Balu teacher computer and sex to Geetha

I have to tell you a story which took place some time back. To protect the identity of the persons concerned I had to change the name of the persons and places. It was when I had completed my course in engineering and was preparing for the project and the dissertation. Written exams were over. In my house I and my mother alone stay. My father was abroad.
We stayed in a apartment block.I am Balu, 26, 5'10" with not very stout body. I prefer to hear music and my laptop is always full of music. In our next apartment there was a lady Geetha staying with her infant son of 3 years. Her husband went to Gulf recently and she is waiting for a family visa to go and join him. Geethaji is very beautiful, well featured and well mannered.
She was very close to mother and they used to chitchat for hours.I have a friendly relationship with her and I call her bhabhi. She wanted me to show her how to operate a laptop. She told my mother to tell me to go and help her learn laptop. It seems her husband had authorised her to buy a good machine so that he can communicate with her daily.
Obviously the family visa was likely to be delayed. Finaly one day I agreed to go and asked her what is the convenient time for learning. She asked me to come at 9.00 pm in the night. By then her son would have gone to bed, otherwise he will be pestering and will not allow me to talk to her. My mother also agreed with her and asked me to go soon after supper.
OK I said, I took my laptop, with all connectors and USB pendrives to the house of Geetha. She was very pleased to see me carrying all these paraphernalia and asked me to set them up in her bedroom where there was a big table. She gave me a chair to sit and she sat on the bed. I connected the machine and the internet was quite fast.
Geetha brought me a glass of water and sat near me. She was wearing a night dress and a mild perfume. I opened the laptop and showed her the main features. Everytime I finished a sentence she was looking at me. She asked me to connect her husband. In two or three attempts I could connect with her husband. She was thrilled to hear his voice.
His image came in the monitor and her image would have appeared in his monitor. Seeing both of them in a happy mood, I just moved away from that room to the drawing room from where I can see them and hear them talk. Lot of hush hush talk was going on and then she was telling him that I am in the nearby room etc.
He out of his loneliness was frustrated and was happy to see his dear wife in the monitor. He would have asked he to show her boobs open. She refused and told him that I am in the nearby room and I may come at any moment. He told her to bolt the door and show her naked body. Perhaps he too would have been standing nude to provoke her. Geetha was in a great dilemma.
She asked me to move to the next room and bolted the door from inside. But poor thing did not remember that the window nearby was open. I could see her removing all her clothes and standing totally nude in front of him. He too would have stood naked for her to see. she was in a highly aroused condition. I too had a great erection. But what to do.
I could here the sounds of kissing and words of endearment etc. What more they can do? After an hour or so the line went off. With great disappointment she turned back and saw me standing at the other side of the window and watching. She felt shy and ran to dress herself. She then came and opened the door and I entered the bedroom.
We both were in highly aroused condition. Laptop went off. The entire neighbourhood was sleeping. I got up to go. She asked me why dont you sleep here and go in the morning. Why touble your mother at this late hour. I was searching for a guest room. she said you sleep here with me in my bed. I was taken aback.
She went to the kitchen and brought a glass full of horlicks and gave me. We did not talk much. It was a huge bed. Child was sleeping in a cradle. She gave me a dhothi to change. She did not talk much. Nor I. I stretched on the bed and she by my side and turned to me. Her big boobs were almost touching me.
Since her whole body was convered by the night dress I could not make out her size. She switched off the main light and kept the bedroom light burning. She undrssed and came down to just her bra and panty. Her body was neither fat nor lean, just ideal. She did not utter any word and wanted me to take initiative. I placed my hand on her and pulled her closer.
Without any resistance she came I put my arm around her and she also embraced me. She pouted her lips inviting me for a kiss. Keeping my lips over hers, I tried to penetrate with my tongue and her tongue was already inside my mouth. We had a 10 minutes long kiss. My hands were roaming over her boobs and felt her erect nipples.
The softness of her boobs enhanced my pleasure and I wanted to suck and lick her nipples. I lowering my mouth licked the boobs in a circular motion. She was moaning with pleasure. Geetha was very highly aroused. She wanted me to fuck her. She took my hand and put it on her cunt. I found very few hair but full of sticky fluid flowing out.
