Manu having foreplay in car

Hi, my name is manu, am from hyderabad and I love reading stories at HumanDigest. after reading so many stories in HumanDigest, I wanted to post one of the experience which happened with me very recently. just to mention abt self, am 33yrs old with 5'8 height and 60kgs and married for past 4 yrs.
now coming to the story, I have a girl friend who is from costal plce and now working in hyd. we regularly go to other nearby cities of hyd to have sex and come back in a day or 2. this time it was al togeather a different story what had happened. as usual we pallned to go to warangal in my car on a beauiful saturday. we started early after finishing our lunch in hyd at 2pm.
we enjoyed the trip till warangal (which is 2hrs journey by road) and went to a hotel which we regularly go/ to our suprise and badluck, due to many marriages the next day, there were no rooms available. we were very upset by knowing this and requested to give a room atleast till next day early morning so that we will vacate and start to vizag early (which was not true of going vizag but to get the room, I told ike that).
however, they said without any prior reservation, they do not have any vacant rooms. we thought of going to some other hotel and started searching for good hotels (as warangal has only 3 or 4 good 3star hotels amd remaining are all lodges). for our badluck, all the hotels were full due to marriage season. we thought of staying in atleast good lodge but in vein.
I didnt like any of the lodges (am bit choosy about the place I stay). the only option was to o back to hyd or to any other nearby city where we can find a good hotel. so we planned to go to karimnagar. by this time it was almost 6pm and we started to karimnagar which is 55ms from warangal. by the time we reached karimnagar, it was 7pm and our badluck came with us till this place too.
we have encountered same situation of no rooms available at this place too. now, we thought of better we go back to hyd and come some other time with proper planning (booking the room in advance). it was already dark outside and we started back to hyd. we were very upset and my GF was conceiving me not to get dissappointed.
I was driving the car and she sowly started creasing on my thies. by this my cock started to bulge and by seeing this, she wanted to take my cock in her hands. though I was driving on a highway, I slowy unzipped my jeans and she carefully took my cock out o my underwear and started creasing it. I was feeling great by this. she started to do to and fro/up & down slowly.
by this my cock began to bulge and became very thick. she was aso feeling very hot inside her pussy and started to squeez herself on her pussy with her left hand and right hand on my cock. she said, she wanted to suck my cock right now. as I was driving and that too on a highway, if I stop the car on roadside, it wil be problem if anyone comes nearby and watch whats happening inside the car.
so I insisted that she suck my coke while am driving only. she told me to be carefull while driving. i reduced my speed to 40kmps (i was on 90/100kmps). she started to suck my cock smoothly. I was feeling great and was in 6th heaven. she slowly started to increase the sucking speed and I was not able to control and told her that am going to expload.
she took her dupatta and kept it near my cock and when I exploaded, she covered it with her dupatta so that my semen will not fall on the car seat or carpet (she dosent like to swallow the cum, hence has done like that). after exploaded so much of my semen, she again started licking it and did this activity for almost 15/20 mns. I was feeling really great.
I can feel her hotness in her eyes to be fucked right there, however, as I was driving, it was not possible to have sex. I told her to open the knot of her bottom, she asked me why. I said I wil do it by my fingures while driving itself. she told me not to take any risk as it is not that easy to drive and give a fingure fucking. I said I will take care of both with caution.
she opened her bottom and bought her panty down. she was alraedy hot by this time and was full wet in her pussy. i slowly put my left hand on her thy and started to incert my middle fingure inside her pussy. she moned by this. I increased my speed and also inserted 2nd fingure. she started to screem louder but I didint stop and gave full jerks in n out, to n fro, up n down and in all possible ways.
I have done this for almost 30 mns and she was feeling great, and all these while she was also holding by cock in her hand and squeezed it in all the possible ways. she came atleast 3 to 4 times within this time. after all this was finished, I started driving faster to reach hyd and we were in hyd by 9.30. I dropped her at her hostel and gave a kiss and we parted away.
guys nd girls, this is my first and short story. I hope you liked it. ur comments are appreciated. also, I would like to say that, do not try such things while driving as it can be done only when you have a good experience in driving and that too on a highway. specially for girls n women, can make friendship with me for cool chatting and sharing ur thoughts.

Maria getting fucked by cousin Chris

Hi friends this is my true story. My name is Maria I am from Mysore currently living in Banglore with my uncle, aunt & my cousin brother. Only reason I was leaving with them was too complete my graduation. Uncle & Aunt both were working person both working in same company. They always leave home by 9.30am & come by 8.30pm.
Till that time I & my cousin used to stay alone at home. My cousin was 1 year younger than me, he was 21 name Christopher but lets call him Chris. Chris is the main hero of my story who broke my virginity. About me I am 22 years fair, virgin, brown eyes, slim, busty & I have seen people giving compliments of my ass & boobs behind me.
One day as usual uncle & aunt left home for office & I & chris were at home it was 11.45am we both were watching TV, suddenly Chris told me he was getting bored & wanted to sleep he requested me to allow him in my room as him room's A/c was not working well I agreed for that.
After some time I wanted to check whether he was really sleeping so I peeped from a Key hole in a door, I was really surprised of what I saw. He was nude on my bed & was doing masturbation using my inners viz my bra & panties. His cock was very hard & hot & ready to cum I was also feeling wet in my panties & finally he cum doing masturbation on my panties which he took from my cup-board.
Than he went wash room cleaned him self & my panties & kept there for drying. He wore all his clothes & than slept for an hour & than came back to all where I was watching TV. This happened for next 5-6 days. Than 1 night when everyone was going to bed after watching full night movie Chris requested his father that he wants a permission to sleep in my room as A/c was not working uncle replied Ok Chris & I were sharing same bed.
During night time he was sleeping by taking me in his arms I am not sure whether it was intentional or not. Than one night he started kissing me on my cheeks & lips I was fully aroused by his kissing but I acted as if was sleeping. Than he showed some courage and put his hands on my boobs by kissing me on my lips & than 1st time I responded to his kissing he became aware that I was not sleeping.
He told me to co-operate which I did than I told him that I also wanted all this from the day he masturbated for the 1st time in my panties he panicked than told me to not to tell any1 about this. I agreed but I told him that he have to satisfy me every day. He happily agreed. Than we started kissing very wildly as if there is no tomorrow.
Than I pulled down his pants & jockey and took his penis in my hand & started giving him a blow job. It was very hot & hard after 7 mins he gave all his cum in my mouth it was 1st time I tasted cum. Than he started undressing me removed my Tshirt & skirt I was in my Bra & panties in front of him. I was was wearing white bra & pink panty.
He quickly removed that also I was standing nude in front of him. He started to play with my boobs & was biting & licking my nipples I moaned loudly in excitement as it was my 1st time. Than he started licking & fingering my pussy which was wet until now & ready for fuck. He immediately made some position & started guiding his cock in my virgin pussy the pain was unbearable.
He kept his hands on my mouth to prevent me from a very loud shout than in go he punched his cock in my pussy & I felt my seal broken & blood was oozing out. than he continued fucking me than there was no pain & I was enjoying it. Soon we both came together than he smooched me & than we both went to washroom for bath than wore only undies & slept together in each others arms.
Next day when uncle & aunt went office he bought 1 Ipill for me which I consumed to avoid pregnancy & he also brought a condom for another session which I ignored as my periods were due from that day, but he didnt agreed & than told me to open my Bra atleast as he wanted to suck my boobs so I did that than he asked me for a blow job which I did again he did cum in my mouth.
Than we both slept & like this fucking session continued everyday & every night with my cousin Chris. I hope u like this please give comments. Muaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh.

