Lonely Indian Mom plans slow seduction

Ever since my sister had gotten married and moved in with her husband, my mom had been feeling very lonely. She was always alone at home. I lived at home and commuted to the university. And dad was always at work. I think my mom missed my sister so much she used to cry at times. I had often seen her swollen eyes when I got back from school.

When I got back home, mom always got energized. She brought me food and used to tell me all the things that happened during the day, who called, and who she talked to on phone and things like that. I had never looked at my mom sexually. She was 40 years old, but she was skinny and had a shapely body. She didn’t have the biggest tits but they were proportionate to her height and body weight. Even though we are Indian and pretty conservative, mom had always been a rebel of sorts. She never did anything crazy but she didn’t mind letting us watch American movies and we never had to change channels when a French kiss or sex scene came around. Heck, when I was little, mom even used to dress in front of me. She used to ask me to hook her bra from the back, hand her the panties from the closet and things like that. But this was way back. She had stopped doing this ever since she noticed little streaks of pubic hair growing around my cock while bathing me. And then once I even got an erection while she was helping be take a bath. This was the last straw for her I guess and she never dressed in front of me after that. She also stopped bathing me since then and even I didn’t think about it too much. I was 18 now, and had girlfriends here and there. So I wasn’t overly horny as I was getting satisfied enough. She still asked me to help her hook her bra from the back sometimes. Now that I think of it, it might have been as far as her horniness took her. I don’t know, I might be speculating.

I think she had sex with my father really rarely since my dad was pretty old. She was sill attractive and could look like a fox when she had her days. She usually asked me to hook her bra from the back after she took a shower. I guess she had difficulty moving her arms behind her back sometimes, and since I was always home, and had been used to this since I was little, she just asked my help. She used to step out of the shower with only her shalwar (lose Indian pajamas) on and then got her bra from the closet. Then she used to call me in for help. By the time I got to her room she usually had the bra on her boobs and just asked me to hook it for her from the back. She was usually a free spirit and didn’t mind walking around the house with just her bra and shalwar or panties on when no one was home. I knew this since I had usually seen her walking to her room with her bra on as I got home from school. I guess she preferred to relax and only put her clothes on when I got home.


I was 20 when my sis got married and moved out. This episode happened one day after I got back home from school. As I have said above, my mom was usually a free flowing person. Although I had no intention of walking in on her, it happened and it happened so fast, both of us didn’t know what to think.

I had keys to the house and I used to just barge in. I guess mom had just taken a shower and left the bathroom as usual with only her bottoms on and no bra. And then I guess she must have heard the phone ring as she was near the phone in the living room when I walked in. I unlocked the door, threw my bag to the side, made the right turn toward the living room and saw the most shocking thing in my life.

My mom was there, with no top on, and her hand was scratching her ass as she was putting down the phone, with her back towards me. As soon as she heard me, she turned around to see who it was and was shell-shocked.

I had a complete and direct view of her B-cup tits, floating in the air. Her large brown nipples were erect because of the cold, and were staring at me straight in the eye. As she was scratching her behind, her shalwar (loose Indian pajama bottoms) had come lose and were now half hanging from her side, with the tying cord out in the open. I could see her big fat belly button. Her eyes were wide open and for about a tenth of a second, we both just stood still. There was complete silence. This period of time felt like an eternity as I had seen and surveyed every millimeter of her curvy body, the top half of it totally naked. She gasped and could only utter:

“Oh Ao”, (Come in)

Saying this, she reached for the tying cord of her shalwar and tied it around her waist, all the while, her eyes fixated on mine. She did not even turn around. This was an overly sexy moment. Her beautiful mammary glands, her treasured assets just hanging freely and her son looking at them, salivating over every millimeter of them.

I couldn't utter a word. Although I had turned sides, pretending to be sitting down untying my shoes, I was still looking at her from the corner of my eyes.

When she finished tying her shalwar around her waist, she turned around away from me, and said:

“Let me just get dressed, phir tum khana kha lo”. (Let me get dressed, I will bring the food out in a minute).

Saying this and leaving me as stunned as a stone, she went inside her room.

I had almost frozen to death. The feeling of horniness was unbearable, and she was about to seriously test my patience now...

“Beta, zara andar ao”, she called me inside her room.

“Ok Ma”, I said and walked in.

She had her back towards me, like she usually did whenever she needed help with her bra.

“Zara yeh hook laga do beta.” (please hook my bra for me son).

"Acha Ma" (OK Ma), I said and walked closer.

By now I had a raging hard on. My dick was about to explode from my pants, ready to spray cum all over the place. My heart was beating fast and I was short of breath. I came up behind her and gasped. She had the sexiest little bra on. I had never tied this bra for her. Heck, I hadn’t even seen this before. It was a cute little lacy bra, a little too small for her firm B tits I thought.

Anyway, I held the hooks in my hands as she adjusted the straps near her shoulder. My throbbing cock was about 2 inches away from her love hole, I thought to myself. But then I came to senses as I realized who I was thinking about. It was my mom after all.

”Wake up you idiot! Snap out of this shit! This is your mother.” I thought to myself.

She was waiting with the unfastened bra, waiting for me to move.

"Lagao", she said. (Fasten it already)

So I held the bra back and tried to bring the two ends closer to fasten it. I can swear right now I did everything normally, didn’t try to brush my cock against her on purpose, didn’t pull the bra too hard, if anything: I was extra careful. I tried to be at my best behavior. I even pulled my hips back to withdraw my cock, lest it hit her ass and she discovered her son had a raging hard on.

I was being very careful, pretending that seeing her topless had no effect on me, but I guess fate had something else written for me.

As soon as I brought the bra snaps together, as I always did, she yelled as the bra cups tightened around her boobs:

“Ouuuiii. aray!!! ” and then she giggled.

“Araam se,” she laughed. (Slowly!)

"Kiya hua Ma?" I asked, puzzled.

“Dard hota hai agar tight ho to” (It hurts if the bra is too tight)…

"Acha Ma mein aram se lagata huun." (OK Ma I will try to bring the hooks together slowly), I said politely.

I softly held the bra straps again and brought them close.

As soon as I tried to hook them, the bra pressed into her boobs again, she yelled again:


And with this yell, she thrust her hips back and her ass crack hit the tip of my cock. I guess since the bra felt too tight, her ass jerked back as a reflex action.

My cock hit the spot where the crack began and it sank in a little. True that she had a shalwar on, but it was made of really thin material, and the hard on I was sporting was so pricky and huge, that she gasped again, as soon as she realized what she had buried her ass into.

“Oh Sorry,” I muttered and moved my cock back out immediately.

"nahi beta, I am sorry, shayed blouse chota ho gaya hai." (No son, I am sorry, I guess the bra has grown smaller.)

"haan lekkin aik dafa koshish karney do.." (OK Ma, let me try again), I said nicely.

She didn’t say anything, but from the side of her face, I saw her eyes widen and noticed her breathing increase. She was looking at me out of the corner of her eye. Every moment right now felt like a thousand years. My heart was beating so fast, I could hear it from my own ears and I am sure she could hear it too. I put the bra strap into place as it firmly fitted her boobs in finally.

This had to be a day for many firsts. As soon as the bra was fastened, she immediately moved her hands to her tits like most women do to adjust their bras, but this time she turned around to face me and adjusted the bra to fit her boobs, moving her hands all over her tits and adjusting them right in front of me.

I gasped for breath again. She had she slyest smile in her eyes, but her lips were tight shut. She knew I was staring at her chest intently. Then she broke my trance:

“Thank you beta, mein abhi khana deiti huun” (Thanks son, I will bring the food out in a minute).

That’s it. Fun was over, I thought, and walked out.

Oh how I was lusting for her delicious looking boobs. And oh how my cock remembered the feeling when her soft ass cheeks buried into it, albeit for a nanosecond. I wanted my mom’s body. What the hell was wrong with me?

Lunch was very normal. She brought the food out and we ate regularly. She told me about her day at home and I told her how my classes went. Both of us pretended as if nothing had happened.


I could easily regard the day’s events as coincidence. Yes we had awkward moments and yes I saw her tits but so what? She was my mom and she had nothing to hide from her son.

The next day I came home without thinking much about the previous day’s events. I had gone out the previous night, got drunk and made out with my girlfriend in a park. Life was good and every thing looked normal. Or so I thought. I came home and saw the living room was empty. I went towards my mom’s room and I heard the shower running. I changed, and relaxed.

Soon she got out of the shower and as usual, called me in for help. She wanted me to hook her bra for her I guess. I got up casually and walked to her room. But this would be no ordinary bra fastening help session.

She was sitting on her bed. With just her panties on! No shalwar! She thought she had herself covered since she was at the far edge of the bed. I could see her silky legs from the side.

She said:

“Beta bed ke upper aa key eh hook laga do please”. (Son please climb over the bed and hook my bra for me).

"Acha Ma." (OK), I sa.d

What she was indirectly telling me to do was not to come in front since she did not have her shalwar on. And I guess she didn’t want me to see her ass with only her panties on. I could see her naked legs from the side of the bed and could see that her lace black panties only covered a portion of her ass. Yes her ass crack was hidden but they did little more. It was a mind boggling sight! What’s a guy to do? A woman in just panties is just that! A woman in panties! All my mind could think about was her boobs and what was inside her boobs and panties.

So thinking all that, I climbed the bed like a kid and as the mattress dipped, I could see more of her panty-covered ass. She actually had the shalwar at her feet and she just hadn’t pulled it up. She was applying lotion to her legs.

Hey this could have been just a harmless help call. I wasn’t about to put my hopes up and do something stupid. I didn’t want to risk the relationship I had with mom. And after all, we were from a conservative Indian family.

But my cock was not listening. It was hard as a rock and I had no control over this. How can a guy prevent a hard on when an attractive women is sitting a couple of feet away from him, smelling sweet and with just her panties on? My dick was sticking out of my pants.

Now I was on the bed, and I saw that she did not have the bra on her back. I said:

"Ma blouse nahi pehna, kahan hai? kiya lagaoon?" (Mom you don't have the bra on, what would I fasten?)

