Sheela screwed like slut by horny Boss - IV

Anyway after saying that he got up a bit and tried to turn me around and I turned. Hemant came beside me and lied down, Jai adjusted me in his arm and now I was laying my head on Hemant’s shoulder like I was resting in Jai’s arm and now Jai was behind me, I was expecting that Jai will enter into my cunt from behind.
Jai moved my one leg over Hemant’s legs and kept other one straight to get better access of my cunt, I was in the posture as if I am climbing stares, my right leg was bit raised and resting on Hemant’s thighs and from behind Jai moved his finger over my slit from behind to front and then squeezed one of my hips and came over me from upper half and spoke in very soft voice after coming close to my ear,
“Sheela tumhare husband ne kabhi apna Lund tumhare doosre chhed mein nahi daala hoga” and before I would have understood what he said, he spoke again, “aaj hum daalenge wahan hmmmm…”. I realized that Jai was talking about fucking my asshole and I just tried to get away, but I failed. They were prepared for this and Hemant held me tight and Jai came over me immediately.
I could realize that it was pre planned, if I would have accepted the proposal then they would have treated me properly. But now it was there last night with me and they were planning to fuck my ass. Once again I tried to get away and requested them to leave me saying, “nahi Bhaiya, please aisa matt kariye” Jai and Hemant both were trying to stop my movement and I was well in there control.
“Sheela kuch nahi hoga, jaise pahli baar tumhe wahan thoda sa dard hua hoga, waise yahan bhi hoga” Jai replied, “nahi please Bhaiya, mujhe nahi karna” I continued struggling but I could see that I am very weak as compared to them. “main gel lagga ke daalunga, aaram se andar chala jaayega” Jai spoke while further coming on me.
I was helpless, I was trying everything I could do but Jai was really very heavy and I could not even move, though I was trying to push Hemant from my hands, and Hemant was trying to hold them. Next moment Jai extended his hands to held my wrist, and spoke to Hemant and asked for my stroll to tie my hands saying, “isski chunni se haath baandh isske”,
Hemant got up immediately and followed Jai’s instruction and tied my hands, I was still trying to get away but I could see that I will never be able to get free, as both of them were powerful. Once again I requested Jai not to do that, saying, “Please bhaiya matt kariye, wahan daal lijeeye please” “kahan Chut mein?” Jai asked me back and then spoke again,
“tumhari Chut ko to do din se hum ragad hi rahen hain, bass ab yehi ek chhed bachha hai tumhara” by that time Hemant was finished tying my wrists together and I was laying on my stomach with a raised hands tied together and Jai was laying on me.
As he saw that now I can not move my hands much he got up and sat around my thighs below my ass mounds on my knee joints and squeezed my hips together and then parted them to see my ass hole. Once again he got up and this time parted my legs and sat between them, I turned and tried to get up but Hemant held me from my shoulder and restricted me to lie there as I was, on my stomach.
I was crying and screaming, requesting them to leave me, “please Bhaiya aap meri burr main dal do, wahan mat daalo, mujhe bahut dard hoga” “Sheela tumhe kuch nahi hoga, main dhere dhere karunga, aur fir tum hamen dobara milogi bhi nahi, tumhe puri tarah enjoy bhi to karna hai” “please bhaiya leave me, aap jo bologe main karungi, jab bologe main aa jaaongi, please mujhe chhod do”
finally as it was time’s demand and I accepted his proposal to continue this relation, but he kept on squeezing and parting my hips to get a clear access of my ass hole. Suddenly Jai lifted my bottom a bit and pulled it towards himself while parting my thighs further wide and tried to kiss my asshole and in couple of tries he touched it with his tongue for a fraction.
Hemant was holding me from my shoulders, my jugs were shattered on bed and ass was raised towards roof. I tried to get away again but Jai strongly held my fleshy thighs and pulled them toward himself and again tried to plant a kiss on my ass hole and for that he tried to part my ass crack from his tongue.
It was a strange pleasure for me when my ass crack got licked, I moaned in pleasure, at that time I could not decide whether to run from there or to give my ass hole to him. But in any case Jai and Hemant were not in the mood of leaving my sweet ass….Jai’s tongue searched my ass hole over my ass crack again and this time Hemant helped him, he parted my ass cheeks for him.
Oh god what was that….…….Jai’s thick tongue moved on my ass hole clearly and I moaned and this time it was more intense gasp, what the hell was happening with me……I cursed the destiny. Jai passionately licked my ass hole as if he is going to eat me. Hemant parted my ass cheeks further, and my ass hole became little big, I screamed and both of them loved it.
Hemant made my ass hole open as much as possible and Jai licked it like a dog. “aaaaaaaahh….aaaaangggg..” I was moaning in different way with uncontrollable pleasure and pain on my butt hole. Both of them were holding me tight and I did not had any option except to surrender my ass to them. I calmly stood as it is showing my ass hole to Jai and Jai continued licking it for few more seconds violently.
Then I heard two words from Jai, “gel de” he was asking Hemant for some gel, and Hemant got up and took out one tube from his trouser pocket which was not kept very far. I could not see Jai clearly; he was behind me on his knees holding me tight from my waist, lifting it up to some height.
Once again I tried to request him as I saw that he is going to apply gel on my asshole, “please Bhaiya main marr jaaongi” “tumhe kuch nahi hoga, you know main Shilpi ki bhi Gaand maar chukka hoon” then after a small pause he spoke again, “ab to wo bhi enjoy karti hai”. Jai was talking about his wife Shilpi, that he has already fucked Shilpi Bhabhi in her ass hole.
By this time Jai was having gel on his fingers given by Hemant and next moment once again Hemant parted my hips and I felt Jai’s finger on my ass hole. Jai inserted his index finger in my ass hole slowly, I moaned “No…..aashh…no...” Jai continued fisting my ass for a while using lot of gel and after couple of minutes pain got subsided, but I was scared of his thick cock,
once again I requested him not to put his cock in my ass. Bhaiya, please meri Bur ko fuck kariye, mujhe bhi mazza milega, wahan mujhe bahut pain hoga, Bhaiya, please”. In reply Jai increased the speed of fingering my ass…..I moaned in pain like Ahhhh…… and closed my eyes.
Then Jai slapped on my asses two three times and spoke to Hemant “bahut tight hai saali ki Gaand” “raat bhar mein khul jaayegi” Hemant somewhat completed his statement, and both laughed a bit on that, “meri rakhail ban ne ko tyar ho jaati to, bach jaati” Jai spoke again. “ab jaldi daal, main munh mein Lund ghussa deta hoon” Hemant spoke back.
“nahi, thoda chillane de issko” I could hear and understand all Hindi words they were using. Next moment I felt Jai’s cock on my ass crack and once again Hemant parted my hips after getting instruction from Jai, “khol isske chuttad achhe se”. Jai pressed his fat cock inside my ass hole slowly, “Ahhhh…. “ I moaned I was just touched by his cock there.
Hemant adjusted my ass and kept it as up as possible for better fuck I buried my face into bed very tight in the fear of upcoming pain I was about to get. I could feel that something terrible is going to happen with me and just then a shrill whimper came out of me. I cried with hell of pain, made a long moan when Jai was on his way to rip my butt.
I think with in few seconds half of his cock was inside me and closing my eyes I was crying in my full volume. Jai kept on going in me deeper and deeper in my ass hole very slowly and I could feel that slowly his complete cock was inside my ass. I was crying with broken voice but I could not see any effect of my cries on them.
After inserting his rod completely in my ass Jai stood calm for a while, I was feeling as if hard and thick iron rod is inserted in my ass hole. Both Jai and Hemant were talking but I could not hear them as I was crying and screaming, my eyes were closed and mouth was open. In the next moment Jai started fucking my shit hole.
Initially he started with slow fucking strokes as it was a tight hole and he could not move it fast, but after couple of minutes of steady fucking his cock made his way and apart from that Hemant poured some more gel on my ass. Now Jai rod was moving with bit of ease and the physical feeling through which I was going cannot be defined in words.
Every time Jai pushed his rod inside my ass hole, I skipped my beat and as he took it out I shivered in strange sensation of getting plunged again, and he continued plunging tightest hole of my body comfortably. My ass was raised up as Jai was holding me from my waist and fucking me from behind with bit faster strokes and I was screaming in rising pain in my ass.
I was feeling as if my ass hole is going to tear off tonight. Jai kept on fucking me and I was crying in husky voice like “Aahhhh maaaaa… aaaaaaah….assssshhhhhh …” as my throat was getting dry. Suddenly Jai’s speed increased and he started fucking me vigorously and now I was going through worst part of my life which I cannot forget till my death, it was a pain I could not bear at all and for a fraction I felt that I am going to die right now.
I loudly cried and begged them to leave me, “ahhhh….ahhh…. Bhaiya dard ho raha hai, ple….please…ohhhhh” hearing my moan this time Jai stopped and took out his cock. He was also puffing but he was yet not over, I was relieved but not for a long. I heard Jai saying, “aaja daal saali ki Gaand mein” he was talking to Hemant, telling him to continue fucking my ass.
I tried to run but I was almost dead, so they caught me and swapped there position and this time my waist was held by Hemant and next moment Hemant’s cock went inside my ass hole tearing it off one more time. Once again I was crying, it was paining like hell but I could see that now pain was little less then before. My ass hole was ripped and it was getting adjusted with pain.
Instead of raising my ass with his hands Hemant preferred laying on my top after putting a pillow under my belly. I was laying on my stomach totally flat and spread and Hemant was riding on me, fucking my ass and like before I was screaming like hell. After couple of minutes Hemant stopped, and got up and once again Jai took his place and like Hemant,
Jai started fucking me and this time Jai started fucking me straight away with fast strokes and I continued screaming. I painful cries were arousing them and I could feel that Jai’s speed increased tremendously and my cries got shriller. I think choosing this place for having sex instead of hotel room was part of their plan of fucking my ass, as they knew that nobody will be there to hear my cries.
I was screaming on my full volume as Jai’s speed was getting higher and higher, “ahhh……. Dheeree’’’dheeree Bhai aaahhh…. “ by then I did not had strength to scream much, and on very next moment Jai stopped and got up and rolled on one side, while saying, “daal Jaldi” Jai got aside and I think he cummed on bed but before I would have sensed anything, other fucker was laying on me,
drilling my ass hole further and once again I was getting ripped in my ass without a break. Fortunately Hemant did not lasted for long and exploded his load in my ass itself. I was crying without voice as I was almost dead and both of my fucker were totally exhausted, one was laying on my top, and may be his limping cock was still inside me and other was beside me, on the same bed.
After few minutes both got up to use the toilet and came back. Hemant went out of the room for something and Jai tried to turn me on my back and spoke to me calmly saying, “go and clean yourself” I was still sobbing in shock and pain, but he had a smile on face and once again he spoke, “ come on get up now, jo hona tha wo ho gaya” and with that he released knot from my hand and tried to lift me from my shoulder to make me sit down.
I got up slowly while looking at him, he was still smiling and once again spoke “go clean yourself and come back”. By the time I came back Hemant was there with 3-4 beer cans and now they had a plan of having that. Jai gave me that new night dress and intentionally took my clothes in his custody, so that I cannot wear them and told me to sleep if I want to and for that they took leave from that room and settled down in the lobby with there beer.
I came on bed after wearing that very short nighty which was hardly couple of inches below my hips and it had a matching panty but no bra. I was awake for very long time just recalling whatever happened with me and cursing my decision to say yes for this proposal. Finally after more than an hour my consciousness surrendered and I went into sleep, but I could feel that even in sleep I was conscious and I got up with every little noise.
After some time, door opened and both entered in the room, as it was totally dark I could not see their faces but I could make out that who is Jai and who is Hemant and both took me in the center of the bed and lied on my left and right. Jai was on my right and Hemant went behind me as I was sleeping sideways facing door.
Jai took me in his arm and placed my head on his shoulder and somewhat hugged me sideways. He was just in his underwear and caressed my cheek and hairs and kissed me on my lips and just then I felt Hemant’s body touching me from behind, he too was just in underwear. Once again I was laying between two men in the totally dark room, totally depending on there mercy.
Hemant brushed his lips on my neck which was uncovered from the dress. “tumhe bahut dard hua na?” Jai asked me. I could not see his facial expressions as it was dark, though I wanted to see it. Anyway I did not replied to his question and remained as it is. Jai spoke again “pahli baar to dard hota hi hai” then again after a small pause he spoke again, “Shilpi bhi bahut royi thi, jab maine pahli baar uske wahan dala tha” Jai was talking about his wife.