Kochi wife Vimala fucked by stranger - II

Hi everyone..! I'm vimala from Kochi,Kerala. Previously I came up with "Kochi wife Vimala fucked by stranger". I love this site and want to share my escapades with every dedicated member of this site. I like it raw and rough on the bed and my hubby Kishore has been very careful with that.He Keeps up with the needs of my creamy curves and quenches his thirst on my love juices.
But of late my father-in-law fell sick and he has become bed ridden. Things have turned bad for us, specially my husband was so depressed. And it was hard for him to go to his automobile spare part shop and for me as opposed to earlier where my Father-in-law used to help me in the medical shop, there is no one now.
After thinking hard and long myself and Kishore came to a conclusion, that we should call his brother Revanth from Kovalam to help me in the medical shop. Revanth is also not a very educated guy like my husband but and intelligent guy. He actually is a very ill tempered guy, During his I year degree he had a spat with one of his lecturers which turned ugly at home.
Its been 3 years and since then he has working as a supervisor in a small firm in Kovalam.In the following week he came home, there was happiness all around with his come back and with in a week. After making him understand the situation he was more than happy to help me out in the medical shop. Everything from the outset was fine, things were going well.
But for one thing, deep inside my body is aching. Aching for all the pleasure it has been missing lately. There was this emptiness, my husband is failing to keep me satisfied. Specially after I had rough pounding in my juicy plump pussy from the autowala in the very medical shop my sexual desire has doubled but my husband... For me the mischief always seems to start from my shop.
That afternoon I returned to the shop early after the lunch and relieved Revanth to go and have lunch and as he was leaving, I also informed him that he has to help Kishore to take their father to the hospital for the regular check up after lunch. I came and sat in the seat, it was a very hot afternoon and since the shop being very close to the tar road, the heat was enormous.
Despite of the gusty breeze I was sweating, the roads were almost empty. I was feeling very bore as I was all alone in the shop. Having no work to do, I leaned back on my office chair with my hands at the back of my head and my legs rested on the small wooden stool. I felt a little drowsy and my thoughts started to wander, wandering in all directions.
The erotic thoughts, the wild ones, the passionate one, the submissive ones and in course I noticed that I am wearing the same sari that I was wearing when I was pounded in doggy style by the autowala at this very place. I could not stop myself from rewinding those moments, arching my back I started reliving the moments..."
"I felt a cold wet hand over the curves of my waist line under my silk sari, he held my tender boobs over the blouse and started to squeeze"". The thoughts started to arouse me and obliged to crossed my legs. They meager thoughts of were intoxicating every vein of my body. I could feel the warmth and the wetness in b/n my legs... "
My struggle ended and lust took over me as he cupped my naked boobs with his rough hand and my tender nipples nibbled between his teeth"". I opened my eyes and looked myself in the mirror, I was looking sultry with desire like a slut and was getting restless. I needed some fucking badly, I got up from the chair and went behind the racks.
Looked around and raised my sari up revealing my knees and then my milky thighs till my waist and slipped my fingers into the depths of my wet pussy. I closed my eyes tightly, biting my lower lip, imagining the past moments, I started to piston my pussy with my middle finger. I was out of the world enjoying my masturbation,
at the edge of climaxing there was divine silence all around and I was interrupted by a "creeeeek" and before I noticed that I left the door unlocked, I realized that someone came in. There was sudden rush of blood, my heart started to pound heavily and goosebumbs were all over my skin, I dropped the sari instinctively as I heard "Nathoon". I veered around and found Revanth.
"What are you doing" he asked sharply. I absolutely had no answer in my mind, "Nothing" I answered and walked back to the counter promptly adjusting my sari properly and covering my sweaty curves which were flashing from side on. I came and sat in the chair and noticed that droplets of sweat was dripping down my brow, I could hear my heart beating.
I thought he saw me, actually I am not very convinced whether he saw me, I was thinking hard "Did he see me rub my pussy?". There was silence all afternoon, he was looking me awkwardly with a huge question mark on his face. I had only myself to blame for that, later I asked him at around 4Oclock "Why did you come back? didnt you go along with your brother to the hospital?"
'No nathoon the appointment was postponed, and what were you doing when I came back' he blurted out. I smiled and waded off tactfully. In the late evening customers started to flow in and we got busy. As one of the customer has asked me for a syrup I went back behind the rack to get it while Revanth was talking to other customers.
The syrup was quite high and I had to reach up standing on my toes. When I finally got the bottle and looked down, Revanth's eyes were transfixed on my navel, I unknowingly gave him a great view of my body. I quickly adjusted and proceeded to the counter. During one other incident where I was sitting in the chair and checking a prescription he stood beside me and was watching my voluptuous cleavage.
I knew somethings up in his mind. That particular look was very evident that he was craving to squeeze my milky boobs. It went on, The clock struck 9 in the night and we started to wrap up. I was closing the account and Revanth was busy adjusting the stock, all the while his eyes were sneaking for any inch of my naked skin.
That very moment I felt proud of my assets which are hard to resist for any man let alone Revanth. Finally we have finished all the work. He locked the shop while I got out my scooty and started it. He quickly came and sat on the back seat and we left. The night was very cool and the breeze is strong.
As we left the commercial area I have increased the speed and the wind got chillier, my thoughts were wavering and I suddenly felt his cold hands crept forward and gave gentle squeeze around my hips. I jerked, was shocked and could not utter a word, he leaned forward touching his chest to my back and spoke in my ears "I know what you were doing in the afternoon".
And his hands moved up and around and were feeling my naked waist under the silk sari. There were goose bumps over my entire skin and when I was in the most helpless condition, he felt my navel with his middle finger and he abruptly moved his hands up and cupped my soft 36 sized melons with his rough hands.
I tried to ease off his hands "What are you doing, stop..!" but couldnt and he started to squeeze and pinch my nipples hard. I looked around, it was the stint of road where there is nothing around except trees. As he pinched my nipples, he came forth and hugged me tighter and kissed and licked around my neck from behind.
And to top it all I was enjoying this molestation, but if I stop the scooty now I know he would take me down and fuck the hell out of me. Some how I dint feel right even though my body was dying for a nice masculine massage. As we motored along there came civilization and he left me alone and with in a couple of minutes we reached home.
Revanth got down and while I was parking my scooty he rushed into the house. My Kishore was already in the house, he greeted me in. I was trying hard not to show anything on my face and went straight up to the kitchen and started to prepare supper. "I ll take a shower and come in 15 min" said Kishore, kissing on my earlobes and left.
As I was busy preparing the supper I heard foot steps and turned, suddenly Revanth came in. His face was red and as soon as he saw me tears flowed out of his eyes and he fell on my feet and "Please bhabhi, am very very sorry. Please dont tell anything to my brother or he ll kill me. I am really sorry I could not control myself." His tears dropped on my feet as I tried to make him stand.
I wiped those tears off his face and said "Dont worry Revanth its ok, I wont tell anything Ok". And after a little genuine chat I cooled him down and he felt happy. At the dinner table we had some friendly chat and Revath told that "Bhabhi I wont be coming to the shop tomorrow, I am sorry". "Why" Kishore asked with a serious face.
"One of my friend Karim is coming from Kovalam to write an exam and I have to receive him" he said. I smiled and "Then tomorrow I too wont go" I blurted out. Seeing those quizzical faces on the brothers I continued "Tomorrow is Sunday daaaa, do one thing bring your friend to our house, we ll have some great time ok?" They eased off and Revanth said "Great then he ll be here by 6AM".
We finished dinner and Myself and Kishore came to our room while Revanth took his Blanket and settled in the couch in the hall way. We came into our room and I have locked the door for the night. Kishore has jumped on to the bed like a hungry lion and turned around and he pointed his finger towards me and gestured to come over. I gave a big smile looking into his eyes and said "I have to take a shower honey".
He leaned back on to the recron pillows and was watching me with out the blink of an eye. I slid off the sari off my breast and unweaved it off from my hips revealing my navel and my firm breasts packed in a tight blouse. His eyes were widening as I un.h.o.o.k.e.d my blouse one after the other. I pulled off the knot that held the petticoat around my hip and let it drop to the floor revealing my clean pussy dripping wet.
He is motionless, jus watching me as my left hand went behind and un hooked the bra. The round juicy mellons sprung to life as the final piece of cloth fell to the floor, kishore was swallowing air. He made a huge tent under his night pant. Raising my brow and giving a sarcastic smile looking at his man thing stand, I turned and paraded towards the bathroom swaying my round arse and filling the room with the aroma of my love juice.
"Can I join you" he requested in a stuttering voice, I turned around naughtyly and giggled. Before I could answer he pulled off the T-shirt in one go, I raised my brows in amazement for the hunger he has and ran into the bathroom. I looked around and he was walking out of his night pant and his huge and thick penis missiled out precum as it bobbed out.
I playfully closed the door, he started knocking "sweety open the door, this is not fare". I was peeping through a tiny crack of the door and said "what happened honey? you want something?". He smiled and he was actually holding his massive monster in his right hand and was taming it and said "Let me come in dear, then I ll tell you what".
I opened the shower and the door and my chweet hubby walked in with his magic wand wobbling. "I thought you finished your shower why are you here honey" I said and moved back under the shower. He came up to me "Let me tell it to you pussy" and pushed me to the wall tight, his penis was poking around me navel as he lip locked me.
He sucked my lips and bite them like cheese and I his, our tongues played around each other. I lead my right hand beneath and grabbed his cock and started to stroke it. His strong hands held my mellons firm and cupped them and squeezed them and took my nipple chewed them. He licked every square inch of my nakedness from neck to nipple to navel as the water dripped down over the two of us.
He kneeled down infront of me and parted my legs gently, he then raised my left leg and place it over his right shoulder. He lunged forward and parted my pussy with his index and thumb finger and his tongue reached out and licked along the lenght of my pussy. I arched back and was swearing at him experiencing the ultimate pleasure.
I closed my eyes tight as we wriggled his tongue in my pussy, sucking my clit. He drank my juices as I was holding on tight to the shower with one hand and squeezing my left breast with other. He then came up and kissed me on my lips and sucked them. I went down and sat on my ankles, parting my legs wide and took his monster into my hand and glided it into my little mouth.
It hardly went in, I managed to suck it nicely from base to tip and swirled my tongue around the tip. Played with his balled and licked with tip of my tongue. I played with his manhood till he could hold no longer. He pulled me up and turned me around and pushed me to bend forward. He guided his magic wand to the entrance of a pleasure valley and gently glided it into my depths.
His shaft slid in nicely and he started to stroke me gently, with his left hand he held my hair and his right hand was groping at my jiggling mellons. He increased speed and started to pound me from behind as the uncontrolable pleasure was coming out of my mouth in soft moans and ugly swearings.
He was getting turned on with my moans, he slapped my wet buttocks, held my hips and started to ram me like a bull. I constricted my pelvic muscles around his ramming cock increasing our pleasures. My every vien was having a soothing pleasure and now he too was swearing me.
The pleasures were builing up to the brim and after a few thunderous bangs I gave a long and loud moan, shuddered and leaked my juice in ecstasy and in seconds he grunted and exploded his warmth deep inside my depths. Exhausted and tired we kissed each other and walked out of bathroom satisfied.