This was the first time I ever touched the cunt of a lady. I understood that she wanted me to mount her and fuck her. She was pushing me to ride her and told me softly 'get on top of me, get on top of me' I supporting my body on both my hands and legs got on her. My dick was fully erect and was touching her cunt.
She took in her hand and opening her cunt lips by her hand placed it in the entrance and asked me to push it in. She widened her legs and made it easy to for me to poke her. My dick entered against slight resistance and went deep inside her. She gave out of cry of pleasure. She asked me to move inside her slowly. I started to move slowly up and down.
Because of heavy lubrication it was very pleasurable to fuck. I went on stroking her slowly and then gradually increased my speed. Geetha would her legs around me and was moving upwards to meet my strokes. I kissed her in her mouth and then kissed her boobs and took her nipples in my mouth and sucked them. She enjoyed every act of mine.
And finally she reached her orgasm. I could feel it on my dick that her internal muscles were clutching my dick. With her hands and legs she gave me a tight hug and showed her massive orgasm. I continued my fuck and discharged my cum inside her. Geetha did not release me from her tight hug. She went on chanting endearing words and asked me not to withdraw.
But my dick did not loose its erection. She wanted me to go for the second time. But she wanted me roll on the bed so that she will come on top. Holding each other tightly we rolled and she came on top of me. My dick was completely inside her. She was sitting on me. She tied her dishevelled hair and then leaned forward and gave me a kiss.
Lifting her hip she started the action of fucking. But at each stroke she gave out a small moan of pleasure. Supporing her body on her legs, she went on fucking with deep strokes. Finally we both came for the next orgasm. She lied on me and her boobs were pressed against my chest. It was a full orgasm for both of us. Our fluids drenched the bedsheet.
Slowly she got up and kissed me again and said thank you. It is long time since I had such a complete sex with double orgasm. We both went to the bath room and cleaned our bodies of all the fluids. She took my limp dick in her mouth and gave me wonderful blow job. We both slept for the rest of the night embracing each other. In the morning, I went home and resumed my routine.
But I had to go to Geetha every day and fuck her. When her husband comes on line, she will show him her naked body and I used to sit in the same room hiding. This went on for two more months. Her husband then came with a family visa and took his family with him. Thus my pleasure days ended. Sometimes Geetha telephones me and asks me to come over there.

Raghu fucking Shama during tuition class

I am Raghu 25, tall and with a muscular body having done my PG in Maths and waiting to write NET exam to enter as a Asst. Professor in any of the colleges. My family consisted of my sister and mother. Sister, Radha, was doing her degree course and mother a house wife. Our father was in gulf in a senior employment in an MNC.
There were several requests for tuition from various quarters. But I wanted to concentrate in my learning computing. But sometime my amma brings forth strong recommendations of girls who are related to her friends etc. which I cannot turn down. My mother made ready an upstairs corner room removing all the rubbish dumped there and placing a big double cot with a mattress (for the use of a likely guest)a table and a chair.
There were very many wall mounted shelves and I dont know what all stuff is available there. In my younger day I and my sister Radha used to play hide and seek in these rooms. One day she brought a girl, fair looking with big boobs etc, Shama who was the daughter of her friend. Shama wanted some detailed study of two chapters in physics.
Usually I take bath in the attached bathroom of my room. When I come out I will be wearing a casual lungi, without any u/wear or boxer. I wont even wear a vest, but remain bare chested sporting my lavish hair in the chest. Putting on a vest and brief is a long drawn process. I apply lot of talcum powder and deo. There was no time for all these rituals.
Shama was there standing staring at me with her huge bulbous eyes. I asked her to sit and place her books on the table. I just went to the mirror in the room and combed my hair and put it in order. When I turned back, I saw this Shama girl lifting her legs and placing them on the bed to sit in a squaring posture. In the process she revealed to me a view up to her panty.
I was shocked. why this girl show me all her inner secrets. It is intentional or casual. Whatever it is my dick was rising and made a protrusion in the lungi I wore. My concentration was greatly disturbed. The girl placing the books on the table was searching for the portion where she needed help.As she was leaning her cleavage was open and her big boobs were clearly visible.
