standing erect resisting the pants & may be an under wear. I pressed it. It has become so hard. I encircled it with my hand. Suddenly I realised that my hand is getting wet.

Ohhhh my little romeo have started producing pre come. I took back my hand & took it to my nose as if to rub my nose. My god the familiar smell of semen in pre come was so exciting. I liked it. I pressed my palm into my mouth & tasted it. I always liked it. This was sweeter that my husbands pre come. I enjoyed it. It was really mesmerising. Slowly I pushed my hand once more to my back where his member was anxiously standing erect to meet my palm. I squeezed it & took more come in my palm. I took it into my mouth. It was so enthralling.My mind went out of all conscience. My body wants this young organ.I lost all my control. I want this boy. I had the boy.How & what happened---- I will tell you in my letter if you reply me & if you appreciate this.

Enjoying virgin cock

I am Shahana sending this from Dubai (All names are changed). I have been living here for two years. I am familiar with internet when I reached here. One of my neighbours taught me how to pass time with net. She has taught me everything. 

As and when she told me about this site I became a regular reader. I have enjoyed reading almost all stories published yet. I admire all the stories submitted here. This has prompted me to write my experience before you. This is the first time that I am posting an ever memorable incident happened three years ago when I was at my native place.

I am from a village in Calicut district. Age 28, almost good looking , not thin ,not bulky, 158cm height, married 10 years ago, completed Degree, husband is doing business here, having two kids studying in 2nd std and LKG. It was with a 19 year old boy. My husband's elder brother is residing one kilometer away from my home. He has two children. Elder is Ramshad, age 19, studying for mobile hardware, looks very skelt. The outer bones can easily be seen. He is the main character in this story.

His entry into my life was quite unexpected. He used to come and stay here one or two days to play with my kids. I behaved him as my own child. One evening I have heard some mourning sound from bathroom and listened. The sound was coming more loudly to the climax. It was he who was doing masturbation there. I didn't get courage to shout him. If I shout, it will disappoint him and he won't come later. Every attitude to him has changed after that incident. Where did he study such things at this age? I have astonished this strange behaviour.

That night I couldn't get sleep. Early morning I went his room to wake him up. I was surprised when I saw him sleeping with his legs wide open. His lunge was moved a little and could see his bulge. Some bad thoughts came to my mind. I want to see his bulge fully. I didn't know where I got confidence. I slowly opened his lunge .Oh! I wondered. What a big cock! Even though he was thin his cock was amazing. It was like a curled banana. What would be its length in erected condition? He must have been masturbating daily two or three times. I slowly smelled it fully. A good brinjal. Some curly hairs were surrounded. Its top was red in colour. I torched and saw some sort of sperms were there. I longed to taste this virgin brinjal.

Evil thoughts were coming deeply. Sometimes I felt shyness to do this. What should I do? I shouldn't have done that. I have been always loyal to my husband. I had never imagined that I would ever think any other guy in place of my hubby. I shouldn't make a pain for him. His moral and social values will not allow this. Such thoughts were disappointed me very much.

One Friday evening he came and played with my kids and watched TV. I went for a bath and came with only petticoat and blouse, nothing inside, and served food by showing full cleavage. Ramshad didn't mind it. He told me the food was awesome. I was very happy. I stood with him and served a lot by touching and talking. I feared about his response. I started many ways to seduce him. Next day I purposefully called his help for cleaning the water tank on the terrace. I wore only lunge and blouse for making the operation easier. While cleaning I pulled my lunge up so that he can easily see my thighs. When I sat in the tank he saw my pussy and he just looked and turned.

I saw his cock was jumping. He tried to hide but failed. Kids were also with us to clean. I pulled my lunge some more and started to open my back fully saying the itching problem. He looked eagerly but not responded. At last I acted like falling in the tank. All laughed. Ramsu please help me please. He pulled me up and my buttock pressed his erected cock and it was a good experience. Again I started saying the itching problem by showing full front and back. He said "ee auntik nanamilley, nee poda, cheriya kuttiyalley, Oh no nhan cheriya kuttiyonnumalla" .We have finished cleaning. That day I have done many ways but failed.

At 3pm we were sitting and watching TV. I laid in front of him and acted like sleeping with my legs spread open. I could see he was watching my wet panty very closely. I got interested and spread wide. After I got up and went to bathroom and removed the panty. Again laid in the same place and started to spread widely. He was surprised to see my hairy pussy.

He didn't do more than that and went. Next Friday he came early saying that he had no classes. Then we talked a lot. Played with kids .A lot of pulling and touching happened. I have noticed some changes while approaching me. I started other ways of seductions. I want the starting from his part. At night I went for bath and came with nice petticoat and blouse .Black bra can easily be seen. We had food and went to bed. I removed blouse saying that it was very hot. He went bathroom and came. I acted like sleeping.

He came to me and took my petticoat up and started seeing my thing. He was watching very closely. I opened my eyes and caught him. Oh! what are you doing? You have seen mine fully. Isn't it? Now I want to see yours. I pulled his lunge. He resisted with strength. I pulled again and caught his bulge pushed him to bed and started to embrace forcefully kissing like "balalsangam ". 