Kochi wife Vimala fucked by stranger

Hello everyone I am Vimala from Kochi, Kerala. I am a keen follower of the humandigest and love the way people project their experiences in the site and I feel exited and aroused to share my incident. The best part is to read the comments of how badly the guys want to penetrate our tender pussies with their hard magic wands after reading our experiences.
I have an admirable body with descent curves and fair complexion. I'm open mineded and I like admirers of my voluptous body which is 36-30-36. I'm married to Kishore, my husband is not very educated and he runs a automobile spare parts shop. He is very caring during the day but very rough on the bed, exactly how a woman wants.
I finished my and I am helping my father-in-law in the medical shop. This incident has happened recently on one rainy night. Generally my father-in-law would leave the shop to me by 9 in the night and go home and usually my husband would close his shop and come and join me by that time. And at around 10 or 10:30 we would close the shop for the night.
But that day was different,in the evening my father-in-law felt sick and he had to be taken to the hospital and for that my husband has gone along. This meant that I ll be alone in the shop indefinately, this had brought in some kinda of nervousness in me. That day I was wearing a shiny yellow coloured sarry and a matching tight blouse which was an exact fit to my curvature.
Although nervous, my dress which is a perfect match to my milky white skin tan and my blossoming assets meant that I looked special. There were not many customers which was helpful too. The clock struck 7 in the evening and I called my husband about the news of him and my father in law and got a shocker that it would be midnight before they could make it
home and they have asked me to close the shop as and when necessary and go home. Soon as I have disconnected there happened to be a cool and strong breeze which is quite pleasurable and it started to smell mud and in no time it has started to rain. The time was passing slowly and the fact of lonelyness inside me and the cool wind and rain had evoked the erotic feelings inside me.
The cool breeze which was kissing my skin has conjored goosebumps and erect nipples. My femenine intution has driven my hands to feel my soft skin over my navel and I was lost in my own world by then and my fingers crept up under my sarry and felt my hard nipples under over my blouse. I crossed my legs as I was totally aroused and could do nothing about at that very moment.
I was playing with myself to be precise and was fantasising about myself. I was getting kinky thoughts of myself indulging in romance with someone other than my husband. And then out the rain and darkness came an auto and has stopped just infront of the our medical shop. I quickly removed my hand from where it was and adjusted my sarry and stood up.
An young man stepped out of the auto from the passenger seat, he was probably around 25 and was heavily muscular and looked like a bull in the skintight T-shirt he was wearing. He had a long hair and looked fair, he wore a ton jeans and looked really hot and hurried towards the only counter to avoid drenching in the rain.
But the rain was too heavy and there is no cover near the counter like a sunshade or a parasol and as he rushed forward towards the counter I opened the door for him to avoid the rain and he understood that and came in. "Thanks" he said in a polite way and shaked of the water off his hair, the wetness made the t-shirt to stick to his body and was transparent and looking at it has furthur contributed to my arousal.
He looked into my eyes and started to look around searching for something, I asked him "what do you want?" he asked me back "Is there no one else around here?" I was alarmed, exited, anxious and a million other thoughts went through me and gave stir in my brain on what he was thinking. I replied him that no one is here but "what do you want?" I asked him once again.
He felt a little uneasy ofsoughts and my look accidentally fell on the auto that is waiting outside and the girl inside it. She looke like down to earth. She was wearing an orange caprice pant exposing off her neatly waxed legs and a white t-shirt. She has a nice structure and looked innocent and was doing something in her mobile. By then I understood what he want.
He noticed me watching the girl and gave a naughty smile and blurted out innocently that he want a condom. As I heard it there was sudden rush of blood and my heart was racing at knots, it was the first time some one has asked me for a condom other than my husband. Generally in the bedroom when my husband asks for a condom I would put it on his dick with my lips and push it on till the base.
Remembering the naughty little things I really blushed infont of him and my cheeks have turned rosy red. My husky voice trembled as spoke "One minute please, which brand do you want?" "Moods he replied".As I bent down to pick the condoms from the lower drawer his eyes fell on my cleavage and things were really getting hot.
As my eyes caught him starring at my lustrous clevage he simply blushed, I handed him the condoms and he gave me the money and dashed off to the auto once again and before he has gone out of sight, as I was still watching he laid his hand over her shoulder and gave a little squeeze to her firm right boob. I wondered what a nice show it would be for the autowala.
I again sat over stool and by this time my sexual urge has doubled and I was despirately searching for means to satisfy me. My body was aching for a massage of the eternal pleasure. It was still pouring outside in the darkest of night and the clock struck 9 and there were no signs of any customers.
I was getting restless and thought of being adventurous, I was thinking of mastrubating in the shop itself behind the racks. I stood up and made sure the door is locked from inside on the right side of the counter and went behind the racks. I raised my leg and placed it over the stool and picked up the edge of my sarry and with it my petticoat and raised them untill my waist.
I extended my right arm down below my raised thigh and slowly felt my moist pussy. Soon as I felt it with my fingers there was a frenzy inside me, with my left hand I grabbed my left boob and started to squeeze my nipple between my fingers. I started to fantasise of the young man who bought condoms, fucking me and pushed my fingers inside.
Bang..bang.. bang...! some knocked the door loudly and I shuddered back to normalcy out of my fucking fantasy and reigned down my sarry in a jiffy and brisked towards the counter. As I looked through the counter there stood a man some 5 foot tall and well disguised in the darkness. Looking at him I was furious for disturbing my hot little adventure I shrugged at him.
Then he spoke "Hi I'm your husbands customer, he owe me some money regarding a spare part which I have returned and he told me to come in the evening to this shop". I was quizzed and before I could speak "Madam can you please open the door and let me in, I am drenching in the rain please". I said ok and opened the door.
He came and stood beside me, he hardly was taller than my shoulders and his dark colour and big belly yuk I thought to myself and to top it all he was wearing a khaki apron, he seemed like an autowala. As I sat on the stool and bent down to pick the mobile from the drawer to call my husband his look fell on my slender curves of my waist.
I felt a little proud and I called my husband and he told me to give him the money and asked me to give the phone to the man. I wondered what they spoke and After a while he gave it back to me. My husband told that the man would drop me in his auto at home. I cursed him inside me and cut the call and looked at the man and his eyes were busy exploring my sensuous curves, his looks were lustful.
He struck fear in me, I felt like I was sitting nude infront of him. But if its safe I absolutely enjoy provoking men with my attractive figure. Anyway I distracted and asked him "how much does my husband owe you?". He gave a grin and answered me. I leaned down and pulled out the money drawer but was checking him out by the corner of the eye.
His eyes were transfixed over my cleavage, I quickly adjusted my sarry and told him to wait outside while I count the money. But deep inside I am enjoying what was happening. Suddenly there was a big lightening and loud thunder, I jerked and squalled out of fright. For a second it was dead silent and a power failure.
It was pitch dark and before I took step to light a candle, I felt a cold wet hand over the curves of my naked waist line under my silk sari and psyched up. I dint move for a second out of shock but later I yanked his hand off my waist. He charged in and held my tender breast over the blouse and started to squeeze and before I could react he pulled me down to his height and locked my lips with his.
There was a tussle between us I held his biceps and tried to get rid of his hand over my boobs but I stopped resisting once he ripped open my blouse as my hooks flew off. I was shell shocked as he tore open my blouse and my drooy boobs flung out to life. My struggle ended and lust took over me as he cupped my naked boobs with his rough hand and my tender nipples nibbled between his teeth.
The femanine lust arose and I started to hiss as he bite my waxy flesh and bite my lower lip as he licked around my areola. I pulled his oily hair as he was sucking my mellons. I closed my eyes in the dark and feed my boobs to him and kept enjoying his sucking and squeezing and tongue swirling around my nipples.
The tickling in pussy was making me rub my thighs against each other in standing position it self. The man understood that I was at a point where I cannot say no, So he came up and kissed me lips and nibbled it and guided my right hand towards his groin while both hands were busy playing with my melons.
I unzipped his pant and unleased his monster, he wore no undergarment and his member came like dragon spitting precum over my hand. I rubbed the precum over his shaft and slowly stroked it from base to tip. He left my breasts and held my hair and pushed my head towards his dick like a street whore to suck it. I reluctantly have taken it into my mouth, it hardly fit in.
It tasted sultry and I swirled my tongue around his tip rubbing my hot saliva around his dick head like a pro. He grunted as my tongue touched the most sensitive part of his cock and took his balls into my hands and he hissed and moaned and held my head with both his hands as I went up and down his member sucking it and making it wet with my saliva.
Now I understood his urge and released his wand out of my mouth and stood up and turned towards the counter leaning forward over it. He didnt wait any second, he pulled up my sari and petticoat up till my waist exposing my round arse and felt my warm dripping pussy with his fingers.
As his rough fingers touched my tender wetness I shuddered and in no time he started to rub his monster against my pussy lips all along. I bite my lips and moaned and he drilled his cock into my cunt, ahhhhhhhh I moaned and he held my boobs and started to romp my pussy like a pile driver.
He stroked and fucked me from behind and we moaned in a unison and each others moaning had driven us further mad and he started to pound me hard and his balls making a characteristic sound thudding against my arse. I matched him stroke to stroke by push backwards and he was over the edge and moaned louder and grunted ahhhhhhh ha haaaaah.
Then a shocker the power came back on and I was leaning over the counter with my boobs hanging out facing the road side and my pussy being pounded by some stranger. Shocked, I pushed him back as his hard rod bobbed out of my unsatisfied pussy spraying his hot cum over my arse and buttocks. He groaned and fell back.