I was in a great discomfort. I am not accustomed to such sudden display of female charms. My manliness was rebellious. This lungi is a comfortable or uncomfortable attire depending upon the circumstances. When shama got up I asked her what exactly is your problem. Shama said "Sir, why dont you also come and sit in the bed so that I can show you the text book and show the portions where I need your clarifications.
Ok I said and went and bolted the door, and sat on the bed after tying the lungi tightly around my waist. I too had to sit squatting on the bed. The lungi length is not alright that the ends do not overlap. When I sit they leave a gaping gap in the middle and it gives a full view of my dick. I fould that Shama was concentrating her eyes on the middle portion of my body and did not appear to be listening to what I said.
My fully erect dick was peeping through the little gap between the loose ends of the lungi which was distracting this girl shama. Somehow I concealed my nudity and asked the girl to show me the portion and I asked her to read the portion. I noticed she had by then unbuttoned two top buttons on her shirt and her boobs were visible when she leans forward.
I dont know whether she made it intentional or casual. Seeing this my dick was again stiffened and I had to struggle to keep it under control. Shama was seeing all my helpless struggle and was giggling. I looked up at her. She finished reading the portion and looked up and saw me pressing my cock down into the fold of my lungi. I leaned forward and covered her shirt to conceal her boobs.
She was surprised and looked up at my face. I told her "this is what causing all the trouble. You have been purposely showing a portion of your body which you should have concealed". She said "Sir it is because there is no fan and I feel sultry and that is why I just opened a small portion. But my body is in my control not like yours".
I got up, but stepped on my lungi and lo the lungi was totally removed and I stood totally naked with an erect cock in front of the girl Shama. She started to laugh loudly and I rushed to her in my naked condition and closed her mouth with my hands. She struggled to get herself released and her hand was reaching to catch my cock.
I sat near her and put my hands inside her shirt and caught hold of her boobs and was just pressing them softly. Suddenly the girl stopped laughing and was reaching my face to plant a kiss on my cheeks. Her boobs were very smooth and hard and tiny nipple was already hard and erect. I was pressing her boob softly and she was taking deep breat and moaning softly.
With her hand she was shaking my cock. Shama did not appear to be an innocent girl. She lowered her head and licked the tip of my dick of the precum drop which was emerging there. I asked her softly whether she is a virgin or not and whether she has had sexual experience before. She murmured tht she is not a virgin and that she has had sexual experience before.
I made her lie down on my bed and lifted her frock. Her panty was fully wet. I just pulled it down and saw her youthfull cunt without any hair. It gave one of the most fascinating sights. I wanted to start from her boobs. I sucked the nipples softly and Shama was moaning and with her hands she pressed my head towards her boobs. I just moved downwards and came to her cunt.
It had a nice fragrance. I smelled the whole cunt and licked it. I opened the cunt lips and located the red coloured clit. with my tongue I just licked her clit. Shama gave out a loud cry and pressed my head down. Whe I tickled her cunt again she had her first orgasm. She shuddered and her legs pleaced on my back over my shoulders pressed my head.
I continued to lick her clitoris. Shama was shaking her body wildly. I got up and put my dick in her cunt and pressed it in. It went in against great resistance. Shama was about to give a cry of pain. I closed her mouth with my hand. But by them my cock was fully inside her cunt. I fucked her slowly. She was giving out moans hhhhhhhhhhhhshsshhhhhhhhhh.
Her orgasm was continuous. She pressed my head on her boob and asked me to suck her nipples to enhance her pleasure. I sprayed my entire cum inside her cunt. Slowly I pulled out from her cunt and made her also to get up. We wiped outselves in a wet towel I used to take bath. Shama just hugged and kissed me. She said she is going and come on the next day.
I asked her to come at 2 pm when allthe people will be asleep after lunch. She agreed and rushed out. I went out with her downstairs and opened the main door and let her out. My mother was asleep and did not notice thata the girl had slipped out. Shama was going out in a dishevelled condition. Anybody seeing her can make out that she is coming from fighting with somebody.
Her house was close by. But I saw her standing and talking with another woman. I noticed it was my sister Radha she was talking to. Radha might have been returning from her college. I rushed up to my room and wanted to remove all the tell tale evidence of the recent incident. Because my sister Radha is too nosy that she can smell out anything from the scene.