She was kind of embarassed and said plainly:

“Beta closet se koi blouse nikal lo”, she instructed. (Son take out any bra from the closet)

While saying this, she was bent over, applying lotion to her legs. I walked to the closet and from the corner of my eyes, caught a glimpse of her naked nipples.

They were rock hard and looked like little pieces of hard chocolate. Her boobs were very shapely, although a little saggy. Her nipples are the type that twist up when they are hard. That is a very sexy sight. It looks very inviting. But then again, this is my mom I am talking about! What the fuck was I thinking? I tried to focus on the job I had to do.

I opened the closet door and looked for her bras in the drawer. Without thinking, I picked out a random white one and turned around to walk towards her.

She looked up and smiled.

“Nahi beta, yeh nahi, koi kala le ao” (no son not this, get some black one).

I was looking at her boobs head on now.

“Acha”, I said OK and turned around, with the sight of her boobs firmly planted in my imagination.

I searched her bra drawer and found a black bra. It was even smaller than the one she had on yesterday and looked a little different. The cups were smaller and lacier and it had no hook in the back. I didn’t pay much mind to that and walked towards her. She saw it was black and turned around on the bed. I climbed the bed and gave her the bra.

“Yeh lein,” ( Here), I said.

She took it in her hands and put the bra straps on.

“Aray beta yeh to front-fasten hai” (Oh son this is a front-fastening bra).

“Oh Ma mujhe mila nahi aur koi. Aap khud dekh lo na,” I said, getting a little antsy. I was nervous. (Mom I couldn’t find another one, why don’t you look for one yourself?)

She let out a deep sigh and got up. In her panties! With no bra! With me looking! Then she bent over, and pulled her shalwar (Indian pajamas) up on her ass and walked to the closet.

Her ass was round as an apple. Big as a full moon and light colored like ice cream. I just wanted to touch it. Once. It was the kind of ass, which if you touch with your cock, your cock might skid and slide and get buried inside her pussy within seconds.

She was bent over in the closet and found another black bra I guess.

“Dekho mil gaya, ab jaldi karo, Ma nangi hai,” she said with a semi-laughter. (See, I found one, now hurry up, mom is naked can't you see).

“Haan do jaldi see”, I said ok as she sat on the bed once again and put the bra on. I climbed the bed and took the straps. I had to pull the bra straps as it was very tight and she cringed a little.

As her elbow moved back, it hit the tip of my cock head sticking out of my pants like a tent. I saw her swallow hard as her cheeks went red.

“array kholo zara”, she said loudly. (Unhook the bra!), “It is too tight.”

“Oh sorry,” I said and unhooked the bra. It was now hanging from her tits.

This situation was turning overtly sexual. She was now caressing her tits, since the bra had squeezed them so tightly.

“Beta tum itni zor se lagatay ho, ke durd hota hai,” (son it hurts if you wear the bra too tight).

“Sorry Maa, yeh buhat chota hai shayed, kiyunkay mein pehle bhi scond mein lagata tha”. (Sorry Ma but I think this one is too small, I always used to hook in the second loop). I explained.

“Haan bss ab pehley mein lagao.” (Yea but put it in the first one now.) She instructed, in a comforting tone.

I obliged, and tried to hook the bra in the first loop. It was still tight.

She gasped as her tits were squeezed and as she was about to say something, her elbow hit my hard on again.

“Ouuie.. aray…” she stopped mid-sentence when she realized I was continually hard.

“Yeh kiya hai?” (What is this?) she giggled as she turned around and pointed to the tent in my pants.

"Woh.. woh Ma...kuch nahi" (Ma.. No...Nothing at all...) I stuttered.

"Kuch Nahi? Phir yeh itna bara kiya danda hai?" (Oh yeah? It's nothing? Then what's this sticking out of your pants?)

She burst out laughing and grabbed a hold of my hard-on.

“Aiiiiii!”, I screamed as I pulled back, but she didn’t let go of my tip.

“Yeh kiya hua beta?”(What happened son?) she continued to laugh as she held on to my cock’s tip.

“Ma woo…um…” I was swallowing hard, breathing fast and was unable to talk.

“Dikhao zara…” (Show it to me)

“Lekin Ma..” (But Ma…)

“Koi maa waa nahi, bss dikhao” (No no! No excuses, just show what’s in here), she said firmly.

She was now standing up, topless. The bra which was hanging from her tits had now fallen on the bed. Her black lace panties were visible through the thin material of her shalwar. Her beautiful and succulent boobs were staring at my eyes, calling my name. She was still holding my hard-on with one hand and her other hand was near my zipper.

“Lao mujhe kholney do.” She said eagerly. (Let me open the pants).

"Ma nahi nahi..." (Ma, no please), I screamed.

"Aray sharam kiss baat ki? Tu yahan se hi nikla hai, aur sab dekha hai mein ne". (Son why be shy? You came out of here, and I have seen everything). She had pointed to her pussy while saying the last sentence.

Saying this, she unbuttoned me and let my pants fall down. My rock hard cock peeked through my boxers.

“Hai kitna lamba hai.” She laughed. (Wow this is so nice and big).

I was speechless, and was just staring at her boobs.

She pulled down my boxers and gazed at the uncut dick. The tip was peeking out through the foreskin which was glistening with pre-cum almost dripping out.

“Aray itna sukht hai aur khara hua hai to araam kiyun nahi detay ho iss bechary ko? Haan?” she criticized in a loving way. (See if it is so hard and thirsty, why don’t you satisfy it? Haan?”

“Maan, kaise araam duun?” (How can I satisfy it?) I asked plainly.

“Lao mein dikhati huun.”(Let me show you), she said and grabbed the head. She was just SO eager!

I let out a huge sigh and shook hard. She laughed slyly. Her hands were now moving up and down the shaft of my cock as she was talking to me.

“Dekho jab khara hua karey na, tu aise agay peechay hila liya karo”. (When your dick stands up like this, you should move it back and forth.”

“Yes Ma!” I gasped.

“Acha laga na?” (Feels good, right?) She continued to smile.

“Haan!” (Yes) I yelled. “Aahhhhh…”

She now had both hands on my cock.

“Lait jao beta”. (lie down on the bed son).

She took her hands off my throb as I moved back and without saying a word, just fell on the bed. My pants were near my ankles, so were my boxers and my pole was facing northward, wet with droves and droves of pre-cum. My mom’s loving hands were now back on the shaft, moving the foreskin up and down, making my tip play peek-a-boo.

“Ahhhh.” I continued to sigh and let out moans of pleasure.

Her soft and long fingers were moving up and down my cock, slipping on the pre-cum. She was breathing heavily now, as her both hands were busy working my cock.

“Kitney din se piyasa hai yeh?” (How many days have you kept your cock thirsty for?) she asked lustily.

“See how hard and long it has become, oh how it lusts for something sweet and smooth”.

Saying this, she bent over and planted her lips on my cock, licking it up and down. Slurp away she did, blowing every inch of it. I couldn’t resist now. This was a full sexual adventure!

I gathered some courage and grabbed one of my blowing mom's tits. And then pulled away.
RE: Lonely Indian Mom plans slow seduction
She looked up, moved her mouth from my cock and gasped:

“haan haan, chuu lo”. (Yes, yes, son, touch it).

I said nothing. What was there to be said?

I grabbed it again, and pinched her nipple.

“Oueii shaytaaan!” (You naughty rascal), she laughed and went to work on my cock again as I pinched her nipples.

My balls were full of cum and I was close to ejaculating now. My body stiffened up as my cock jerked. She knew what was coming and moved her mouth away.

I blew my load all over my stomach. The cum spray reached her boobs as she tried to get out of the way.

Without a doubt, this was the hardest I had ever cum in my life. All those girls who blew me, none of them equaled my mom. Maybe because this was so taboo.

This wasn’t necessarily the best blow job I had received, but this was just so sexy! So incredibly dangerous! So incredibly satisfying. Just true love and devotion. Kama sutra!

“Dekha kitni sari nikli!” (See how much came out!) she laughed.

“Ahhhh!”, I sighed in relief.

She just sat there, looking at me, with my cum droplets on her boobs.

“Ma yeh kaisee piyaas hoti hai?” I asked (Maa what kind of a thirst is this?)

“Beta yeh dil ki piyaas hai. Dil chahta hai ke tum ko sukoon ho” (Son this is your heart’s thirst. Your heart wants content and relief.”

“Sab ko?” (Everyone?) I asked in a dumb way.

“Haan sab ko. Maa ko bhi.” She dropped the bomb. (Yes, everybody, Ma wants it too).

“Maan mein aap ko aise sukoon duun?” (Ma can I do it for you?)

“Beta nahi.” (No son.) She said and looked away, getting a little down.

“Lekin maa, ap ne mujhe kiya aur aap ne itna maza diya. And I love you” (But Ma you did it to me, you gave me so much pleasure. And I love you!)

“Kaise karo gay?” (How will you do it?). She was loosening up.

“Jaisee aap ne kiya.” (Just like you did).

I wanted to lick her pussy. I wanted to see it throb and cum and want me. I wanted to taste her cum juice just like she had tasted mine.

She looked at me, then my cock, then her panties, and said…

“Beta…”. (Son)…
My eyes kept moving from her eyes to her tits and from there to her crotch. The black lace panties were clearly visible from the thin and see-through material of her loose Indian-style pajamas. Indian women wear long shirts which fall to their knees and cover the crotch area, so the bottoms they wear are usually really light colored and almost translucent. Very comfortable and silky as well.

I was still waiting for her to continue her sentence. I had made it clear to her I wanted to pleasure her just she had done to me. I wanted to lap at her pussy and lick it dry. I wanted to swallow every drop of the juices she secreted. I knew she was soft and sweet and sensuous down there. I knew she was aching for me, and I knew she wanted it just as much as I did. I knew she wanted the touch of a man down there! A soft and sensual touch at that. And who better and closer to do this to her than her son? This was incredibly arousing, sexy and oh so dangerous. What would happen to our relationship now? Were we even son and mother anymore? All these thoughts came and whizzed through my mind in a split second.