Then again he spoke, “now she also enjoy” I remained silent, “teen char baar mein pain hona band ho jayega”. Hemant was touching and enjoying my body with his hands in the dark, by moving his hands from my back till my hips. Jai tried to grip me little hard and I could make out that they are here to have sex one more time, and not to give condolence.
I tried to get away slowly while saying, “nahi bhaiya, please aur matt kariye, mujhe bahut dard ho raha hai” but Jai held me in his arm and spoke, “Abhi Hemant daalega, lekin abb tumhe dard nahi hoga, jo dard hona tha ho chukka” and I realized that Hemant hands were on my Panty and he was trying to take it off from behind. I tried to resist a bit saying, “nahi please matt kariye”.
But Hemant was on his way to take off my panty and just then Jai pulled my one leg on his thighs keeping one straight. I was laying in Jai’s arm keeping one leg on his thighs and other straight and like that my hips were open for Hemant, and his hands were already caressing my hips.
Once again Jai spoke in dark in soft voice, “Hemant gel lagga ke tumhare peechhe daalega, aur dheere dheere karega, hmmmmm….” Then again he spoke, “thoda sa dard hoga jo tum easily bear kar logi”. Once again Hemant was going to insert his cock inside me from behind, I requested again “nahi please bhaiya…wahan matt daaliye” “daalna to wahin hai issne,
aaram se karwa lo to theek rahega, nahi to fir se waise hi karna padega” Jai spoke calmly, as he knew that I do not have any choice. And then once again he spoke, this time to Hemant, “gel lagga” and I felt Hemant’s hands searching my ass hole in dark and soon one of his finger invaded my tiny hole and I moaned in pain as he inserted it bit quickly and second time he was having gel on his finger, as now he knew the exact place where to enter.
Hemant used lot of gel and now from his body movement I could sense that he was taking off his underwear, may be after applying gel on his cock too, he touched my ass crack with his rod and I shivered in fear of getting ripped in my ass once again. Jai held my thigh in his hand which was kept on his legs and tried to stretch it further to open my ass hole as much as possible and spoke to Hemant,
“dheere dheere daal, aaram se andar challa jaayega” I griped Jai hard to prepare my self to get Hemant’s rod in my ass one more time. Hemant came closer to me from behind and I felt his chest touching my back, holding my waist he came closer to my bottom, I moaned and eased my body leaving myself on their mercy and my moan changed into a sharp gasp as his rod parted my anal walls and entered into my narrow asshole stretching all my anal muscles once again.
He grunted on the tight clamp of my asshole. With in couple of minutes he dipped his rod completely in my anus and waited. I was crying but not like before. Jai was holding me firm and caressing my cheeks. Hemant pulled bit of his rod slowly from my tight tunnel, and pushed back deep inside.
I cried in enormous pain. He did that again and rejoiced while murmuring "Yes... yes” I was crying, “OHHHhhh anh unhhh anh!" He moved slowly at first, rocking back and forth with slow and deep thrusts, I was going through less pain as compared to the previous ram fucking of my asshole.
But I knew that he will not fuck me like this for long, I tried to release my leg from Jai’s hands to tighten my ass opening but he held it tight and stretched it further and just then Hemant started gaining pace and began pumping his hips in fast and steady rhythm, driving his hard cock in and out of my butt.
His balls got pressed several times with my buttocks as he was diving deep in my ass till the root of his rod and at that time my pain always touched the peak. Gradually his speed increased further and fucking strokes got shorter. I was still unable to move much as Jai was holding me tight.
Hemant further held me from my shoulders and pace increased even more, My cries got shriller like “ma uhh oh ma oh ma oh ma uhh OHHH uhh OHMA” Hemant was getting closer to his burst and I was feeling that I will be tored off in two from my asshole. I was crying, screaming and trying everything to get free but Jai continued parting my hips holding my thigh to give better access of my ass hole to his friend.
Finally after few seconds pushed himself deep inside me and buried his rod completely in my asshole till the hilt of his cock and moaned loud in triumph, “Ohhhhhuhhh Yes... ohhh god yes yes yes!” and hugged me hard from behind. I was crying without breathing as I was feeling enormous pain. I could feel Hemant’s rod’s shivering in my butt while hollowing his balls and finally felt bit of hot liquid getting injected inside my pot.
Hemant took off his limping cock from my ass and got away and lied on the other side, I was still in shock over whatever happened and then Jai made me lay straight on my back and came over me, I was still crying and could not speak anything, Jai was heavily aroused and he started brushing his lips on my neck and then tried to take of my nighty and succeeded,
I could sense his body language and could see that he too wanted to fuck me and before I would have spoke anything, he took off his underwear and spoke, “Sheela main Chut mein daalunga” and with that he parted my legs and explored my cunt with his fingers to see the exact opening and next second I was stuffed down in my cunt and he was pumping my fuckhole in missionary position.
I continued crying and moaning, and Jai continued humping me and increased his pace as he was getting closer to his burst. Jai lasted for couple of more minutes and finally hollowed his balls in my fuckhole, and got up from me after a minute and lied beside me on the same bed. I cried for few minutes, and no one among them uttered a word, but they did not disturbed me after that.
Couple of times I felt there hands, once on my ass and once on my shoulder when I was trying to sleep. After some time both of them got up and I was left alone in the room. I slept naked covering myself with a sheet. In the morning I was first to get up, rather I hardly slept. Both of them were sleeping in the lobby.
I got fresh and wore my clothes which were kept in the lobby and moved out of the campus to get something to go from there, but failed as it was a remote area and it was too early to find anything. By the time I reached back Jai was awake and told me relax and promised me that now they are not going to do anything. Finally I reached back to my place in an hour after a long torture.
Once again Jai asked me about that proposal, when I was getting down from car and this time he increased the percentage of increment every year, up to 50%. At that time I just banged the door of car back and walked away. I remained absent from office for long, neither I called Jai to inform that why I am not coming nor he dared to call me,
and in the mean time I talked to almost everybody I knew who can help me to find a new job as I did not wanted to go back to that place. I got couple of options but as I knew they were not fruitful at all, it was almost impossible to survive in that money after paying off the EMI of the loan. Couple of times I thought about joining one of them but I stopped in the hope of getting better job,
but it really did not happened and some more time passed, almost one more week. And through out these days I was going through a weird mind state, sexually I was set on fire, though at that time it was hell for me but now while sleeping in the night, in the dark room I started masturbating recalling past incident and sometimes my sexual urge rose very high and finger fucked myself vigorously and cummed in the end.
Truly speaking I cannot recall any night after this incident in which I was not fantasizing Jai and Hemant fucking me. Finally this all came to an end; almost 3 weeks were passed and as such I did not had any contact with Jai, couple of times phone came from office and I provided them information whatever they asked.
I remember it was Saturday morning and winters were just started, around 6 when I was just finished with the morning courses and bathing, and was about to worship like every morning, I opened the main door after door bell rang. Jai was standing on the door. I got scared for a second and looked around; I could not see anybody, not even watchman of our colony.
Jai moved in without any word. I too came in after bolting the door, I was scared for couple of things, what will they think if anybody among neighbors will see him here? And what is he up to now, what will he do with me? I came in the small living room after him and after a second Jai pulled me in his arm and hugged me, brushed his lips on my neck and spoke “why are you not coming to office” I tried to resist a bit to get free, but did not tried hard.
Jai’s hands straight away explored my breast and he squeezed them for his pleasure. I too moaned, as I had fingered my cunt few minutes back while having bath and that desire was still alive in me. His hands moved down and rubbed my thighs over my salwar and then moved up while giving me a rub over my hips, I started melting as the lust was lit inside me.
Jai kissed me on my lips and took me to the deewan which was kept there and came over me, surprisingly I was not resisting much, which I could do, rather I cooperated with him after few seconds, He got up to pull the string of my salwar to untie it and I stopped him saying, “nahi” but he continued and finally succeed.
Don’t know why I was not resisting him with full energy and that is why Jai was continuing. He pulled my salwar and tried to take off my panty, once again I tried to stop him and instead of saying just no I said, “wahan pe nahi daalna” means I did not wanted him to put his rod in my ass, that meant I was ready to take it in my cunt and he immediately responded to that and said, “aage daalunga, chut mein”
and next moment I was naked from bottom and with in few seconds Jai also took off his lower and started fucking me, I could not expect this at all, I was about to worship and opposite to that I was lying almost naked and getteing fucked. I cummed twice by the time Jai released his load inside me. Finally we got up and wore our clothes back.
He forced me to join back and promised me that I will not be forced for anything. I visited office and continued working, finally even after trying my best to control myself I continued having sex with Jai. Sometimes he comes to my place in odd hours when there is no risk to get caught and sometimes we use the same farm house to have sex.
I never demanded raise for this from him as I am happy with whatever I get, rather It was demand of my body who really bought me back to his bed, he is such a powerful fucker that I cannot resist myself for more than 10-15 days, neither he can stay without fucking me for long and now for me it is really very difficult to live without this.
Couple days back Jai has informed me that Hemant is coming to India for few days, and till now Hemant is unaware of the fact that I have continued sexual relation with Jai, and he has asked me, if I want to get in bed with both of them once again. Till now I have not decided and I am still in dilemma whether to say yes or know.
I am sure about this that this time I will not be treated badly and even if they will fuck me in my ass normally I can bear it as, Jai has fucked me there many times after that and now like Jai’s wife Shilpi I too have started enjoying this a bit. These days I am masturbating in my bed fantasizing Jai and Hemant fucking me together, like I see in one porn movie in which female gets two cocks inside her at one time, one in cunt and one in asshole.
I have nearly one week to give decision to Jai, and I really cannot decide. I would love to read what readers suggest me in this context, and to be frank I would like to read your comments about story but I am not at all interested in reading nonsense invitations to get on there bed, (like readers have wrote in previous part) to have sex and obviously I don’t want to read teachings of morals as they are left long behind on the road of my life.

Sheela screwed like slut by horny Boss - III

I am continuing my experience from the point I ended, and I request those who have not gone through that, they should read that first as only then they will be able to get the full script.
Any ways, here it goes. I came back home in the morning and tried to sleep in just blouse and petticoat after taking off my saree, but I could not, I was so tired even then I could not close my eyes, I was thinking about whatever has happened to me and my body last night, apart from feeling embarrassed I was also feeling horny,
whatever Jai and his friend Hemant did with me was something really very strange the way they made me shiver in orgasm helplessly, again and again I was recalling that as after very long time my sex hormones were provoked to maximum, and truly speaking Hemant’s comment “raat bhar mein humne isko itna khol diya hai, jitana iske pati ne isse 2 saal mein nahi khola hoga” was more or less true,
I was never fucked like that ever in my 2 years of married life the way I was fucked last night and somewhere I enjoyed all that up to an extend, but still I was not ready to go through all that again. Certainly apart from recalling everything I was thinking that what I have to do next. I knew if I will back up now then my whole sacrifice of last night will get wasted,
somehow I had to spend 2 more nights with Jai and Hemant and I had very little faith on Jai’s words that he will not repeat this sort of sexual act on me in which I was trembling in sexual pleasure. Then I recalled Hemant’s words “kisi Randi ko bulate to wo kabhi itna mazza nahi deti” and realized that they too need me,
may be because they were getting more physical pleasure from my body as compared to their wives or from prostitutes they use to hire, so I decided to put up some terms, and started writing Sms for that as I knew that I will not be able to speak up anything about that if I will try to talk to Jai face to face or even on phone.
I composed and sent one Sms to Jai saying, “I have few conditions for next 2-3 nights, 1) Only 1 person will do at a time, 2) nothing will be inserted and released in my mouth, 3) I will not be held without my consent”. After around 5-10 minutes I received a call from Jai and he spoke to me very softly starting straight away the matter saying,
“Sheela, I can accept only 2 conditions, 1st and 3rd, actually we like oral sex and in any case we will not accept that, but I promise we will not release that thing in your mouth, but tumhe hamara penis suck karna padega” then again he spoke, “tell me agar tumhe manzoor hai to?” I just said ok to it and he disconnected the line.
I realized that once again I have said yes to him for that night and now once again I will be fucked by them for almost whole night but one by one. It was really very strange mind state, and as the time past bit I realized that I am not scared of Jai and Hemant as I have had a lot of them in just one night and truly speaking I my thoughts were making me horny,
I was recalling my last nights experience again and again and now everything about last nights intercourse started arousing me. Time Passed further and I slept tight for few hours after heavy breakfast and by the time I got up Time was nearly 4. After some time Jai called and asked me again, saying, “Sheela fir kya decide kiya, chalna hai na” and I said ok to it,
Jai told me to come to main road in one hour and I reached there, after getting fresh. This time I was wearing kurta with tight Chuddidar pajami. Once again Jai and Hemant were already waiting for me. Hemant spoke hello to me with a big naughty smile and Jai picked up speed. It took longer but finally we reached at our destination, and this time it was not that Hotel,
it was some sort of farm house and when car entered in the campus, Jai turned and spoke while looking at me, “actually this is my friends farm house, we will use this place for next two days”, after a small pause Jai spoke again “as such nobody lives here except one care taker, but I have given him leave for next few days”.