Sex affair across generations - I

My family moved from our village when I was around 8 years old and my MOM took a 13 year old girl, who family has been working in our house in the village for generations. This girl (Rukmani) used to tease me a lot. Took care of me, including bathing me and getting me ready for school etc. in addition to helping my mom out in maintaining and running our household.
In our apartment there was just one bedroom, in which I used to sleep with my parents and Rukmani used to sleep in the hall. Occasionally, though at random, my parents will lay my bed in the hall along with her and I used to get angry and argue why… Rukmani, always used to hug me and ask me not argue but understand I never could get (at that time) as to why would my parents need to be alone.
After a few months my mom announced that I will be getting a baby brother or sister soon. After that, I was regularly made to sleep in the hall with Rukmani, my mom’s tummy became huge, and she even avoided hugging me. One day, I cried about that. That night, after lights were switched off Rukmani chatted with me advised me not to get upset, she hugged me and put me to sleep softly kissing on my forehead.
For some reason, I felt it different from my mom’s hug. I liked it! I hugged her tightly and dozed off. Soon the baby girl was born and my mom totally neglected me it was upsetting to me and I cried to Rukmani in the night. She hugged me and wanted to know what was upsetting me. I mentioned the neglect and how I was jealous to see my sister drink milk from my mom.
She removed her half saree and hugged my putting my face on her bosom. I don’t know what came over me, I buried my face tight into her creamy bosom and enjoyed the butter like smoothness and warmth. She moaned and grabbed my face and tight into her bosom. We went to sleep hugging each other tightly.
Rukmani will give me bath daily and on Saturdays oil bath with a vigorous massage, I used to really enjoy this…. She would thoroughly apply oil all over my body then shikakai after that and thoroughly wash me all over the body paying particular attention to my butt and genitals. After the bath, she would give me a hot lunch and I will be asleep in no time and refreshed totally after that.
She would tease and joke and I usually looked forward to the oil bath with her. When I was ten, I was sent to live with my grandparents as taking care of two kids was too much for my mom, who also had taken up a job. I had a pretty uneventful life at the grand parents’ village. Since I was nearing my 9th and 10th in school my parents decided to pull me back to the city to live with them as my education had to be stepped up.
I came back to my house as a 12+ years old, who had the routine exposure to females and had begun to pay attention to the breasts. My parents would drop by occasionally, but I never saw Rukmani in all this time. Boy was I shocked, when I saw her. Her hair was much longer, thickened. Lovely cheeks and very kissable lips. Unfathomable act of Mother Nature’s chemical factory in filling out her breasts and butt.
She had a perfect hour-glass figure. Only thing that remained the same was her height, I was shorter but close to her. I was stunned when I saw her; she warmly greeted me by saying “you haven’t changed you still lean and same”. If only she could grasp how I had grown in my mind, perhaps without a matching body growth.
That night, I was thrilled to be sleeping in the hallway with Rukmani next to me. But was disappointed to find my sister also in the hall along with us. After, lights were switched off both Rukmani and my sister fell asleep, with my sister hugging Rukmani tightly in her sleep. I was jealous, after some time, I heard my father quietly getting up and locking the door to their bedroom.
The noise of locking woke Rukmani up, she saw me awake and quietly asked me what is going on ? I smiled and told that I am jealous of my sister hugging her; I thanked her for comforting me prior. She smiled and just turned towards gesturing me to come closer. I inched closer; she put my arm around me in a loose hug. I told her, that with the doors locked they are working on one more sibling for me.
She was shocked momentarily but burst out in a huge smile. I immediately, closed the gap between us and hugged her tightly. She was surprised, but whispered me to be patient. She slowly, took my sister’s hand which was on her waist and slowly laid it on the bed and asked me to move away and shifted her pillow close to mine and came closer.
She just put her arm on my waist; I moved closer and hugged her. My face was on her bosom; with our legs entwined with one of her thigh in between my mine and her other thigh was in between mine. We both hugged tightly by grabbing our waists and my face was nestled in her bosom. I was in seventh heaven.
She slowly caressed my forehead and hair for a long time, nestling me and I felt so comfortable and wanted. I went to sleep hugging her, when I got up in the morning I saw the beds shifted so that hers was near my sister’s, with our evidence of us being closer hidden because of that. I was happy and puzzled and didn’t know whether Rukmani was interested in me.
Next day, when it was time for sleeping, I saw Rukmani laying out the beds with for her and sister in one end and after a significant gap one bed for me. I was disappointed and was really cursing; did I rush things too much? I was really upset and went to sleep... Next day, I observed Rukmani for any reaction or clue didn’t get anything.
Fortunately for me and unfortunately for her my sister developed stomach infection and was crying. My mom and dad decided to keep her in their bed that day. I sensed an opportunity, but wanted to see what Rukmani would do. Today, Rukmani laid out the larger bed in which she used to sleep with my sister for me and took the single one for her but with significant gap between the two.
I thought I really blew my chances and just resigned myself to sleep. After my parents had also gone to sleep Rukmani was wrapping things up cleaning in the Kitchen. I quietly, went into the kitchen and said “I am Sorry to Rukmani” a big smile was on her face; I ashamedly just turned and went to sleep on my bed.
After finishing all the work, she switched off the lights and went to bed. I was disappointed. After a few mins, I felt some warmth next to me. I realized that Rukmani was sleeping next to me, in her sleep she had drifted closer to me on my bed. In the faint moonlight, I saw that half saree had entirely shifted to the waist and her breasts in the blouse for all for me to ogle!
I was completely taken in by how big her breasts had become, after a while as if in sleep, I turned and put my right palm on her left breast. I was on guard, to pull out in case of any adverse reaction from her. But she was soundly asleep. My palm also rose and fell on her breast along with rhythmic breathing.
After, some time, I got the courage and slightly squeezed the breast; I could feel the bra inside the blouse! I was tense, whether she would wake up. But she was in deep sleep and after some time just turned towards me, I got scared and took my hand off and was repeatedly playing back the feeling of softness of her breasts, the complete ball like shape in my hand etc. I went to sleep happy and contented.
Next day, all day, I observed Rukmani for any signs of awareness of what I had done. She was totally calm and showed any sign that she was aware of me feeling up her breast. I felt relieved to see her lay the bed again that night. Again after all the work was done she started sleeping. I started my routine, after some time I put my palm on her breast, to my shock and horror I realized that she wasn’t wearing any bra.
I covered the full globe with my palm and started squeezing. I could feel the nipple which was like the eraser that is attached to the pencil! I slowly tweaked the nipple, she just turned and continued sleeping. I put my hand on her but and slowly felt it up. She slept peacefully. This routine continued the next day as well.
Today I got bolder, after the initial round of feeling her up, I dozed off and got up to notice the first two buttons of her blouse had fallen open, she wasn’t wearing any bra today as well. I inserted my hand inside the blouse and cupped the breast totally, I was squeezing it merrily, when to my shock and horror she caught my hand and whispered, what are you doing ?
I was embarrassed and shell shocked; I was afraid that she would tell my parents and was covering my face and pleading “Don’t tell anybody…” for some time. I felt Rukmani putting her hands my shoulders and then caressing my hair and neck. I opened my eyes and was shocked to find her blouse totally open.
She smiled at me and took my hands and put them both on her breasts… I was in heaven. I asked her whether she was Ok with it. She said “Idiot, did you really think that I didn’t know you feeling me up, of course I LOVE IT!”. She kissed me firmly on the lips…! I was squeezing her breasts to my heart’s contents.
Her nipples were sticking out and she had large dark areolas which really stood out like the center of a dart board. I closed my eyes and kissed her repeatedly and forcefully squeezing her breasts. She asked me to be gentle and not to deal with Roti Atta! She said “Remember when you were jealous that your sister was drinking milk from mommy?”
I got the hint latched onto her breasts with my lips and started sucking; she moaned and her body shuddered violently. I got scared and stopped she urged me to keep sucking whispering “My god this feels so good” into my ears repeatedly. I kept on sucking and then started looking for the knot that was holding up her petticoat. She said, it was too risky and to take time.
I kept on sucking and dozed off, completely body hugging her. The morning, Rukmani gave me a kiss waking me up and I had another round of breast sucking and she left and started her routine. Next day, my parents left for a wedding in a nearby town and had to leave very early in the morning. They took my sister with them. I was fast asleep and didn’t even know that they had left.
At 8am, I was kissed on my lips and Rukmani had just come out of the shower wrapped in just her towel! With her wet hair and droplets all over her bosom above the towel and face she looked like an angel in a white towel. She pulled me up by the hand and hugged me totally. We spent a very long time just hugging. Then she asked me to take a bath and get ready.
I slowly, removed the towel and let it drop to the floor. She was shy in the light and covered her face with her hands. I bent and latched onto her right nipple and slowly sucked. In the bright light, she looked like a sex goddess, with slim busty and hourglass figure. Her pussy was fully covered in thick black hair. I couldn’t see anything other than a black jungle.
I just put my palm on her pussy and cupped it. This led to a violent shudder of her body that almost shook her off the ground. I was also panting very heavily with my face hot and flustered. I just pressed harder with my middle finger and found the clit and the pussy opening. I slowly pressed and bent my finger to enter the pussy hole.
It was a challenge to find it but the process of groping for it led to several shudders in Her body. After inserting the finger halfway through, there was some sort of obstacle and Rukmani whispered “it hurts” into my ear. I realized that she was still a virgin (as I was) and was very thrilled in taking her virginity and loosing mine as well at the same time.
Rukmani asked me to take a bath and that she would serve me milk and breakfast. I said “I want to drink milk from your breast and eat your pussy..” She replied “Not when you are dirty” and ran into the bathroom. I followed her and took of all my clothes; my penis was hard and was straight pointing upwards like a steel rod. She gasped when she saw it, perhaps her first sight of a hard penis as well.
I reminded her that she used to give me a bath before, why not now. Surprisingly, she agreed! She got into the shower with me and showered my body first then she took soap on her hands and applied it all over the body then shampoo on the hair. I asked her to take care of my penis, she smiled applied soap on my face and eyes, asked me not to open them.
She then took soap and grabbed my penis and applied soap on it and stroked it back and forth. I was in heaven and in no time, I had a huge eruption, When I opened my eyes, I saw her hand and tummy fully covered with my sperm, it was a huge load that had splattered. She laughed saying why did you pee on me!
When I told her that it is something else she washed her hands scooped up the sperm from her tummy smelt and with an approving smile, swallowed it! I asked her how it tasted; she mentioned that it was like plain “Philips Milk of Magnesia”. She washed me thoroughly and washed herself as well; we both took turns to towel each other dry.
I did one more round of sucking of her breasts… She gave me breakfast with her putting her the pieces of the dosa in her mouth and then passing it to me in a deep kiss. We both did a “common breakfast”. After that I asked her when are mom/dad coming, she replied that in the night at 8pm and that she had to make dinner for them.
I was in my room studying and preparing for an exam. After that, I turned ON the TV and in a while dozed off. After a while, I felt someone kissing on my lips and woke up. Rukmani was there with a big smile, she was wearing a thin sleeveless outfit which was fully lace and see through beneath it she was completely nude.
I could see her areolas with protruding nipples and surprisingly her bush was trimmed. When asked her, she mentioned that she found it in mother’s drawer and also an electric trimmer and using that she had trimmed her pussy hair for me! I lifted her up and carried her into my parents’ bedroom, gently putting her on the bed. I closed the curtains, also turned ON all the lights.
She asked me to turn the lights off and when I refused, covered her eyes. I slowly lifted the dress up and kissing the leg and thigh all along the way. When I got close to her pussy her body started convulsing and finally when I latched onto her pussy lips with mine she shuddered violently. I slowly, probed her pussy with my tongue. I then moved up and kissed her nipples over the dress.
She asked me to insert my penis into her pussy. I slowly positioned it splitting it open and began my thrust. Her pussy was all wet and slippery, in one swift thrust I broke through a barrier. I could literally feel something splitting and letting me in deeper. She cried aloud in pain.
I also saw lot of blood coming out, but the sensations were too overwhelming for both us with her begging me aloud to fuck her, I pistoned in and out and finally I let out what felt like a huge eruption. I was totally exhausted and collapsed on top of her. She kissed me all over my face and hugged me. We both went to sleep.
After this we both would wait for my parents to latch up the bedroom and then immediately resume our sexual activity. After my sister has gone off to a deep sleep also Rukmani would drift closer and we both would fuck. In fact, I started wearing dhotis, and she would wear a nightie with buttons which open up the top half and she would be completely nude beneath it.
We fucked like crazy every night even multiple times in a night. One day in the morning, I heard Rukmani throwing up and she appeared very ill. She spoke to my mom and took off for some time to her village. She never came back….. I asked my mom why, she said that her family has suddenly left the village also and their whereabouts were not known…
I imagined Rukmani every night and never touched a girl after that. I focused on my studies… Time passed on…. After 13 years, I now had a job as well and war earning handsomely a new maid of 13 years showed up her name was Jaya. My adventures with Jaya in Part 2…
To be continued…

Karthik fucking sexy colleague Harini

Hi, My name is Karthik(Changed). I'm a big fan of this blog and love to jack off to the hot stuff in here. I'd like to share one of my experience with my colleague. Let me give you a little background of things. I work in one of the top IT companies of India and has a huge campus in Chennai. I'm 22, 6 ft tall, fair complexion, just out of Engineering college.
My dream of getting laid while in college couldn't be accomplished and I'm always thirsty to finish off that goal. Although I've had a steady girl friend in college she would only let me do basic stuff like kissing, huggin etc. Wouldn't even get to base 2. So, I was desperate and wouldn't miss any opportunity.
There was this beautiful girl in our process. Her name is Harini. To describe her, she wouldn't strike as an extraordinary beauty at the first look but she is calm and attractive. She is little dark complexioned. Lean and tall, almost 5ft 8. And she has got the real curvy structure. Most of the time we'd normally pass by her because she'd be dressed regular in chudi.
Even I was not attracted to her that much until one day when she came to office in a sleeveless t shirt. That's when I noticed how gorgeous she was. And so the love story started. I'm an attractive guy and doesn't have to strain much. We were together in no time. We used to hang out all the time and became very close.
Although sexual acts are strictly forbidden in our campus, we'd kiss each other in empty hall ways and corridors. It would be the shortest possible 5 sec touch of lips but the electricity was unexplainable. This went on for some time and we got so hot over each other that we wanted to sleep on each others arms but the circumstance wouldn't allow us an opportunity.
We'd be thinking about the time we'd have little privacy for ourselves and me being the maniac I'm, would talk about all kind of weird sex things. Most of the time she'd listen to me and join me in my fantasy. That's something I've never had with my ex. So, One day my entire family had planned to go out of town to attend a function and I opted out saying that I won't be able to get leave in office.
I informed Harini about things and how it might transform into our most awaited opportunity to make love to each other. She'd text me every day about how many days left until we can be alone and what all she wanted to do. We planned every single details up to what dress and what inners she'd be wearing. But to our disappointment, my mom had to cancel the plan and stay home.
It took me almost two days to bring her out of the disappointment. The third day, Harini was kind of keeping her silence and didn't talk much. Then I took her to the park in our campus and she started crying. I asked her what's wrong and she said she misses me a lot and she has been thinking too much about the meeting that she couldn't focus on anything and also stand the thought that the plan was canceled.
I tried to console her but she was uncontrollable. She looked into my eyes and said, I want you to make love to me now, I don't know how or where but I want it now. Being something that I've wanted to do for a long time now, my brain started ticking. Then I thought about the rest rooms we have in each of our towers. They are the accessible restrooms facilitated for handicapped people.
They are usually large and mostly un-used as there are not many handicapped in our campus, I guess. So, we went to one of the towers far away from our process. I asked her to go in first and then made sure that nobody else is watching and went into the rest room. I locked the door and turned back and Harini just jumped on me and started kissing me like wild.
I held her face as close as possible to mine and kissed her lips and all over her face. The heat was unbearable. Then I let her down and slowly kissed her cheeks and ears. Then I bit her ears and kissed it. She hugged me so tight and whispered into my ears, “Take me”. I slowly kissed her neck and shoulders and got to her boobies.
Although I have brushed on her boobies intentionally many times, having a one on one with them softies is something more than a dream come true. I increased my speed while kissing her soft boobies and started biting her. I was trying to locate her nipple through the dress while my other hand was slowly rubbing her left boob.
I located her left nipple with my hand and started fiddling it and at the same time still in process of locating the right one with my mouth. I finally found it and started biting it causing her to moan. She arched her body and pressed my face into her chest. Then I simply put one nipple into my mouth and pressed her softies into my face with all might.
I was taking turns with the nipples and at the same time my hands were searching her back and rubbing all over, pinching her occasionally causing her to thrust her nipple more into my mouth. Then I raised her hands and removed her T shirt. To my amazement, she was not wearing a bra. She told that she didn't wear one for the last two days so that she would try and get my attention.
I really felt bad about disappointing her meeting and knew how much she wanted me. I took both her melons in my hand and cupped them. I let her nipples between my fingers and massaged her softies and at the same time pinching her nipples. She was moaning and the look on her face was so heavenly that I wanted to do it more. I told her I love her.
Her eyes pooled and she whispered “Love you too, hubby” As we had already discussed on what the dishes would be when we have our alone time, I made sure that blow job was in it. I was massaging her boobies and pinching and biting it and then suddenly I intentionally adjusted my pant near my crotch. She got the hint and asked “Do you want me to do anything?”.
I told her that it's OK, I don't think it's appropriate to get into blow job as it might turn her off. She said nothing you do would turn me off and came near me and bent down. She hugged me and rubbed me all over my back and in my ass. Then she unbuttoned my jeans and opened the fly. I asked her to kneel down so that I can guide her how to do it properly.
She knelt down and took my cock in her hand. It felt so heavenly that I almost came. She then looked at me like a little baby not knowing what to do. I asked her to close her eyes. Then I slowly took my erection forward and touched her lips. She opened her mouth a little bit and I started going into her.
She being a novice in blow job, I got my erection into her teeth and I jumped in shock as I was very sensitive down there. Then I asked her to cup her lips in such a way that my erection wouldn't be in contact with her teeth. She some how managed and I went into her warm mouth. I felt so good, I started moving into her mouth. At one point I got so excited that I pushed completely into her.
My erection touched the depth of her throat that she felt like she'd throw up. Then I pulled back and asked her to lick the tip of my joy stick. She was so concerned and dutiful that she'd ask me if I'm feeling good after each and every suck. She then started sucking me off with a little more expertise and at the same time started massaging my balls with her hands.
I can feel the pleasure in me building up inch by inch. After sometime, I couldn't stand it anymore, I grabbed her by her head and started moving faster into her mouth. I asked her if it's ok to let go into her mouth. And my angel had no idea what that meant. I was somehow feeling bad about the whole idea, took my erection out when I was about to come and jerked my load on her boobies.
Then I rubbed my dick on her nipples and she cleaned my erection completely with her saliva. Then we exchanged a few kisses and as it was getting late decided to leave for home. Hope you guys enjoyed my experience, Please post your comments. There is more to this experience and I'd like to post more later. Thanks.