“Raja,” she said my name.


“Why was it up like that?” she was referring to my dick, “Do you always think this way about me? You know we shouldn’t be doing this, right?”

Why was she asking me this now? She was the one who grabbed it in the first place! She was the one who walked to the closet topless and came back with the smallest and tightest black lace bra! She was the one who called me in to hook her bra as if nothing had happened. How could we have been normal? How could I just hook her bra like I was a kid without even feeling anything when I had just seen her topless, albeit by accident. She had to be a little careful herself, and now she was reneging.

“Ma! The pleasure you have given to me is incredible. We won’t…” I stopped.

“We won’t what Raja?” she asked.

“I only…” I stuttered again.

“My dearest… Go ahead…” she put her hand on my shoulder. Her tits were now only about two inches away from my mouth as I was leaning against the bed and she was leaning over me. She wanted it. I knew she did.

“Ma, I won’t do anything that you didn’t do to me, ok?”

She burst out in the cutest laughter.

“What do you mean?”

“N… nothing,” I stammered again and looked down. All I wanted to say was that we won’t have sex. And it was true. All I wanted was a chance to bury my face in her cunt, and give her the intense pleasure that she desired.

I wanted to do what no man had ever done to her. I knew my father would never, ever go down on a woman, even his own wife. I just wanted to lick her pussy, up and down her pussy line, and part her lips and bury my tongue in there, and I didn’t know how to communicate it to her.

She was still smiling. She was so adorable. So petite and so cute! Even if she was my mom! Part of the control I had over myself had to do with the fact that I had just had an intense orgasm. If this talk was happening pre-orgasm, I would have finished sex off by now! But these were rational moments… so I continued:

“Ma I have never seen these black bras and panties before?” I knew it was silly but I had to take the conversation down to her crotch somehow.

“Oh you are silly...” she giggled.

“They are tighter. I am sorry I hurt you.” I said and put my arm around her neck lovingly. I meant to say the word boobs but I couldn’t say it in front of her. Maternal respect still had its marks on me.

“They are not tight!” she protested, still giggling, “You just pulled too hard! It still hurts!”

Saying this, she caressed her right tit again, pinching her nipple in. Oh man was this such a turn on!

“I didn’t!” I insisted, laughing shyly.

“Yes you did, see the nipple got squished!” she took my hand and put it on her nipple. I was now feeling her tender nipple. It was erect and pointing northward. But the tip had to be the softest thing I had ever touched!

“Awwww… Wish I could make it feel better.” I said slyly.

“You silly boy,” she laughed again.

“So the panties aren’t tight either? Ma I am sure this time you bought everything a size smaller.” I insisted, smiling with lust.

“No they really aren’t.”

“But I bet if I helped you put them on you would say I pulled them too tight, right?” I chuckled like a wise guy.

“Haha!” she laughed again.

This conversation was such a turn on. Subliminally we were both rationalizing sex. Or at least oral sex. She had seen my cock, tasted it, and made me cum and I was grateful for that, but hey: I wanted to do the same to her too, part out of gratitude, part out of lust and part out of love.

“What makes you say that?” she said with a huge grin.

“I just know it Ma!” I laughed too.

“I am sure you will pull them tight so they squish my pussy, you are bad.” She said with mock anger.

“No Ma I promise I won’t squish…your p… pussy”, I stuttered.

Lust was now dropping from every word we both were uttering. Our conversations had turned to mumbles by now. With every sentence, I was exploring more and more of her soft boobs and nipples. She was intently staring at my exposed cock and getting ready to take her pajamas on. She had said the word pussy! In English! My cock was now hard again and ready to explode. She said pussy. Pussy! Hers! My mom’s. How could she talk like this and not want sex? I was rationalizing to myself. The hints were all there. I had to make a move.

“Yes you will,” she giggled, “and then say I bought small panties! And my pussy will hurt”, she again made a whimsical sad face.

“How can I ever hurt your pussy? I love you so much.”, I said, clinging to her.

This was getting silly. She HAD to cave in!

“OK try it…” she said, smiling with lust and started to open the cords of her pajamas. “And if you squish my pussy, I will punish you, ok?!” she laughed.

She stood up and let her pajamas drop on the floor. She was now standing topless, with the tiniest bikini briefs on her crotch. I could smell her pussy from a foot away. The sweet aroma was driving me nuts. I just had to dive into that furry muff!

“Ma take them off and see how softly I put them on!” I said, boasting about my soft touch.

“Ok, here…”

She grabbed the top of her panties and began to roll them down. Slowly. Sensually. Not mechanically. She took her time. She knew her loving son was about to get a ( ) full view of her doorway to heaven and she wanted to make the best out of it.

The panties rolled off. Slowly her inner thighs got exposed. The pubic hair appeared. It was neatly trimmed! She was no slob! She was preparing for this! The pussy hair was shapely, cute and oh so inviting. A perfect triangle that reached the upper part of the pussy lips and disappeared on the sides.

Her thighs were hairless. Her crotch only sported that triangle surrounding the cunt. Sexy to the max! Her panties coming off was poetry. Slow and sensual and inviting. The panties let go of her lips down below. They fell through into the open air. The aroma reached my nostrils, driving me insane. Beauty at its best. I must admit I am a pussy admirer. And how much admiration I had for this pussy? I can’t explain here.

Neither of us had uttered a word as she rolled her panties off. Her cheeks looked flushed. Her eyes looked dry and were wide open. Her breathing, just as mine, was now at its peak. The panties were now around her knees. Someone had to break this silence. But my voice was hoarse. I said:


But she cut me off.

“See, now put them on, hurry!!” she was half laughing and was half shy.

“Ok…” I immediately got up and grabbed the panties. I made sure I touched the area that had touched her pussy. She giggled and looked into my eyes, but didn’t say anything. She was so observant!

“Raja hurry! Mom is naked you silly thing!” she yelled. (She said in Hindi: Raja jaldi kar, Ma nangi hai!)

I slowly moved the panties up. I straightened the rolls and moved the panties toward the crotch. They were now hugging her pussy lips.

I made sure I moved them all the way up! I almost gave her a wedgie.

“Ouuuuuuuiiiiii…!” She screamed!

I was still holding the panties tight on her pussy.

“See I knew you it! You rascal.” She was laughing and giggling and was moving her legs real fast.

I was giggling too.

“Ma what happened?” I asked in a dumb way.

“See you squished my pussy…” she said with mock sadness, her cheeks were now rose red!

“Aww…. I am sorry…”

Saying this, I began to rub her pussy up and down with my finger. Just a soft sensual massage.

“Ma just lie down, lemme see where it hurt ok?” I said, dreamily.

“OK but be careful, don’t squish it!” she commanded, then laughed and laid back on the bed.

This was time to go to work! I had no restrictions. Open access!

I continued to caress her cunt lips from outside the panties on the sides. I was tracing where the panties went, up and down, occasionally touching her clit. She was so wet now, the panties were almost dripping.

“I am so sorry I hurt you Ma, lemme make you feel better.” I said as she moaned.

I occasionally lifted the panties and moved my hands inside to touch her lips. She didn’t say anything and just continued to moan. I hunched over as she lay caressing her boobs and licked the panty lines. She twitched and giggled.

She loved it! I traced the panty lines with my tongue now, caressing her pussy lips with my hands. She was lifting her butt and letting me touch her ass crack. I moved my hands up and grabbed the panties from the top. There was no stopping now. No taboos. No inhibitions. No second thoughts. I slowly got up and rolled her panties down her crotch. She lifted her ass and assisted me in taking them off.

“I love you Ma!” I cried as I dived into the muff.

She was pushing her clit into my face. The juices were smearing my nose and mouth now as I lapped at her like a cat. I licked up and I licked down. She was now crying with pleasure. I knew no one had ever done this to her before. This was the intense kind of pleasure I knew I could give and I was giving to her. Oral sex is so taboo and so fulfilling, the apex of love for both partners!

Her legs were shaking violently as she pinched and grabbed her boobs. I was reaching up and caressing her love balloons with my long arms as my mouth did a job on her pussy.

“Ooooooo…. Lick it Raja!” she cried.

Her muffled moans had now grown into cries of pleasure.

“My pussy is burning Raja! Lick it! Make it feel goooooooooood…” she yelled.

My lapping had increased. I pierced my tongue inside her parted lips, and into the hole. I was now fucking her with my long and fat tongue, moving in and further in, but never totally out! Her hips were now moving with my tongue. The movements were rhythmic and totally in sync. We shared the same blood! Why wouldn’t they be? She knew me better than anyone else! And I knew her better than anyone else.

“Ahhhhh… this neeeeeever happened….. ever!!!”, she screamed.

I knew it. No one had ever gone down on her.

I continued to lick and suck her pussy. The throbbing pussy lips were vibrating with pleasure. The cunt was red and the blood flow there was immense! I knew all her nerve ending were being stimulated. I knew where to go! I knew what to do.

Our rhythmic tongue fucking continued and her body started to get tense. She yelled out a cry and pinched her boobs. She bit her lip hard and yelled:

“Rajaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…Fuck me hard!”

I tried to dive in as far as I could.

“Fuck me like your little whore girlfriends! Fuck me like a dog you motherfucker!” (Chod de! Maderchod! Chod de apni Ma ko! Harami ke pillay!)

I took a finger, pushed up her cunt and dove in further. I licked her asshole, moved my tongue all over her ass crack and caressed her sweet tasting and aroma filled pussy as long as she wanted.

Her body was really tense now.

“Ahh! Ahhh! Ahh! Ok! Ok!! Nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!”

I knew would cum any minute now. Secretly in my heart I wished she came harder than she ever did before. I wished she came harder than I did. I wished I pleasured her more than she did to me. I loved her, adored her.

She suddenly jerked her pussy and parted her legs even farther. She was now ready to explode, and explode she did.


She yelled and exploded onto my face, smearing my eyes, nose and mouth with delicious cum. The sticky pussy juice was now all over my face as the after effects of the orgasm were now subsiding.

“Ahh.. Ahh.. Ahh..” she was panting.