I caught his tool and started playing madly. Then his resistance became weak and started to co operate .He wondered by looking my bare buttock and hairy pussy. Now we were almost naked. I wondered his erected tool was amazing. I licked it. He has licked mine like an experienced guy. He has got mad by doing 69. He has given his tongue to go deep its full length. I was totally out of control. Then he put his tool into my pussy. He pushed and pulled around 15 minutes. It was an experience beyond description. I have uttered some cheap words at the time of orgasm. He also said some. We have got orgasm two three times. Next day we did like honeymoon couples. Every Friday we used to do in different angles and I have taught him every steps of sex. He told me he had never experienced anything like this. When I got family visa we cried bitterly at the time of departure. I couldn't imagine that situation. If anyone has similar experience, share with me too. My id

Sex with my boyfriend

Hi I am Abinaya 26 age from Chennai. I am working in a MNC company here. I am very happy to share my experience through this web site because I am not able to tell this to my close friends too. This is happen 3 months before.
I have one boy friend working with me and his name is Nethy and we both are very good friends for more that 10 months we use to go around to do some purchase or to spend some time in beach like that. My first incident was happy in cinema the theatre.
We both went one Hindi move that day evening with him. I was wearing tops and midi he took me to the last row in the theatre and there were no crowd in there. We just were watching the move. Nethy slowly put his hand around my shoulder.
I did not tell anything to him. I was watching the move that time I was realized that my right boobs was pressed by Nethy and I was little bit shocked. I turned towards him but I did not tell any think to him. So he started pressing my boobs heavily now.
He took his left hand and press another boobs directly. I did not tell any think because I like that very much. Since I am not telling any think and took inside and his hand from my top and started pressing my boobs from on my bra and finally he put his hand inside my bra also.
Then he took my hand and kept on his pant and told me to press his cook and I did that same after some time he lift my midi up and kept his hand on my panty and massaged my pussy. We both very erected and he asked me shall we go this him room after the movie and I accepted.
Because I want him and he is my close friend and I am ready to do whatever he tells to me. After the movie he took me to his room it was in ii floor and he said all his friends gone to their native place and this night no one will disturb us.
He locked the room and we went to bed room and he started hugging me and kissed on my lips for long time and slowly he removed my tops and midi. He hugged me very tight and he removed his dress and kissed me on my lips and all parts
I was with bra and panty only and I am enjoying very well with his sex and he removed my bra also and sucked my boobs heavily and removed his underwear and I saw his cook about 8 inch and he sat on my boobs and told me to fuck his cook.
I started to fuck his cook happily and I took at maximum cook in my mouth and fucking and enjoying. Suddenly I felt that my panty is removed by someone and I was trying to see but Nethy did not allow me to take my mouth from his cook.
He hold my head and body tight and another one spread my leg and wide and he inserted his cook in my pussy and started fucking very badly I am not able to see who is that fucking and Nethy also did not allow me to see and continuously he is fucking in my mouth
Another one is fucking in my pussy I don’t know what to do and after 20 min. Nethy released his juice in my mouth and that person released his juice in my pussy too. After some time only I allowed to relax and I saw the person that was Kumar.
Nethy room met and both planed to fuck me this night and they fucked me. I scolded them and try to wear my dress but Kumar did not allow me to wear I was fully nude in front of them and they played with my dress and the same time Kumar took his mobile and took me photo of my nude body.
I begged them they said they want one more round with me. I refused but kumar forced me on bed and slept on me and he inserted his cook in my pussy and happily fucked for frac12 hr.
Nethy took his turn to fuck some time and while Nethy was fucking me Kumar inserted his cook in my mouth and told me to suck I have no other go and I was caught to them and I did their needs finally around 5.30 only they allowed me to wear my dress.
Nethy said he will drop me when I came to door steps Kumar came with running and pulled me Nethy asked why what happen and he remove my midi down and lip my midi up and remove my panty till half and kept his mouth in my pussy and sucked.
I fucked and drank my juice and then he left me to go with so that day I was fucked by both people very badly Nethy told me I am sorry for what happen to you. I was very upset that day but later and I adjusted my mind and settle. Now very often Kumar is giving call and ask me to come for his fuck and I am going to sleep with them every sat night both will fuck till morning and they drop me to my room.
Kumar used to shave my pussy and lick and fuck my pussy Kumar like my pussy very well and enjoy with my pussy. Now I am enjoying with kumar other than Nethy without his knowledge Kumar took me to his room and fuck me and I am also cooperating well to him. One day if I go to his house he will fuck me 5 to 7 time and if your want to talk me or fuck me send mail to