Sexy Property Queen

You know how it is guys, you never expect to get lucky do you? but we keep on trying. Just flirting really, never know who might take you up on an offer to have some fun.
I started by just calling her sexy, I knew she was married but that doesn't matter anymore, after all she was the one who found me one day when she was looking for a contractor. Now I do work on her properties while she does her work on me, and boy she knows how to do the job right.
I remember staring at her ass the first time I saw her and then she approached me to talk about a job she had. I needed the work and why not, right. She’s easy to look at with blond hair, a nice rack, and that sweet round ass.
Ever since then I just flirted calling her sexy. She always says yeah right but there’s a little grin to that face that let me know she had the same dirty thoughts I had. Now I just needed to figure out how to make things happen. So I just kept flirting. You know a little sweet talk, a thought or two. Sometimes telling her what other contractors that worked for her thought. How they loved her sexy ass and how they always tried to get a peek down her blouse. 
Whenever she came around we all tried to see how much cleavage she was showing or if she was wearing those hip hugger jeans that left the top of her ass hang out. We all looked to see if she was wearing a thong. It seemed like she wore a thong or nothing at all. More and more lately it seemed like the more I flirted the sexier her clothes got. She showed more of her tits and more of her ass. 
One time after she left, she had worn top that left her breast showing and her lace bra, and some real tight pants that clung to her ass and was so tight it seemed to part her pussy lips. No thong that day and just a great glimpse of her ass. After she left the one guy, a black guy, just went on and on about how he just wanted to squeeze that ass of hers and press his hard on against her crack until she begged to be fucked. Said he never saw a white chick with a black girls ass like that. All he wanted to do was bend her over the steps, slide his big black dick into her white pussy and fuck her until he makes a nice cream pie. Yeah just grab those hips and fuck her…. All he could do was smile and moan about it.
Can’t tell you how many times I wanted to do just what he said, and how many times I jerked off thinking about my dick deep inside her. So I just kept flirting. When I called her sexy, when I tried to get her to stop by, I just flirted and kept the sexy bit up. Even telling her how a couple of the guys imagined what they would do to her. I told her about what Lenny had said and how be practically came right there just thinking about her. When she heard it, she got a little red but she also had that smile that let you know it turned her on, let you know she must have had some of the same dirty thoughts as well. She never complained about the flirting and she did her fair share as well so I kept it up and saw her get a little dirty in her talking as well. Finally something happened.
She was going to meet me to give me some money and check on progress. When she got there she had on those jeans, you could see just enough of her crack to make a man hard. And then her top, her tits just jumped out at me. All I could do was stare and she caught me, caught me staring like she had many times but this time grinned and gave me that dirty little smile. With that smile, that dirty smile, she asked me if there was anything I needed. I just stared down at her tits and then down to the floor in front of me. She asked again and I just let her eyes follow mine from her face, to her tits, to the floor and my dick. She got down on her knees and said, I guess you want what they all want huh, a nice blow job and she undid my pants and pulled out my hard dick.
She slid her tongue along my shaft, she squeezed my hard on, and she kept licking my dick. Finally she put her lips around the head of my dick and took me into her mouth. Her hand stroking my shaft and her mouth sucking the fuck out of my dick. She was good, real good. She took my dick into her mouth and sucked real hard, taking all of me into her mouth I could feel the back of her throat and her tongue on my dick. I just wanted to cum so badly but I did my best to wait and enjoy this. 
I just looked down watched her suck on me, watching her take me in and out of her mouth, she was fucking my dick with her mouth and then she pulled me out of her mouth and pressed my head against her lips, stroking my dick and pumping it, You can cum in my mouth, I want swallow your cum, let me suck you off. And she did, in and out, pumping my dick until I came. One spurt after another and it all disappeared down her throat. When I was done. She licked my dick clean. Got up from her knees, and smiled that grin. Handed me my check and left.
I pulled up my pants and watched her out the window. She seemed to be sitting in her car for a long time and I wondered if she was sitting there playing with herself, getting herself off like she had gotten me off. I just hoped this wasn’t the only blow job I would get.
The next time I saw her was a couple of days later and she acted like nothing had happened. Just told me what I needed to do and went on her merry way.
It would be another week before I saw her again. I made arrangements to meet her to get paid. We met at the property and walked through to see what still needed to be done. She was wearing some type of stretch pants and I did not think she was wearing a bra. All I could do was stare. When we went up the steps I followed and she asked if I liked the view. I just laughed a little and kept following. When we started down the basement she turned and asked if there was anything I needed. I just smiled and looked down. Her mouth was already at the right height. She just looked up and undid my pants. She pulled my dick out and started to suck. All I did was watch. This time though when she would press the head of my dick on her lips, she pulled her pants down, she took my dick back into her mouth and I could see her other hand playing with herself. I could see her thong being stretched by her hand, and see it between the crack of her ass. Christ it was gorgeous and I wondered if I would ever get the chance to fuck her. I was wondering if her pussy was smooth of if she had a little hair on her mound to play with.
She must have been close to coming cause she was moaning loudly while she sucked on me. You gonna cum for me? Fill my mouth up with cum? She took my dick back into her mouth and I came and so did she. She licked me clean getting every drop of cum she could. Sexy put her fingers deep inside her pussy and stuck them in my mouth. Pulled her pants up and left. Never said a word. She handed me my check and left.
For a couple of weeks it was the same. She met me at the place I was working on when I was to be paid. Asked me if I needed anything and I got a blowjob and a check. And she never ever dribbled a drop of cum. Swallowed it all.
About a month later Sexy asked me to check out a property for her. She had already looked at it and had her hubby look as well but she wanted my input. How much to fix it up and such is what she said. She asked if I could check it the next day since she wanted to know whether to bid on the property. I told her I could and she asked if I knew when I would be by. I told her around 4:00. That I would finish up working on her property for the day and then would stop by on my way home. They were only a couple of blocks apart so it was no big deal. Little did I know a surprise would be waiting for me.
I got there close to 4:30. I used the code she gave me to get the key out of the lock box and open the place up. When I walked in the place looked in pretty good shape. I quickly went downstairs to check the basement and work my way around the house from bottom to top. I'd be working something else from bottom to top shortly but I didn't know that yet.
As I started upstairs from the basement I thought I heard someone or something so I called out. There was no answer. I went back through the living room and stopped again. I thought I heard a faint moan, again I called out but no answer. So I started up the steps, about halfway up I looked up and saw her. She was laying on a blanket on the landing, her legs spread wide. All I could see was a black thong pulled to the side and her fingers playing inside her pussy. Then I heard that moan again and saw her take one finger from her pussy and put it into her mouth. I walked up a couple of more steps and she had some type of top on with her tits hanging out. I just about came right there in my pants. Laying down she couldn't quite see me, so she asked, Gary is that you? I hope so. I think there's something you can do for me today. I saw her rub some oil onto her tits and squeeze her nipples until they were nice and hard like my dick. Then she pressed a little vibe on her tits and moaned even louder. She took that little vibe and pressed it against her clit. Moaning and squirming around Sexy would put her fingers inside her pussy and play. Pressing the vibe against her clit and fingering herself, I heard her moans get real loud and then I saw a flood. Her pussy just squirted and squirted a lot of juice. Ummmm I think it is your turn to do something for me. She slid her thong off and threw it to me. She looked down at her pussy, then to my mouth. She laid her head back and kept playing with herself. I watched for another minute just having fun with the view of her pussy. completely shaven, smooth, a nice deep pink inside, and you could see the juice running down her pussy lips.
Gary? you still here? East my pussy, and make me cum. I sucked you off. I buried my head between her legs and sucked on those wet lips. She tasted good, real fucking good. And the more I sucked on her lips, the more I slid my tongue in and out of her hole, the hotter she got and the more she started to push against my face. She was grinding her pussy on my face and I was eating her pussy for all I was worth. I reached up with a hand and played with her tits. Squeezing her tits hard like she had and squeezing her nipples as well. She had a nice size rack. Not big or anything just enough to play with. I stopped for a minute to put one of her tits in my mouth but she pushed my head back down to her pussy. eat me Gary. And I did. I could feel her pressing harder against my face and then she placed that little vibe on her clit and she came all the fuck over my face. I thought i was going to drown there was so much juice. But I kept licking and sucking, eating her out, sucking on her lips playing with her clit and she came again. Wetter and wetter. Jesus my shirt was soaked from her juices. I could see her legs shake a little.
Fuck me, bend me over and fuck me. Come on and fuck me. She got up and I turned her around bent her over and put her hands on the railing. i just fucking pushed my dick all the way inside her and fucked her as hard as I could. I banged and banged her little fucking pussy. She kept telling me harder. I grabbed those hips and pulled her into me. Fucking her like a dog and slamming my dick in and out of her. I could feel my balls banging against her. Jesus she was fucking wet and liked it hard. She was pushing back hard onto me begging me to fuck her even harder. She took her hands off the banister and stood up a little to press her ass into me even harder. She bent back over and spread her cheeks. I thought she was going to have me fuck her ass as well but she just smacked her own ass and then I smacked it. I grabbed her hips even harder and slammed into her as hard as I could. Then I took my hand and smacked that ass. I big red mark, smacked again and another red mark. She was getting off on this. She liked it rough. The harder I smacked her the harder I fucked her to louder she got until she came. She came so hard she spit my dick out of her pussy. The floor was soaked with her juice, her legs were trembling. She reached around and put my dick back into her pussy. fuck me is all I heard her say. Harder, beat my ass, I've been bad. I did I fucked her and fucked her. She was soaked, I was soaked, the floor was soaked from her juices. Her legs finally gave out and she turned around and got on her knees. Took me into her mouth and sucked me dry in a minute. She swallowed every drop. Looked up and smiled.

She got dressed and gave me my check and left. Smiling that devilish grin. I heard her say to tell Lenny what he was missing. I knew there would be more.