As expected she came to my room. I pretended as if I am busy on my laptop. She asked me how was the first tuition session and what was the subject you taught her. She looked at me in a sarcastic way. I did not reply her but was concentrating on my laptop. Please let me know how you liked my story of my first tuition class.

Sex in sleazy 3 star hotel

I am Rita, 25, 5'4" with 34"26"33" fair colour, working in a three star hotel. Because of my middle class family background I had to accept employment. I was helping my family in the education of my sister and brother. In the hotel they provided with uniforms, saree and blouse of a particular colour. We were ten girls put to different duties.
Because of my language proficiency I was asked to be in the front office, meeting customers and allotting them rooms etc. There is a ritual of setting the rooms. Every day in the morning, a sweeper will sweep all the rooms vacated in the morning. Two employees with push a trolley full of fresh linen and reach each room and change the bed linen, towels in the bath room, change the flowers in the vase.
One employees of the hotel, viz., Feroze, usually goes for this job. He will be accompanied by one of the girls. When the girl is busy changing the bath room towels etc., Feroze will check the table drawers for condoms. Invariably there will be packets unopened or partially opened. The used condoms may be available in the dust bin.
Feroze will take one of unused condoms examine it in detail and call the girl and show it to her. Most of the girls would not have seen one. He will tell them that he will show how it is used. Suddenly, he will unzip and pull out his cock which is in semi erect condition and put the condom on in a very short time. The girl will be aghast at the sudden change of scene.
He will go on chatting and tell her he will show its uses. He will gently push her on the bed and lift her saree and pull down her panty and within a minute his cock will be in her pussy. He will hold her tight so that she may not push him and run away. Most of the girls fall for his sweet talk and most unwillingly submit to his onslaughts.
He will finish his quickie soon and pull out and show her how he had encapsulated his semen in the condom and that she is safe and need not bother. Girl will get up and steady her dresses and come out for further duties. Many of the girls have been victimised and they dont conceal their experience. They have a code word for the attack by Feroze, "rozed" Out of ten at least five girls have already been rozed by him.
He was keeping an eye on me. But I never go for the room duty. I sit with a computer on my table which is connected to the domestic network. There are computers in the stores, accounts and bill, etc. Feroze will put a blue film in the computer in the stires and tell all the girls to watch their monitor. Some girls will secretly watch the movies.
But I cannot since I am in the lobby and there will be always people surrounding me. When there is no crowd I my just flick the programme for a short while and see a fraction of it. Afterall who is not interested in seeing a good sex blue. One day my manager asked me to go for just an hour to setting up of couple of rooms since many of the girls were on leave.
I forgot to ask the manager who is in my team to work with me. I just went and waited for the sweeper to finish the cleaning and then pushed the linen cart inside the room. When I heard a knock I turned my head and saw a gleaming Feroze coming forward to help me in my duties. Suddenly his mobile rang and he rushed out to continue his speech.
I rushed to open the table drawers and found two unopened condom packets. I took and pocketed them. I hurriedly went to the other room and found one opened packet with two condoms intact. I took that also and hid them in a bag. I came back and changed the towels in the bathroom and then was about to change the bed linen.
After finishing his phone talk Feroze came rushing to check for unused condoms. He did not find any. He did not date to ask me whether I searched and found any condoms. For a long time he had an eye on me and this was a golden opportunity which he missed. He wanted to lure me to a talk about what the guests would have done in the previous night.
I did not show any interest because I knew where he is leading me. If I show some interest in his talk he would have made me to lie down in the bed and "rozed" me as he had done others. Two or three times he tried to touch my boobs and ass, but I showed some resentment and he kept quiet.
In the hotels our customers are mostly businessmen who spend lavishly for their enjoyment. There are brokers who would fetch for them college girls for one night enjoyment, or even housewives from decent background. When we go to clean the rooms we see what all they have done in the name of enjoyment.
In the hotel fridge there used to be assortment of liquor, food is available from our restaurant. Feroze takes care of the guests and their requirement. Some time film star also come and stay when have some shooting in any local centres. I once heard Feroze boasting to a friend of his that he had fucked all the girls in the hotel. This I have written from my experience and this is not like the usual stories you read.

