The Whole Of A Maid's Family - Part I

Hi fellow readers…this is Neeraj from a small town in Kerala. I would like to share with you my real life experience, happened before 10 years, with an elderly lady. Please read the story from the beginning till the end and I assure you it would be surely of interest to you. To introduce I am the only son of my parents and we had own house which is located with a big back yard where we have a huge well and few banana plantations. My dad is working with a private firm at senior level and my mom is a teacher.
I was 18 yrs and have completed my 12th and waiting for the results. I have a granny who is around 60 yrs old and would take care of the house in our absence. Our house is at the end of the road and hence we have neighboring house only at one side. Our neighbor house and ours are typically at the same level and we do not have compound walls in between, so we can move from our house to their house easily. Next to the backyard of our house is a vacant plot which is full of unwanted plants and is restricted by our compound wall.
Our neighbor house consists of an old man who has one son and daughter who are studying in a nearby city and come once in a while. The Old man must be around 45-50 yrs and he works with a manufacturing company in the outskirts, his wife has expired few years back and he stays alone in the house. He will be leaving at around 9:00 in the morning and would return only after 7:00 in the evening. He has employed a servant maid, who is the heroine of this story, who comes at around 8:00 and leaves after finishing the work.
Since we are close to each other the neighbor would give the house keys to us so that the maid can finish her work and arrange the things inside the house before leaving, my granny used to lock their house after she leaves.
Hope enough of detailed introduction has been given and now on to the story….
Two months ago, just before my 12th exams my granny had a massive heart attack and she expired in the hospital. So during my exam times the neighbor will take the keys with him and the maid would dry the clothes at the terrace and keep the things near the rear door after finishing the work. Things were smooth till my exams were over, one day I was preparing for my college entrance exams in my terrace and found the neighbor’s maid coming to their terrace for drying the clothes.
About the maid she is little dark in color and her name is Parvathy must be at the age of 50 yrs. Even at this age she looks like a woman of around 30 yrs due to her extensive work at other houses. I was wearing a lungi and T shirt and nothing inside. Since we have banana plantations at the back of the house it will be shady. I was facing towards their house and was studying and suddenly I heard someone coughing I looked at the direction and saw she was hiding behind the banana leaves some 50 meters away and was looking at my side. I acted as if I did not notice and continued but had an eye on her.
She stood there for about 5-10 minutes and then left. I was wondering what she was doing there and then realized that I have folded my legs in such a way that my knee was facing the sky and there is a big gap through which my penis would have been visible to her, but still I was not sure whether she was looking at my dick!!?
After finishing her work as usual she called me and I went along with her to lock the house and came back, none of us spoke about what happened in the terrace. Next day morning I deliberately waited for her to come to the terrace and have kept my lungi wide open for her to have a better look. It was not intentional but I thought of checking whether she is interested in looking at my dick and the thought gave me shivers through my spine.
As expected she came to the terrace to dry the clothes and she was busy with her work, and never turned to my direction. So I decided to skip the plan and started studying, but after sometime I could not see her in the terrace. I checked behind the banana leaves and found she was hiding there and looking at my direction.
All of a sudden my penis started to grow and for the first time in life I experienced the art of exhibitionism in me. She was there for some time and then left as usual. This continued for more than a week but after that one day as usual when I was exposing myself to Parvathy suddenly her daughter Lakshmi who is around 30 yrs of age (married and has school going girl child, She has been separated from her husband and stays with Parvathy) had come to the terrace. I realized this at a later stage and by that time she had her eyes in my lungi and that too she was sitting at the parapet wall and openly looking at my side.
I was totally embarrassed by this because Lakshmi used to make me and the neighbor’s kids play hide and seek and other games during our childhood days. Now she is openly looking at my hardon, but I never moved or made any move to hide my private parts as it will create a doubt in them. Parvathy on the other hand acted as if she was busy and never bothered to look at my side. Soon after finishing the work Parvathy called me for locking the house and I went there to find only Lakshmi standing there with the empty buckets, Parvathy has already left. I went to their house and asked Lakshmi to keep the things inside; Lakshmi came forward and with a smile told that “You are still a kid…you have never learnt how to hide” I understood the meaning but acted as if I did not understand. She then said that she will explain later and left.
