Got Fucked By My Boss

I am Manisha, 23. My story backs to 2002. I am from Ahmedabad. When I got an appointment as a teacher in a distant school situated about 100 km from Ahmedabad, I was happy but my parents were worried because the place was such a remote that it was not practical to do up-down on daily basis.

I did not have any idea about getting married soon, because I have some gynaecological problem, making me unable to conceive. I never wanted to ruin the life of someone. I decided to live alone till the almighty take decision for me. So, I have to settle of my own in life, at proper age. My parents are well to do, and may leave a handsome amount for me. But, I never wanted to rely on the paternal wealth, but to do my own activities and wanted to stand of my own.
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Fucking My Friends Wife

I have been reading stories from a long time and now I feel that I should share some of my super real life experience with you all guys. Here I m writing the stories which are real and appealing. So without wasting more I start my REAL LIFE EXPERIENCE with you people. Well, I m 30 yrs athletic physique with 5’10″ height and my junior is almost 7′ (wont boast like others) and I m from Ahmedabad.

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Enjoying With 6 Girls Together

Hi to all. I am a software engineer working in a MNC in Chennai. Here I am going to narrate a fantasy of mine. Hope you enjoy this story.

Characters in the story:

Geeta – She is decent looking girl of 5 4″ with curly hair and her stats may be 32 26 34.
Swathi – slim and sexy with height of 5 5″ with stats of 32 24 34. Her ass looks very soft.
Madhavi – She has very big and round ass as well as big breasts, very curvy with stats 38 32 42.
Vidya – whitish bubbly girl with seductive smile and with stats of 38 30 38.
Subha – very active and sexy with stats 36 24 36. She is the most beautiful girl in the group.
Vasanti – Homely look with thick long black hair of height 5 4″ with stats 34 28 34
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Sex with My Sons

 I have 2 son’s named Ashok and Avinash. The elder one is Ashok his age is 19 now and the younger one is 18. But at the time of the incident their ages where 12 and 10 and I was 34 years old. If you remember I said something about changing house in watchmen’s story. The incident took place in new house. After 4 months of the watchmen’s incident we changed our house and after 1 year in new house my husband died in an accident. That’s where I lost a smile on my face for almost 3 years. I use to be moody all the time cry and stay calm all the time. I was not in me. At that time with some influences I got the job of my husband. And we were able to feed ourselves. Anu was with me all the time for about 2 years. But then she got pregnant and went to her mothers house. Then I was coming over the tragedy of my life slowly and was able to handle house and office.
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Seducing Mom for Sex

Myself Alan(Name changed). This story is about how I seduced and done sex with my mom(real story). I have made sex with many aunties like this. I am very much mad in sex I do have homo sex with my friend. Coming to this story my mom is 45 years of age average looking women. But she does not have any affairs with anyone. During my college I was 21 years I had this sexual think about all women. I used to go to STD booth from inside you can see the outside people and from out they don’t able to see u. I’ll take off the zip and started stroking my penis seeing the booth girl. After finishing I came out by zipping and cock will erect like a rod. She used to see it but can’t talk about it.
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Fucking Maid Kaviatha

Hi friends. I am Arun. I’m 24 years old and I’m here to share with you my real life sex experience with my sweet looking and spicy vegetable seller turned servant maid. Her name is Kavitha and is 25 years old. She is a bit dark colour but looks very sweet. She works in a vegetable shop in my neighbourhood owned by her father. Her father takes care of the billing and Kavitha helps the customers in taking vegetables of required quantity. The very first time I went to her shop, my dick got a bit stiff seeing her. She has a bit fat in her belly, broad arms and huge boobs. I could not take my eyes of her boobs whenever I go to her shop but I somehow cover by enlarged dick with some basket to escape from her noticing it.
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