Whiz Bang Wham Bam Piece Ah Love Muscle

I’m Chanda, 34 divorced, raising two teenage girls alone. The SOB I was married never helped me. I am 5’ 6” 130 pounds, Yeah I know it’s a little heavy. I work out 3 to 4 times ah week and run 2 miles every day to keep any more fat off. I am good looking, breasts 36C’s small Montgomery glands & large double AA battery size nipples.
A car crash by some young kid caused a big pile up of cars on the interstate. I had to take a service road to get home after work. About 5 miles there was road maintenance construction. The traffic had gotten worse. The flagman holding his sign to slow down. I did, I had no other choice. As the traffic moved slowly thru the work zone I noticed a hunk up ahead, I mean this young guy was pretty. His sleeveless shirt sticking to his body because of sweat. He was 6’ 6” and his abs were very pronounced. His arms were dirty & sweaty, but he was still the prettiest man I’d seen in some time.
The traffic began to move slowly, soon I was next to him. “ You’ll be able to get by all of this here in a little bit” he said to me. Oh That’s fine, I like it here. I said. I looked at him very seductively. Just looking at him standing there I began to fantasize, my mind wondered and my loins moistened, my nipples hardened. I thought to myself, How can I get in this guys budging panties?
The traffic started to move, I handed him a note and told Mr. Hunk to read it later. (My cell phone is 30X 45X xx37 call me, Shandy) Watching in the mirror, he opened it as I drove away. Looking up he smiled and look back to the note. I made it a point to go thru this road construction everyday. I waited and waited, he never called. That day I took the interstate home. Passing thru the work zone on the service road I noticed Mr. Pretty Boy wasn’t there at his work station. I took the next exit and turned around back to the construction site.
An older guy was there. I asked him where (I didn’t even know his name) Oh yeah Sandy is the one your talking about, he said. He was hurt pretty bad yesterday when a car hit him. He is in mercy hospital. That is where I headed. I went to the emergency room. Asking admissions, They said, You are who to Mr. Simpson? Sandy is my brother. Mr. Simpson is in room 434.Thank you maam I said.
I stepped in his room, the nurse asked “Who are you? Only family for right now. I’m his sister Chanda. He had tubes sticking out of his body, his leg was in traction & the cast on his leg went to his hip. Just then Sandy woke up. Hey little brother, I kissed his cheek. Doing OK I asked. Yeah I’ll be fine. He said. The nurse left the room.
Sandy what the hell happened? He told me he lost my note in his laundry. I took ah chance, I reached under his hospital gown & there it was. His flaccid dick lay in my hand. “oh My” he sighed. “That feels good” Sandy wasn’t hurt too bad, his cock began to grow in my hand. It grew and grew. I couldn’t get my fingers around his beautiful meat. I gripped him firmly and started to stroke him off. I could tell he was enjoying this.
“Why are you doing this” Sandy do you want me to stop? “No, no That feels so good” he said with his increased breathing. I started jerking him off ah little faster. He placed his hand over mine, wanting me to continue to stroke him. “Oh Damn That Feels So Good” he said. Sandy your doctor told me he needs kissed. Be fore he could say anything I had my head under his covers. I kissed it’s head and slowly stroked him off with a firm grip. deep throating him about half it’s length. With out any warning the first gob hit the back of my throat making me gag ah little. Stream after stream of Sandy’s cum filled my mouth while bobbing like a fishing bobber in ah lake on his man meat. I managed to swallow most of his seed as I Listened to the sounds, it sounded like ah cow pulling her foot outta the mud. I milked his cock dry while he was thrusting his hips up to meet me. “Gawd, that is so good” he kept yelling. I wiped off his dick and my face on the bedding as I came out from under the covers. I spoke as I razed my head, that was grand Sandy, you aren’t hurt that bad are you? He just smiled.
There’s lots more where that came from as soon as you get out of here Sandy. He lifted my shirt and fingered my kitty. He commented on how saturated I was, even the cotton patch in my panty hose was wet. His fingers went deep in as I was so close to orgasm anyway. Sandy fingered my kitty while I was in full orgasm. “Oh Damn That was so fantastic” I said. Knock, knock sound at the door.
Nancy Nurse came in, Well Mr. Simpson it’s time for your bath and change your bedding. she said. She told me, Now maam you will need to step out for ah while. I have to go anyway, Listen Sandy here’s my cell number. I leaned down to kiss him lightly. He kissed me hard & showing the passion he felt. The nurse commented that our kiss was a lot more than brother / sister. I smiled at her, kiss my finger tip and blew it at Sandy.
I was almost home and received text from sandy. (Chanda I want to see you again. I loved your visit) replying back. “Sweetie, that was MY pleasure an there is a lot more of (oYo) (\!/) when ever you need it! I‘ll see tomorrow” I went to see him the next day. Sandy was asleep. I stepped up to his bed side, moved my hand under the sheet searching for My Pretty Boy, Yahoo I found his dick laying flaccid against the plaster cast. I lightly rubbed it’s head, stroking it softly. Pretty boy began to move to my touch, growing constantly. About half staff I gripped his dick a little firm, He started to move. I heard a sigh, “mmmmm” Hi sweetie I said. He awoke with a grin as big as Dallas/ Ft Worth.
“Chanda how u doni’? I can see you have a handle on things” We both laughed. I softly stroked him as we chatted. Knock, knock. Housekeeping. A voice in broken English, this mexican housekeeper. I came to clean you room. She said in her Spanish ascent. This mexican housekeeper noticed my hand under Sandy’s sheet jerking him off. She started to clean his room, while watching the sheets move. I didn’t stop what I was doing, it was this mexican housekeeper invading our space. I slowly increased my speed on Sandy’s cock & watching the housekeeper glancing at me. She was watching my hand, then she’d look away, continuing to work. she’d take another quick glance.
Sandy’s dick grew harder I knew he was close. The housekeeper was watching from behind the bathroom door, peeking thru the door jamb. Sandy groaned a little whimper, “Chanda, CHANDA! I’m gonna cum“ I took a tighter grip and jacked him off to orgasm. His cum spewed the bed sheet covering him & my hand. The housekeeper watching us, ran out screaming something in Spanish. We had a good laugh.
I spent the next few days after work helping him get up, if you know what I mean. All day I thought about him placing that beautiful dick between the paddles of my flower, I might even offer my butt to him if he’s not too big for my bung, almost climaxing just thinking about it. Sandy told me he was due to be released on Monday afternoon. I took ah day off work to help him get home. I called him to see what time he was released so I could meet him and take him home.
I cleaned the house naked like I always do, just in case we came back here instead of his place. I showered, shaved her a little closer, I pussy was baby butt smooth. except for an arrow pointing to my clitoris. I rinsed off shave cream. I was thinking about Sandy. I found my fingers in my slit just beyond my labia. That felt so good. I rubbed ever so lightly & pushed a little further, I was soon up to my third knuckle. My thumb was teasing my little button. Damn - it I couldn’t wait for Sandy to take advantage of my honey pot.
As I continued playing I was covered in my wetness and getting hotter my the second. I smelled the sex pheromone on myself. My fingers were in as far as Sandy’s were the other day. I really don’t know why I had gotten dressed, knowing that 20 minutes after I got him home I’d be fucking this pretty boy, Sandy. I splashed ah little stink pretty on my choochie and I was out the door to meet the pretty boy.
I pulled to the patient release door where Sandy was waiting for me. He kissed me, as his tongue went down my throat. and said, Hi G/F! thanks for taking me home. Sure for you pretty boy, I replied. The plaster cast was still on his leg making it hard to get him in my car, but we managed just the same. We were off in minutes.
Sandy said, “Let’s go to you’re house, I have three flights of stairs the go up to my apartment. It‘ll be kinda hard on these sticks” Sure thing Sandy. I headed to my house. I pulled into the garage, the door closed behind us. Helping Sandy get out was easier. My mind went to thinking again. My thighs were getting saturated again. Once we were both in I closed the door behind us. We were tightly embraced shortly after closing the door. Sandy kissed me deeply and fondling each other bodies. We both had one thing on our minds.
I let him to my bed room by the hand. He stopped. Chanda he said. “Everyone fucks in bed, Here jump up here” he pointed to the counter. Are you crazy, We can’t fuck up there. Sandy picked me up, sitting me on the counter top. Damn I was just the correct height. Sandy reached up my skirt and removed my panties and lowered his zipper. His beautiful dick was in plain sight. Sand stroked himself ah few times. I’d never watched a cock become completely erect so fast.
Sandy re-positioned me closer to the edge. He hammered my pussy lips with his cock, driving me nuts. Sandy please don’t tease me. Park that car in my garage. He separated my labia, rubbing my entrance with his dick. He dropped to his knees sucking my pussy lips in his mouth very softly biting me. I was so hot & ready to fuck my pretty boy. His fingers penetrated me slit as he sucked my clit between his teeth. Damn Sandy knew how to eat pussy. He had me approaching a climax in know time. Sandy, I’m cummming. Fuck me please. He stood up, with one thrust he hit bottom. “Oh Damn” I sighed. Fuck my honey pot baby. I was thrusting to meet him while he was pounding my kitty.
My first of many orgasms hit my insides. I jerked wildly as Sandy’s beautiful dick was disappearing with in my void. Sandy OMG I’m cumming Please fuck me deep Fuck me hard. He increased his penetrations going deep, I felt his cock hit my cervix. My orgasm hit me hard. I jumped in his arms while he pounded my kitty with his man meat. He carried me to the couch, Laid me down with my back up against the couch, up side down.
My head resting on the floor. Sandy got into position straddling over me & WoW! He penetrated me again & began thrusting in hard & deep. His dick was in my pussy where no man had been before. Sandy’s balls slapping my butt cheeks with every bang.
I reached up squeezing his dick with one hand as it slid in. The other was pinching my clit. I was soon in an orgasmic zone I couldn’t explain. He knew how to get ladies to cum for him. He backed out & turned me around bending me over the couch. I thought he was going to my take my hinny. He penetrated me again just far enough to rub against my g-spot driving me over the edge. His thumb pressing against be bung, lube from my own moisture. I felt a Plop. His thumb as in my butt. Damn What Ah Feeling. He continued to pound my kitty while his thumb was trusting in deep.
Sandy retracted ah bit and patted my clit with his marvelous dick. All of ah sudden he said, OOPS & went to my booty. He took slow inserts until I gotten use to this ass invader. Slowly going deeper and ah bit faster. He grabbed my hand, moving it to my choochie. He moved my fingers into my pussy & his followed. Sandy was bringing me to climax again. My pussy was saturated with moisture as he kept fingering me while he pounded my butt.
OMG Sandy take my ass. Fuck it hard. That feels so gooooood, I screamed. He thrust in my butt while he fingered me and I pinching my clit. My stomach tightened & with out any other warning OMG! I squirted all over Sandy & myself. My female cum lasted foe 10 seconds or so. One orgasm right after another tied my body on knots. I began to hyperventilate, I was huff & puffing due to not enough oxygen. I gotta catch my breath baby, I said. Sandy what do I have to do to get your nuts off? I asked. He said, “ Just stay with me”
Sandy stood straight up with my pussy still around his love muscle, pounding me as he lay me down on the floor. Pulling out so he could position me with my legs spread wide. He straddled me the best that he could with 10 pounds of plaster on his leg. His cock still standing out straight & hard, I took it into my mouth sucking it ah bit before Sandy knelt down and aimed his cock near my kitties entrance. He spread my labia apart & drummed his dick on my slit. Sandy SANDY UR Teasing me again! Please don’t. Fuck me like a man. Don’t Tease me.. He dropped down and skewered my cunt. OMFG I screamed. We were bucking in perfect unison shortly after bringing me too another orgasm.
Sandy said “ Hold On Baby, I’m gonna cum” Just then the first wave hit my insides splattering across my cervix with his goop. Stream after stream spewed from his loins, every heart beat more came forth. Just feeling his seed pump into my void brought me to climax. “Oh MG Sandy, pound me, Fuck my Pu - - - - - ssy! Make me feel so Good” I finely got him to cum. I was milking his dick dry with my PC muscles. My kitty was so worn out. Sandy’s nuts must have had ah bucket full of cum stored.
Shortly thereafter, Sandy collapsed on top of me moaning while his hips still riding against me. Even though my pretty boy’s balls were dry, he was still amazingly hard. I couldn’t pass on the opportunity to deep throat him. I moved out from under him and in a 69 position with me on top. Kissing the residual cum from his dick. Stroking him firmly as down my throat he went. “ Chanda, he said. I’m finished, I have no more” Sucking and licking him, he seemed to gain some interest. He began to finger me and lightly biting my clitoris. Chanda, CHANDA. I’m gonna bust ah nut. His cock started to pulsate gobs of goop.
I sucked him off while Cumming myself. I was done! Sandy was also. We lay there with heavy breathing, sweat, soggy pussy, sticky dick & cum. Sandy said, “Chandra you are the only woman that could stay with me. You are amazing” I replied, Thanks baby, You are ah Whiz Bang Wham Bang piece ah Cock urself.
Ah week or so later Sandy moved in with me.