From that day I never exposed myself in the terrace because I was afraid of being caught by some or the other person. Days were passing and once I observed that Parvathy takes a break from her work after the old man leaves and sit at the shade of banana trees and chew betel leaves. This is a routine for her and the place where she sits is very adjacent and close to our house back door and one can see clearly what is happening inside the house through the back door. I thought this is the safest place for my exhibitionism and started the act again in the pretext of checking the motor which is at the corner next to the door. I will be squatting near the door and will be acting as if I am checking/cleaning the motor. I used to fold the lungi and squat so that my dick will be visible to parvathy.
I started to observe that she used to spend longer time than earlier to have a nice glimpse of my manhood. Days passed like this and nowadays she has grown confident and would look directly at my side, once or twice we had a direct eye contact when I was exposing my manhood to her. Whenever she used to wash the clothes or vessels she used to turn to our house side and expose cleavage and her thighs to me.
One day I gathered some courage and went towards her with a small knife in the pretext of cutting a banana plantain leaves I was so close to her that I could see her inner thighs from the way she was squatting. I was only in a towel and banyan and started to cut the leaves and was keeping it on their platform, once I finished cutting the leaves I asked her to pour water to clean the leaves and squatted on the floor just opposite to her. As I squatted I saw her hands trembling and she said that she will finish the last vessel that is left out and then help me, I was waiting for her and was constantly looking at her thighs and cleavage.
After she washed her vessels she asked me to give the leaves to her so that she can wash and give me, I said its ok you just help me by pouring the water and I can wash the leaves myself. She got up and came close to the well to draw water from the well and I was squatting just below her and her ass is very close to my face, she straightened her saree and took one end of the saree from the bottom and folded it evenly and tucked it to her hip. This gave me a clear view of her calf muscles and backside of her thighs, to my surprise she has folded it so much that if she bends anyfurther I will get a glimpse of her ass. My dick started to grow inside the towel and was half visible, she drew the water and turned to my side and was standstill. I sensed something wrong and looked at her to find that she was directly looking at my partially visible penis.
I acted as if I never realized that and asked her to pour water and started to clean leaves. She suddenly sat in front of me and said that this is not the way to clean the leaves and that she would teach me how to do it.
Parvathy: this is not the proper way, wait I will teach you..
Me: Ok
Parvathy: You have to spread the leaves in full and then use your hand to wipe the dust away using water.
Saying this she started to spread and clean the leaves. I was looking at her exposed thighs and to my disbelief her saree which was folded has created a gap and I could see almost all of her thighs till the pussy region. One leaf was little lengthier and she has to stretch further towards my side to clean it and in that process her hands were coming close to my dick, but was not touching it. I could not control my hardon and she was constantly looking at my penis, neither of us had the dare to proceed further and even this initiative ended here.
After this incident for almost a week Parvathy started ignoring me and would never speak or look at my direction. I was wondering like what happened to this female.
The next day being a sunday when I was working with my dad at the back yard we sensed a foul smell coming from somewhere, we roamed around the place and found nothing. After sometime the old neighbor came to my house backyard and was asking my mom’s permission to draw water from our well, I enquired my mom and realized that a cat had jumped into their well and died there, it has spoilt the entire water. So apparently the neighbor has to depend on our water for their day to day needs.
I was overjoyed by hearing this because Parvathy has to come to my house to draw water from the well and as per me they might need 3-4 big vessels of water. Since it was a Sunday I could not do much and parvathy like an obedient maid was sincere to her work and never bothered to turn to see my side.
Next day morning I was planning to get ready for my new adventure routine with Parvathi, suddenly my dad called and asked me to accompany my mom to my maternal grandparents place since my grandpa (Mom’s father) is sick. I was cursing my luck and left with my mom, I stayed there with my mom for 3 days and those 3 days were like hell for me. I had a wonderful chance back at home to bring Parvathy under me but now I am here sitting with my old grandfather, on the third day my mom asked me to leave and take care of the house so that my dad can come and stay with them. My happiness found no limits and I was rushing back to my home.
