Fucking Radhika Aunty

Hi ISS Readers, My name is Imran and i m from the city of Guuwahati. This story I am writing is a true encounter of events which actually happened to me a couple of months ago. To cut it short I will begin with my story. I was on a sick leave from my office for a few days because of a bike accident which I had and I was recovering. During the day I didn’t have much to do and so I used to log into the yahoo chat and was catching up with friends. I on one occasion entered the Guuwahati Chat room and just said hi to a couple of people just to chat upon .I got a prompt reply from one chat user whose name was cool guy later on it turned out that she was a house wife who was also just passing her time.
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Fucking Cousin in her Sleep

Hello everybody , this is Rahul here back with my third story , my earlier story prem ka khel was appreciated by a few girls and I was very happy with the response , I hope beautiful girls & bhabis & aunties will continue to like my stories and send me their replies. Now I am back with a new real life incident which I am going to narrate you through a story. This is about me and my maternal uncle’s daughter.

As you already know about me. I am 5 feet 10 inches tall with nice muscular body with fair complexion. This story is about me and my maternal uncle’s(mama’s) daughter. Her name is Roopa. When this incident happened she was 28 years old and I was 22. Roopa is a beautiful girl with height of 5’4”. She has a lovely well shaped body with right quantities of flesh in every part but a bit of extra meat on her hips. She has lovely big killer eyes which she adorns with kajal, a very delicate pinkish lips which looks like the strawberries & it attract almost everybody who looks at her.
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Sex with Maid in Hostel

When I was doing my engineering, I used to stay in private hostel and obviously they had a maid. I dint have any feeling for her at first because she was old. . Like above 40. So I dint have much interest in her. But one day when I sleeping bunking my classes someone knocked my door so lazily I woke up n opened the door, maid. She was there to clean my room so I just gave some space for her to move in n start cleaning. Then I went to my bed and sat watching her tiding up the room, she was wearing a saree, cotton saree actually a blouse with no bra inside so whenever she use to bent her huge boobs (may be of size 36) hung like huge rubber bags full of milk ;) really she was fair in complexion so her boobs were too white n they looked juicy and in a awesome shape!!
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Threesome with Mom

Let me begin first introducing my family. We live in Mumbai, India. My Dad,48, works in private company and mostly is on tour.

My mom Seema, 45, is beautiful woman and myself Nik , 19, studying in college. Let me describe my mom first, she has 34DD boobs and great curvy ass. She normally wears jeans and sometimes saree. Whenever she goes out people look at her boobs and ass which gives her immense satisfaction. Whenever she is at home I get a hard on which often ended in masturbation in my room. I had developed feelings for my mom from age 15 when I saw my parents fucking.
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Mom my Wife

This is the story of how I and my mother became lovers when I was 18 years old and how our relationship became more intimate later. My mother’s name is Meena and my name is Sunil. We are a middle class Gujarathi family.
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