I moved back but kept my hand on top of her pussy, helping her relax.

“Ah. Raja. My son, my love, my life. I love you.”

“Mom I love you more!”

She was now on relaxing, slowing down on her back, caressing her tits. She touched her pussy and tried to calm it down. It was still red and throbbing.

“See you hurt my pussy after all…” she said, smiling with tired eyes.

“I did?”

“I am joking, silly. Come up here.” She smiled with affection as she pulled me up toward her chest.

I moved up and she hugged me tight. I lay on top of her. She rolled over and we both lay on our sides for hours, hugging tight and just relaxing, skin to skin. Our crotches met. She didn’t say a word. The entire time, I lay next to her with a throbbing cock touching her pussy.

“This was the best time I have ever had,” she confessed during our pillow talk.

All I could do was smile. We kissed and went to sleep for hours.

my mom ass is open

Hello everyone, this is Rajiv, 19 years old. I have a story of my mother Raji. My mother is a typical Indian housewife,39years old, light brown in color, nice pair of breasts covered by her 38inch bra and a massive breathtaking big ass. There is much of her panties at home as she rarely wears them and some of them are tagged 100cms while some are 105cms. Guess the later set of panties was brought in bigger size due to her ever growing ass globes. My father works for a private company and we lead a peace full life in quiet remote area.

My sexual desires for my mom started when I was at my early 18’s , I do not remember since what incident I fell for my mom, but over the past few years I am left alone thinking of how she would look like in various stages of nudity. My mom’s shaking butts were a nice fuel to make me cum more whenever I masturbated. Those pair of soft fleshy and heavy meats had many eyes glued to them where ever my mom went. It was in my 12th grade that I came across many incest friends online, many would say how they used their door holes to watch their mother’s bath.

How they spy on her dressing and how their mothers shaved their pussy. I knew i was very unlucky to live in a house with no door holes and I was not able t help but hear their stories. My first chance of watching mom nude came when I was doing my engineering. I usually sleep late in my room, in the third floor, and mom was used to getting up very early and going for a very long, tiresome walk. One day for now reason I woke up early around 5am, and was looking through the window in half sleep.

Then I had to rub my eyes and get closer to the window to see my mom walk on the next street, the impact of her walk on her ass was evident even from such long distance, the bright street lights allowed me to see how her ass giggles when she walks real fast. Suddenly to my amazement mom stopped walking and looked on either sides. Then after a brief pause she went quickly disappeared into the bushes.

I did not understand this act. Our area has a lot of places with bushes where poor people come in the morning for a pee and shit. Of my mom had a urgent sense to pee that she was not able to resist but get the help of some bushes. I thought I would have been a real great sight had mom split out her pee in the corner of the road, giving a glance of her body to me. The very simple fact that my mom was peeing in the open made my cock hard. I waited for her to some out of the bushes; she took a lot of time for a pee, had I lost her? Has she resumed her walk on the other side,

I had my eyes fixed there for around fifteen minutes when I saw her appearing. She had her legs spread as she walked, her hands were inside her saree and it looked look like she was correcting her panties. What a sexy pose, I had my hand in my tool and had an instant coming. As days went by, this scene was my object of masturbation, I imagined how my mom would lift her saree in the open to split out her golden waters. After a week or so, I again caught my mom doing the same act, my mom is used to pee in the open? I thought I should see her ass when she pees one day for sure.

From that day, I was used to getting up early and often i see my mom disappearing into the bushes for an urgent pee. Within a couple of weeks I have decided to go for a walk every morning, hopefully follow mom without her knowledge and take a peek at her pee style. Next morning I got up early and waited for my mom to start walking. After a minute or so I started my journey behind her, there were not many people on the roads and I tried to keep a distance behind her, the street lights gave me an erotic view of her ass globes shaking in perfect rhythm.

I wondered how her twin butts had an harmony of shake as she walked. My heart was racing as she came near the usual place where she used to hide up herself into the bushes, only to be disappointed she did not even pause her walk there and headed straight. I would not give up too soon, i wanted a sight of her pee badly, I decided to follow her every day. I was not made to wait long, the very next day, as I was some twenty yards behind her, she paused her walk as she neared the bushes. She then looked around to see if anyone was on sight, but i was in darkness so she did not spot me.

When she went inside, I tip toed in to the bushes in the same way she had gone. Inside the bushes there was quite a lot of free space, a small vacant space. The space was guarded from the roads by the big bushes on either side and a house on the other side. There was little light but I spotted my mom standing on the other side of the ground facing the wall of the house. I did not understand what she was actually doing. I took very nice place behind a bush hidden from all possible views.

To my astonishment my mom’s side became suddenly bright as the side lights of the house were switched on. Mom was looking over the house as if expecting someone. What is she looking for?, what is she doing?.I did not have to wait long for my answer. I saw a young boy, may be a little younger than me jump out of the walls of the house. He was wearing a shirt and a little shorts.

Was my mom a slut, was she having an affair with a young boy, that too in the open? As I was feeling shocked, mom went straight to him and they started hugging each other, I had the view from the back side. The boy was a little short than mom and so she had to bend her legs a little to reach his lips. Then followed a long lip lock, both of them were tightly hugged and my mom almost lifted him out of the ground, then the boy started working on her breasts, his hands were all over her body and his face was buried in between her huge blouse.

His thrust over my mom was so high that she eventually sat back on the ground and the boy was in between her legs which were now spread wide. Mom told his something and the boy started removing his shorts and underwear, mom mean while was removing the buttons of her blouse ,the boy then came hard over her pushing her and her was lying above her now, they were licking each other crazy before mom pushed him and came to a sitting position. I was able to see a part of her naked breasts as they shone brightly in the streetlight.

Then both of them got up and worked their way to the wall of the house, my lifted her saree, removing her panties giving me a compete view of her huge ass cheeks. My mom lent over the wall, standing very close to it with her hands holding the inner walls for support, hence coming in a doggy position. The boy positioned himself behind her, I thought he was trying to find her glorious pussy hole. Then their bodies started to move in a rhythmic manner, there were lot of conversations between them but I was not able to hear it clearly.

I almost came on my pants when my mom raised her legs very high so as to allow access to his more of his meat inside her. They did not last too long, i thought they had a mutual cum. Both of them collapsed on the ground one over the other. It was a very erotic position to watch, my mom’s inner thighs and her black panties brought down to her knees were clearly visible. She had one leg wide on the ground and another in mid air, and the boy was in between them.

Both of them were aware of their surroundings, constantly looking away and were concerned if someone was around. The boy then got up and leaned on the other side opposite to my mom as if showing his cock to an hungry slut, sure my mom was behaving like one the way she took his cock in her pussy, and the way she presented herself to him, it looked like she would do anything for some cum. My mom got up and pulled her panties inside, she eventually went on her knees and bended over to the boy’s cock, he caught her head and guided her mouth to his shaft and it was like a routine job for the two.

Mom’s blow started to grow faster as the boy leaned back and I was able to see her mouth pumping over his shaft. I could say the boy came very hard by his reactions, both of them got up and they were dressing up quickly. Then they were talking for some time before he made his way to his house jumping over the wall. Mom resumed adjusting her saree, the way she corrected her blouse over her breasts was so erotic. I stayed there for a while and resumed my walk towards my house after sometime.

Back home I was just not able to stop but think of my mom’s slutty actions with an young boy at least half her age, I always fantasized my mom to be a cheap slut. But I did not even guess she would be one in real life. I thought my own plans to taste her flesh. I even made some dialogues and remembered them; yes I wanted to blackmail her to giving her slut hole to my cock. My mom was very normal that day, she went through her usual works and cleaning, cooking, washing clothes and she was just any other housewife,

One would not say she was a cock loving bitch from her innocent face. I had my plans and actions well prepared before I approached her. I was not able to wail long, I decided I would go for my slut the very next day afternoon. It all started when my mom called for lunch, I was on a holiday and I was sure I would be alone till night with mom until dad comes from office. Before we started eating, I began the conversation with a shaky. Afraid voice,”mom, how is your morning walk feeling?”

She replied in a cool way,“ nice dear, but feeling a bit cold these days, dad told me you have started walking day before yesterday, it’s a good thing .”.I pounced on the occasion “so you do make some things to make yourself hot, I mean ‘warm’ is that not it mom?”.I could see a sense of horror run through her eyes for a movement, what is she was caught, seemed to be on her mind. She replied that she has to bear with the cold in a very weak voice. I straightly came into the topic,“

I think you also look for the help of some young boys to get your needs in place”. She was shocked and her reactions gave me the confidence that I can get her mouth to taste my cock too. “ What are you talking about?”, her voice was very much broken.“ I saw you mom. do not try act smart, I saw in the bushes. How could you?, I mean. He was of my age, and what if dad comes to know about this, it is not good for our family that the mother is a free prostitute”. Tears flew down her eyes, she did not speak anything, there was silence for some time before she covered her face with her hands and cried.

She started pleading me not to make the matter known to dad and it would ruin the family. I told her I needed something in return. She instantly pounced on me that I was trying to blackmail her and she was getting used by her won son,“so. You want money from your mom ehh?”, she said, I replied money is not my need. She asked to say what I want and get everything over as soon as possible. I proceeded by placing my hands over her big butts and giving them a nice press. She pushed my hands and yelled, what are you doing, you speak as if you are a nice boy worried about dad and you act cheap.

I reacted by holding her hands, I told her I have pictures of her with the boy, and it would be posted on net, she would be a public slut then. She started weeping, she was saying something but it was not at all clear as her words came along with her tears. I said it would be between us and no one would know, I also told her I wanted to see her naked and feel her body parts but I wont fuck her without her permission. There was of response from her side, her face was hung down and tears were rolling to the floor, I lifted her face and commanded for a reply.

She nodded her head, and I instantly stood up and hugged her, my hands were all over her body, she was crying still un till I kissed her on her lips. She was trying to push me away but I was stronger, she also kept her lips closed so I had to move my mouth over her face and necks. This made her cry stronger but her pushes eventually eased. I lowered my face to her breasts and planted my hungry mouth on them, at the same time I started removing her blouse hooks. She pushed me harder and I fell over the chair.