I reached early in the morning and my dad left for my native. I was lying on the floor and was wondering how to proceed with Parvathy and drafted a plan. Since it was summer I was just in my towel and banyan, I was sitting in the hall with my penis exposed fully and waiting for parvathy to come and ask for the pulley. As expected Parvathy came to ask for the pulley and saw my dick in semi erect state and turned her face, I was disappointed but still I asked her as to what she needs without changing my position, she without turning to my side said she needs the pulley to draw water from the well. I gave her the pulley and came back with dejected heart.
That day nothing much happened and she went after finishing the work without even asking me to lock their house, we also did not have the keys of their house, I then realized that the old man has not gone to office. May be this is the reason for parvathy’s weird behavior, I said to myself.
Next day morning the old man came and gave the keys to me saying that he will be out of town for the next 3 days but the servant maid will do her routine work today and from tomorrow she will do cleaning work outside, Parvathy was standing by his side and listening to what he was telling me. I said I will take care and saw him off.
I was waiting for Parvathy to come to my back yard for drawing water from our well. She was busy with her vessel and clothes washing and once she was done with that she sat at her regular place and started to rest and chew betel leaves. I was watching all this from our window and suddenly there was some loud noise at the backyard and I found she was purposefully hitting a wooden log with a big stone as if to give me a signal.
She was constantly looking at my back door and creating noise at equal intervals, and then I understood that she wants me to know that she is waiting for my show, but I decided to play a different game and became completely naked and started to rub oil all over my body and to my penis and brought it to full length. I decided not to go out and expose but instead let her come and ask for the pulley and then I shall show my entire naked body to her, if she gets angry or acts funny I can say that I am about to take oil bath and hence I am naked.
Parvathy grew impatient since I have not gone out and she got up lifted and folded her saree to her hips and this time it was even worse I could see almost entire thigh shape and she took the vessel for water and started to move towards my house. I made a sitting arrangement close to the door and in broad day light I was showing my back towards the back door and started to malish my whole body with oil. There is a mirror at the wall opposite to the back door and one can see who is at the back easily, I was constantly watching the back door, and there came parvathy. She was dumb folded by seeing my naked back and kept her hands on her mouth in utter disbelief, I was acting as if I never observed her there and continued with my massage. Slowly parvathy started to speak and it has been narrated as below:
Parvathy: Neeraj
Me: Oh shit! Who is it? (acting as if I never realized that she will come)
Parvathy: Its me, I need the pulley for drawing water from the well.
Me: Oh ok I am just finishing my massage and my hand is full of oil, can u wait for some time.
P: yes sure (I acted as if I have finished my massage, but till now she is looking only at my back side that too I was sitting on a stool)
Me: Can you move away a little from this site, because I am naked and I need to turn around to get the towel.
P: Ok, will do.
Me: Thanks…(When I saw in the mirror she was still standing there, as if she surely needs to see me naked today)
I acted as if I never knew she is still there and turned over, There I was totally naked without a single thread on my body exposing my raging hardon to my first admirer. She was looking and feasting her eyes with the best view as it is broad day light and only a few inches away hardly a meter between us.
P: where are your parents?
Me: Oh!!! I thought you have moved away? Why are you still here? They have gone to my native and will be coming only after a week.
She came back to her senses and with a puzzled look. I was acting as if trying to hide my erection and turned back.
P: ah..ah.. Its ok I am much older than you are, it is not a problem. And moreover you are hiding the main part and so it is ok.
Me: But I feel shy….please move to that side.
P: How are you managing alone with this big…….?
Me: What?
P: ah..without your parents how are you managing alone with this big house?
Me: There is some urgent work at my native that’s y. can you please go that side?
P: Ya I am going, Why are you not wearing anything? And sitting here keeping the door wide open?
Looks like she never wanted to move away. All the while I was hiding my hardon with both the hands.
Me: I am about to take bath and hence I am applying oil to my body. Now enough of enquiry, please move that side
P: (with a grin) ok.