Finally we entered in the house and settled down in the lobby, as such there was everything in the house, Jai poured juice in the glass and we had bit of it, soon Hemant spoke while looking at Jai “Shuru karen” “Haan le ja bedroom mein” Jai replied and looked at me in the end. “Tu bhi chal na” Hemant spoke again, “tu kar le pahle, main baad mein karunga” Jai spoke to him,
“chal na saath karenge, jaise kal kiya tha” Hemant spoke again. I think Hemant was unaware of the fact that Jai has agreed to me for couple of conditions. Finally Jai looked at me and spoke, “Sheela why don’t you go in the bedroom and get ready, I mean fresh ho jaao, Hemant abhi aa raha hai” I got up to go in and Hemant spoke to me,
“Sheela you just go in and relax, kapde matt uttarna, wo main uttarunga” Jai laughed on that and spoke, “ye Gunjan nahi hai jo khud kapde uttarke bed pe pahunch jaayegi” Hemant got bit conscious with his note as his wife’s name came in that. I walked in the bedroom and this time bed was even bigger than the one on which I was fucked last night in the hotel room.
It was more than enough for three people to have fun in any position. After getting fresh I reached to the bed to sit down and just then both Jai and Hemant entered in the room and jai spoke while looking at me, “Sheela hum dono mein se at a time ek hi karega, right now he will do I will just watch both of you Ok?” just then Hemant spoke to him,
“Threesome ka mazza le yaar” “arre yaar wo pareshan ho rahi hai” Jai replied, Hemant looked at me and spoke after few seconds, “Sheela dono saath mein karenege to tumhe koi problem hai kya, jaise kal kiya tha”, before I would have spoke anything Jai interrupted “Listen to me, tu kar main baad mein karunga” but Hemant spoke to me further,
“Sheela hum aaram se karenge, aur tumhe bhi mazza aayega” I remained silent and looked at Jai for a while, “achha tum bolo tumhe kis cheez se problem hai” Hemant asked me straight away, once again I remained silent and just keep on looking into his eyes, “Don't feel shy, I am your friend. just say what you have in your mind” Hemant spoke again, “wo jab aap logg.......”
I uttered few words and then paused in shyness, “Haan bolo sharmane ki koi baat nahi hai” Hemant spoke to me and told me to complete my sentence, “Jab mera hone wala hota hai aur aap logg mujhe kas ke pakad lete hain” somehow I spoke this much, “Hum nahi pakdenge, jab tumhara hone wala hoga tum batta dena, hum hone denge Ok, aur koi baat”
Hemant spoke in the tone as if he is assuring me, I looked down in embracement, “haan haan bolo, aur kya baat hai” Hemant spoke again, “aur wo jo aap logg munh ke andar chhodte hain” I looked up and spoke, “we will not do that, but tumhe sucking karni padegi, aur hum bhi tumhari sucking karenge” this time Jai spoke. “So it’s decided, both of us will enjoy your body together,
we will not hold you tight when you will be cumming and we will not release anything in your mouth” Hemant spoke as if he is announcing rules of the night. After that holding my feet without any hesitation Hemant pushed me up a bit on the bed, so that I can go to the center of the bed and after that he to came on the bed and pushed me more to make me lay down on the bed and came over me to kiss and immediately started exploring my mouth.
Jai moved to toilet and came after a minute and after taking off his shoes he too came on bed, then Hemant went to use the toilet and came back and finally we three were on bed and both Jai and Hemant started enjoying my body. Once again I was laying on bed and both of them eating me, Kissing me one by one and with that both of them were playing with my breasts,
Hemant with the left one and Jai with the right one. Soon Hemant went down and took off my tight Pajami and while doing that spoke, “Sheela aaj tum bahut sexy lagg rahi thi, mann kar raha tha car mein hi tumhare saath shuru kar doon”. By then I was totally naked from my lower half, as Hemant didi not wasted even a second and after taking off my tight pajami, he pulled down my Panty too.
Jai was still busy on my upper half. Hemant moved his fingers on my opening and spoke, “you are already wet, daal dun kya?” then again Hemant spoke this time addressing Jai, “Jai main daal raha hoon, tu Kurta uttar isska” and Jai got up a bit and made me sit too and took off my Kurta and then bra,
I was stark naked once again and by that time Hemant was also naked from his lower half and once again without wasting a second he pulled my legs and brought me closer to his body and leaned over me and on very next moment I felt Hemant’s finger’s on my love opening and just then his rod and with a single stroke Hemant was inside me and fucking me.
Hemant was really very excited and from his fucking gesture I could see that he will not last for 2-3 more minutes and as expected he started reaching his peek with in a minute and next moment his speed further rose and he ram fucked me for few seconds and cummed inside me. He was spent, still there was one more fucker, that is Jai, he told me to go to toilet and wash,
as my cunt was filled with Hemant’s cum, I got up to go and as I reached closer to the door of the toilet, I heard Jai saying, “thoda Lund chuswata hoon saali se, fir chodunga” then after a small pause Jai spoke again, “tu to bahut jaldi jhadd gaya”, I could not hear Hemant’s reply as I entered in the toilet, washed my fuckhole with water and then cleaned it properly with towel and came back.
Jai was waiting for me, and he was totally naked, moreover by then even Hemant did not had his shirt on the upper half. As I reached closer to the bed Jai extended his hand to get my hand I did that and he pulled me gently to the bed and spoke, “Sheela, just take care, ki tum kahin pregnant na ho jaao, agar koi help chahiye hogi to bol dena”
I spoke yes from my eyes while looking into his eyes and then Jai took me in his arms and sucked my breast for a minute and spoke again, somewhat ordered “Sheela tumhe meri sucking karni hai” and with that he rested his back on the bed and lied down partially on hid back. I moved down and took his rod in my hands and looked at them, both of them were staring at me,
waiting for me to take that hard cock in my mouth and finally I took that and started sucking. Jai groaned, holding my head, looking down to watch me, I think he got fascinated by the sight of his hard cock disappearing into my mouth. Though I never liked doing this but I knew how to do it, like Jai even my ex-husband uses to like this and somewhat use to do this forcefully with me.
In the beginning I licked Jai’s cock-head slowly, sucked tenderly. The warmth of my mouth, the moisture, and my incessant sucking was setting his desire to blow. He groaned as I began to suck him off harder, my head was rocking back and forth, drawing him deeper and deeper into my mouth, he grunted while fucking my face tried to slow down my speed,
moving my head with his hands to suit his pleasure, moving it back and forth, but I continued sucking hard and like I knew Jai stopped me and groaned and controlled himself from cumming. Now after mouth it was my cunt’s turn to get Jai’s monster and soon I was laying on bed on my back and my legs were spread apart and stretched out.
Jai was lying over me on his forearms and knees, his legs were also splayed wide. He was fucking me furiously. His buttocks were flexing and unflexing rapidly, rising and falling, his hips were swinging madly up and down like a machine. My hands are around his back, and fingers were clenching his muscular shoulders. Gradually my cries were getting sharp and erotic.
Intentionally Hemant was standing at the end of the bed from where he could see my cunt stuffed with Jai’s cock, his balls were pressing to my cunt-lips as Jai use to thrusts into me powerfully and Hemant was enjoying that view. Suddenly either Jai went further deep in my hole or touched some sensitive point of my fuckhole I cried erotically in loud voice which I could not control,
like “Oh maa, uh ohhhhh, bhaiya….bhaiya….aahhhhhh” and tried to push Jai. Jai controlled himself and stopped for a while so that I can cum and I clamped my legs around his buttocks to say that I am cumming, My whole body arched stiffly, head jerked back, cunt plunged up to his length as I tightened my body around his, my body was trembling in tension and I shivered like hell while cumming.
Jai kept his promise; he made me cum comfortably this time. My whole body was shaking in pleasure and I could not breath, Jai was feeling every movement of my body as he was holding me, and I was cumming with sudden jolts, he kept his rod in my fuckhole and would have felt my pulsations which were rising from there.
After a minute, Jai started again, he was yet not over but fortunately he did not lasted for long and tilted his head back and moaned in relief, emptying himself inside me. Slowly, our bodies collapsed. Jai groaned and rolled off me and lied on his back beside me. Both of us were lying on the bed, panting and gasping, dripping sweat and Hemant was standing from where he was watching my cunt getting ragged clearly.
He seemed impressed from Jai’s powerful fucking. I got up to go toilet, as once again white cum was injected inside me and when I came out, Hemant was sitting on the couch at the corner of the room and he called me saying, “Sheela yahan aao, mera suck karo”, Jai was partially laying on bed and after me he went to toilet.
Once again I started the same thing, now I was sucking Hemant’s rod and from the very beginning Hemant was enjoying. Hemant grunted loud, his belly rippled inward with pleasure. He felt very good. I pressed my lips to his cock-head and then, suddenly sucked it hard, Hemant cried in pleasure “OHHHHH uhhh Oh fuck yes! Do it, baby!”
I think for Hemant, the feeling was exquisite and he could not resist for long and stopped me, he wanted to fuck me again and told me to go to bed. By that time Jai was back from toilet and he asked an obvious question from Hemant, “Dobara lene lagga hai kya iski” and Hemant replied with just “haan” Once again I was getting fucked by Hemant in missionary position,
this time Hemant fucked me for long time and it was steady fucking, I enjoyed that too and grabbed him in my arms and thighs and finally after few minutes, Hemant sank in my arms and by the time Hemant finished Jai came in wearing just his underwear with three cans of beer, and spoke, “jaa jaldi wash karke aa” and then asked me, “Sheela tum beer logi na?”
I was already puffing in fucking exhaustion, with in half an hour I was fucked three thrice and I was really tired now. Anyway I said no to beer, he asked for juices, and told me to get it of my choice from the refrigerator. We took leave from that place after around hour to have dinner and had dinner on one Dhabba type restaurant on the highway and came back.
More or less I spent that night in much better state as compared to last night. Though I was fucked two more times by both of them in the night itself. After dinner when we came back we all watched TV for some time and then, Jai spoke to me, “Chalo Sheela Bedroom mein chalen abb” and after getting on bed we had threesome in real sense.
By the time I was sucking Hemant’s cock Jai licked my cunt to pleasure me, and then pounded my fuckhole after few minutes, by keeping my one leg on his shoulder and other under his leg, at that time Hemant was riding on my mouth gently. Like we see in porn movies I was getting fucked in my mouth and cunt at the same time and then it was Hemant’s turn to enjoy my cunt and while having his cock down there I has sucking Jai.
I was on my four and Hemant was riding on me as if he his riding horse, and at that same time Jai was standing on his knees and fucking my mouth. Then later in night, when we all were half asleep, Jai got up and took me on his top and now I was suppose to ride. I was jumping and moving to and fro over Jai and Hemant was jerking his rod while sitting on the same bed.
Jai stopped me in between, before he would have cummed and told me to go to Hemant and now Hemant opened my legs and kept one on his shoulder like Jai did an hour back and fucked me for few minutes and Like Jai he also stopped fucking before cuming and spoke to Jai saying, “aaja, daal andar” Now Jai was fucking me in missionary,
I was experiencing two men at he same time and I could easily make out that Jai was more powerful and demanding fucker as compared to Hemant. Like this both fucked me one by one for one more time and then both came inside me, and this time there cum got mixed in my love pot and finally I got up and washed there sticky cum from my fuckhole.
Next morning like last day, both enjoyed in shower, once again I was bent on 90 degrees, and one was holding me and other was fucking me from behind, this time once again they fucked me one by one and kept on giving access of my lovehole to each other suiting there pleasure. More or less I enjoyed as they were taking care of my need too and asking me in between “Mazza aa raha hai na?” and all.
Finally after bathing and to be more precise my cunt fucking we all came out and took leave locking that house and for today I was told by Jai that they will pick me up little early as it was last night for Hemant in this town and he had a flight at 11 AM in the morning for one metropolitan from where he was suppose to board flight for US.
That day they picked me up after lunch, at that time I was thinking that I will be fucked at least ten times till next morning as it was just 4 and they had whole evening and whole night, but with that I had a sign of relief that it will be last night of such thing. I was expecting that they will be going straight to that farm house to start having sex as soon as possible, but I was little surprised when they stopped to one mall.