I reacted aggressive, a slap fell on her face and she weeped loudly, but only un till I slapped her again. I asked her to follow me to the bedroom. She quietly came behind me to the room. I sat on the corner of the bed and asked to stand before me. Then i asked her to remove the pallu of her saree and come closer to me. The very next moment. moms big breasts were millimeters ahead of me. Her blouse was at its extreme limit like an elastic because of her double. I asked to remove the blouse also, she removed the first two buttons with hesitation, she than asked me to lock the front door and come.

As soon as soon as I arrived she had her blouse on the floor and she wore no bra, she had her hands covering her breasts partially. I asked her to come closer which she did, I then asked her to take her hands away. She showed no signs of movement, so I had to place my hands on her wrists and spread them. This gave my eyes a close view of her massive breasts, they were white in color with a big round nipple, and she also had thin hairs near her nipples.

I clung on to her burying my face on her flesh and hugged her tightly, she tried to resist but of no use. I was so much exited that I pushed her back, standing up from the bed, with my face on her boobs and she hit the wall behind. We were now standing with me bended a little kissing her boobs, I eventually lifted her up as I licked her. When I was finished her chest was full of my saliva. I then went back to sit on the bed, she was still leaning to the wall. I asked to come near me and show her pussy, which she did after

I let out a yell, she came near me and started lifting her saree, rolling her panties down. I could not help but slid my hands inside the back of her saree, holding her ass and pulling her towards me. The thrust was so heavy that she fell on the bed over me with my mouth sucking her pussy. I was not able to see anything, my face was covered by her saree, and I did not know how I breathed. I did this for some time and i went for her big ass cheeks. I got my face out of her saree and I pushed her on to the bed and lay over her with my face on her ass. I lifted her saree and started licking them. I just started doing this when the bell rang.

We both were freeze for a movement, mom quickly pushed me away, pulling her saree along with her panties. She asked me not to stay simply and check who was at the door, as she started wearing her blouse. I was a bit shivering as I went to the hall and opened the door, it was our neighbor who came for some clarifications regarding some papers. Mom came there, and behaved normal, I was taken aback seeing how she presented as if nothing has happened. They had some chat and the neighbor went out, mom had just closed the door, and I ran for her hugging her from her back and started rubbing her pussy.

Mom pushed me and pleaded me to stop. She said “ please go to the bedroom, I will see her man off and come there” I was waiting in the bed for a very long couple of minutes, I heard my mom lock the door and in a movement she came inside. There was complete silence throughout, mom came near me and removed her blouse and had her boobs near my face again..(to be continued) Hope you liked my story

mom in dark night

First let me introduce myself. I am a 28-year-old guy living in Kolkata. I am exactly 6′ tall. I have quite a healthy physique due to which I look older. On first sight strangers assume I must be around 33 to 35 years old. I have a fair complexion. I am in the hospitality business. We used to be a family of three. My father divorced my mother and left for a woman younger than me 4 years back. My father is in the merchant navy and he used to be away for eleven months in a year. Sometimes, he was away for as long as 23 months. Then when he returned for a month, he spent 15 days with his parents, my paternal grandparents, and 15 days with us. Needless to say he gave us all the luxuries in life but he didn’t provide my mother with the company she desperately needed.

My mother is a 46-year-old lady. But due to her regular workouts and massages and since she has a slim and trim body she looks 36. She is 5’6″ tall and comes up to my shoulders. When we go out together strangers mistake us to be brother and sister and in some cases even as a couple. She has shoulder length black hair and she has a fair complexion. She looks really ravishing in black or dark colored dresses. My mother drinks a finger of gin every Saturday and Sunday. The rest of the week she stays dry. Sometimes when she is in a really good mood she lets me join her with a beer. She never lets me drink more than one bottle of beer, however.

Now let me come to the point. I can still remember vividly how it all started. A few years back we went to a party. I hadn’t started my business then and was studying. It was the anniversary of a friend of my father’s. The elders were drinking alcohol in a room and when we entered I was led to the young ones’ section by uncle’s son. Uncle led mother to the place where all the uncles and aunts were. However, my mother isn’t a person to sit still at any place so we saw her at frequent intervals. On her 5th round, however, I found that she was a bit tipsy as her steps weren’t that measured. I quietly sidled up to her and whispered into her ear not to consume any more alcohol. She agreed and went away. Then when she didn’t come for nearly an hour I was a bit worried and went to the room where the uncles and aunts were. I couldn’t find her. Worried I asked auntie about her.

She hadn’t seen that I have come and was surprised to see me and said that “Your mother had a drink too many and Raj has offered to take her home.” I rushed downstairs and searched for Raj uncle’s maruti thousand. I found it and found that it was empty. Then a thought ran across me. My mother had kept the keys of our car with her. So I ran back to the place where our Contessa was parked. Sure enough Raj uncle was there and he had already put my mother in the passenger seat and I could see that he was holding my mother’s hands in one hand while caressing her breasts in the other.

I quietly went up to him and thanked him profusely for taking care of my mother and said, “Thank you very much Raj uncle. I think I will take over from here and drive her home.” Raj uncle wasn’t ready to let me get away with her and he said, “no, no, don’t waste your party, I will take her home.” But I didn’t trust him. I had seen him caressing my mother’s breasts. And I knew I stood on firmer ground. After all what can be more natural than a son driving his drunk mother home! So I said, “No Raj uncle I won’t be able to enjoy the party if I went back now. I will be worried about what happened to her. Why don’t we both go!” He wasn’t interested in going with me and said that what is of importance is that Shalini, my mother, got home safely and said that since I have generously offered to take her home there was no point in his going. Then he praised me for being such a responsible and caring son, though I could see the anger in his eyes, and after handing me over our car keys he went back to the party. I watched him go and then I got in beside my mother and after ensuring that she was buckled in I started for home. As I drove I began to think about what would have happened if I hadn’t arrived in time. And I decided that I had to do something about it.

On reaching home I parked the car and opened the passenger side door and found that the top 4 buttons of her salwar were undone. So I buttoned them up and tried to wake my mother. She was completely drunk. Finding no other way I gathered her in my arms and went to the elevator. Fortunately my mother is a light woman. The automatic one was operating. It would have been a bit of a trouble for me to close the gates if the other one was in service. We stay on the ninth floor and as I got off the elevator with my mother in my arms I set her down on the ground and with my arm round her shoulders supporting her I felt in my hip pocket for our apartment keys. I inserted the keys and picked her up again and after walking in closed the door behind me.

I switched on the light and as I bent down to take off my mother’s shoes she began to stir a bit. I was relieved and thought that at last she was coming to. But it didn’t turn out to be that and my mother vomited on both of us. Now, this left me in a bit of a problem. Earlier I had thought that I will just dump her on her bed, in my parents’ bedroom, after I had made the bed and get out. Now I was left with no other option but to change her clothes. I took off her shoes and then mine. Then I took her to the bathroom. There I put her head under the tap and let the cold water pour over her head. I was hoping that she would regain some consciousness. But it was useless. She was completely drunk. She stirred a bit but then her head rolled again. So I undid the buttons of her kameez and the zip at the rear and took it off. She was wearing a white bra. Her breasts filled it and were straining against it. I felt at the back but couldn’t get it off. So I turned her around and undid the hooks and took it off her. I later learnt they were 38D. Then I turned her around again and letting her rest against me I pulled the strings of her shalwar and pulled them loose and pushed them down her waist and over her hips and let go of them. They dropped to the floor. Holding them with my feet I grabbed my mother by her narrow waist and lifting her clear of them I kicked the pajamas away, then I put her down on the floor again. And my mother was standing there clad only in a pair of white satin panties. I didn’t take them off. Instead I started to splash water on her and then as I reached out for a towel, to dry her with it, she started to vomit again. I took her to the washbasin and held her till she was finished. She regained a bit of consciousness and asked me what I was doing. I narrated to her what had happened. When I was finished she looked down at her near naked state and she blushed. So I said that do you feel strong enough to finish the work that I had started! She said yes so I let go of her and she immediately began to sway and would have fallen if I hadn’t reached out and caught her. So I said that “Forgive me mother but I can see you haven’t recovered fully yet. And I have to finish what I was doing.” So I again washed her.

But I could see that some of the vomit had spilled on her panties and as I hooked my thumbs into them and started to pull them down she tried to stop me. She had regained that much sense to realize that if I pulled down her panties then her most private part would be bare and she would be completely nude before her son. But I had already started to pull them down by that time and they were already halfway down her thighs. So she just covered her pubic area with her hands. I realized her embarrassment and pulled them back up. She whispered, “Thank you son.” Then I sprayed water on her panties with the hand shower and after that I dried her up with a towel. Then I wrapped the towel around her and pulled her panties down. This time, however, she didn’t object, probably because the towel was covering her. Then I reached beneath her towel and dried that area with another towel. The color darkened in her rosy cheeks. So I said, “Sorry mother but if I don’t dry you properly then you will catch cold.” After that I led her into the bedroom and asked her whether she would sleep in the towel or should I help her to put on her nightdress. She said, she would manage herself and tried to pick up her nightdress. But in the process the towel slipped and though she tried to grab it, it fell to the ground. Now my mother stood before me in all her naked glory. But I was too worried about her to appreciate the sight. She had the sense that she was completely nude in front of her son and that she couldn’t manage to put on her nightdress even, in that state. So she dropped her nightdress and while trying to cover her pubic area with her both hands she said that, since I had already seen her topless I should wrap the towel around her waist and after I had slipped her nightdress over her head and it has come down below her hips, I should take off the towel and pull the nightdress to her feet. I did accordingly and put her to bed. She said another, “Thank you son”, and drifted off to an alcohol induced slumber. I went to my room and after having washed myself and changing into a pair of shorts and a T-shirt I went to the kitchen in search of some food.