I was acting as if I forgot where I kept my towel…and searching for it, still exposing my naked back to her.
P: What are you searching for?
Me: My towel, I have forgot where I kept it.
P: It is ok there is nothing new to see again, you give me the Pulley I need to finish the work and go fast.
Me: Ok.
I went inside and brought the pulley along with me and handed it over to her. While taking the pulley from me she tried to touch my penis but I moved away swiftly.
P: I can’t fix it on my own please come and help me, it is so high for me.
Me: I can’t come out naked and my old towel is not to be found here. You will have to wait for some more time till I finish my bath.
P: If you take bath immediately after applying oil then what is the use. You should leave it for some more time so that it is absorbed by your skin. Moreover this place is deserted and no one except me is here to look at your snake, so come out and fix this for me.
Me: Then you turn to the other side, even if you have seen me naked I feel shy to be naked again and again.
P: Ok baba, come now.
When I went there I was almost lost in my senses. As I told earlier she had folded her saree dangerously up and she had kept her one leg on the side walls of the well and the other on the ground. This has further exposed her inner parts and as she was turning to the other side her ass was almost totally visible to me. My dick was straining and I could not control my desires, this filthy lady is testing my hormones. I somehow fixed the pulley and went close to her and asked.
Me: Is this ok?
In one swift movement she removed her leg from the side walls, she turned towards me and said
P: Yes this is fine. If you can help this old woman by holding the filter above the vessel it would be helpful.
Me: I can do that but I need to wear something.. I can’t be naked for a long time that too in such an open place.
Her next move was unexpected, she placed her leg on the side walls, now facing me…I can almost see her pussy line from the top.
P: Ok If you can sit here and hold the filter then you can hide your snake behind the vessel, and I can finish the work in much ease, what do you say?
What else could I ask for? If I sit or squat on the floor I will surely see her pussy line atleast. I was in cloud nine but still I don’t want her to know that so soon.
Me: Ok make it fast…
Saying this I removed my hand from the raging hardon and she again had a nice look at my penis. I squatted on the floor towards the side of the vessel so that she can see my penis freely and looked towards her direction and was shocked. I could see her pussy clearly and she has shaved it recently!! Her pussy was fully wet and the juices started flowing towards her thigh.
She filled the vessel and while doing so she said
P: You have applied oil on your front but have not concentrated much on you back.
Me: I know my hands could not reach there and that’s why I could not do it fully.
P: Ok but leave the oil as it is so that it is absorbed in the skin.
I was expecting her to say she would help me but nothing happened. She finished drawing water and said that this one vessel is enough since there is no one at home.
P: Can you come and open the door of their house for me…I have to keep this inside and go to other places of work. You can lock the house and come back for your bath.
I was rather surprised after hearing this. Does she want me to come naked and open the house door for her?
Me: No way, I am naked and how can u expect me to come to my neighbor house and wait for you to finish the work and lock the house. Are you mad…?
P: In that case I will have to wait for you finish the bath, and god knows how long it would take for you..
Me: I can finish it faster, you wait here I will finish and then we can go.
All the while she was looking at my dick and I at her pussy.
P: Ok, but I will be bored till then. Shall I help you in bathing?
Ah! This is what I was in need of, I could not believe my luck. I stood up and she also stood straight.
Me: No I can manage on my own. I will feel shy if you were with me while I bath.
P: I have been seeing every inch of your body front and back for the last 15 minutes and now you are saying that you feel shy.
Me: Ok ok. I accept that you have seen me in full but that does not mean that you can bath me.
P: Then come with me and open the door and then lock it. Even I have works to do.
Me: Ok you just rub my back and leave the bathroom.
P: why do you want to go to bathroom. I will lock the main gate and come lets have it here..
Me: Ok..
I was super excited to know that I am going to be naked with this lady at the back of my house and she is going to bath me.
P: I have locked the door come and sit here.
Me: ok
She started applying oil on my back and asked me to stand, when I stood up she started rubbing oil on my ass cheeks and inserted her finger into my asshole.
What a feeling it was…I was mesmerized and suddenly there was no movement from her side, I turned around to see her removing her saree.