Both took me along in one store and bought some clothes for themselves and later Hemant took out one night dress for me and asked if I like. I tried to avoid but he insisted me to check it in the trial room, and finally bought it for me and in addition to that he bought one western dress too for me. And then we sat in one coffee shop and had coffee.
Hemant bought few more things, may be for his wife and then we moved to that farm house where I was fucked last night. There things were as they were in the morning. Bed was telling last nights my fucking story, as sheet was bit crushed. Jai told me to revise the bed, obviously for fucking me again. I searched for things like fresh sheet and all and got them in Elmira.
As I was making bedroom suitable, Jai and Hemant were sitting in lobby, watching T.V and chit chatting. After finishing everything when I reached to there room, once Jai asked “ho gaya?” I just moved my head in yes and then he to me to sit with them. I was really surprised that instead of taking me on their bed to fuck me they continued talking for long time, at that time I was watching T.V,
what ever movie was coming at that time, and finally around 8 after having couple of beers they got up to have dinner. Once again we had dinner at the same place like last night and while coming back Hemant sat on the rear seat with me and as car started he took me in his arms and started making love to me, kissed me for few seconds and took off my Kurta and then tried to unhook my bra and spoke to Jai,
who was driving, “thoda aaram se challa, jhatka na lagge” and with that Hemant tried to make me lay down on the rear seat. Jai turned to see him and spoke with a smile, “tu kya car mein hi lene lagga hai isski” “nahi, abhi to Chuchiyan choosne lagga hoon” Hemant replied. As it was a big Car, Rather very big Car,
Qualis he got adjusted on the seat some how and Hemant was almost laying over me and sucking my milky jugs, chewing my nipples and with in a minute I started moaning, I could not control my excitement as from long time I was expecting this to happen, and it was happening to me on the rear seat of the car.
By the time we reached to the place where we were suppose to have sex I was totally naked, gradually Hemant took of all my clothes one by one and I co-operated with him as I could see that as such there was no such traffic on that portion of the road. I could see that Jai was watching me getting naked in the back mirror of the car while driving.
Thankfully we reached at the place before Hemant would have started fucking me in the car itself and before getting down, Hemant collected all my clothes so that I cannot wear them back and handed them over to Jai and tried to took me in his arms as it is, I tried to say no but he insisted and finally moved towards the house.
I was feeling really weird, I was laying stark naked on Hemant’s shoulder facing away from the direction of the movement, but there was some sort of positive sensation too in my body and that was making me wet. As such there was nobody in the campus so I was not feared for getting caught.
Finally we reached to the house and Jai unlocked the door and we moved in, now I could see that I will not have to wait to get fucked now, I could see that Hemant was aroused and Jai too. Jai was caressing, rubbing and squeezing my hips with his hands when he was walking beside Hemant on the way to the main hut, as only my ass mounds were open to them to grasp.
Hemant threw me on the bed gently, by that time Jai was on the opposite side of the bed to get hold of me. Hemant somewhat ordered Jai in excitement to hold my legs apart saying, “pakad ke khol saali ki taange, dekhen kitna paani bhara hai isski chut mein” and with in second Jai came on bed from my head’s side and held my legs apart and folded me completely,
my fuckhole was facing roof and I could feel the cool breeze of air penetrating my cunt. I was totally wet, rather I must be dripping and on very next seconds Hemant was started sucking me. I screamed in pleasure, I did not had anything to hold except Jai legs, as he was standing on his knees around my head holding my legs apart.
Hemant sucked me hard, and from his way of sucking I could see that he was heavily aroused, Jai directed him to fist my cunt along with sucking and said, “chusne ke saath saath, oongli se chod issko, dekh abhi jhadd jaayegi” and next moment I felt Hemant’s fingers entering into my tunnel parting my swollen pussy lips and pleasure was incredible,
I screamed in strangely as I could not resist lips and finger digging my cunt together, Hemant was trying to take out every single drop I had in my love pot and with that he was fisting my deep hole to get it more. I simply went mad and started moving violently, but Jai held me tight and spoke, “Sheela enjoy karo, isske munh mein paani chhod do” I blasted as after couple of seconds both made me cum.
I orgasmed just then trembled while cumming and Hemant sucked me further for a while and gulped everything came out from my hole. I was delighted with the pleasure and it can be seen on my face by both of them and they were somewhat smiling on that. Hemant got up and started taking off his clothes and spoke to me while looking into my eyes,
“Sheela tum bahut achhe se karwati ho, mann kar raha hai tumhe pack karke saath le jaaon” then again spoke while going further in taking off clothes, “lekin ye saala le jaane nahi degga” and by that time Hemant was naked and I could see that he was well erect and ready to fuck, and as expected he started without wasting even a single second, and fucked me for couple of minutes in missionary and cummed in my fuckhole.
I got up after a minute and used toilet and came back, now as expected it was Jai’s turn and he took me gently in his arms and started sucking my tits for a while and fisted my cunt tenderly for a while to arouse me and asked me in soft voice as he is getting pleasure, “what have you decided, hmmm….” I kept on looking at him, though I knew what he is asking,
even then I pretended as if I don’t know what he is saying, he spoke again and asked clear question, “I mean are you ready to continue this relation with me” then again he spoke, “I will give you 30% increment every year plus few more things, and don’t worry about your Job, you will not get fired in any case”. “bass bhaiya ab mujhe free kar do, main ye sabb continue nahi karr paaongi”
I too spoke in pleasurable voice while feeling his finger down there, exploring my cunt” “kyun. tumhe hamare saath mazza nahi aaya?, tumhara bhi to mann karta hoga sex karne ka?” Jai further asked me, getting more into the conversation while fisting my pussy. then again he asked, “tell me, tumhara mann karta hai na sex karne ka?” and with that he added one more finger along with previous one and increased speed a bit of fucking me with it.
I closed my eyes in pleasure and moaned. He asked me same question and I moved my head in yes and spoke in gasping fashion “haan karta hai” “then, why are you saying no?” Jai asked me. “please bhaiya, main nahi karna chahti ye sab” Slowly I was getting further aroused as Jai was still playing with my slit “Sheela don’t feel ki tum kuch galat kar rahi ho, aaj kal ye sab karte hain”
Jai continued talking to me and further, tried to convince me to accept the proposal while doing what he was doing, and by then I was flooding from my fuckhole once again. Slowly desire of getting fucked again started rising in my body, but Jai was still trying to talk to me on the subject, and spoke again,
“Sheela there is nothing wrong in this, bhagwan ne tumhe ladki banaya hai, isska faayda uthao” slowly I was getting unconscious in sexual pleasure, now I needed him inside me and he was still exploring my cunt with his fingers. Jai asked me again, “bolo, haan ya naa?” “please bhaiya mujhe force matt kariye, I don’t want to do this”
I remained unmoved on my decision, though physically I was moving slowly to and fro with Jai’s fingers movement. “Main tumhari sucking karta hoon, tum enjoy karo” he spoke in soft voice and with that Jai moved to go between my legs to suck me, I tried to stop him by saying, “nahi bhaiya, please abb daal deejiye” as I wanted to get fucked now,
but he continued and adjusted himself down there and folded my legs and held them facing roof, my fuckhole was also almost facing roof and as I looked down, I saw Jai getting on to my cunt to suck it and next second he started. Jai was chewing my pussy lips with his lips and in between he was taking it in his mouth and sucking.
I was going crazy; he was digging my cunt with his tongue, and I could see that soon I won’t be able to resist this pleasure, I tried to stop him by pushing his head, but he continued and spoke to Hemant, told him to hold my hands, Hemant obeyed him and held my both the wrists. I was helpless,
Hemant was holding me tight sitting closer to my head and Jai was sucking me with lot of care, he was chewing my pussy with his lips, trying to deliver me maximum pleasure, may be to please me to get an acceptance of his proposal, and I was going crazy in that pleasure, I was trying to push them, but they were controlling my movement and once again whole blood of my body was running through my fuckhole.
I was moaning and somewhat screaming in extreme pleasure, I was closer to my orgasmic burst when Jai crushed my clit between his finger and thumb, my God….. it really took my breath away and I gasped in strange voice and at that particular second once again I felt that they are going to repeat that torture in which they were stopping me to cum comfortably and I screamed in requesting tone saying,
“please,,,please….Ahhhhhh…..Bhaiya…..Ahhhh….” and tried to get away. Fortunately they did not had that plan and they released me, I squeezed my cunt between my legs and cummed comfortably and this time Jai sucked whatever came out from my love hole after parting my legs once again. I was totally spent and opposite to me jai was fully charged,
I was expecting that now either he will fuck me, or he will make me suck his rod. But he lied beside me and spoke, “mazza aaya hmmmm…...” I did not replied back, as I was still puffing in pleasure. Further he took me in his arm and rested my head on his shoulder and caressed my breast for a minute and spoke again, “so you have decided, not to continue hmm..?”
Once again question was same, and to say no I looked at his face and spoke, “please Bhaiya, don’t force me, aap ne 3 din ke liye kaha tha, main ne kar liya, ab aur matt kariye” “Ok” he just replied with one word. Then again he spoke, “this means this will be our last night together” and with that Jai came over me partially and sucked my breast for few seconds and then spoke again,
“aaj raat ko hum tumhe puri tarah enjoy karenge”. I really could not expect that what he meant by saying “aaj raat ko hum tumhe puri tarah enjoy karenge” and after that when I realized, I will say that it would have been any day better for me if I would have said yes to his proposal at that time.

Sheela screwed like slut by horny Boss - I

I got up and started wearing clothes hurriedly as I wanted to get into my full clothes before Jai’s arrival but I failed. I think Jai was somewhere in the Hotel only and he came there with in 5 minutes and when he arrived I was in my blouse and petticoat and I was trying to wear my sari at that time.
He smiled while looking at me and I looked down as he looked into my eyes, I wore my sari and went inside the toilet again and by the time I came out order for dinner was given to the room service. Jai and Hemant were sitting on the couch chit chatting on some matter (certainly they would have talked about me when I was not there) and I was standing very far from them.
Again and again Jai was looking at me while talking to Hemant and finally he spoke, “Sheela come and sit, why are you standing” I settled down on the edge of the bed and after few minutes food got served which I barley had, I was not feeling like having anything and again and again Jai and Hemant were asking me for different dishes.
After some time everything got cleaned up and we were over with Dinner and I was expecting that once again Jai will leave, leaving me and Hemant in the room for the night. But this really did not happened and after few minutes Jai spoke to me while smiling “Sheela I am also going stay here for night” I just keep on staring at him,
he smiled and spoke again, “you are booked for next 3 days and I am also going to enjoy this opportunity” “lekin aapne kaha tha ki sirf ye….” Somehow I spoke to show my diverge “to ab main kah raha hoon ki main bhi karunga, what’s the big deal” he replied, and with that he came closer to me and tried to take me in his arms and squeezed my tits and kissed my neck and spoke softly,
“Hemant told me that you are really very good in bed, and now I want to taste your body, hmmmm…” then Jai spoke again, “come to bed and forget everything, it’s just a matter of 3 days” with that Jai bought me to bed and lied over me and brushed his lips over my neck and melons under blouse,
next moment he started opening hooks of my blouse and took of my blouse in a fraction and continued taking off my other clothes, after pulling down my sari he took of my bra and then he got up for a while and took off my petticoat and then took off his clothes in just few seconds and finally pulled down my panty and came over me. I was laying naked under Jai now and he was enjoying my body.
it was something which I could not imagine, the boy who literally grew up in front of my eyes was going to fuck me and before I would have thought anything else, Jai widened my legs and entered his cock in my fucking cunt and started fucking me immediately. Jai was really very aroused, looking into my eyes he was moving in and out of my cunt,
I was also looking into his eyes and could not believe that at one time he use to address me Didi and at that time he was fucking me. Suddenly my sight flew to Hemant he was standing from where he could see my fuckhole stuffed with Jai’s hard and long cock, as my thighs were spread to maximum and Jai was riding on me in missionary.
Hemant moved ahead and started taking off his clothes, Jai saw him and as Jai saw that Hemant has taken off his clothes Jai stopped and got aside and spoke, “come” “nahi tu kar le main ek baar achhe se le chuka hoon iski” Hemant replied, “nahi tu kar, thodi der mein mujhe de dena” Jai replied. And Hemant came on me and once again I was stuffed down there with his rod.