I satisfied my hunger and decided to check on my mother and retire for the night. I found her sitting on the floor. I rushed to her side and asked her what she was trying to do. She said that she wanted to go to the toilet. So I helped her walk to the toilet and lifted her nightgown above her waist and she sat down and relieved herself. After putting her to bed I decided that I couldn’t leave her in that inebriated state, because I didn’t know when she might want to go to the toilet again. So I went to my room and got a paperback and after entering her room lay down on the other side and began to read it after turning on the bedside lamp. She slept peacefully through the night except for a minor tossing and though I stayed up most of the night I dozed off in the wee hours of the morning. When I woke up with a start I found my mother already up and she had covered herself in a housecoat, since she never ever appeared before me in a nightdress, and was drinking some tea and staring at me.

I was relieved to find her fully recovered and asked her whether she had any tea left for me. She didn’t answer and kept staring at me. I was a bit puzzled and got up hurriedly and asked her whether she was all right. She just nodded but didn’t answer. I waited for her to speak. After a few minutes she said that “You have already told me what happened yesterday night but I don’t recall exactly what you said.” And she requested me to repeat them. I started to tell her but then remembered the look of embarrassment I had seen in her when she had regained her consciousness after vomiting for the second time. So I said that, “Forget it, you were a bit out of control and I took care of you.” She had been watching me and said that, “If you don’t tell me about it then I will be more embarrassed in front of you henceforth.” I watched her and realized I had to say it no matter how embarrassing it became for both of us and maybe she wouldn’t commit the same mistake in the future. So I narrated to her all the happenings of the previous night starting from the time I got worried due to her absence till the time I lay down beside her with the paperback. She had been listening to me attentively and I had seen the color deepen a couple of times in her rosy cheeks. Then she simply said “Thank you very much son, if you hadn’t been there yesterday then I just shudder to think of what would have happened.” Seeing that she was back on balance I got up and went to brush.

I went to the dining table and found breakfast but mom was nowhere in sight. On Sundays we have all our meals together. So I waited for her. But she wasn’t coming. So I called out to her. On hearing no reply I went to her room and found that she was in the bath. I went to the bathroom door and asked whether she would be late. She said that she was coming out. So I turned and started to walk out of the room. I heard the bathroom door opening behind me and then I heard my mother call out to me. I turned and found my mother in a beach towel wrapped round her, which covered her till her knees. I was taken aback. Since whenever my mother appeared in front of me she was suitably covered from neck to foot. She saw the surprise in my eyes and said “Why are you shocked? You have already seen me more unclothed than this.” I said “You weren’t in your senses then and I was too worried about you to appreciate your nakedness.” She said, “I know that. I don’t really like these night dresses, so give me one of your shorts and a T-shirt.” I thought that perhaps she was joking, but then she said “Ok, if you won’t give them I will go and get myself one.” So I rushed to my room and returned with the longest Bermudas and a T-shirt that I could find. She put on the T-shirt first and then took off her towel. The T-shirt came halfway down to her thighs and her full thighs mesmerized me. They were silky smooth and seemed very inviting to me. She took a pair of flimsy white satin panties and began to put them on. She bent down and I saw that the buttons of her T-shirt were open and I got an enticing view of her cleavage and could see that she wasn’t wearing any bra as her breasts were hanging downwards & I could just see her nipples. I began to develop a hard on. To hide it to her I turned around and told her that I will be waiting for her at the dining table. I had nearly reached the door when she said, “Wait son, look at me.” So I half-turned and found that she had already put on the shorts and was holding the shorts with her hands. When she saw I was looking at her she said that “Look” and she let go of the shorts and they promptly slipped to the floor. She said your “Waist is 40 while mine is 28 and my hips are 38. I need a belt to keep this in place.” Her T-shirt ended halfway down her thighs and watching her my hard-on began to develop. So I went to my room again and after putting on a pair of stiff briefs, to hide my erection, I came out and found her standing near the dining table holding her shorts with one hand. I tossed her the belt and she put it on and buckled up and we sat down for breakfast. I couldn’t stop stealing glances towards her legs. True the Bermudas covered her till her knees but her calf was bare and that was also a sight for me.

Once she reached across to get a glass and I was busy staring at her breasts straining against the thin material of her shirt, I could almost see the nipples. She wasn’t moving and as I looked up at her I found she was watching me. I immediately concentrated on the contents of the plate before me. She sat down and said, “Why are you staring at me? Did you like what you saw yesterday?” I repeated, “I was too worried about you yesterday to appreciate it.” On hearing this she chuckled and started to drink water from the jug. Then she splashed some water on her breasts and her magnificent breasts were fully visible to me through the transparent material of her shirt. I had trouble sitting. I had a tremendous hard on and the underwear was making things more difficult for me.

I couldn’t take my eyes off them and after some time I realized where I was and as I looked up I found my mother watching me with a smile at the corner of her face. I was confused. After all she is my mother. But my underwear was making things difficult for me and I couldn’t contain myself any longer so I finished my food hurriedly and after excusing myself I went to my bathroom and after locking it I masturbated and the load I shot off was nothing like on any previous occasion. Then I had a bath and went to the drawing room and turned on the TV. As the idiot box flickered I began to ponder on my next move. It was clear to me that if I didn’t make a move then sooner or later someone else will and I had lusted after her ever since I was twelve. So I decided to be seduced by her or seduce her as the case maybe. I got up and looked around. Mother was nowhere to be seen, so I took 2 beers and after pouring it into 2 mugs I went to her room but I couldn’t find her. I peeked in my room and there she was sitting on my bed. I went in and handed her a mug.

She downed hers in one go and as I sipped mine I watched her. Then I put down my mug and moved towards her. Just watching her I began to have a hard on so I stood before her and pulled her up to me. I looked into her eyes for a moment and then planted my lips onto her mouth before she had a chance to appreciate what was going on. She pushed me away and said “I am back on balance, besides don’t forget that I am your mother.” I understood that I had to seduce her. So I said “Mother if I don’t then somebody else will and though my father has taken care of all your needs he hasn’t provided you with the company that you need. Besides I am not going to go any more than kissing you.” Though I knew that once we started there would be no stopping. She seemed to accept that and I moved in to kiss her again. Now my objective was to arouse her so much that she wouldn’t want to stop after kissing. This time, however, she didn’t object and I felt her mouth open up under mine and I put my tongue into hers and began to explore her mouth.

Our tongues met and caressed each other. At the same time my hands were playing over her breasts. I played with them and kneaded them and when we broke off for air I found that her nipples were visible. I kissed her cheeks and then continued onto the nape of her neck. I had already seen too many blue films to know how to turn a woman on. My girlfriend had also helped me in that matter. I trailed down her neck and onto those lovely mounds and I could feel her hands on the back of my head pushing me down onto them. I knew she was getting aroused. I stood back and kissing her once more on the lips I began to take her shirt off her. She seemed to object. So I said, “Mother I just want to have a look at your breasts and taste them once. Just this once mother. After I have had a good look at them and I have tasted them I will stop whenever you ask me to.” She seemed to hesitate, her conscience was telling her to stop but her sex-starved body wanted her to continue. And then she raised her hands and soon she was standing topless before me. I watched in admiration, her breasts that were really big and looked like 2 creamy mounds. I took one in my hand and planted my mouth on the other. I kneaded one while sucking madly on the other. She arched her back and started to moan. I lowered my free hand across her navel and put it through her shorts and down to her panties I passed my hand inside. I found her mound to be wet. She was leaking like anything. I continued to knead and suck her breasts until I realized that she was well aroused.

So I took my other hand away from her breast and began to unbuckle her belt. Soon it was undone and as I let go of it, it fell to the floor and my beautiful mother was standing there in front of me clad only in a pair of white satin panties. There was a wet spot on her panties. I slowly pushed her back on the bed and kissed her navel. Then I kissed her toes and began to come up. I left a wet trail along her calves up to her thighs. Then I began to kiss the inside of her thighs, a place where a woman is the softest. Her thighs were silky smooth and creamy. She was whispering, “Don’t do that”, but was pushing my head towards them at the same time. I reached her love spot and kissed her vagina through her panties. I could see that her panties were all wet and were clinging to her vagina. I touched her love spot and gently pressed it then I slowly hooked my forefingers into her panties and slowly started to pull them down. She raised her hips slightly to facilitate their removal. Now my mother lay completely nude before me. I looked at her completely shaved vagina and I put my mouth to her vagina and kissed it. This was the place through which I had entered this world nearly two decades ago. The scent of its love juices made me mad and I put my tongue inside it. I flicked her clitoris with my tongue and she arched her back and screamed. I asked her “Do you want me to stop?” She answered, “No, no please carry on.” I was still fully clothed then. I pinched her clit and she came she was so much in heat.

I put my forefinger and middle finger inside her and began to finger fuck her. She came again soon. Then as she lay there gasping for breath, she said that, “Son I want you inside me.” I had been waiting for her to say that. But I wasn’t ready yet. I quickly shed my clothes and turned her over. I began to kiss her smooth back and came down the curve of her back to her buttocks. They were pear shaped and absolutely smooth. I took the beer that was left in the mug and poured it over her back and her buttocks. Then I began to lap it up. As I reached her buttocks she was quite hot and then as I put my tongue into her asshole and felt around, she squirmed. It gave me immense pleasure to know that I could make my mother squirm with pleasure. I put my finger into her asshole. She said, “I don’t want your finger, I want your penis and I don’t want it there.” But I wasn’t in a mood to listen. I continued to finger her ass. Then I spread her legs wide and began to lick her from behind. With all this foreplay she was tremendously aroused and as I turned her over again and she lay on her back I could see that she was ready for penetration. So I kissed her vagina once more and spread her legs wide. Then I positioned myself so that my penis, which was fully erect by now, just touched the outer lips of her vagina. She raised her lips to have my penis inside me. I carefully guided myself inside her. She was tight. I lay on top of her and put my mouth on hers and began to kiss her. I had learnt from my girlfriend that moving the hips slightly in that position stimulates the pleasure nerves on the outer walls of the vagina. I wanted to give her the maximum pleasure.