Me: What are you doing?
P: If this oil along with water spills over my saree and blouse it will get spoilt, so I am removing it to give you a full bath.
I turned to her side directly and started looking at her directly and the word full gave me more confidence.
Me: Ok,
While she was removing her blouse she turned to the other side but still was looking at my penis from the corner of her eyes.
P: Why is your snake so big always?
Me: What?
She removed her blouse in total and then untied her petticoat and tied it to her chest.
P: I asked why is your snake always hard and big?
Me: I don’t know, but it does not listen to me and gets tempted very often.
She made me sit and started to pour water on my head and took shampoo to wash my hair then she took the soap and started soaping my chest. Since I was sitting on the floor she could not do it easily and asked me to stand-up. I stood up and she was squatting and applying soap on my legs she came to my thighs, again to my stomach and chest.
Then she asked me to turn around and started applying soap on my back and ass. She took more time in my ass and then at the back of my legs. She finished the back side and asked me to turn around and started pouring water. She made sure that the soap is not left in any place. She asked me to sit and applied soap on my face, she was sitting opposite to me, and while doing so I felt something soft touching my penis. I was wondering what it could be because she had her both hands on my face then what else could that be, I could not open my eyes and after sometime I felt her hand move away from my face.
She was silent for couple of minutes and then she started pouring water on my face. I opened my eyes and found that she was very close to me and her pussy is wide open in front of my penis. She then took the soap and started to lather the soap in her hands then suddenly took hold of my penis and started to massage it. I could not control the harmones and my penis was pulsating in her hands, she was breathing heavily and finally she uttered..
P: You have such a wonderful meat, and your wife will be happy. What is your size any idea?
Me: I.. ..I… I… think it will be around 7-8.
P: No, it will be more than that.
All the while she was stroking me, Suddenly I felt my eyes pop out and my throat drain. She realized that I am about to cum and left my cock and caught hold of my balls and pulled them down, I was squirming in pain. As if she does not want to come yet, she poured water on top of my penis and cleaned it thoroughly.
She pointed towards her chest and told..
P: See what you have done, I have become all wet
Me: you have become wet much earlier and not just now
P: I am talking about the whole body.
Me: Imm
P: I have to take this off and probably have a bath. You go inside and dry yourself I shall finish my bath then.
Me: No I shall also help you in bath
P: I have seen you naked and hence it is ok if I bath you but it is not the same in your case, so you go inside
Me: Ok
I went inside and dried myself with a towel and was waiting for her to come inside, She came fully drenched with petticoat stuck to her body.
P: Can you give me a towel to dry myself.
Me: Yes
I gave the same towel used by me and asked for her petticoat so that I can dry it for sometime.
P: Ok
She tied the towel and gave the petticoat, the towel was so small that half of her boobs and part of her ass was visible
P: What are you staring at?
Me: Nothing
Went and dried the petticoat and came back naked to her again
Me: Come to the room and dry yourself under the fan
She came into the room and was drying under the fan
P: Why is your snake still hard?
Me: It was not taken care properly
P: I applied soap everywhere, let me see
She sat on the bed and made me stand next to her and started examining my penis, she was slowly stroking my penis and slowly licked the pink head with her tongue. Thats it
I pushed her onto the bed and removed her towel.
P: it took this long for you to do this?
Me: I was waiting for you to initiate, now lets get into action
P: I am dying for it
I rolled my tongue all over her and started sucking her boobs, which were round and firm though slightly saggy, she was looking like a 50yr old. She took hold of my penis and said that in such a white skin body the dark brown rod is a treat to watch. We went to 69 position and she started to suck my penis I was sucking her vagina and in minutes I came but still she did not leave it. She was sucking me dry.
I sucked her and she came out with a big orgasm which she said was the best in her life. We rested for 10 mins and then she said I want your hot rod inside me and eager to take your virginity, she lied on the bed and I came on top of her and started mounting her. Since it was the first time she asked me to do it slowly and her pussy was slightly free for me to move in and out. She will ask me to stop in between some 10 strokes and then squeeze my cock with her pussy lips and then ask me to continue. I had never experienced such a pleasure in my life till date. She then came on top of me and even at 50 she was hyper active and I was finding it difficult to cope with her. After 20 mins I was about to come and when I mentioned it to her she asked me to increase the speed and even she came along with me.