Boyfriend sold me to his friend

Hi friends, this is Rani from Tamilnadu.I want to share few my own personal experiences with my boyfriend and our friends. My boyfriend and I enjoy a great sex life. To start with I will tell you how I lost my virginity.
My boyfriend Rohit and I both were studying in same college. He is a perfect definition of tall dark and handsome with gym body and nicely built up chest n biceps and abs. I am 34 28 34, ht 5.3" fair, black eyes, long hair, boobs round n firm, curvy hips with navel pierced with sexy study seductive boobs cleavage which used to expose almost in every outfit of mine.
I used to wear mostly bit exposing dress since Rohit likes it. We had coupled just few months ago but became close and we used to smooch and have oral sex. He used to enjoy fondling my 34 c boobs while having intimate and passionate smooch even my hands used to slip down to his dick.
I used to caress it and I even used to give him blowjobs and tea bagging and he used to moan and enjoy it and when he used to leak all his cum and I used to drink or take on my face and boobs and then he used to give me a nice boob massage with it.
But I never allowed him to penetrate, since I was scared of losing my virginity then. It was near our final exams time that and one night suddenly he called me and said Rani we have been studying hard but we need a break too, why not we have some fun tonight for refreshment.
My parents have gone to native, so come over and I was also missing him since our preparatory leave was going on but was scared of parents then I told my parents that I’m going to my friend Rachita's place for combine studies even they dint mind and allowed me.
He had come on bike and within few moments and I was in his house when I entered his house and I saw wine bottle on table. He said ya actually thought of having with you. I said I don’t drink but he insisted n final words saying please for me have it.
I could not say no and drank 4-5 pegs with few snacks. He then came near me and started smooching me and his both hands holding my head and mine his both of us rolling our tongues into each other's mouth and having a passionate kiss
Then his hands started slipping from my head to my sleek neck then  to my boobs and started fondling it over clothes and then he unbutton my shirt and removed it. I was wearing red colour net bra, which he unhooked.
My boobs were hanging out which he grabbed it n started kneading them while his tongue still fondling with mine. By then even my hand had gone down to his zip and I had his dick in my hand which I was shagging constantly with my soft hands.  
He kissed my neck my cleavage n then my 1 nipple while fondling the other and he was sucking my boobs like kid hungry for milk while sucking my boobs his other hand slipped from my other boob to my hips then inside my skirt then in my tongs.
He started rubbing my clits and I was moaning loud and wild. I was fully aroused and completely under his control and he then took me to his bedroom in his arms and made me lie down and said to me you’re my bitch and I’m going to fuck you hard.
I was scared but I was drunk n sexually too aroused to resist. He then tied my hands with the bed and a blind fold on my eyes, and said baby today I’m going to take you to 7th heaven just enjoy and feel the pleasure.
He then removed my skirt and my red tongues
I was lying naked on bed then I heard a small knock on door n thought that he had latched the door. He undressed himself n gave his 7'inch long 3 inch wide dick in my mouth to suck. I was sucking it nice deep and hard with lots of saliva on it while fucking my face.
He was pressing my boobs and pinching nipples which were too pleasure suddenly while sucking his hard dick and his balls I felt a tongue licking my pussy. I understood there is someone else in room but in that condition i had no choice.
I was licking his dick and enjoying cunt fucked done by some real professional. My pussy was leaking juices which was be taken by that person. It was a great feeling of being fondled by 2 at a time.
Here Rohit was vigorously face fucking me when I felt another dick almost 3inch wide and 8 inch long near my wet squirting pussy, he slowly gave a push almost tearing it apart, once then twice and in 3rd he was in my tight virgin pussy. It was too painful I even bleed but Rohit was constantly fondling my boobs reducing pain.
Other guy was giving slow penetrations and my clits were being rubbed too and then he increased his depth and speed. I was on 7th heaven whole body was jerking then both were so fast thrusting me fast and rough and were constantly saying yes baby take it hard take it deep!
Then after 15 minutes of vigorous thrusting both leaked and filled my both holes. I drank whole cum like hungry slut after that both interchanged holes, his huge monster dick was inside my mouth having mix taste of my pussy and his cum.
His huge hands fondling my boobs pinching nipples while Rohit was spanking my ass and rubbing my clits. My whole body was red by then with constant fondling n caressing slowly Rohit inserted my wet red pussy leaking cum and gave slow jerks.
Then he holds me from my hip and my legs in air and was thrusting harder and faster while the other boy was face fucking me almost choking me tears were rolling down my eyes with mixed feeling of pain and pleasure both were fucking me like hungry wolves ready to take on goat.
Full room was filled with our juice smell and all abusive words like bitch, slut they were using and slurp sound of their thrusts inside me and they were increasing their pace n depth  with every new thrust and  was too its peek by now. I was in middle both fucking me from top and down and jerking.
I squirted many times after vigorous fucking both leaked other guy gave his cum to drink while Rohit spilled on my boobs and navel and massaged my boobs n made me lick his final few drops. All 3 tired were lying on bed both on either side of me.
Ones hand on my pussy while others on my boobs slowly caressing after few minutes and they started and fucked me whole night with regular intervals in morning they opened my eyes and introduced me to new guy called Raj who was Rohit's friend.
Rohit had promised my virginity to him in exchange of exam question papers that b4 exam Raj had with his help we all 3 passed with good grades and had sex party after that, which I will tell you in my next story. I hope you all enjoyed my first experience and became wet and horny. Please tell your opinion.
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