Unforgettable night with sexy girl Anu

It was during my college days I met Anu, she was a cute girl and we ended up being good friends due to our common friends circle. I was always on the look out for wild and sexy girls, Anu being the homely girl I never had thoughts about her as my girl friend. I knew about her crushes and she knew about mine.
As time passed and we both got jobs in Bangalore we moved to Bangalore. We stayed close by and used to meet often in groups. Once we ended up meeting each other to exchange some technical material, we decided to go out for an ice-cream. The place was very crowded and we got pushed towards each other and I was looking down into her eyes,
suddenly I realized how beautiful they are and wondered why I didnt notice it early. There was a moment between us which made me realize she is the perfect girl. Then we said our good bye and she walked away I was subconsciously looking at her ass as she walked away. She was not just my friend any more.
Gradually she came to know of my desire from her friend. She was surprised and a bit happy. We both belonged to different castes and she was too timid face her parents and go against them which she communicated to me. I couldn't convince her to change her mind so but kept trying.
Now every time we met there was an awkward feeling among us as she didn't want to give me any green signals. I was persistent and kept teasing her on her figure,holding her hand, complimenting her dressing sense, turning up at her workplace to get a glimpse of her etc. We used to travel to our hometown on the weekend and usually went on friday nights.
One day she got stuck in office due to some work so she called me up to find out what time I am leaving and if she can accompany me. I agreed to pick her up at 8. She was dressed in her office formals stripe top and black formal pants. She sat on my bike and we headed to the bus station. It was quite chilly and she was shivering so I offered her my jacket which she took after some hesitation.
Here is a girl on my bike wearing my jacket which felt nice. We reached the bus station and boarded a volvo. It was a 3 hr journey that began at 9. So we started to talk about movies, gossips, office etc.. I always behaved as though she is my girlfriend, my thoughts were if she didnt like it she would stay away from me, since she didn't mind it I guessed it didn't matter to me as well that she hadn't formally agreed for a relation.
I tried to put my hands around her while trying to yawn and she used to flick my hand and pinch me real hard. I told her she had a great ass and she pinched me so hard that it hurt for almost a day. Then she went to sleep and kept watching her, it was the best moment. I don't know if she knew I was watching her but she kept smiling in her sleep.
She put her head on my shoulder and slept like a blissful creature. We woke up when we reached our destination. I had her phone in my hand and she need to make a call to her dad to come pick her up. I asked her to hold my hand only then I would return her mobile after some persuasion she held my hand and she got what she wanted and I got what I wanted.
The moment we got out of the bus a travel agent at the bus station asked if we needed a room and we both burst into laughter. Later we messaged each other and agreed on the date and time of when we would return to Bangalore. Sunday around 6 we met and go into a volvo. This time I was quite bold and guided her to the seat with my hand around her waist.
She didn't object. I whispered in her ears that she looks really sexy and I cant control myself if she dresses so sexily. She smiled and started staring out the bus window. It was dark outside soon and everyone asleep. I put my arm around her and she snuggled into my arms, I slowly grabbed her right breast and she jumped out of my arms and tried to pinch me again but I grabbed her hand and pulled her toward me and kissed her on her lips.
It wasn't a passionate kiss like in the movies but it certainly broke the ice. She opened up after that and I put my arm around her and we slept. We reached Bangalore around 9 and I asked her to call her PG and inform that she will be coming in tomorrow. She objected at first saying what she will do the whole night and where she will stay, I said I will think of something and winked at her.
She later messaged her friend to inform that she wont be coming in today. She called her parents and informed them she reached safely. Now she was all mine. We headed to my home since my roommate had gone to his native the house was all ours. Once we reached the house we off loaded our bags she asked if she can wash up and I showed her to the bathroom.
I had grabbed lunch on the way and put a nice movie on tv and grabbed a seat on the sofa. She came out of the bathroom all fresh but she still was in her old clothes. I grabbed her by the arm and pulled her close to me and smelled her hair which smelled like jasmine flowers. I looked deep into her eyes and said “why don't you change we have a long night ahead”.