We tried different strokes for next 1 hr and I was dead tired and so was she. Finally around noon she got up and got dressed up to leave. She said tomorrow we shall try something else and kissed me bye.
Next Day was a pleasant surprise with her daughter Lakshmi leading the role…Will continue in part 2.

Fucking Old Maod

Hi all,
I am an ardent reader of ISS forum and I really enjoy reading the stories based on maids. This is a true incident happened during my visit to Warangal recently.
Let me explain the true incident so that all ISS readers will have some happy memories of similar incidents happened to them in their lives.
I am a self styled business man who deals in textiles. I am Murali, 27 years old and I do take care of my business without anybody's help. My dad is a retired teacher and he always encourages me to do things as I like and he will never mind me travelling a lot as my business demands the same. Whenever I travel, I never stay in posh hotels and I always stay in medium hotels with decent amenities. Normally, I used to stay in a hotel near the bazaar in warangal. But as the place became crowded and noisy, I changed to a hotel near the railway station which also helped me to access it at any point of time.
This incident of mine happened during my visit during the month of January last, where I stayed for nearly 7 days. I always choose a corner room in the top floor of the hotel to avoid any disturbance. Here it was a air conditioned double bed room.
On day one, as usual, I got up early and took bath and walked out of my bathroom to get dressed. It was around 7.30 am and I was only in my wet towel tied around my waist. A sudden noise near my door shattered my attention and I slowly went near my door and opened it to see what has happened. I saw the room boy delivering newspaper to each room and he looked at me and smiled and asked whether I need coffee or tea. I said I don't want anything as I am about to leave and saying that when I was about to turn back and close the door of my room, I saw a lady with a broom stick entering the corridor of my floor to clean the veranda.
I quietly closed my door and opened the bottom half the front windows and moved the screens away to enable the sunlight to enter my room. By this way, one who crosses my room will be able to see whatever I do inside my room. Then I started reading the newspaper and waiting for the servant maid to cross my room. The moment I heard the broom stick noise near my room, I had peak through the window and I saw the maid sweeping the floor near my room. I knew she had to take a turn back after crossing my room and I had a plan to seduce her immediately.
I am having an athletic body, with a whitish skin tone, I normally look like a attractive young man. With a bated breadth, I removed my towel and I was standing in front of the dressing table facing the window. So, anybody, who crosses my room, if they happen to see inside my room, can see my image on the mirror with my full front body on view in the mirror. Then, I took my hair gel and started applying on my head pretending as if I am not aware about the sweeper crossing my room.
As expected, the servant maid, while sweeping the floor, since the window was kept open, had a look inside my room and saw me standing in front of the dressing table mirror with my undies alone and applying gel on my head. Without any reaction, she crossed my room and I knew she will go back after sweeping in front of my room. But the surprise thing happened beyond my wildest dreams.
Yes... I heard the calling bell of my room being pressed and I knew that the servant maid of the hotel is there in front of my room pressing the bell. I took a gamble and opened the door slightly so that she will not see me in full with my undies alone and asked her what she wanted?
She said that her name is Saramma, and asked my whether she has to clean anything inside the room? I was shocked to hear such a question from her, because, now let me explain about her...
She looked like a woman in the age group of middle thirties but looked much younger to her actual age. She was very fair and had big melons as her boobs. Her social status could be judged by the poor quality of dress materials she was wearing. Yes, she was in a Light yellow saree with a matching transparent blouse. I knew she was not wearing a bra as I could not see any bra strap inside the blouse. She was 5 ft 4 inches height and slightly on the bulgiar side.