Hemant fucked for couple of minutes and I could see that he too was really very aroused. He stopped and once again Jai came on me and continued fucking me and this time I could see that Jai will not last for long, from his speed and fucking gesture I could sense that he was about to cum, even Hemant could sense that and he spoke to Jai, “ander mat chhodna, bahar nikal ke chhodna”
Hemant did not wanted Jai to cum inside my pussy and that’s what he told him. I could not believe whatever was happening to me, rather I could not sense anything, I was not at all enjoying I was just getting fucked and both of my fuckers were enjoying my fuckhole like anything. Finally just before his ejaculation Jai got up hurriedly and did something which I could not expect.
He came closer to my mouth and told me to open it saying, “Sheela muh kholo, jaldi…… jaldi” I tried to resist but he held my face straight and pushed his rod on my lips and spoke again, “Sheela kholo” and pulled my hairs and I screamed and he got what he asked, next moment he inserted his rod in my mouth and released his white sticky cum in my mouth.
Just then I felt hands on my thighs and I tried to see down Hemant was coming to his position and next moment once again Hemant was inside me, fucking my cunt steadily. Jai’s cock was still in my mouth and he was rubbing it on my tongue. I was still holding his cum in my mouth resisting myself to swallow but Jai continued moving his semi erect cock in my mouth and spoke,
“Sheela isko chus ke saaf karo” and somehow I gulped some of his white cum as I could not hold it for long and then further rest of it also got down from my throat and I started sucking Jai’s cock to clean it. Hemant was fucking me down in my cunt and after one more minute his pace also increased and he started fucking me faster and thankfully he did not thought about cumming in my mouth and cummed in next couple of seconds inside my cunt.
After a minute Jai told me to go to the toilet. As I was about to get into the toilet I heard Hemant saying “maaza aa gaya, mann kar raha ha saali ko pack karke apne saath le jaaon” I wanted to hear Jai’s reply but I could not hear as he replied in very low voice and I was in the bathroom, very far from them to hear. I took long in bathroom,
I was really very tired now but things happening to me were really making me horny, and may be I wanted all this to happen but in my way so that I can also enjoy. I don’t know what they discussed with each other about what to do next. When I came out both of them, Jai and Hemant were standing on the door of the toilet and holding my wrist Jai took me back to the toilet and spoke, “let’s have a shower together”.
In a minute water was flowing down from the shower over three of us and I was at the center of two naked men standing stark naked, I was facing Jai and he was looking into my eyes caressing my cheeks and hairs under flowing water. “Sheela I could see ki tumne bilkul enjoy nahi kiya, now you will enjoy” and with that Jai started kissing me and I opened my lips and he started exploring my mouth lovingly.
Then he moved down and started sucking my luscious melons one by one under water and I was feeling Hemant’s hands over my ass cheeks, he was rubbing them from behind. Jai bit my nipples gently and I shivered in strange feeling with a deep moan. Hemant was touching my bare back with his hands and slowly moving down again and again to my buttocks while Jai was enjoying my milky luscious breast,
sucking them like a baby and all this was turning on sexually I started moaning more loudly. After sucking my luscious tits for one more minute Jai turned me towards Hemant by holding my shoulders softly and Hemant understood that why I am turned towards him. Hemant too kissed me nicely and sucked melons softly just like Jai and now Jai was kissing back and rubbing his hands on my ass mounds.
What a moment that was I was standing between two and both of them were enjoying me, moreover I was also enjoying all this, lust was rising in my body and I was shivering with there every tender touch. Hemant was busy in enjoying my front and he was sucking my tits very nicely, like a true lover without getting impatient and I was holding him from his shoulders.
Jai knelt down behind me and kissed on my round hips and squeezed them together to pleasure me, and I was delighted with that pleasure. My moans were getting high and I was enjoying getting played by two men at one time. As Jai was sitting behind, he tried to part my legs by holding my thighs and I parted them a bit, he moved his hand from behind to front and rubbed his finger on my aroused slit and once again I trembled strangely.
Jai continued that for a while and flow of my juices got intense. “Hamant utha kar bed par le chal, leta kke achhe se kholte hain isse” Jai spoke from behind while getting up and next moment both Jai and Hemant picked me up together and soon I was on bed with them and both of them were eating me.
By now I was highly aroused moaning nicely as Jai was licking my neck and was excitement was rising every second, and my moans were turning them on too, but they were well in there control. Jai took one of my melons in his mouth and started sucking it like a child once again. Hemant Bhaiya was looking at my facial expressions, caressing her cheeks and hairs,
I closed my eyes, after few seconds I felt lips on my other melon it was none other than Hemant he took my other melon in his mouth started sucking like Jai and now both of my boobs were getting sucked at the same time, and I was holding there heads in her hands and enjoying getting sucked by two lovers at the same time.
While sucking my breast Jai moved his hand down to my belly and then on top of my love hole. I was so wet there, highly charged and as he touched my soft fuck hole I moaned bit more in excitement. He was rubbing my fuck hole while sucking one of my breast and other melon was getting loved by Hemant, He was also partially on me and both were covering my body completely,
next moment Jai inserted his finger in my slit and my body got jerked and my grip got bit tighter. Soon I felt Hemant’s hand on my thighs he also wanted to touch my fuck hole so Jai started caressing my thighs and gave him access of my wet flowing fuckhole. Hemant’s hand started exploring my wet fuck hole.
Jai and Hemant both remained busy in sucking both of my nipples at the same time and continued rubbing my cunt one by one for a while, by this time I was heavily charged and flooding intensely through my fuckhole, and again and again I was lifting my ass in excitement. I could see that my pussy and thighs were slippery from my juices as Jai and Hemant were rubbing there hands on my thighs in between one by one with there wet hands.
Leaving Jai focusing on my breast Hemant moved down and tried to widen my legs and as Jai saw him down on my pussy he got aside and I Hemant further parted my legs Now Hemant was laying on his chest between my spread legs, holding my inner thighs he widened them bit more and started sucking my cunt and in a second or two I started trembling like anything.
He was doing his best to suck my fuckhole and tried to take out everything I had inside me and opened my pussy lips with his fingers and inserted his tongue in my love tunnel. I was shivering like a fish without water and both of them were enjoying my condition. Jai was looking at my facial expressions as I was moaning like hell as down there Hemant was sucking my cunt with lot of concentration and apart from moaning I was moving vigorously in pleasure,
up and down, holding Jai’s shoulder with left hand tightly. After few seconds Hemant got up and spoke, “Tune bhi Chusni hai ya shuru karen Chodna” Jai got up while saying, “Nahi abhi nahi Chodna issko, thodi der aur kholte hain isski chut, aur garam karte hain, kitna enjoy kar rahi hai saali” and now. Now Hemant was laying beside me and Jai was between my spread legs licking and sucking my fuck hole.
I was moaning and trembling in pleasure like anything and my pleasure moans were getting sharper and shriller, Hemant spoke to me while looking at my face “Sheela mere saath US chalogi tumhe separate flat le dunga?” I could not speak anything as I was just crying in pleasure, my breath was broken, I was very close to my burst and I wanted to stop Jai by pushing him away,
I tried but Jai continued and spoke to Hemant “Haath pakad isske kas ke” and Hemant held my hands and spoke, “Chus Rukiya matt, dekh kaise mast ho rahi hai, aur achhe se kar, jo kuch bhi iske ander hai nikal le”. And Jai continued holding my thighs tight to stop my movement, and as he look my clit in his mouth and sucked it hard I just went mad and started banging myself on bed.
Hemant was holding my hands and Jai was sucking my clit without any halt holding my thighs, and in just next couple of seconds I could not move even a fraction as both of them tightened there grip on me and with that Jai continued sucking and eating my soft lovehole and finally I screamed somewhat like
“Aaaaahhhhhh……. Aaaaaahhhhhh……. Please stop……stop….. Bhaiya Aaaaahhhhhh……. Aaaaaahhhhhh……. Please…… please….” but my this condition was arousing them and especially Jai, he was not ready to leave me and somehow he fisted me with his finger for a moment while holding my body very tight I felt that I am going to die with this pleasure that and just then Jai stopped teasing my cunt but held my legs even tighter.
I just went even crazier; I trembled helplessly like never before, I could not breathe for few seconds, could not even scream and just hummed in a very strange voice, I wanted to close my legs, press my cunt to tight to prevent the liquid flowing out but Jai was holding me and the feeling which was hitting my body was almost same as if I going to die now.
I was getting strange jerks while cumming and still I could not breathe and my moaning voice was really very strange, and after few jerks I felt some sort of liquid stream flowing down from my cunt to the bed, and I heard Jai’s voice “Hmmmm…. paani chhod rahi hai” I was releasing liquid from my love tunnel and my cunt was twitching while oozing out those juices and Jai could see that shivering of my cunt lips.
and he spoke again, “dekh kaise Chut kaamp rahi hai” Hemant was sitting at my head, he leaned a bit to see it and spoke, “hmmmm….. ab chhod de issko, bahut buri tarah pella hai tune”, Jai smiled on that, “dekh kar mazza aa gaya, aur issne bhi bahut mazza liya hai” and with that Jai released my thighs and at the same time Hemant released my hands and I turned around and pressed my cunt on the bed very tight,
it was something which I could not bear and I started crying, I could not believe whatever they did to me, it was something we can say pleasure beyond limit which really took my life. I pressed my cunt with my hand keeping it tight between my legs. I was still trembling with abrupt jerks and my whole body was shivering as if I am getting some sort of electric current.
Both Jai and Hemant were just looking at me, the way I was shivering while cumming holding the bed sheet in one hand. My ass mounds were open to them I felt Jai’s hands on my hips, he caressed them and spoke, “Sheela tum bahut achhi ho, really amazing I mean……mujhe kabhi kisi ke saath itna mazza nahi aaya” “and you were about to fire her”
Hemant spoke, I could not see them, as I was laying on my stomach and my eyes were closed, as I was not fully recovered from the delight of my orgasmic burst. “Seriously yaar I was blind, ye kab se mere pass thi aur maine isske saath kuch nahi kiya” Jai spoke to Hemant.. and with that Jai started kissing my back as now he was aroused, rather both of them were aroused but on the other hand I was totally spent.
Jai lied over me touching his whole front with my back, precisely his hard cock was touching my ass crack and he was rubbing himself with my body while kissing my back. I was not conscious, but his pleasure was beyond any description they were enjoying my condition. “peeche se daal, bahut mazza degi” Hemant spoke to Jai. “Haan, abhi daalta hoon, thoda sa rest karne de isse”.
I lied there as it is as I am not alive, after few minutes Jai turned me on my back, and spoke, “are you alright, hmmmm…..” I almost started crying and spoke, “Bhaiya please mujhe jaane do…. mujhe nahi karna” Jai leaned over me and tried to kiss me and spoke, “bas jo hona tha ho gaya, ab hum ek ek baar aram aram se karenge aur fir tum rest karna”
Jai was playing with my breast while saying that, and without going into this conversation he tried to turn me back on my stomach and spoke to Hemant, 2 pillow rakh iski belly ke niche” and Hemant obeyed him and kept two pillows under my belly so that their cock can enter in my fuckhole easily.
Further spreading my thighs Jai leaned over me on his knees initially but soon left almost his full weight on me, holding my waist, Jai pulled my cunt toward his cock. I backed myself with his pull onto his huge hard penis while looking back. As I moved back toward his cock, my legs got spread even wider and I felt the heat of his cock tip at my soaked cunt-lips.
Jai shivered in lustful hunger and puffed as if he is going to eat me. His huge, flexible body further leaned over mine and now he was totally on me, he was really very heavy but I could bear his weight. He slid his hands up to my swollen cunt from my waist and touched my cunt to see the exact fuck opening.
I gasped as his thick cock was touching my fuck hole opening; and his finger was moving over my slit to find it, my cunt was twitching strangely, at my fuckhole opening I was having very weird and wonderful sensation and whenever his finger touched particular point of my cunt lips I gasped to get stuffed again.
Jai held me from shoulder after locating my opening and fixing his rod on my entrance and then he tried to pull me further towards him I eased my body further towards his hard erect rod. My moan changed into a sharp gasp as his huge cock entered into my narrow tunnel again, stretching all my virginal muscles up to maximum.
He groaned loud may be because he was feeling something different while fucking me from behind. Jai got up a bit and holding my waist he pushed himself even deeper, and my face got twisted in peculiar sensation as the hard length of his penis got squeezed into my tight channel from behind. He inserted his shaft completely in my cave and waited.
I moaned, as I was stretched wide up to max and my fuckhole was stuffed to the max, he had a bigger and thicker rod as compared to Hemant, Jai was touching deepest corner of my fuckhole, which was never explored before. I was moaning in pleasure an pain, and Jai too was puffing. “Mmm… Sheela mazza aagaya,….Oh God… Ahhhh. how can I fire you?”