She was moaning and she wrapped her legs around me. She put her arms around me on my back and I slowly began to move back and forth. As I increased the speed of my thrusting in her she closed her eyes and formed a silent “O” with her mouth. A sure sign that she was coming. When I felt she was almost there I stopped. She opened her eyes and rocked her hips to attract my attention to the unfinished task. I said, “Wait mother, let me catch my breath.” Then I carried on and soon I knew I was about to come. I told her that. She said, “don’t worry son, flood me, flood me with your juices.” So I came and she came. I flooded her and such was my load that some trickled out. Then I fell away exhausted. Then as we were resting with her on my chest, a thought occurred to me. I asked. “Mother what if you become pregnant?” She said, “Don’t worry son, there were some complications when you were born. I had to undergo surgery and the doctors have told me, I will never become pregnant again. But I have to tell you something son, you are a real lover. And you are experienced. You know how to give a woman pleasure. Where did you learn to make love like that?” I answered that, “My girlfriend has helped me in that but I think the real reason is I love you too much and I wanted you to have the maximum pleasure.” She lay beside me and put her arms and legs around me and kissed me and after that we slept in each other’s arms. From that day on we have been sleeping together in the raw. And now that my father has divorced her there is no chance of his coming back.

And from that day onwards we lived as husband and wife. Of course when we met relatives we were mother and son but when we went out to visit other places we lived like husband and wife. My mother and I went to Mauritius on what she said was her “Second Honeymoon.” We have tried all the positions. But what she likes most is sucking me because in her own words “It gives me pleasure to know that I also can make you happy in bed”. We have even tied each other up. I will try to tell you that, some other time.

mom desire

Hi i’m rockyhardy. I became fond of writing after reading a lot of exclusive collections of literotica. Literotica have the best collections of most erotic stories ever written and especially the incest ones which can drive anyone crazy. A great job from fantastic writers.

My story is about a mom and son’s incest relations & how it all began.

Nirmala, a married middle-age indian woman of age 41 having one son and a daughter is a sex-goddess. Right from her early life she always wanted to get herself sexually fulfilled and she knew the sheer magic of exploding orgasms. After her marriage she had a very good sex life as she has a voluptuous body, milky white butter soft skin & mind boggling curvatures. So her husband just couldn’t resist giving her more. Most of the time, nirmala couldn’t reach climax as her husband would climax much earlier which was not his fault but of nirmala’s exotic body and sex response that one just cannot control the seminal pressure while fucking her.

After marriage she passed many years, gave birth to two kids, took care of household works but the sex life was slowly diminishing as her husband was not able to satisfy her to real orgasms. Many a times on bed she used to get frustrated as she knew that she still looked sexier at this age but was not gifted with orgasmic reward which she deserved. But being an indian wife, she never complained and her husband being inconsiderate would never realize her desires.

Nirmala have a very handsome son, ashok. She knew that he had great manhood at his age of 19 and college girls were being freak over him. She would guess that ashok would endeavor great sex with whomever he slept with. Ashok too was driven crazy by her mom’s feminine assets. Her milky white skin with chunks of fats on her lower back used to force out of her tight blouses. Her flat but little fluffy silky tummy with exposed deep naval sighted through her saree would make him horny. And the day she would wear low-cut blouse and that too sleeve-less, oh my god, she would look like a goddess with her silky smooth nicely shaped hands & shiny cuts between her large boobs. Her boobs would make a huge elevated structure on her chest which most of the passer-bys on road would not help their eyes-off on it. Ashok would always notice this that strangers would always get attracted with this voluptuous woman of dreams.

Once ashok was passing by his parent’s room, he could hear moaning sounds of her mom. He got excited and since the light was on he was able to peep some view though the key-hole. He managed to see that his mom was topless and her saree was raised to her waist. Dad was over her and thrusting. Nirmala was moaning “aah, aaah , oooh”. Suddenly dad cummed and like a sick-lover removed his dick and banged asleep on besides her without even caring about her climax or giving a good-night kiss. Nirmala raised her hands to her head cursing her fate at this moment. But this was not new to her, she drew down the saree, wore her blouse and switched off the lights.

Ashok felt the very moment of mom’s frustrated feelings. He felt pity for her that such an amazing woman not being handled in a right way was injustice.

Few days passed, when one day, nirmala called ashok from her room “ashok, son, come here please”. “yes mom” replied ashok. Dad was out of house for a business trip and was to return after one week. Ashok was playing games on computer. On his mother’s command, he went to her room.

What he saw was she had dropped her pallu on her lap and just wearing a bra and sitting on her bed. The enormous boobs were pressed tight in the white bra she wore. “wow what a view” thought in his mind.

“son, can you please rub some powder on my back. I am getting itch feeling due to prickly heat”

“ok mom”

Nirmala gave the talc powder to him and asked to sit behind her. What an opportunity he thought, to touch her moms smooth milky back by massaging her with powder. He couldn’t control his erection. He went back on bed behind her mom with her back facing him. Wow what a view of flesh that was for him. With his trembling hands, he sprinkled the powder on her back and started massaging. He felt himself in heaven as her skin was sexier than he thought. He kept on massaging slowly moving his hands from her neck to lower back and side ways. Whenever he used to drag his palms from neck to lower-back, he could flip-over the bra-strap which obstructed his smooth movements.

“ashok, you may open my bra strap” nirmala said. “that shall help you rub smoothly”

Ashok went mad, as he just couldn’t believe this and wanted to do it fast by unfastening her strap. Now he had all his mom’s lovely fleshy back for him. He kept rubbing and also did sideways almost touching her boobs. Even the touch of her boobs corners was magic feeling as they were spotlessly white and very soft.

“ok son, that’s it. Thank you, you may go on with your work”

She fastened the bra strap, wore blouse and went to the kitchen. Ashok in his erotic sensation, went to his room and kept thinking about that event the whole night.

The same night, nirmala came and knocked ashok’s door. “ashok, please open the door”

“yes mom” and ashok opened the door and saw nirmala in her short 2-piece nighty which exposed her beautiful bare silky legs.

‘ashok, i just got a cramp on my knees and my back is paining too. I am not able to bend to apply the medicated pain lotion on it.” ” can you please apply the pain lotion on my knees?”

“sure mom” replied ashok.

Now what’s happening today. Is my mom really having genuine reasons or just want to get a feel of touch from me? Is she really horny or not? Ashok kept thinking but was very much excited. He is all alone with his mom tonight and she have just asked to take care of her sexy legs.

Nirmala went inside ashok’s room and laid on his bed. He gave the lotion to ashok and asked him to rub the lotion on her knees. She posed on the bed like a super model and looked like a super model. She was in her nighty with her legs exposed to her thighs.

Her legs are very nicely shaped. They are sleek & slim and as you go to see her up, her thighs would bulge up massively. She have wide thighs with the most sensational fleshy milky skin.
Ashok took the lotion in his palms and started applying over her knees. He then started rubbing slowly. Just then, nirmala moved her legs a bit. Every time ashok would touch her, apply her and rub her, she would move her legs in slow motion like a moaning body movements. She indeed was enjoying.

“ashok, can you please move your hands up towards my thighs, i have a mascular pain there too”

“ok mom” ashok slowly placed his hands right on her thighs. At this point she moved her legs upwards and turned her face sidewise as if a slow current passed her body.

“take more lotion, son and apply all over the thighs please”

“ok mom”

He just couldn’t handle this. His erection was full to 100%. He pressed & massaged nirmala’s thighs with both hands. He applied more lotion and gave a very lubricating feel. Her thighs were shining with lotion and gave a very erotic look. Suddenly she gave moaning sound

“that feels good,..ooohhh, that feels very good….. Keep rubbing son… the pain is going…keep rubbing”

Ashok, knew that her mom was turned on, so he touched her pussy on every upward movements he would do over her thighs. This would give minor strokes to nirmala over her hot pussy and she seemed to enjoy it.

Now this was the point were ashok knew his mom needed him and nirmala knew from his son’s erections that he enjoyed it. But who should proceed and how.

Nirmala didn’t knew what next to ask him for. Just then ashok asked “mom, do have pain elsewhere?”

“oh… yess but i feel shy in telling you”

“no mom tell me, where else you want to apply the lotion on your body?”

“well son, if you could apply on…… no forget it”

“no mom please tell, its ok”

“well, son if you can apply on my breast, it would be grateful”

Ashok went mad again and came closer on top of her with the lotion bottle in his hand.

“you may open the blouse son” asked nirmala

“ok mom”. Ashok unfastened the blouse buttons and he found there was no bra underneath. He opened the blouse and removed over her. There laid her huge large beautiful breasts totally naked in front of him. To him, it was a fantastic sight of life time. The huge pair of breast were spotless and milky white. They had dark & large nipples which were erect to size of « inch and begging badly to be sucked. This voluptuous body now covered only with the nighty skirt with greasy legs & firm huge breasts was being mistreated so badly till now by his own dad and her mom could never allow to touch these assets to anyone else in her own life.

Ashok felt he is the first man after his dad who is about to touch her nirmala’s huge breasts. He placed his hands over her breasts which could not even cover half of her tits by his palms. At this point nirmala was out of the world. The tender touch of ashoks hands made her heart beat faster. She couldn’t control and then came moaning sound “oooooff, oooohhhh, wowwwww” ashok stared at her straight into her eyes and nirmala too stared him. They both stared each other for few seconds and both came closer and placed their lips to each other. The world for them was now turned to heaven filled with mind-blowing horny pleasures.

“ashok, do you love me baby?”

“yes mom i do, you are very beautiful, i cannot control myself mom, i love you, i love you, i love you very much”

And ashok placed numerous kisses all over her mom’s face which drew her wild & crazy.

“do you want to suck my breast baby? Do you?”

‘yes mom”

Ashok placed his mouth and filled in as much as of her sexy boobs. Nirmala now could scream with pleasure.

“ooooh ashok, i cannot wait, please remove my skirt & panties”

Ashok did it fast and placed his hands right on her pussy and pressed harder.

“ooooh, wow wow son, i am going mad son, i am going mad”

Nirmala quickly bent over and removed ashok’s shirt, trousers & brief and was just happy to see a large cock.