Actually, my pervert mind started thinking wildly about the question she posed to me. But, then controlling myself, I said I just came the previous day evening and she can, if possible come in the evening to clean my room. She said Ok sir and waited there for me to give her some tips. So, unintentionally, I kept the door slightly opened and turned back and took my wallet from my pocket and took a 20 rupees note. I came near the door and while giving her that 20 rupees note, the door was opened a bit wider and while she was taking the amount from my hand, she had a complete look at my athletic body with only my undies on and smilingly said you have a nice athletic and attractive body sir. With a smile in her face, she turned again and had a deep breadth and looked at me and went away from my room.
I was thinking seriously about the consequences of the hot look of Saramma and wildly started imagining about the possibilities in the coming days of my stay in the hotel. I was also wondering about the luck I had of getting a corner room with no neighbors on the top floor of the hotel where normally, even the room boys don't come and disturb that often. Then, I got ready and went out to meet my clients.
Suddenly, by around 2.30 pm, it started raining heavily at Nellore forcing me to cancel my appointments for the day and to return to my room. While coming back to hotel I was wondering how to kill the remaining time. Since I like getting drenched in rain, I deliberately came by walking from the nearest bus stop to my hotel and collected the room keys from the receptionist.
I took the lift and went to the 3rd floor of the hotel where my room was located. The moment I came out of the lift, I saw Saramma lying on the floor and reading some Telugu magazines left by the tenants of the rooms. The shutting sound of the lift door dragged her attention out of the magazine she was reading and looked out to see who had come there.
After seeing me, she suddenly tried to get up from the lying position and in the process, her saree pallu fell down from her shoulders. As her hand was holding the magazine, she could not immediately take the saree pallu and put it in its rightful place. That few seconds, I had a generous view of her big boobs and her deep navel visible through the front opening of the blouse.
She said, sorry sir and then put the pallu over her shoulders and with a concerned voice, she asked me whether she can now come and clean the room. I said to Saramma that if she is free now, she can come and clean my room as I am not going out any time soon and it was also raining heavily. She immediately said that she will come and clean the room and went away from me to pick up the broom stick and other aids to clean my room.
In the meantime, I went towards my room and opened the door and as it is an air conditioned room, the door had a self shutting facility and it automatically closed. By the time, I took my wallet and other belongings out of my pocket and kept it near the dressing table, I heard the calling bell of my room and asked her to come inside.
Saramma entered my room with all the cleaning aids and saw me standing in front of the dressing table with completely wet clothes sticking my whole body and in the process making visible a slight bulge in my dick. She had a wicked smile in her face and said that she will clean the room after I change my clothes as the water droplets were coming from the clothes are wetting the floor. Then she sat on the floor near the dressing table waiting for me to change the wet clothes. I did not expect this to happen this soon.
Then, admiring my luck, swiftly I moved towards the cupboard and took my suitcase and took a langotti and towel from that. I started unbuttoning my shirt and removed my vest too. While I was removing my belt, Saramma asked me whether I was married or not. I said that I was not married and while saying so, I removed my wet pant and kept it on the holder. Now I was again only on my undies with wet body. Saramma now said that Sir, you please come below the fan to dry you hair quickly or otherwise, you will be affected by cold.
As if I was listening to her advice, I moved towards Saramma with only my undies on and took the towel in my hand and first dried my whole body and moved to my head. At this point Saramma was having a free show of my athletic body and also a big bulge in my undies. Then, I turned to the opposite directing and tied the towel around my waist and removed my brief and took the langotti and inserted it in front over the black thread around my waist and took the other end of the langotti and brought it back behind my dick and inserted out of the back side of the black thread around my waist. In this process, the towel around my waist dropped out of my hand and flew towards Saramma as the fan was in full flow.
Now I was only in my langotti, ( which is made up of transparent white cloth of 2 ft length and 5 inches width.) Which barely covers the cock and balls. Even the hairs around the cock will be partly visible to the eyes. I had no other option but to turn towards Saramma, who for all the while enjoying this situation, and take the towel from her. So I turned and went near Saramma to take the towel from her with only a white transparent langotti around my waist struggling to hide the huge bulge and to be frank, was making visible the shape of my cock clearly.
Saramma had a shock seeing me like that and tried very hard to hide the reactions of hers. When I went near her to take the towel, I could clearly see the sweat in her face even in the a/c room and she was starring at the bulge while I took the towel from near her. Then I sat on the chair and started drying my hair.