I turned my face to his and he leaned over me and spoke again, “Sheela tum kahin nahi jaaogi, hameshs mere pass rahogi” and with that Jai pulled bit of his rod slowly from my tunnel, and pushed back deep inside. I moaned in enormous pleasure. He did that again and I cried again, then he moved with some speed, and began pumping his hips in a steady rhythm, driving his huge penis in and out of my cunt with thrilling control.
Again and again I felt his balls pressed against my buttocks and his thighs slapped at mine. Gradually, he increased the pace, going faster and faster in my fuckhole and I started screaming. With every thrust of his cock deep in my fuck hole, I felt a new sensation running through my body. He was drilling and pumping me from behind with fast, deep, skewering thrusts,
Suddenly Jai paused for a second, and took out his rod, I gasped as suddenly my hole got vacant at that stage where I was in intense sexual pleasure, it was really very strange sensation to bear. I was given to Hemant now, Hemant turned me on my back and folded my legs and kept them on his shoulder and without wasting any time started fucking me,
his excitement rose and he further leaned over me while puffing and pressed my legs further up towards my head and came over me totally and continued fucking me like a machine. He kept me wide open by holding my fleshy thighs while fucking and hardly after a minute Hemant was beyond his own control and I could see that he will not last for long and just then he stopped and took out his rod from my fuckhole and screamed in pleasure while cumming on bed.
Once again I trembled as suddenly my hole got vacant again and I too cried bizarre fashion and once again I was again given back to Jai, who was little calm now and he turned me back into his desired position and this time instead of laying over me he told me to get on my four by saying, “Sheela ghodi bann jao”
I got up and turned on my hands and knees before him and once again he located my fuckhole with his fingers and made me moan in fucking desire and with in no time he started pumping me from behind. I was enjoying and they could see this from my pleasure moans, it was a strange sensation, though I was no way near my peak but I was enjoying, It was something which I never felt earlier,
rather I was not fucked like this, as they were fucking me after my orgasm so I was not reaching to my peak and just enjoying. Jai drove his enormous penis in and out of the soaking and swollen flesh of my cunt for hardly one more minute and his pace changed he was closer to his peak and, instinctually I did something, I just tightened my legs and clamped his huge dick in my fuck hole,
Oh god he moaned so loud and screamed and exploded with a shudder and fell on me and finally jerked out his white sticky cum deep inside my tunnel with fucking groans. We both were sweating heavily, tired and completely exhausted, Hemant was also sitting there and he too lied down on the same bed.
After some time I was told to use the toilet first and one by one we cleaned ourselves and after wearing my under garments and blouse and petticoat, I came to bed to get some rest and Jai and Hemant sat down on couch and started having beer and continued chit chatting. I could hear them for a while and initially they were talking about me,
“mazza aagaya yaar” Hemant started while having Beer, “Hmmm….” Jai just hummed to say yes, “kisi Randi ko bulate to wo kabhi itna mazza nahi deti” Hemant spoke again, once again Jai just hummed to say yes, and then spoke “actually iske saath bahut saal se kuch hua nahi hai, issi liye itna tadap rahi thi” then Hemant spoke,
“Kunwari bhi itna mazza nahi deti jitna issne diya hai, wo to ro padti hain” “ye bhi to ro padi thi” Jai spoke, “wo to tune rula diya tha, saali ko paani bhi nahi chhodne de raha tha” Hemant replied “lekin issko tadpta hua dekh kar mazza aagaya, ekdum pagal ho gayi thi” Hemant spoke again. “I am going to try this on my wife, Gunjan ke haath baandh ke usko aise hi ragdunga”
(Gunjan was Hemant’s wife) “Main Shilpi ke saath 2-3 baar kar chukka hoon par wo bhi itna nahi chillati jitna ye chilla rahi thi” Jai replied. “abhi dobara sex karna hai isske saath” Hemant asked Jai, “thodi der sone de issko, subah dekhte hain”…. Then again Jai spoke, “3-4 din hamare saath hi hai aram se lenge” after that as such my topic ended but the continued talking and Hemant asked that when is Shilpi Bhabhi coming,
for which Jai replied, “mujhe hi lene jaana hai, 3-4 din iski lene ke baad le aauonga Shilpi ko”. I don’t know when I slept after that and when I got up time was around 5. Hemant was sleeping on the same bed and Jai was lying on the couch. I got up and used the toilet and when I came back, Jai was awake and waiting for me to come out and told me to come closer.
I went closer to him, he made me sit beside him and took me his arms and asked, “kal raat ko jayada ho gaya na” I remained silent and looked down, “actually I was really very aroused, I mean tum itne time se yahan job kar rahi ho aur maine kabhi tumhare baare main is angle se nahi socha and suddenly I thought about you in this perspective and got crazy, tumhari simplicity ne dil jeet liya” I looked at his face, he was smiling.
Once again I looked down with shyness. Jai slowly pushed me to make me lay down on the couch, I was not expecting that he will fuck me again, but he wanted to. I looked at him and spoke with choked voice, “fir se karenge kya?” “haan, wo dinner tha, ye breakfast hai” he smiled with that. It was not at all funny for me.
he started opening hooks of my blouse and on by one all my clothes disappeared from my body, after taking off blouse he took off my petticoat, and then bra and panty and then came over me started sucking my nipples and while doing that he took of his underwear and then fingered my fuck opening without looking at it and finally once again landed inside my pussy and started riding on me as if he is riding a horse and fucked me for much longer time as compared to last night.
Jai was somewhere in the middle and was pumping me steadily, when Hemant got up from his sleep and saw us in action, he crossed and went inside toilet and came out and by that time Jai was over with injecting whatever was left in his balls and as Hemant saw that Jai is done he spoke from bed, “Sheela mere paas aao, mujhe bhi karna hai” Jai got and spoke,
“aaja teeno saath mein shower lete hain, wahin pe daal lena, we don’t have much time” and with that idea we all moved to toilet. Like last night once again I was standing under shower between two naked men, and both of them were rubbing my body and Hemant was really very excited, though Jai was nevertheless excited, in spite of the fact that he has cummed once just few minutes back.
After couple of minutes Jai held me gently from behind and spoke to Hemant, “daal le ab” and with that Jai tried to widened my legs apart to give access of my fuckhole to Hemant and rubbed my slit couple of times under pouring water. I moaned with a thought that now I am going to get fucked again and this time under water.
Hemant too rubbed his finger on my opening and spoke, “issko ulta kar, peeche se daalunga”. Jai turned me around and told me to bend so that Hemant can access my fuckhole and his words were, “Sheela Jhuk jaao aur mujhe pakad lo” I obeyed, Jai was holding me firm from the portion below my breast as I was bent almost in 90 degrees beside Jai right arm,
and Jai adjusted my body as required and told me to spread my legs, saying, “Sheela tange thodi aur kholo” next moment I felt Hemant’s one hand on my waist and his rod down there on my fuckhole, he was holding his rod and rubbing it on my opening and I was getting crazy with that pleasure, and next moment Hemant entered inside me and once again I was getting fucked by one of them,
Hemant fucked me for hardly 2 minutes and then cummed inside me, but those two minutes were more than enough to make me burn into desire to get fucked further but I could not speak anything, I too wanted to cum, my cunt was twitching in lust and some sort of pulsations were rising in my belly but Hemant was spent.
I was still standing in the same posture, where Jai was holding me for Hemant and I heard Jai saying, “Hemant pakad isse main bhi daalunga” and with that Jai turned me around and now I was standing like before but holding Hemant and now my fuckhole was facing Jai and without wasting a second Jai invaded my cunt with his finger and I think he cleaned Hemant’s cum with flowing water and started fucking me from behind.
Among two I could feel that Jai was more powerful then Hemant and the way he was fucking me at that time I could not believe that he has already fucked me thrice in last 10-12 hours. Holding my waist Jai was pumping my fuck hole with good speed and it was getting higher and higher, our gasps and moans were rising and we were screaming loud in pleasure,
like Jai I was also reaching to the verge of the orgasm and both Jai and Hemant could sense that. Hearing my moans Jai spoke, “Neeche haath daal ke, isski chut ragadd achhe se” and just then I felt some fingers over my clit and Hemant started rubbing upper portion of my slit and it just took my breath away. I cried out loudly, trembled and moaned passionately.
I wanted to explode, sudden rub of fingers over my clit took me to the verge of orgasm with in seconds and truly speaking It was the pleasure which I could not bear. I tried to push Hemant away, and tried to join my legs together to squeeze my cunt between my fleshy thighs so that I can release my pressure but I failed in both,
Hemant held me even more tighter and continued rubbing my cunt with his finger while Jai’s cock was moving in and out of it and at the same instant leaving my waist Jai held me from my thighs and further parted them and continued ripping my fuckhole for few more seconds till I started crying and screaming in strange voice.
Suddenly Jai stopped and withdrew his rod from my fuckhole leaving my hole empty and Hemant too stopped, once again like before Jai held my thighs apart and restricted me to join my legs and I went crazy like before, and once again I felt that I am at the edge of my death because of this strange pleasure.
At this time I was standing in a very strange posture, I was bent almost on 90 degrees and Hemant was holding me tight from the lower portion of my breast to restrict my movement I was into his left arm and Jai was holding my thighs apart. I was trembling feverishly screaming helplessly and my legs were shivering,
I wanted to cum with ease but I could not press my cunt for that and once again tidal waves started hitting my body and I was trembling in sudden jerks rising from my pelvis going till my breast through my belly, Jai and Hemant were holding my tremulous body tight, they were enjoying watching me shaking like that and once again proper stream of my cunt juices started flowing down and I felt Jai’s hand on my cunt,
and heard him saying, “dekh paani chhod rahi hai” next moment Jai tenderly touched one of my cunt lips to feel it’s sensation and spoke, “haath laga ke dekh Chut kaise kaamp rahi hai” and Hemant touched me there to feel the pulsation of my cunt and next second they loosened there grip and I collapsed on the wet floor while shivering and finally squeezed my cunt with my hand and folded my legs and joined them to my stomach.
I was crying in pleasure and second time I was going through this and even on second time for few seconds when Jai stopped fucking me suddenly pulled out his rod and restricted me to squeeze my cunt between my thighs I thought that I will die in this. Once again Jai and Hemant were enjoying my fucking state and they waited for some time before trying to make me straight on the floor.
I was still crying and I requested him to leave me by saying, “please Bhaiya…leave me, mujhe nahi karna…..please mujhe jaane do” Jai caressed my forehead and spoke, “bas ho gaya ab nahi karenge aisa” but I continued crying and saying, “please mujhe chhod do” for which Jai replied “Haan bas ab main tumhe tumhare ghar chhod dunga, tum rest karna”
I stooped crying after a while and it was something which I was not at all expecting, Jai tried to came over me as he was yet not over, I tried to get away but failed and Jai lied over me on the bathroom floor, I requested him once again, “please Bhaiya mujhe bahut dard ho raha hai wahan par, mujhe chhod do” for which Jai replied, “ab tumhe bilkul dard nahi hoga, bass 1-2 minute ki baat hai mera bhi nikal jaayega”
I wanted to request him once again but he sealed my lips with his lips and started kissing me, exploring my mouth and with that Jai’s hands were searching my fuckhole. I tried to close my legs and succeeded for a while but Hemant helped him to part my legs when Jai told him “Hemant taange khol isski” and once again Jai was fucking me on the wet floor of the huge luxurious bathroom.
He was riding me hard and rapidly. His body was jerking rapidly up and down, he was pumping my fuck hole with speed and it was getting higher and higher, once again our gasps and moans were rising and he was screaming loud in pleasure and I could not decide exactly why I was screaming in pain or pleasure.
At last, Jai shoved down hard with a long, loud cry and his dick sank down deep between my fleshy thighs into my cunt, and I just swallowed his penis in my tunnel smoothly till the very end. He fell on me and I held him and immediately grabbed his body tight between my arms and wide open legs and tried to stop his rocking and jerking motion.
Once again I orgasmed and screamed loud and finally started crying once again. We all came out and I was still sobbing and both were silent, finally after getting ready Jai came closer and took me in his arms and tried to love me, I tried to get away for which Jai spoke, “Sheela kya karun, tum ho hi itni sexy ki main control nahi kar pata” then again he Jai spoke,
“let’s go I will drop you home aur tum pura din rest karna, I will call you in the evening”. I looked at him, he was still expecting that I will get ready for tonight also. I wanted to say that I am not going to come tonight, fire me if you want to fire” but I remained silent, and walked out of the room and heard low voice, Hemant saying, “raat bhar mein humne isko itna khol diya hai, jitana iske pati ne isse 2 saal mein nahi khola hoga”.