She smiled and said “may be later”. I ran my hands down her back and grabbed her ass. There was no better feeling than holding the girl you fantasized about, the dream was now reality. I now planted a kiss on her lips and it was passionate one where our tongues met and fluids were exchanged. She panted for air after our kiss.
We both sat on the sofa and watched the movie for some time while I played with her hair and kept planting kisses on her cheek. I slowly started unbuttoning her top and her black bra was clearly visible. She held my hand and said “not so easily, you need to work hard” he removed her top and went around me and tied it on my eyes. I could now only feel,smell and hear.

Padma having sex with Father-in-Law

I am a regular reader of sex stories and I am fascinated by the experiences of many of the readers. I had something to quote but of modesty I kept quiet. Now I think I will narrate concealing names of people involved, places, dates etc. for the purpose of secrecy. I am Padma, aged 33years, 5'6" with 34/26/36 size, fair in colour, having graduated employed in a private company.
I had boys in my neighbourhood and cousins who just wanted to play with me, but I restrained them from going ahead sexually., no fucking. At the age of 23, my parents arranged my marriage and I was very happy with my husband. When I was more demanding sexually, he was just moderate. But he never kept me wanting.
After six months of marriage he had to gulf to accept an employment. I was left with my father in law. Hence forth I will address him as FIL. My mother law had passed away soon after my marriage and hence I had to prepare food for my FIL while attending to my office. He was a nice person, very knowledgeable and friendly and healthy.
He told me to look upon him as a friend and ask whatever I may need. He used to be very frank. I used ask him for money for buying some clothes etc, which he willingly gave. in the evening he used as me to meet him in a park from where we go to a restaurant and have food, or even supper. We used to watch TV upto say 9 pm and then he goes to his computer for browsing.
I go finish my chore in the kitchen and bring him ayurvedic medicine. This was very bitter and hence I take a glass of water for him to wash his mouth. He used to be very much impressed at my forethought and used to plant a kiss on my cheeks in gratitude. I got this gift everyday and I used to wait for it.
One day when I came to his with his medicine I saw him viewing a porno site, which he changed when he heard me entering the room. I just had a glimpse and it immediately sent electric waves throughout my body since I was sex starved after the departure of my husband. He told me shamefacedly that he used to receive lot of 'adults only" mails.
I told him to show me when he receives them. He made fun of me and said jocularly that since your husband is not here and if you see those mails you will start cursing me. I said no, nothing of the sort. On Sundays we joined a yoga class and the yoga teacher asked us to practice yoga everyday in the early morning.
My FIL asked me to go to his room every day in the early morning so that we both can do yoga together. I got up at 4 am and went to his room to wake him up. Often I found him naked in the bed sleeping deep. I woke him up and he conveniently gets up and wears his dhothi and gets ready for yoga. I always wear my salwar so that he may not see my nakedness.
Once he asked me to help him to apply medicinal oil on his back. He asked me to rub it well. He was wearing a short bathing towel and waited in the bath room. I caught hold of his left shoulder with my left hand and rubbed the oil on his back. When I leaned forward I saw him in a glorious erection and struggling to conceal it in his short towel.
I was feeling dampness in my u/wear. But I enjoyed my action of arousing him. He told me to stop and he said he will do the rest of the body himself. After applying oil, he took bath and came out. I had to use my middle finger to quench my thirst. In the night I took his usual medicine and a glass of water. He took the medicine and gave me the customary kiss.
I went and left the glass in the kitchen and came back to his bedroom. He was unaware that I was standing behind him. He went to watch his porno sites. Oh, that was something fantastic. I went and sat in the bed near him. He was surprised and was about to close the site. I said no, I want to see the site. He allowed the video to play on.
It was a video of a boy and girl fucking in the open. They removed each other's dress and the girl sat on the floor and took the cock of the boy in her mouth. It was a very long and stout prick and she slowly took the entire length in her mouth. and was sucking. It would have gone beyond her throat. I watched intently how she is able to manage.
It gave great pleasure to the man. He was mouth fucking her and she allowed him. There was a flood in my u/wear. I stretched my hand to search for the cock of my FIL. He turned the chair towards me and gave me full access. His cock was also big and monstrous. I pulled out his dhothi and tried to take his cock in my mouth. I have never done this before.