Now Saramma took the broom stick and cleaned the entire room in ten minutes and waited near the door for me to tip her again. Now my mind started working again and I deliberately took 2 hundred rupees note and gave to her saying that she can buy something for herself for Mahara Shankaranthi. Sarammas face said it all and she said thank you babu. Thank you. And assured to come and regularly clean my room everyday. I said that you are welcome to do so. Then she left my room and went away. I closed the door of my room and thinking about the happenings in the room and doing so, again I started having a big bulge on my dick.
Again I could hear the press of my rooms calling bell and took the towel and tied it around my waist and opened the door to see who was calling me. To my surprise, I saw Saramma standing there without any of cleaning aides and asked me whether she can come inside the room and wanted to talk to me. I allowed her inside wondering my luck and she obediently sat on the floor while I sat on the bed instead of the chair. While sitting on my bed, I took my towel from my waist and sat with only my langotti around my waist.
Saramma asked about my family and I told her that I am the only son of my family and I don't have any siblings and I do business which takes care of my requirements more than I expect it to do. I asked her about her family, and she said she alone stays in her house as her husband is in jail due to severe financial crisis and she doesn't have any kids too take care of her. She is self supported and her income itself is too me agree to meet her ends.
Then the sudden question of hers surprised me... Yes, she asked me "Babu, why do you grow hair around your dick as girls won't like men having hairs there as it will irk them during intercourse".. I said as I am not married yet, I did not face such situation...
Saramma stood up and said "Babu, why don't you have a hot water bath now since you had drenched a lot in the rain and she said, she will even help me in taking bath by scrubbing my back".
Without waiting for my response, she came close to me and took my cock out of my langotti and measured its length.. Saramma said that I have a huge cock which every women would love to have her inside their pussy and started moving her hand up and down over my cock. This action of hers woke me up and my dick started rising and it was in its full length of over 8 inches. In one move, she removed my langotti and I was lying in my bed completely nude in front of a stranger women whom I have met only in the morning.
I stood up and planted my lips on Sarammas and kissed her deeply and passionately. She also responded wonderfully and her hands straightaway cupped by back. All the while, even though I was kissing her, I without waiting for her further response, I pulled her saree from the shoulders and removed it completely. Now Saramma was standing and kissing me only with her yellow petticoat and matching blouse.
Now I turned my attention to the two big melons which all the while was waiting to be punished by my able hands. The big boobs were struggling to stay inside her blouse and realizing that, I opened her blouse hooks one by one and removed her blouse also freeing the water melons to jerk and float around her chest. Without wasting further time, I removed her petticoat too and started sucking her left breast and at the same time took my right hand and encircled her right breast. She was completely going beyond control and I told her to take slowly but steadily.
Now Saramma, sat down and in a swift move, took my dick inside her mouth and started sucking it to the end. She was sucking from top to toe end of the cock and while doing so, she also started playing with my balls around the cock. This action of hers made me go wild and I was about to cum out.. Saramma suddenly stopped sucking my cock and stood up and pinched my nipples and cupped my back and asked to punish her as I like.
I took Saramma to the bed and made her lie on the bed. I took a pillow and kept it under her lower back and I too lied on her side. Then I turned towards her and sat on her stomach and started pressing her boobs and sucking them to the end. She was moaning shh ahhh shhh ahh... Saramma said babu, you please enter inside and her orgasms is going to the peak. Then I took her hand towards my tool and asked her to insert it in her pussy. Saramma went wild and took my cock and inserted it inside her pussy, which was very tight and wet. The cock went inside and I did not move and stood still. Saramma could not tolerate the pain and she pleaded me to move and cupped my back to push me deep inside her pussy. Then mine and her body moved in harmony and I cummed inside her pussy after 5 minutes and fell over her body with sweat all over the place.
Saramma, planted a deep kiss on my forehead and lips and thanked me for whatever I had done and I also lied around her in the bed breathing heavily.
This continued till I stayed there and I hope you all enjoyed reading my experience.
Any interested ladies contact me
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