Jai came out with me and Hemant stayed in the hotel. We both were silent through out the way and we reached at the place where I was suppose to get down and before getting down I spoke, “Bhaiya mujhe nahi karna ye sab, aapne mujhe naukri se nikalna hai to nikal deejiye” Jai smiled a bit and spoke, “Sheela don’t say that, actually I was very excited and that is why I behaved like that,
excitement mein tumhare saath thoda jayada ho gaya, and I could see ki tum bhi enjoy kar rahi thi, and I promise aisa dobara nahi hoga, next 2-3 din hum aaram aaram se karenge” I remained silent and did not uttered a word. Jai spoke again “see I am not forcing you, it’s you wish, bass 2-3 raaton ki aur baat hai jab tak Hemant yahan hai” then he spoke again,
“and for that I am giving you job security for you whole life” and then he spoke, “and one more thing, I promise I will not force you or blackmail you again for this in any circumstances but……” Jai stopped after saying “but” I looked at him to say go ahead and he continued, “but… agar tum apni marzi se mere saath ye continue karti ho to I promise main tumhe har saal 30 percent ka increment dunga,
with some perks and I assure ki main tumhe kisi aur ke saath sex karne ke liye bhi nahi kahunga, obviously jab Hemant India aayega tab tumhe continually raaton ko uske saath hi rahna padega, it will be part of your job then” I could not speak anything, I just continued staring his face.
“Don’t think, that, you have to accept this proposal, you can refuse it, I promise after spending three nights with me and Hemant you will be free and in any case you will not lose your job” “but if you will back up now then I don’t have any proposal for you”. Then there was a silence for few seconds and Jai spoke again,
“think about it, I will call you around 4 in the evening to ask you whether you are interested or not nahi to mujhe Hemant ke liye kisi dusri ladki ka intzaam karna padega”. Once again I looked at him, he spoke everything so casually as if nothing is forbidden in this, from giving me that proposal till saying that he has to arrange some other girl for Hemant.
I got down without saying a word and stood aside and he picked up speed and moved from there. I walked till my home and could not think about anything else except that proposal. Finally landed home and without eating anything tried to sleep. Well friends here I am ending my experience for a while, and I will write further after reading reader’s response. Post comments if possible tell me if I bored you.

Sheela screwed like slut by horny Boss - I

Hi, readers this is Sheela, Today first time in my life I am trying to write something like this. I must admit in the beginning that I am really very bad in this language. This is my real life story, and you may find it bit long. I have tried to give my best to make it look like a sex story, like I read daily on this blog.
Anyway if I have to start from the beginning then I will say that I got married when I was 20 and just after two years of my marriage I got separated from my husband and came back to my parents. My parents tried to resolve my marital matter but that matter was really very complex and finally I got divorce from my husband and because of the experience of two years to married life I decided not to think about remarrying.
Through my father’s reference I got one small job, at that time my boss Mr. Jagdish who was nearly 60-65 years old and I must say that he was gem of a person and I use to address him Babuji. I was working in accounts department, as I did not had any experience or degree related to that work and I was facing problems but Babuji helped me a lot in keep on going and slowly I got settled down with the work.
This particular incident happened when my main Boss died after around 13 years from the time I joined, and his Nephew took his place. His Name was Jai, as my boss did not have any son, so now he was my next Boss. Jai was already working from last few years but particularly he did not had any relation with accounts department as it was completely handled by Babuji, but now after Babuji he was the whole sole in charge of the company.
From the very beginning from the time he joined company I was little afraid of him. Though you can say that I knew Jai from his childhood and initially when he was not working he use to address me Sheela Didi but later after few years when he joined the company we all started to address him Bhaiya.
Anyway If I get to the past of this then I will say that initially Jai was bought here by Babuji when he was just 14 or 15, even today I can recall that time when I first saw him, he was mere boy may be studying in 10th standard. Jai was Babuji’s younger brother’s son and he was bought here because both of his parents were expired in one serious road accident.
As our accounts office and Babuji’s house was in the same campus, I was well aware of all the things happening in the house and I knew every member of the family very well rather at the time when Babuji was alive I was considered part of the family as he use to regard me as her daughter and I always took him as my father.
Anyway If I get back to the story then I will say that things suddenly changed after Babuji’s death. Slowly Jai started firing people as he wanted to change the whole work atmosphere and like me there were many people in the office who were close to Babuji like his family. Finally one day nearly in the beginning of the month, from our manager I got this information that I have to look for another job,
because this company does not want to continue with me from next month. I was scared of this and finally it happened, for me it was disaster, because at that time I was all alone, my parents were also not in this world. I did not had any option to earn my living, actually I was hardly graduate and did not had any degree to prove myself professionally.
After a long tussle with in my self I decided to meet Jai at his residence. Now which was bit far from Babuji’s House, just to request him not to fire me like this. Moreover I was thinking that I will talk to Jai’s wife as I knew her too like other family members, and I was expecting that she will help me in this context. I remember it was Friday evening, after office hours when I reached at Jai’s House.
I asked watchman about Shilpi Bhabhi ( Jai’s wife), she was not at home, rather she was gone out of town to her parents for few days, I got bit disappointed, for a fraction I thought about going back and come back when she will be here but I moved in the House to meet Jai. Watchman informed Jai and I was told to sit in the lobby which was outside his living room.
From there I could see Jai, he was sitting with someone chit chatting. After sometime one of his servants came and called me inside. When I entered in the living Jai was on phone talking to someone and what I could hear was just, “please do something, it’s really very important, I have a special guest” After disconnecting he looked at me and spoke, “yes?” “bhaiya I want to talk to you about my job”.
Somehow I spoke, “I don’t discuss office at home, meet me on Monday in the office, I will listen to it” his reply was little rude and very flat. I moved back and came out and crossed the main gate and hardly after few minute watchman came behind me to say that Jai is calling me. I moved back and once again I was waiting for him in the lobby. After few minutes Jai came out and told me to sit down.
He sat bit far from me, and started. Here I am writing word to word conversation which I had with him in Hindi and I have tried to translate it to English. His first word was, “Sheela, as such I don’t have any problem with your working but I have decided to change the whole staff and you are part of the old staff”. Then again he spoke, “See I can consider your case special, if you agree for one thing” I looked at his face.
Whatever Jai spoke next was something which I could not expect even in my weird imagination. He spoke again, “actually he is my childhood friend and he is here for 2-3 days” Jai pointed his finger towards living room while saying that where the other guy was sitting. I continued looking at him, “he needs a company for 2-3 nights” … “you know what I mean” he was looking into my eyes shamelessly while saying that.
I was so shocked with that, my heart started beating high. Jai spoke again, “I am not forcing you, but if you say yes, I can do something for you” I was still stunned. Jai spoke again “think about it, but you do not have much time, hardly an hour” he spoke while looking at his watch.
Then again he spoke, “if it is yes then call me on my number and if it is no then you should start looking for the new job, you have almost whole month” Finally he got up while saying that and went inside the living room. I moved out slowly, I was really in very strange mind state, what to do, whether to do it or not.
For a fraction I thought about leaving the job at that time itself, but something stopped me, then I decided to consult with one of my close friend who use to live in my neighborhood, but how, how I will be able to tell her all this. I was really scared to decide anything, I knew this for sure that I will not get this type of job very easily because at present many people were doing same job for lesser value,
almost half and I was getting almost double from them just because I was associated with this company from more than decade and Babuji kindness. And if I will accept the proposal then I would be called slut. Finally after walking around 15 minutes I decided to refuse this proposal but when I reached home, something scared me for my upcoming time, I had a loan to payoff,
nearly 30percent of my monthly salary was going as a payment of that, what will I do for that when I will be jobless, and in that moment I decided to go for that, I spoke to myself that it’s just a matter of 2-3 nights and after that I will start hunting for another job comfortably because I will be having time and will try to leave this company as soon as possible.
Finally I decided to call Jai on his mobile to accept the proposal on few of my conditions. While his phone was ringing my heart was beating really high, I was feeling nervous, once I thought about disconnecting the call but don’t know why I held the line, I thought about saying that I have few conditions but as I heard Jai’s voice saying, “yes Sheela what happened” I could not utter a word and remained silent,
once again he spoke, “tell me what have you decided” “Bhaiya wo aapse kahna tha ki,….” I was really hesitant to say anything and somehow I spoke this much. “haan bolo…karna hai na” he replied from there. “haan” I repled, “good, then get ready I will call you back whenever we will reach at your place” “ok..” I replied and then asked again, “but kahan pe karna hai” “I have booked a room in 5 star hotel” then again he spoke,
“we will pick you up in an hour” “Ok” I replied, then again he spoke with bit of hesitation, “listen Sheela, apne wahan se baal hata lena” he told me to remove my hairs from my fuckhole, once again I replied with just ok and disconnected the line. Don’t know what was happening to me at that time, I was really very scared and nervous and this fear increased with passing time,
I really didn’t knew who was that man, with whom I agreed to sleep for 3 nights, and got ready to get fucked by him so easily, don’t know how is going to handle me. I just had a glimpse of him, when he was sitting on the couch with Jai, I remember I was looking at Jai while talking and he was looking at me.
Somehow I moved further and took out best dress I had that is, Dark maroon color sari with matching blouse. Took bath and before that cleaned my soft hairs from my pussy. Apart from fear I was feeling little aroused, some sort of shivering was hitting my body when I was removing hairs from my cunt, while thinking that tonight I am going to get fucked, after more than a decade. It was a strange feeling fear mixed with a sexual desire.
From last few years I was masturbating regularly while watching blue movies, which I use to get it from my neighboring friend, who use to live with her husband. Sometimes she uses to discuss her sex life with me, because of which I use to feel sad for myself. At that time strange thoughts were coming in my mind, I was visualizing that guy leaning over me, fucking me, sucking my breasts and all such things, and all these thoughts were making me crazy.
I got ready and slowly realized that I am leaking in my panty. I tried to control it but it was really out of my ability. After around 50 minutes from the time I called Jai, I received a call from Jai that I have to reach on the main road which was hardly 5 minutes walking from my house. I came out Jai was already there with that guy, Jai was on driving seat and that guy was sitting beside him.
I settled down on rear seat and car moved and after a minute Jai introduced us with each other, saying, “Sheela ye Hemant hain” “he lives in US and Hemant she is Sheela and she will escort you for next 3-4 days, till you are in this town” then again he spoke, this time to me, “Sheela you are on official leave for next few days, you do not have to come to office in the day time” then again he spoke
“you can take rest in the day time” Finally we reached at the Hotel and just we two got down and Jai took leave from there. After getting keys from reception I moved bit behind Hemant till his room and finally I was standing in the huge bedroom of that luxuries 5 star hotel. It was a beautiful room, with a huge double bed, and a very good looking sofa and now I knew that, I had to be on his bed to get fucked to save my job.
I was very uneasy though it was wet too and I could feel that I am leaking slowly, and I think Hemant sensed my brain came closer to me and told me to get comfortable first. With that he went to washroom, I was standing in the middle of the room and looking here and there, I looked at the bed, it seemed very comfortable. I knew that in just few minutes I will be laying naked on this bed with Hemant, and he will fuck me whole night.
It was a different feeling, somewhere I had an urge to do this as I was getting wet down in my panties, after so many years suddenly this was happening with me and I was not in the condition to handle all this mentally, some sort of fever was rising in my nerves. Hemant came back and asked me if want to use the washroom, I said yes and went in when I came back in few minutes,
he was sitting on a sofa, I looked at him, with a question in my eyes, that what's next he smiled and asked “want to have something” I said “no” then again he spoke, “mere paas aao”, I went closer to him, he took my hand and tried to pull me and took me in his arms, I was sitting on his lap, he kissed me for a minute, I did not responded to his kiss, he kissed on my cheek and again whispered in my ear,
“ Sheela, you are bit nervous, don't worry main bahut aaram se karunga” “I know little about your life history” then again Hemant spoke and asked me while looking into my eyes, “tell me from how long you are living alone….I mean living without your husband?” “Around 14 years” I replied with some choked voice. “And in these 14 years…..
I mean have you slept with somebody after that” “no” I replied again. “Strange” he smiled a bit “anyway it’s good for me and for you also, just relax hmmm…. I am not going to harm you, rather you will enjoy everything”. From this I felt that he is a caring person. I remained silent, then he opened my hairs, which were tied with a clutch, then he took of my pallu from my shoulder,
by removing safety pin first, and started kissing on my neck and my breast over my blouse. It was a strange feeling, I felt something running on my body, and I was feeling butterflies in my stomach. After a long time any man was touching me in that way, his hands were exploring my body, my breast, my thighs and my back. He was kissing me everywhere he could do in that sitting posture.