” please come inside me baby, please come inside and fuck your mom, i beg you my son”

“oh mom, don’t worry i will give you most amazing orgasm you ever imagined”

Ashok came on top of her quickly rode his cock inside her. He started thrusting and was very near to climax but slowed down thinking that he is not going to make the mistake my dad makes. This pretty lady is be to handled carefully so he removed his cock and placed his mouth on her pussy.

“oh wow, ashok that’s making me mad. I never had your dad licking my pussy, i was dying for this” “please lick my pussy baby please fill it completely with your saliva”

Ashok kept licking and licking and licking her moms hot pussy till she gave out a thundering climax of shivers of strong orgasm. Nirmala gasped for few moments and saw her son. Ashok was smiling and new that he accomplished a great job today by giving her mom a real sexual climax which she was craving for.

” oh ashok, please come, give your mom a hug baby, give ma a hug baby”

Ashok gave a hug. Her boobs pressed against his chest and his hard-on still persisted. Nirmala asked him to enter her again and this time ashok slowly & skillfully fucked her and when the speed gained they climaxed together while ashok shot out loads of cum in her.

That night they made love for more three times and at morning they took bath together in the bath tub while ashok enjoyed again to soap her mom’s breast and round ass. He asked his mom “can i fuck you in the ass mom? Nirmala replied “you shouldn’t be asking me anything baby, now this body is all yours’ just do what ever you want to do”

salare be min how

Hi, it’s me Arun again, with yet another experience. Your comments have made me bare all my secrets. Thank you all for the good ratings that you people gave me for my earlier postings. That is an inspiration for me to come up with another one. Here I am writing my experience of a wonderful incident when I could take my chithi sarala for a real deep rape. I was in college those days. From my room i could see sarala washing her clothes and drying them etc. I was around 19/20 then and she should be around 35/36 at that time. She is from tamil. A real sexy tamil woman. Real stiff suck able breasts, lovely folds in her hips and clear thunder thighs. I used to envy her ugly husband who is never in the house. Every after noon i enjoy seeing her washing her clothes and her pally goes in between the two breasts showing her tits and at times her nipples also clearly. She has long hair. The moment i see her, i could not control myself and i used to masturbate. I was waiting for an opportunity to fuck her. As every dog has its day i was also lucky. My folks had gone to attend a wedding. It was around noon and i saw sarala coming out to wash clothes showing everything of her. Her house was also empty, husband had gone on tour and her children had gone to school. My blood shot up and waited for her to finish washing. This time i did not masturbate on seeing her as i did not want to waste my cum i wanted to sent my cum inside her. I only rubbed my dick slowly when i saw her. After 20 minutes she finished washing, she went in to her bath room without closing the back door. I could see her entering the bath room. I came out of my house and bolted the door from outside so that it will appear locked. I scaled her wall (lucky no one saw me), i slowly entered her back door and closed it. I could hear her having bath. I went in to her room and waited behind the door. I was breathing heavily. My my what guts i had at that time.

After 10 minutes sarala came to the bed room , wet only with the skirt up to her breasts and a towel on her wet hair. I was watching her breathlessly. She brushed her hair fully and put on her petti coat, wow i could see her bottocks what round well formed buttocks, i am waiting to lick them. She put on her black bra and toook her black blouse and yellow saree and she saw me. She was astonished at my sight. She was about to shout, but i went near her and hugged her and kissed her tight on her lips before she could realise what i was about to do. She was kicking me and scratching me and hitting me, nothing could stop me from kissing her lips and licking her face, she was about to shout, anticipating this i had already closed the windows and switched the a/c on so that her screams could not be heard out. I dragged her to her bed, she was pleading arun please do not do this i am elder to you, we are family, we have to see each other etc., but all sarala’s pleading fell on my deaf ears. I was wanting her badly. I put her in her bed removed my lungi and she saw my cock at full steam, in astonishment she closed her eyes. I went near her and thrusted my cock into her mouth holding her head tight. She was gasping for breath, my cum started oozing all over her face, i was going mad with ecstacy. I stripped open her bra with my dick inside her mouth. She was totally helpless. I was enjyoing my chithi wonderfully. What a lunch. She tried to bite my dick but i took it out and slapped her. She tried to run away from me, i chased her back and held her from behind and tore her petticoat and made her nude. Wow first time i am seeing my chithi sarala stand nude in front of me. She became angry and threw a lamp shade on me, i ducked, she went and hid near the dressing table to hide her breasts and cunt . This sight again aroused me. I dragged her to her bed and put her on the bed and forced my self on her. I lustily licked and kissed all over, whe was crying and pleading to me. I was busy crushing her breasts and finally thrusted my dick in to her cunt and looked at her _expression, she was accusing me in bad words. I did not bother, i told her that sarala i have ben wanting you for more than three years and i cannot hold it. I went deep inside her and held her tight and held her sexy bottom and i exploded inside her.

I ddid not bother to take my dick out again i waited for 10 minutes again got a hard on and screwed her like this for four times. Finally i took myself out and i could see sarala lying nude and unconscious in her bed. By seeing this again i had my lust, i rolled my dick all over her face, breasts stomach and finally again raped her to my hearts content. Before leaving i saw that she was unconscious i took nude photographs of her for my safety and to black mail her for my future needs and i went back home.
A week after the wonderful rape, i was in my terrace walking and looking at that sexy sarala washing the utensils to close her kitchen. She was in a rose cotton saree and rose blouse. I could see the strap of her black bra inbetween her blouse. My dick stood up and i wanted to fuck her immediately. I took up my cordless and called her. She attended the call, i told her that this is arun, she was scared and whispered as to why i called her at night as her husband and kids are around. I told her that i needed her now, she said no way and i can do what i want. I told her that i am calling from the terrace and showed her the nude photos of her which i had taken after raping her. I threatened her if she does not agree i shall post the same to her husbands office. She had no other go other than to agree. Then she asked me as to how i would come there especially as her husband and kids are around. I told her to come to to the ground floor under the pretext of taking some water from the well. She came down, i gave her some sleeping tablets to be given to her husband and kids after dinner. She was scared to take it, i told her that they would be fast asleep for the next three hours and even an earth quake would not wake them up. By i saw her finishing the kitchen off and that stupid husband of her came inside the kitchen to have water ( i was wondering how she could go to bed with such a horrible asshole). I saw her giving him the milk of course mixed with the sleeping tabs. I called her from my cordless to find out the position. She came near the window and told me that they are all fast asleep. She asked me how i am going to come to her house. I told her to keep the back door open. I scaled the wall slowly or my folks would get up.
She had kept the back door open ready. I am seeing sarala aunty close. Rose saree and rose blouse. Unable to bear the torture of my dick, i caught hold of her and started hugging and kissing her lips there itself my hands was running on the folds of her hips and was holding her big sexy round bottom tight. She was scared and said that no arun not here lets go inside but this is the last time and next time i shall not come to you.

Better return the photos. I agreed to her (or i will spoil her mood) i went like a hungry dog following her. The moment we were inside, i caught hold of her from back side and my hands was squeezing sarala’s boobs hard i was uttering sarala sarala in her ears which had diamond studds. I knew that even she had fallen prey to my seduction. My dick was hitting her buttocks hot and tight. I told her sarala kutty i need you badly let us go to your room. She said no my husband is sleeping there. I said it is ok he will not get up as you have given him sleeping pills. Saying so i lifted my beautiful sarala aunty who is my chithi and took her to her bedroom. I saw there the ugly husband snoring and sleeping loudly like a pig, i put her in the bed next to him and started kissing her wet lips and put my head in her neck and was slowly saying sarala sarala. She took my head of and pleaded saying that arun, my husband my get up and it would be a bad scene for both of us. I got irritated with her. I got up and gave one kick on her husbands nasty hips. The pig was still snoring. I told her see sarala this pig is still sleeping. Dont worry about him. I need you. Saying so without undressing her , i sarted kissing her all over her body. I slowly removed her pallu and saw her wonderful breasts inside her rose blouse. The sight of the black bra inside aroused me. I removed her saree and her blouse very artistically woven. She was only in her black petticoat and black bra infront of me. I did not want to screw her right away. I told her to sit down and suck my cock for some time and then later on go further. I knew she had made some gulab jamuns two days back as she has sent the same to our house also. I told her that i wanted some gulab jamuns. She was looking at me in surprise but she went inside the kitchen and brought them to me.i put the jamuns and the sweet juice on my dick and balls all over and asked her to lick and eat and taste them. She initially said no as she was aware of her husbands presence. I forced her head in to my dick and thrusted my dick loaded with the jamuns and juice inside her mouth. She was sucking it slowly and then increased the speed. As she was sucking my dick, i removed her bra and was crushing her breasts, i caught hold of her folds in her hips and my hands were running around them, i still went further down and removed the strap of her petticoat and made her nude i saw her beautiful round bottom once again after the rape. I was having a real hard on and at that time i exploded inside her mouth, she was about to take her mouth out but i sensed it and thrusted my dick into her mouth with full pressure and was shouting sarala sarala after the cum release, she went to the wash basin to wash her mouth, i went behind her, i forced my hard dick in her bottom and carried her in my arms to her bed.

She said no, my husbad is sleeping there. I was in no mood to listen, i put her in the bed and was on top of her sucking her beautiful round breasts, my my what hard nipples she has got even at that age while biting her nipples i could hear her husband snoring – bastard i told to myself, i after sucking her breasts, i went down her pussy and kissed it and licked it like an ice cream. Unable to hold any longer i entered the beautiful sarala aunty, i fucked her to my hearts content, while fucking her i was only saying sarala i need u for ever, pl come whenever i call u, u r my wet dream and so on. After some hesitiation sarala aunty was in her moods and was saying kanna, kanna and two hours we had real fun. After the screw, i was about to leave, i got dressed it was 2 am i went to the back door, sarala followed me she looked like an angel in the moonlight, unanble to control my self i again undressed in the back yard and fucked her in a hurry for about fifteen minutes. My my sarala though she is elder to me atleast by 15 years, she is a wonderful dish. I will tell you about how i had to take her to trivandrum and how i had sex with her in the train, that’s one hell of a incident.
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