Little Red-Cap

Once upon a time there was a gorgeous eighteen-year-old girl, loved by everyone. By the women and girls because she was so kind and polite to everyone and never lost her temper, by the men because she was absolutely beautiful, with shoulder length dark brown hair, amazing green eyes, a fantastic petite body and large tits, and by the boys because of the above plus the fact that she was very friendly to the point of being fairly easy. But most of all she was loved by her Grandmother, who had a much better idea of what made her happy than her parents, and was the one person the girl could really trust. Once she gave her a little cap of red velvet, which suited her so well that she always wore it. So she was called 'Little Red-Cap'.
One day her mother said to her "Come, Little Red-Cap, here is a piece of cake and a bottle of wine. Take them to your Grandmother, she is ill and weak, and they will do her good. Set out before it gets hot, and when you are going, walk nicely and quietly and do not run off the path, or you may fall and break the bottle, and then your grandmother will get nothing."
"I will take great care," said Little Red-Cap to her mother, and went up to her room to change. She liked to wear red as it complemented her green eyes, so she put on a new short red tartan plaid skirt which she wanted to show her Grandmother and as it was summer a short sleeved white blouse, unbuttoned down as far as her cleavage. Putting the cake and wine in her satchel (red, of course), she added her new high heeled red sandals, slipped into her trainers, and last but by no means least, plaited her hair into two thick braids on either side of her head going down to her shoulders, and put on her red cap.
The Grandmother lived out in the wood, four miles from the village, and just as Little Red-Cap entered the wood, a big, swarthy man, with long, dirty fingernails, dark sideburns that accentuated his unusually large ears that ended in points partly from nature and partly as a result of previous fights, a long nose made crooked from being broken a number of times, and arm hair that stuck out from the sleeves of the ragged shirt he wore met her. He was vicious criminal, just escaped from prison, known to his brethren and authorities alike as “the Wolf” as much for his appearance as his violence. Red-Cap did not know what a wicked creature he was, and was not at all afraid of him.
"Good-day, Little Red-Cap," said he.
"Thank you kindly, sir. As you know my name, why not tell me yours?"
"I am known hereabouts as the Wolf. Whither away so early, Little Red-Cap?"
"To my grandmother's, Mr. Wolf sir."
"What have you got in your satchel?"
"Cake and wine. Yesterday was baking-day, so poor sick Grandmother is to have something good, to make her stronger."
"Where does your Grandmother live, Little Red-Cap?"
"A good two miles farther on in the wood. Her house stands under the three large oak-trees, the nut-trees are just below. You surely must know it," replied Little Red-Cap.
The Wolf thought to himself, what a tender young creature. What a tasty bit of pussy, her sexy white legs bare from the top third of the thigh down, red lips, bare white arms and a great pair of tits in that tight light blouse, she will be better to fuck than the old woman. I must act craftily, so as to catch both. So he walked for a short time by the side of Little Red-Cap, and then he said, "see Little Red-Cap, how pretty the flowers are about here. Why do you not look round? I believe, too, that you do not hear how sweetly the little birds are singing. You walk gravely along as if you were going to school, while everything else out here in the wood is merry."
Little Red-Cap raised her eyes, and when she saw the sunbeams dancing here and there through the trees, and pretty flowers growing everywhere, she thought, suppose I take Grandmother a fresh nosegay. That would please her too. It is so early in the day that I shall still get there in good time. And so she ran from the path into the wood to look for flowers. And whenever she had picked one, she fancied that she saw a still prettier one farther on, and ran after it, and so got deeper and deeper into the wood.
Meanwhile the Wolf ran straight to the Grandmother's house and knocked at the door.
"Who is there?"
"Little Red-Cap," replied the Wolf. "I am bringing cake and wine. Open the door."
"Lift the latch," called out the Grandmother, "I am too weak, and cannot get up."
The Wolf lifted the latch, the door sprang open, and without saying a word he went straight to the Grandmother's bed, gagged and bound her, tied her up and rolled her under the bed. Then he put on her clothes, dressed himself in her cap and nightie, laid himself in bed and drew the curtains.
Little Red-Cap, however, had been running about picking flowers, until she found a beautiful little spot in the dappled shade next to a tinkling stream. Realising how far she had walked, she sat down on the moss for a rest. The moss was so comfortable that she could not resist the temptation to lie back on it, and she was soon daydreaming. Her thoughts wandered around to the boy she currently fancied, three years older than her but who had shown some interest in her. She imagined them kissing, his hands exploring her body, and as she did so her hands went where she imagined his would, brushing her stomach and then the sides of her breasts. Her hands cupped her large tits and squeezed them gently, pinching the hardening nipples through the fabric of her bra and blouse between her thumb and forefinger.
Feeling quite randy now, and enjoying this whilst outside, a little breeze cooling her down and speckles of sun falling through the leaves to warm her up rather than in her room or the bathroom, she slowly undid the top of her skirt. Keeping her left hand on her breast, she slid her right hand under the waistband of her briefs, through the thin bush of pubic hair to her moist vagina. Placing her third and fore fingers on either side of her clitoris to pull back the hood, she began slowly tapping it with her middle finger, fantasizing that it was the boy doing it with his tongue.
Sighing contentedly, Little Red-Cap speeded up her tapping, moaning with the pleasure shooting from her crotch, and then, dipping her fingers in her now sopping wet hole, used her pussy juice as lubrication as she began rubbing her clit in gentle circles. Arching her back, Little Red-Cap groaned loudly, startling a nearby bird, and stuck her left hand down her panties as well. Applying extra pressure to her rubbing, she soon brought herself to a gasping climax.
For a few minutes Little Red-Cap lay in a post-orgasmic daze, licking the juice from her fingers, when with a start she remembered her Grandmother. Quickly, she adjusted her damp knickers, fastened up her skirt, wiping her fingers dry on it, stood up, tucked her blouse in, picked up her cap and basket and set out on the way to her Grandmother.
Before she turned the final bend, she paused to swap her trainers for the high-heeled sandals in her satchel, wanting to look her best for her Grandmother. She was surprised to find the cottage-door standing open, and when she went into the room, she had such a strange feeling that she said to herself, oh dear, how uneasy I feel today, and at other times I like being with Grandmother so much, and she told me about masturbation, so I've no need to be embarrassed. She called out, "Good morning," but received no answer. So she went to the bed and drew back the curtains. There lay her Grandmother with her cap pulled far over her face, and looking very strange.
"Hello Grandmother, here's some cake and wine to help you feel better." She took them out of her satchel and placed them on the table. "And see my new shoes? Aren't they gorgeous?" Her Grandmother did not reply, so she looked closer. "Oh, Grandmother," she said, "what big ears you have."
"All the better to hear you with, my child," was the reply. "Now I've a surprise for you."
"Oh, what is it, another dress?"
"It's a surprise, my dear. Now just undress for your Grandmother will you?"
She did so, not thinking it at all strange, as her Grandmother liked to give her clothes and enjoyed seeing Little Red-Cap try them on. So she let her red tartan skirt fall to the floor, unbuttoned her blouse and let it join her skirt, then stepped out of the pile of clothes in her high-heels, red cap and white underwear. She stepped closer to the bed, peering at her Grandmother, half blinded by the sunlight.
"But, Grandmother, what a big nose you have,"
"All the better to smell you with, my child," came the reply. "And I can smell that you've been a naughty girl in the woods!"
"Oh grandmother, it was only a little one," she giggled, "it is such a lovely day I couldn't resist."
"Yes, well now you can take those damp knickers off, and that bra as well."
Still embarrassed at her Grandmother's deduction, Little Red-Cap unthinkingly took off her panties and bra, her large pert breasts bouncing as they were freed, and threw them over with her other clothes. Standing naked now except for her red cap and red high-heeled sandals, the straps wrapped around her ankles, she took another step towards her Grandmother.
"But, Grandmother, what big eyes you have," she said.
"The better to see you with, my dear. Now turn around please."
Puzzled, she did so, and felt her Grandmother stroke her back and squeeze her buttocks.
"But, Grandmother, what large hands you have."
"The better to hug you with. I think that it is time you learnt what to expect of young men. Come and sit up here on the headboard, my child, I am too weak to get out of bed."
Becoming more and more confused, as her Grandmother had long ago told her about boys, and was the only member of her family she had told of losing her virginity, but not wanting to upset her Grandmother, Little Red-Cap clambered up on the bed in her high heels and positioned herself as instructed. The Grandmother rolled on to her front, her head between Little Red-Cap's legs.
"Oh, but, grandmother, what a big mouth and tongue you have."
"The better to eat you out with." And to the girl's great surprise, her Grandmother began lapping at her pussy like a dog tucking into a meal. The tongue lapped at her vulva, darting up her slit and then over her clit, flicking back and forth incredibly fast, complements by the surprisingly rough and prickly lips. She was a simple girl, so though at first she felt a bit strange about this kind of attention from her Grandmother, she didn't question it, as after all she did love her and gave her kisses all the time, why not down there? There being nothing she could do about it, Little Red-Cap just closed her eyes and leant back against the wall to enjoy it. Hot damp breath was all over her crotch and muff, big hands reaching up to squeeze her breasts. In no time at all, she was moaning and thrusting, as the big head between her legs brought her to orgasm.
"Now get off the bed and kneel up on the floor."
Little Red-Cap did so, her head muzzy from the orgasm. Kneeling up by the bed she was amazed to see the bed covers thrown back and a body rise from it. What she thought had been her Grandmother pulled the nightie off.
"Oh, Grandmother, what a terribly big ... cock you have! Hey, you're not -"
"All the better to fuck you with my dear!"
"Oh!" Little Red-Cap was so surprised to find the Wolf in her Grandmother's clothes that she could think of nothing else to say. Once the initial shock had subsided, she couldn't take her eyes of the cock - after all, she thought, he had seemed nice earlier, and I love sex so it couldn't hurt, could it? Maybe he was a friend of Grandmother's she had invited to surprise her. And I am very horny from the licking. "OK, you can fuck me."
The Wolf growled back "First you must suck it!"
And scarcely had the Wolf said this, than he had grabbed Red-Cap's head and pulled her to his groin. Hardly able to do anything else, she took the huge monster in her mouth. It was much bigger than what she was used to, at least two inches thick, over ten long, and dark throbbing purple at the end. Still the Wolf seemed to respond in the same way when she sucked on the tip and then licked down the entire length of the shaft, breathing in his animal-like smell, and then back up to suck on the end again.
Dribbling down her chin, she scooped up some saliva in her hand and began masturbating the cock, both her hands around the shaft with a gap between them and still able to fit her mouth on the end. Clenching her hands tight and rubbing up and down whilst sucking on as much cock as would fit in her mouth, she found herself quite turned on by this bizarre situation, looking up at the Wolf, no longer wearing her grandmother's cap. However, the Wolf was in no mood for sensuality, and told her to speed up. Little Red-Cap sucked harder, bobbing her head and hands up and down the dick as fast as she could until she felt a pulsing.