We both were bit uncomfortable, doing this while sitting on sofa chair. He picked me in his arms and took me to the bed, and now I was laying on bed and he was laying beside me, he came over me, and again started kissing me, till this time I was not responding to his kisses, but he continued and finally I could not resist myself and I opened my mouth as I too got carried away.
I started responding to his kisses and soon we were exploring each others mouth with our tongues, he licked every corner of my mouth so nicely, that I became insensible in his love making. I closed my eyes and enjoyed his touch his hand moved to my bare stomach and played with my naval. I was losing control on my body.
He moved his one hand upward and touched my breast over the blouse then started squeezing them. Hemant took out the safety pin from the plates of my saree, and pulled all the plates together to take off my sari, and in a minute, my sari was on the floor and I was laying in blouse and petticoat.
He took his shirt off and came over me, and kissed me for few minutes, and moved to my face then to my neck and squeezed my tits, firmly. I moaned in pleasure, and then he started unhooking my blouse and took it off from my body. Now I was just in bra on my upper half, he lowered both the straps of my bra, and took my breast in his mouth and started sucking them one by one,
I was in intense pleasure, his hands were exploring my body again, he was sucking one breast and playing with other, then he moved his hand to my thighs and rubbed them over the cloth, then he stopped sucking my tits and pulled my petticoat up to my knees and inserted his hand in that and touched my bare thighs, I became restless, and trembled in pleasure,
he was rubbing my inner thighs and looking at my reactions and listening my pleasure moans, I was never touched by anybody like that in my life, his touch was so tender and sensual that in a minute or two I felt that I have cummed, suddenly I felt that I am totally wet in my panty. Hemant was playing with my body and I was moaning like anything.
He rubbed my thighs for a while and tenderly touched my cunt over my panty, I was breathing heavy he started rubbing my wet pussy over panty and I was enjoying it, my juices were flowing freely from my love hole and my pussy was getting a massage of that fluid by him, I was holding my pillow, and my eyes were closed, I was enjoying every second of his love making.
I forgot that in a way I am forced to get on his bed, I was enjoying as if everything is happening with my consent. Then he got up and took out my bra which was stuck in my arms and then opened the knot of my petticoat and took it off through my legs, I was now just in panty, in a second or two I was not even with my panty, and I was laying totally naked in front of him,
for few seconds he just stared at my body, I was hiding my cunt between my legs, rest of my body was laying there for him to stare. Then he took off his undershirt, and got naked from his upper half, Hemant seemed really strong as he was nearly 6 feet with broad shoulders. Anyway he again took me in his arms and started kissing and fondling my body nicely with his hand,
he played with my breast again and then took his hand straight to my thighs, and tried to touch my cunt, I was holding it in my thighs and I was totally wet there, he tried to separate my thighs to touch my pussy but I was little uneasy to give away the access of my love hole to him.
He kissed on my cheek and took my earlobe in his mouth and sucked it, I went mad in pleasure with this, he murmured in my ear in a very low voice, “Sheela spread your legs apni taange kholo” and then he tried again to spread my legs to touch my cunt, but I was very uneasy, bit insecure and unconsciously I was stopping him to touch my naked cunt.
After couple of unsuccessful tries he kissed me on my neck and again started sucking my tits for a while, and moved down and licked my body till my waist, then he moved further kissed my thighs near my love spot, and moved further and kissed me till my toes, and then he turned me on my stomach, now my bare hips were laying in front of him,
he took both of my hips in his hands and gently rubbed them and squeezed them together and then kissed them and moved further to my waist and again licked my whole back till my shoulder and came on me, I simply got mad in pleasure because of his tenderness, and slowly my sexual desire was overcoming my fear and hesitation of getting penetrated.
I was feeling his hardness under his trouser on the cut of my hips, he was kissing me on back of my neck closer to my ears and driving me crazy, I was trembling in pleasure. Then again he turned me on my back; my hairs were spread allover my face and I was breathing very heavy and short. He then moved down lifted one of my leg and started kissing me from my feet till he reached my thighs.
My entire body was loved by him. He started licking my inner thighs, now he could see my soft cunt, which was drenched in its own liquid, he kissed my wet pussy, a current passed through my body and I tried my best to resist, but my legs were apart now and he was too strong. Keeping my legs further apart he hugged my waist with both his hands and kissed my cunt again and again.
I was moaning and he started licking my soft cunt. My pussy was shaved and he was licking it like an ice-cream. I was totally wet down there and he was licking all my juices. Then he started to enter his tongue in my pussy and sucked my hole, to take out whatever liquid is inside. I got crazy with such an erotic act. I tried to push his head away.
He stopped sucking me but just then he entered his finger in my fuckhole holding my fleshy thigh away from the other and started fisting me, I just went mad. I started moaning loudly and hearing my moans he entered his two more fingers and started fisting me fast,
I tried to stop him by squeezing my thighs together but Hemant was really strong and he kept them apart and held me tight to control my body and continued fisting me very fast for one minute and just then a sudden rub of his thumb over my clit took my breath, I simple jumped in ecstasy and my whole body got arced like a bow and I tightened myself as it was something which I could not handle.
I was at the state where I could not even scream; I was breathless and banged my buttocks 2-3 times very hard on the bed to tolerate this sexual storm and went through orgasm of my life. After that I became bit unconscious, I was feeling very tired, I was laying on my back and remained on bed in the same posture for sometime.
After a minute door bell ranged, I got bit scared as I was totally naked and Hemant too was naked from the upper half, but I think Hemant knew that who is at the door. He opened the door and Jai walked in. I was really shocked to see him. I took one sheet to cover my naked body before Jai would have looked at the bed where I was laying stark naked after a shattering orgasm.
Jai never mentioned this that he too will be there in the room, it was understood that I will be escorting just Hemant. First thing Jai asked to Hemant was “shuru kar diya kya?” for which Hemant repled, “Haan bas isko garam kar raha tha, ek baar to paani chhod diya hai saali ne” Hemant was talking about me, and in a way he was using abusing word for me.
“How is she, achhi hai na” Jai asked back in bit low voice but it was enough for me to hear, “Haan mast maal hai, baaki jab iski lunga to bataaunga” Hemant replied “abhi tak choda nahi kya?” Jai asked again in bit low voice but again it was enough for me to listen. “nahi, abhi to bas oongli se ragda hai thoda sa, aur issne apna paani chhod diya” then Hemant spoke again,
“pichle 13-14 saal khuli nahi hai isski, bahut mazza degi” Jai spoke again “Haan haan thok achhe se 2-3 din tere saath hi soyegi, and I will come back after an hour or you can call me when you will be done and we will have dinner together” then again Jai spoke, “jo karwana hai karwa liyo, manna nahi karegi” and with that Jai walked in to see me, and spoke while looking at me with bit of smile,
“Sheela jo bolen sab karna, inko koi complaint nahi honi chahiye” and continued staring me for a while. For me it was height of embarrassment, I was laying naked under the sheet and the boy whom I have seen growing up in front of my eyes, who use to address me Didi after my name at one time was somewhat ordering me that I have to satisfy his friend and his friend should not have any complains in this context.
With that Jai walked out and Hemant closed the door and came to bed and started taking of his remaining clothes. Initially trouser, and in a second he was also completely nude laying beside me, after a long time I was looking at a naked man, he had a big cock which was fully erect, for few seconds I got scared with a thought that today I will be ripped very badly.
Hemant was laying beside me and looking at me, I could not look into his eyes as I was feeling really embarrassed. He removed the sheet from which I was covering myself and once again I was fully exposed to him, he came on my top naked, and started kissing me and while kissing he took my hand to his cock, and gave it to me. It was long and thick, which was hard and strong like a metal rod.
He took off its skin and showed me the way to do it, and I did that and started jerking it with my hand. I was looking at the rod, and thinking that what will happen to me when this will enter inside my tiny hole. Then he asked me, “Sheela you have to suck it”. I was bit hesitant to do it, and continued to stare at him saying that I don’t want to do it with my eyes,
He looked at me and spoke, “suck it, achhe se chuso isko” “tumne suna na Jai ne kya kaha, tumko sab kuch karna padega” Finally I got up and started caressing it with my hand and then I kissed at its tip. He guided me for the way to do it in short “ Sheela isko apne muh mein lekar dheere dheere chuso”. He was laying on bed and I was sitting near, holding his hard cock in my hand.
It was so long that I couldn’t take it all in my mouth but still I licked it with a to and fro motion rubbing his foreskin with my soft and pink lips. I was moving my tongue all around it and Hemant was at the top of his ecstasy. In the beginning I had strange feeling, that I have taken a piece of flesh in my mouth and sucking it, although there was no smell and it was tasteless,
I continued just moving in and out of my mouth as a task, and Hemant stopped me and spoke again, “Sheela you have to suck it, like a lollipop” and with that Hemant got up and pushed me on the bed and I was on my back now and he came on my top and bought his cock closer to my mouth while sitting around my breasts and spoke again,
“muh kholo” and pushed his rod on my lips, I opened my mouth and next second he started moving to and fro in and out of my mouth. once again he spoke, “Sheela Chuso, jaise bachhe lollipop chuste hain” I started sucking it and as I started sucking I could feel the difference in pleasure which he was getting, after hardly 1 more minute I saw that Hemant is in such a pleasure,
that he was making pleasure sounds, he increased his speed of rubbing his rod on my inner cheek walls and accordingly I started sucking him harder holding his rod between my lips tight and his for skin started moving up and down faster, his moans grew intense. He couldn’t control longer and pulled his rod out of my mouth me and got over me.
Both of us were breathless and my heart was beating really fast. He came over me and wrapped my legs around his waist and took his hard cock and rubbed it on my pussy hole. I became very restless and started breathing more heavily, and flow of my love fluid became even more intense, I was just few seconds away from getting Hemant cock in my fuckhole,
and there was no sign of fear in me, it was really very strange now I needed him, I was feeling some kind of contraction inside me, my cunt was twitching with a desire of getting penetrated. With a stroke he pushed himself inside me; my pussy was so wet that his dick slipped in, it injured me a bit and I almost cried in pain,
I was getting something in my pussy after very long time and it was really big, much bigger than what I use to have it in my two years of married life, and with another push his whole cock was inside me, and my soft love hole completely gulped Hemant’s cock. Hemant started sucking my tits while laying on me, and his hard cock was deep inside me.
He remained like that for few more seconds and then he started with slow movement of his cock in my cunt, it was a different feeling of pain and pleasure together. After few in and out movement of his dick I was moaning more in a pleasure and less in a pain, he was fucking me very nicely. He was not at all in hurry and I think he was trying to deliver me the pleasure, as he knew that I am not fucked from long time.
And he could se that slowly I was heading towards that pleasure, and soon whatever pain I had disappeared and I was completely enjoying his hard cock deep inside me, he was making movements steadily, in different directions and every corner of my deep cunt was getting messaged by his hard cock.
His rod was now moving with ease in my hole because of the pleasure juices which were flooding out from my cunt. While he was fucking me, at a particular angle of penetration I felt that I will burst in pleasure, my moans got very loud and clear, and he sensed that and fucked me in a same posture for hardly a minute or two, and I exploded in another powerful orgasm,
I clenched his back with my nails and tightened my legs around his body, to prevent his further movement, so that I can cum. He stopped and I cummed intensely. My body was trembling in pleasure and I was shouting in pleasure, he was just looking at me, some kind of waves was moving in my body, starting from my pelvis to my breast which was making me shiver and I was breathing with difficulty.
It was one of the most powerful orgasm of my life till now. After few minutes when I regained into my conscious, Hemant withdrew his dick from my hole and sat beside me, and took me in his arms, and continued loving me. He sucked my tits for a while and made me lay down on my stomach with my legs spread,
he kept two pillows under my stomach, and held my waist with one hand and rested his hard dick on my opening, and with a single knock he was again fully inside me. It pained me for a second but soon his movements were giving me pleasure again, he was laying on me and fucking me from behind. He pumped me from there for few minutes, and his movements were very steady.
It was a very pleasurable position for both of us, his moans were rising and I could feel him going to his peak with every stroke he made inside my cunt hole, he increased his pace and puffed in pleasure and with in a minute he buried his long cock in the deepest corner of my cave. I felt his hot liquid getting injected deep inside me.
He rested for some time on the bed as it is, laying on my top and after that used we toilet one by one and cleaned ourselves. As I was picking up my clothes Hemant called Jai and told him that he has fucked me once by saying “aaja kar liya humne” then again he replied “ haan bahut mazza aaya aur Sheela ne bhi bahut enjoy kiya” for whatever Jai asked, may be for how was it or whatever.
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