The head portion only went inside. I licked the whole thing and tried again. It was so huge that it did not go in. In the meantime my FIL was unhooking my bra and blouse and removed them. My boobs with erect nipples were open before him. His hand softly ran over them and gave me goosepimples all over. He got us and untied my salwar and pulled it down with my panty.
We both were stark naked and aroused. He saw my pussy full of black hair. He asked to go to the bathroom and clean it thoroughly. I came back wiping it with my towel. He asked me to have the hair removed. I asked Now at this hour? He said if you cannot I will do it for you. He went and brought his beard trimmer.
He asked me to lie down and put some old newspaper beneath me and started to trim with his trimmer. Bowing down his left hand searched and stretched the skin and the trimmer in the right hand removed the entire hair. He opened the lips with the left hand whatever little was left behind he shaved off the entire hair.
In the process he touched my clitoris twice or thrice and sent shockwaves in my body. He then asked me to go and wash the cunt again. In the meantime he cleaned his trimmer and kept it aside and threw the newspaper and the cut hair in the waste bin. When I came back it was a new sensation. He asked to lie down in the same condition with wide legs and knees lifted up.
He bowed down and sniffed at my cunt. He further went down and licked my clit with his tongue. AWF it was aaaweeessome. He went on licking the clit and rotated his tongue around it. I was carried to new areas of pleasure. My hand went in search of his cock which was fully erect. It was the first time I was experiencing oral sex. I asked him to fuck me.
Six weeks of sex starvation has made me to go cringing for sex. My FIL came in front of me and keeping my cunt lips wide open, his right hand placed his cock tip at the entrance and pushed it in slowly. My crevice was overstretching and was giving me pain. I told him so. He then applied some coconut oil on his cock and took my own fluids overflowing and smeared it on his cock and inserted.
It went in slowly, but fully tight. I could feel the tightness throughout the stretch of my vagina. His cock touched and pressed new nerve centres and pleasure points. Its journey continued slowly. He was watching my face for any signs of pain or discomfort. It was entirely new feeling for me. A monster entering my body and I was waiting for the damage it is likely to cause.
After his cock was fully encased in my cunt my FIL waited and leaned forward and kissed and licked my nipples. He moved it slowly in small jerks and it sent pleasure waves inside me. He made his fucking a little more faster. Each movement gave me a new experience and I could sense pleasure mounting up into an orgasm. I wound my legs around him and lifted up my hip to meet his downward thrust.
It came, it came in a big way crashing down. I mean my orgasm. It was creaping on my skin and every part of my body was shuddering at the impact of the orgasm. He was not stopping but continued to pump. I was nearing my second orgasm. It was a continuous storm of pleasure. At my bidding he slowly withdrew. I was in a pool of fluids.
I rushed to the bath room to clean myself and when I came back he was sitting with his erection fully intact. I asked him whether he got his orgasm. He did not reply. Again I lied in front of him with legs wide apart he mounted me and put his cock inside.Without uttering a word he went on inserting.
When he was completely inside, he placed his hand beneath my ass and roled me over to make me on top and he below. I sat on his cock and with both my hands tied my dishevelled hair. Leaning over his I started to lift and lower my hip in a up and down motion. His both hands were over my boobs and occasionally he gave them a kiss or a suck.
He then held my hip and fucked me up with quick jerks that again orgasm was building up. He hugged me with his powerful hands and we both had our orgasm together. My God, it was unimaginable amount of pleasure. We both went to the bath room. He told me that at his age there will be only a few drops of semen and no sperms. Hence there was no fear of pregnancy.
I cleaned his cock of all my fluids sticking to it and we came back to the bed. His cock was not limp but in a semi erect condition. We hugged and slept in that condition. I was amazed at the amount of lust the old man had. Seeing me lying naked nearby he fucked me again in the morning. My cunt was aching because of excessive physical strain.
In the evening as soon as I came from office he wanted to fuck me. There after it was a continuous fucking celebration for me. I will narrate another interesting adventure in my next post if you happen to receive my above experience well. Let me see what all comments you make.
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