The Wolf held her in position, instruction her to keep masturbating him, the tip of his cock resting on her tongue just inside her mouth, while she occasionally sucked and licked at the underside. Suddenly, with a groan from the Wolf, the girl found herself with a mouthful of cum, covering her tongue with a strange, bitter taste, some dribbling out the corner of her mouth. As she could not move her head, she tried to swallow, but could not get rid of much as the phallus prevented her from closing her mouth, and soon more joined it, overflowing to cascade down her chin. More hit her upper lip and dribbled out in a thick gooey stream down her chin and into her cleavage. The Wolf grabbed his cock from her, holding her in position by her braid with one hand, knocking her cap sideways, and sprayed the remainder of his load over her cheeks and nose, a few drops splattering on to her other braid, sticking in her dark brown hair.
Little Red-Cap, thinking this was it when the Wolf let go and sat on the bed, turned away and started to crawl away. But to her surprise there was a growl behind her and he pounced on her back, his limbs easily forming a cage around her, and he growled, "I'm not finished yet, my child" in her ear. She could feel the ten-inch pole slap against her inner thighs, and prepared herself eagerly for what she knew would happen. However, she still screamed partly in shock and the sting it gave her, but also strangely in pleasure, as two inches of meat forced open her cunt and slammed all the way in.
His chest hair pressed against her bare skin, and despite her eyes being clenched tightly shut, she could feel his hot breath in her ear, and his muscular, hairy legs banged into her ass as her fucked her harder and faster than anyone she'd ever experienced, making her scream and moan, at first incoherently, but then for more as she allowed herself to enjoy the monster cock screwing her tight twat. The Wolf was going at her pussy like a pneumatic drill, but as he'd already cum it was taking him a while to do so again. Little Red-Cap on the other hand was orgasming after three minutes, her elbows giving way as she sobbed in ecstasy, her braided hair forming a cushion, and reached back to rub her clit. So turned on was she, that when the Wolf ejaculated the second time, this time in her pussy, it set her off again, crying out for more.
To her amazement, the Wolf obliged. Pulling back with his dirty hands on her back, withdrawing with a sucking sound mid-orgasm, he sprayed her anus with semen, running down to mix with the stream of cum already emerging from her still-widened vagina on to the floor and into her black pubic hair. Thankfully, she was relaxed, otherwise what happened next would have been more painful. The Wolf thrust deep into her arse, about eight inches of cock two inches thick appearing where no cock had gone before, the eighteen year old held down by the Wolf's hands on her shoulders screaming in shock. Little Red-Cap had never heard of anal sex, let alone contemplated it, but soon she was wishing she had, and wishing other guys had this endurance.
A minute later and the Wolf was fucking her arse as he had her vagina, using the spunk from his previous orgasm as lubrication. She moaned and cried out in pleasure, rubbing her clit frantically with one hand and shoving her fingers of her other hand in her twat at the same time. An entirely new orgasm was building up inside her, and she called out to the Wolf to go faster, as he pounded her sphincter. Three minutes into her first buggering, Little Red-Cap came noisily, screaming thanks to the Wolf and thrusting her hips back at him. He came almost straight away afterwards, filling the third of her orifices that day, and then spraying the rest over her back and hair, narrowly missing her beloved cap, dripping down her clean braid which hung by her cheek, and then wiped the rest on her face.
At that moment, the Woodcutter, who had heard Little Red-Cap's cries, and who also happened to be the father of the boy she fancied, burst in. What he must have thought at seeing the eighteen year old lying collapsed on the floor covered in cum with a huge hairy man covered in tattoos dangling its penis in her face with clothes strewn about the room, we don't know. However, the Wolf bolted straight past him, and he was left to deal with the little girl.
He sat her on the bed, and soon found the Grandmother under the bed, and Little Red-Cap realised that she must have seen and heard everything. Red-Cap was washed and dressed, and then described what had happened, leaving out the bits about enjoying herself, pretending to be traumatised rather than aroused, and hoping her Grandmother would keep quiet until the Woodcutter was gone. The Woodcutter was suitably shocked, and the Grandmother acted similarly, though Little Red-Cap noticed a twinkle in her eyes, and so the Woodcutter promised to come back and walk her home later, and left them. The Grandmother ate the cake and together they drank the wine, giggling about the bits the Woodcutter didn't know about, Red-Cap getting quite tipsy by the time the Woodcutter came back. She said goodbye to her Grandmother and set off home, still in her high heels.
A mile or so away, and she was already feeling tired because of walking in the high heels, and realised she'd left her trainers at her Grandmother's. So they sat on the verge. Red-Cap noticed that the Woodcutter had an erection, and so she knew why he had been walking a little behind her, he'd been looking at her legs and arse. As they talked, she checked him out. He wasn't bad looking, brown hair and beard, very tall and muscular, about fifty years old. Finally, deciding her day couldn't get any weirder so it didn't matter what else she did, she unzipped his flies and in a lightning move had his dick out and was knelt between his legs.
"My, what a big cock you've got," she exclaimed, looking at the semi-erect sheathed cock she'd pulled out, "it's almost as big as the Wolf's!" I hope your son takes after you, she added to herself.
"Wh-what are you doing Little Red-Cap?" he stuttered, more amazed at his luck than shocked at her readiness for sex so soon after, as he thought, being raped by a notorious criminal, for his wife was long dead, and the women of the village were either faithful or not worth the effort in his opinion.
"Just my special way of saying thank you," she replied, and sucked the stiffening cock into her mouth. As it hardened she found that it was not much smaller than the one she'd enjoyed a few hours before. Looking up at the Woodcutter's ginger, bearded face, she swirled her tongue around the head, under the sheath of the foreskin, feeling it grow as she did so. Popping it out of her mouth she licked all the way down his shaft and sucked on his big hairy balls, then allowed her tongue to wander back up to the tip and she stopped.
Standing up in her high-heeled sandals, she peeled off the knickers and stepped out of them, then straddled his lap, thrusting her breasts into his face. He required no further encouragement, and soon had her blouse flapping open, her bra pulled down under her breasts and his mouth sucking on her nipples. His beard and moustache brushed roughly against the rest of her boobs, sending shivers through her body. As he shifted his attention to the second tit Red-Cap could feel her nipples erect, and her clit was itching for some attention, so after less than a minute she put her hands on his head and pushed down at the same time as she walked forward, until he leaned back, his ginger head disappeared under her plaid skirt.
She let out a moan as his facial hair meshed into her pubic hair and his big smooth tongue began lapping at her. Reaching up she pinched her nipples and squeezed her breasts as he squeezed her buttocks under her skirt, where his beard was becoming steadily darker as it was soaked with her juices. Once she was fully aroused, Little Red-Cap stepped back, one hand on the woodcutter's broad shoulders and the other holding the edge of her skirt up out of the way, she got onto her knees, and, with his arms around her waist supporting her, she sank slowly down onto him.
Now it was the Woodcutter's turn to gasp, his eyes going wide, as the tightest pussy he'd had since he first met his wife all those years ago clamped around his hefty cock and slid down it, as far as it would go. He found a tender little tongue licking around his lips, and opened his mouth to kiss his newfound lover. Their kiss broke as Red-Cap lifted herself up and then down again in smooth strokes, her breasts bouncing before his eyes as she did so, and letting out small gasps and moans as she felt the big dick slide in and out of her. She'd let the skirt drop now, so neither of them could see the entries, but anyone observing from the rear would have seen her inner lips being pulled out and dragging up the shaft with each upwards movement, leaving a shiny wet trail of juice, as the woodcutter was now holding her skirt up at the back whilst cupping her buttocks.
Faster and faster she bounced, wet sounds coming from their crotches, and he could resist the beautiful tits no longer. Leaning forwards he began devouring them, making the young girl yelp with delight. Eventually she could go back no further, so with his penis still inside her, they moved down on to a flatter area of grass, where he could lie back with his eyes half closed as she fucked away. Now he lifted her skirt to watch the sight of his meat plunging into her black bush, and then looked up at her flushed face, her big brown eyes looking fondly at him, her braids shaking with her movements but her red-cap still in place. She leaned forward now, and let him do the work with upward thrusts of his pelvis, unbuttoning his shirt to kiss his great hairy chest as he did so.
Carefully, they rolled over, with Little Red-Cap now underneath the huge hulk of the Woodcutter, his trousers still around his ankles as he rammed his piece in and out of the petite girl, making her breasts quiver. Her gorgeous legs began to lift up, until her two red high heels were wrapped around his shirt and her knees were level with her breasts, forming a cave with the two sides of his red checked shirt hanging down and his trunk-like arms either side, and allowing him to enter her right up to the point that his balls were slapping into her ass.
Now that both her arms were free, Red-Cap returned to massaging her breasts, gasping and groaning with delight, and then allowed one hand to wonder down to her pussy, creeping through her muff. For a while she was content to feel the thick cock plunging in and out of her slide between her fingers, but as she felt an orgasm building, she started rubbing her clit with a circular motion of her finger as fast as she could. Her moans turned to cries, and she closed her eyes, blind to the big man screwing her.
The noises she made spurred him on to go faster, now leaning on his elbows to make thing easier, his slight bulge of a stomach slamming into hers. Suddenly, Red-Cap's body stiffened and arched under him and began to shudder, and she let out a piercing cry, followed by several gasps and another cry mixed in with them, as a huge climax hit her. The Woodcutter could feel the walls of her cunt contracting around his dick, and he knew that this would set him off, the pressure building unbearably in his ball.
"I'm gonna, cum, I'm gonna cum," he shouted, "I can't cum in you!"
"Cum in my mouth, in my mouth," she replied in gasps. So with a wet pop he pulled out, and just in time, as while he moved around to her face he ejaculated, shooting right up her cleavage and neck. The next one was more directed as he desperately positioned it towards her mouth with his hand, but still sprayed right up her face, over her top lip nose and left eye, almost gluing it closed. Little Red-Cap, still masturbating furiously, took the end in her mouth and sucked, as more semen exploded into her mouth over her swirling tongue. She swallowed as much as she could, but due to the amount spraying out of the fat cock and the fact that she wasn't just concentrating on that meant that she wasn't fast enough, and it soon overflowed to run down her right cheek.
Finally they both relaxed, completely spent, staring at the early evening sky. Then Red-Cap picked up her knickers, wiped herself clean and pulled them back on. Licking the Woodcutter clean as well, they were soon both ready and set off home.
Soon after that, Little Red-Cap married the Woodcutter's son, who worked at night, and moved in with them both. For many years she lived like that, fucking her husband during the day and her father-in-law during the night, until the Woodcutter was too old for that. But unknown even to him, sometimes Red-Cap would go off into the woods and get fucked by the biggest cock of the village: the Wolf. And all four were delighted.
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